All of my fanfics are listed from the earliest to the latest release in their genre.  I started writing fanfics as early as 1998.  I can't believe they amassed to all this.  Some of these fanfics haven't been released on FanFiction.Net, but then again, it is my archive, and so the vaults have been opened at my choosing... ^_^


Anime Fics


Anime Survivor: File Island - Digimon vs. Pokemon

Introduction / Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 4 / Episode 5 / Episode 6 / Side Story 1 / Episode 7 / Side Story 2 / Episode 8 / Side Story 3 / Episode 9 / Episode 10 / Episode 11 / Side Story 4 / Episode 12 / Side Story 5 / Side Story 6 / Episode 13 / Side Story 7
The complete Season 1 of Anime Survivor, all episodes and side stories in chronological order.  Yes, some say it was the one that started all the insanity and trend of "anime-reality shows", but I just think it's a simple parody about a bunch of kids stranded on an island and forced to compete against each other. ^_^

The Digi-Files: Egos and Icons
Chapters 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

My attempt at having a Digimon/X-Files crossover... Heh... Not too good, with some OOC, but it was an idea that I couldn't neglect.

Would You Rather? - A one-shot crossover between Digimon and CardCaptors.  Written to tie in with Survivor Globie's own school series.

Ripped From The Pages
Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3A / Chapter 3B / Epilogue

Read Or Die/Noir crossover.  Warning: mild violence and mild shoujo-ai.  A mainly R.O.D oriented crossover fic, this short series involves our two super spies and uber-assassins teaming up to stop the I-Jin.  The dark thread of fate has pulled the two pairs together: "There are two hands required to read as there are two hands required to kill."

Heartbeat - Hoshi no Koe/Saishu Heiki Kanojo.  Or rather by their English titles: Voices of a Distant Star/My Girlfriend, the Ultimate Weapon.  Noboru Terao lived another life as Shuuji.  Both lives shared the pains of separation and war.  But there was always one constant in both of them.  Her.


Ai Yori Aoshi

Blue Monarch - "I have lived for no one else but him; to make him happy.  And now he is gone.  The unthinkable has happened."  Aoi's beloved was gone, and all she could ask was Why?



Go Go - My very first Digimon vidfic.  It's a humourous musical scramble for the Takari, Yakari, and Daikari pairings.

Lonely American Nights - Another Prozzak vidfic. Starts off as Sorato, then into Taiora and Mimato.

Mimi Munroe - A gifty tie-in fic to Thinker's "Behind Your Eyes."  Involves Tai and a very strange dream.

End of 02 - The After Vignettes:

- Davis, now with a great business and family, reflects on how his life turned out after the final battle.
I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
- A Sorato/Taiora/Taito vid-fic, set to another Weezer song.  It can be taken to accompany "Butterfly".
- Matt's POV and his thoughts coming home from space; set to Weezer's "Butterfly".  PG-13 for implied suicide.
Playing the Part
- Focuses on Mimi's point of view on her loves, her life, and how she got to where she is.
Made To Fit
- It started as an in-joke among some of the Anime Survivor crew, but it's been expanded it to another vignette about Cody and him looking back on his life.


Dragon Ball Z

A Night on Fire Mountain
- The DBZ gang has a HFIL of a time on Halloween night...

Face the Music
/ Morning Hour
- A two part song related fanfic (songfic) about Goku and Chi-Chi's effort to fix their strained marriage, and how Goten and Trunks perceive the adult relationships in their lives.

Strange Disease - A vidfic; rather, the musical form of Yamcha's feelings after he and Bulma split.

Sold Out! - A humourous look at DBZ business dealings, taking in from many cliches at the time.  A result of reading The Temple O' Trunks "Things the DBZ characters will never say" list too much...

Motherly Love - Here's my short take on Gohan's birth, and Chi-Chi's own reasons for pushing him to be a scholar.

Girls' Night Out
/ Sucks To Be You - Another two part fanfic.  The first part is when the DBZ wives decide to take the day off from their usual duties.  The second part is an optional vidfic/songfic, a sub-plot tied into the first part and a sequel to the vidfic "Strange Disease".

The Saiyan Rant
/ The Namek Rant - Two parodies of Molson's old "I Am Canadian" commercial compaign.

- An angsty Mirai Trunks songfic.

Change of Appearance
- This was inspired by Dendeshe's "Change of Heart". In this version, Chi-Chi learns to accept Piccolo - the hard way.

Comin' Home Baby
- Small and cute romantic vidfic about Goku's journey from a long stay in the afterlife.

Goku and His Cow Bride
- After reading a book of fairy tales, this story was adapted after reading a few fairy tale adaptations at FF.Net.

Odd Jobs
- A slightly humourous way of answering the question "How did Chi-Chi ever manage to support the family during Goku's second death?"

Don't I Know You?
Chapters 1 / 2 / 3
- Chi-Chi loses her memory after an accident.  How will she remember her family?

Little Dojo of Horrors
Act 1 / Act 2 - A parody of the musical: "Little Shop of Horrors".  Starring my favourite couple... ^_^

Knowing Me, Knowing You
/ One of Us / Waterloo - Three part songfic collection about a falling out of love between Goku and Chi-Chi, their time coping while apart, and their reunion as well as rekindling of romance.


Excel Saga

Harried Half-Assed Harem Parody! - What happens when Star notices that too many one boy-many girls themed animes are coming out?  Why, bastardize it to best of her hack writing abilities!


Gundam Wing

Everybody Wants To Be Like You - My very first Gundam vidfic.  A look behind the allure and high life of Relena Peacecraft.  Contains no Relena-bashing (rather it was a reaction to such bashing), with slight shippiness of HY/RP.

American Psycho - A silly and funny Gundam vidfic about Duo Maxwell, the crazy American of the group.

Poppies - A fanfic in honour of Rememberance Day and Memorial Day.

Come and Get Me! / It Is Time... - Two silly little Gundam Wing skits.

Sour Girl
- A songfic and vidfic about the Rx1x2 love triangle and a mellow take on the Heero-Relena break-up.

Rearranged - This is another vidfic, but is rather a bitter look on the Rx1 break-up.  Written for those that would think "Sour Girl" is too soft.

Wing & Grace
Episodes - Pilot / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

The unfinished (and probably never will be) parody of that sitcom, starring the Gundam Wing cast.  A response to some of the unfriendly fics portraying Relena and the G-Girls as hateful vixens, and the G-Boys only happy in having each other.  Somewhat a middle ground for the pro-yaoi and no-yaoi alike.


Love Hina

Emo-Kid - Inspired by a bout of insomnia and reminiscing of past AIM conversations with one Shinju Meg Uchuno, the tale of Keitaro finding music as a vent for his feelings.  Includes some fangirlish pokings and references to Weezer, as well as original poetry/lyrics.

Second Hand Smoke - Kentaro Sakata and Haitani Masayuki. Two minor characters on the outside looking in on the magic of Hinatasou.  Songfic to Ben Lee's "Cigarettes Will Kill You."
Out of Sight, Out of Mind - "Listen to us... We're blathering on and on about incidents we can't control. We're like some sad otaku talking about our favourite anime and complaining that things in the show aren't going the way we want them to."



Heart of Lead, Heart of Gold
Chapters 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

The first fanfic that I ever wrote, which I later found out to my surprise, was a Mary Sue!  Go figure, huh?

Super Trooper
- In the future, Misty has taken into showbiz, but after all the empty glitz and glamour, she just wants Ash.  An ABBA-natic songfic promoting Ash/Misty shipping.


Read Or Die/R.O.D the TV

Paradise Lost
- Wendy was no longer that silly little girl, but on some days when the light was right or she smelled tea and cookies, she would remember her fall from grace.

Scribbles on Scraps of Paper - Here's a collection of one-shots and drabbles that I've written.  Some of them are years old and were written for the R.O.D LiveJournal community.  Others written for myself and have never seen the light of day until now.  Ranges from the silly to the serious.
The Carpenter - Joseph Carpenter reflects on what's in a name.
Precious and Special - Hisami-centric one-shot.  Hisami's only friends were books... until she met Anita.
Paper Lantern's Might! - DC Comics parody.  Paper masters are the ROD universe's equivalent to the Green Lanterns.
Mister Joker? - DC Comics parody.  Joker must make a choice between cartoonish villainy and maniacal villainy.
For the Love of Paper - Maggie ponders Sonny Wong's relationship with paper.
Second Edition - A Paper, an Author, and a Deep.  Nenene can see it happening all over again.

Live Action Fics

False Idol - Takes place after the infamous "Ouroboros" episode; Harper's view on the aftermath of the decisions made and Trance.

When Ws Fly
Introduction / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 / Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 
The insane musings and fantasies of two Weezer fangirls.  Myself and Shinju Meg Uchuno!  Shinju is another regular of CrapBoardia, so you can check her out at the CrapBoardia page.

Author Fics

A Public Service Announcement
Red Font!  The Dangers of Flaming
Road Block on the Creative Highway
What started out as simple parody has spawned into a trilogy of some educational-type guides towards better fanfic writing.

Pulp Fanfiction - My first massive tribute to all the authors that I know (and love) in one movie parody!  This summer project was written during a big lull that I had in writing, and it was something I had to do to pay homage to all my friends who've I've come to know in my years of fanfic writing.  If this were to be made into an actual production, it'd cost quite a fortune!  Includes interactive sound clips done by some of the cast (red means mixed audio/two people, blue means singular) and a movie poster of sorts with director commentary. ^_^