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The Digi-Files: Egos and Icons

Mulder looked over the information that he had gathered from the seemingly unrelated cases.  And he had an explanation for each one.  The children's stories did check out, they all used to live in the apartment complex at the same time.

His theory for the strange weather was that probably each of those children possessed the power to control the weather.  With their combined might, they might have been able to cause that snowstorm in the summer and other absurd meteorological conditions.

As for the bombing, the children were probably experimenting and then they couldn't control the combined might of their powers, whatever they were, and unleashed the explosion on Highton View Terrace.

But only those two fit together.  There was still the missing children case and the monster sightings.

Mulder did find out that the children were recovered, thankfully.  He didn't want any parents to be suffer, like in the Amber Lynn LaPierre investigation.

Now, the monster sightings... He didn't know where that fit in.  Maybe those children's powers weren't just limited to the weather.  They could be psychic or able to project images of their imagination.

They seemed so unrelated, but there was a nagging feeling like there was a hidden link in there, and it was probably those eight children he met at the park.

Datamon was looking over the information flashing before him.  He had managed to salvage the records of the creation of the Digidestined.

"So perfect," Datamon muttered to himself.  "The guardians were stupid to think that they could keep this information to themselves.  Ah... Piedmon, thank you for interrupting their research."

Datamon extended his thin limbs to tap away at some more keys.

"My servant, thank you for retrieving the image of the Eight Child."

Copy Sora bowed obediently.

Datamon took the image of Kari from the present and matched it with the image scan of Kari from the past.  He pushed a button, and from the floor, another metal table appeared.  It soon set to work on creating the copy.

"The weaknesses and strengths of each chosen child.  Well, we'll just have to make those weaknesses strengths and vice versa, hmm?"

At the push of another button, a panel in the wall revealed eight black digi-eggs with electrodes attached to them.  The electrodes led to a set of a digivice and crest.

Datamon's maniacal laughter rang throughout the hollowed halls of the pyramid.

Sora was quite confused about the two talks she had yesterday.  Tai and Kari thought that they saw her at the park, but Sora had a good alibi for both of them.

She did arrive at the park, just in time to see Kari and TK run up to her.  Kari thought she talked to her on the other side of the park, but Sora never even took that route to get there.

Strange, is this the work of another evil digimon? Sora pondered.  I hope not.  Although, it would be nice to see Biyomon again.

The phone rang, shaking Sora from her thoughts.  She picked it up.


"It's Izzy!  Sora, I got an e-mail from Gennai!  Please, round up the others for a meeting.  We won't go to the park, in case the agents will find us, but we will meet in the forest clearing.  You remember which one, right?"

"Of course.  I'll contact them right away!  Bye!"

Sora hung up, and then picked up the receiver to start calling the rest of the team.

The circle of friends serenely sat underneath the shade of the trees covering the clearing.  They remembered that this was the place when they discussed the tactic of calling all their old school mates from Highton View Terrace.

The pounding of feet and slight huffing caught their attention.  The saw Izzy running up to them with his Pineapple computer tucked underneath his arm.

"You're late," said Tai.  "Now, you called this meeting and decide to show up late?  How irresponsible."

Izzy stopped and caught his breath.  "I *huff* was recharging *puff* the battery pack for my computer."  He then took his seat.  "Here it is, Gennai's e-mail."

The Digidestined leaned in closer to read the message.  A little GIF of Gennai walked across the screen.  He held up an envelope and read the letter inside.

"Hello Digidestined!"

"Hello Gennai," they simultaneously replied.

"Children, I'm sorry that I have to be the bearer of bad news."

"What is it now?" whined Joe.

"I'm sure that you aren't too happy that you're being called back to duty, but there is a new evil force brewing in the Digiworld.  It's not as powerful as Apoclymon or the Dark Masters, but I wouldn't chance it.  Well, I have to go now.  I'll be sure to contact you soon.  And remember, weapons don't kill people, people kill people."

"Ah... Gennai, what would we do without your philosophical guidance?" quipped Izzy.

"Okay, so we have a new force against us, big deal," said Matt.  "We just go in, and take care of business, and be back in time for dinner."

"But remember, wasn't the gate closed and time between our world synchronized?" reminded Mimi.

"I guess that means if we want to spend time with the digimon, we're going to cut it quite short," said TK.

"I was really looking forward to seeing Gatomon and Angewomon again," commented Kari.  "I think we should go home now."

All of them started to get up and head for home.

"Remember," started Sora, "keep in contact with us if anything else pops up, okay Izzy?"


Mulder and Scully were staking out the city of Odaiba, trying to make sure that the current addresses of the children were accurate.

"Mulder, don't you find it quite ridiculous that we're questioning these kids on all these events?"

"Of course not Scully.  They're young, they have open minds.  I'm sure that talking about monsters to them would seem like nothing out of the ordinary."

"Yes, and we'll ask them if they've seen the tooth fairy lately along with the Easter bunny."

"Scully, you know they don't believe in the Easter bunny.  They have a different religious system, remember?"

Scully gave her partner a glare as they were about to turn on the corner.

Both stopped when they saw a familiar mess of brown hair and blue clothes whiz past them.  It was followed by a mass of pink and yellow.

"Hey Tai!  Kari!  Slow down you kids!" called Mulder.  Scully rolled her eyes behind him.

The two children stopped and nervously stood still.  They slowly turned around to see the two agents.

"Uh... Hello agents," said Tai.

"Hello Mr. Mulder, Ms. Scully," Kari politely said.

"So, where are you kids off to in such a hurry?" Mulder asked.

"We're on our way home," replied Tai.  "Kari's beginning to feel a bit of a cold coming on."  He nudged his sister.

Kari forced out a weak cough.  "I have to get some bed rest."

"Then you shouldn't have been outside today," said Scully.

"Oh, that's Kari for you.  She sure is the little trooper!"  Tai then placed his hand behind his head and nervously laughed.  "Well, we better be on our way."

"Let us join you," offered Mulder.  "Can't cross the street alone.  Not with someone as sick as Kari."

Tai waved his hands in front of him.  "No need for that!  It's a short walk!  No streets!  And it's just a little cold!"

"I insist.  I'm a doctor, I can check her out at your house," added Scully.

The kids were cornered.

"Yeah, sure, you guys can come along with us," said Tai.

The agents were led to another apartment complex, where one of the doors would lead to the Kamiya residence.

Izzy sat patiently by his computer at him, hooked up and playing the waiting game.

He pondered heavily over what new danger they would have to face, and if it would involve another trip to the Digiworld.

Of course they would have to fight in the Digiworld!  Would he want to drag a bunch of innocent people into the battles?

Izzy took out his digivice and looked intently at it.  He lazily watched as the numbers slowly changed on the watch mode.

Datamon continued to tap away at the keys.  It had taken a while, but the copies' bodies were complete, and now, he just needed to program into them their personalities.

The copies had electrodes attached to their temples and the wires led to the digi-eggs and other assorted Digidestined knick-knacks.

"Shall I start with my first creation?  Ah... Sora, she shall have the dark counterpart of Biyomon along with the Icon of Hate."

He gleefully pushed a button and a blood red glow began to surround "Sora".  Datamon then hopped off the console and marched along each copied Digidestined.

"As for the rest of you, your turns will come."  He marched back and forth in front of them.  "Tai, you shall have the Icon of Cowardice.  Matt, the Icon of Hostility.  Mimi, the Icon of Deceit.  Joe, the Icon of Apathy.  Izzy, the Icon of Ignorance.  As for you little ones," he stopped in front of TK and Kari's copies, "you two shall have the Icons of Despair and Darkness.  I'm sure you children find these icons to be quite fitting.  Now, I'm sure with what little you can comprehend, you were all created for the purpose of destroying the Digidestined!"

All of them just blinked dumbly as they waited for their personalities to load.

Mulder watched as Scully checked out Kari.  She gave the little girl a perfect bill of health.

"Thank you Dr. Scully," said Kari.  She meekly went to her room, with her pet cat, Miko, behind her.

"Well, I guess I was making a mountain out of a mole hill," said Tai.  "I'm sorry we wasted your time.  I guess you two should go back to investigating the bombing!"

"Actually, we're here to investigate a lot of things," said Mulder.

"What kind of things?" Tai nervously asked.

"He means the bombing, the strange weather changes, child abductions, and monster sightings," Scully said straightforwardly.  "And all of them occurred here.  He thinks that all of them are related."

"You wouldn't happen to know anything about those, do you?"  Mulder then took a seat beside Tai on the couch.  The older man leaned forward to look the boy in the eyes.

Tai was beginning to sweat.  "Ha ha!  Monsters!  That's the most loaded nonsense I have ever heard of!  As for the weather, we can thank the thinning ozone layer for that!"

The two agents gave a knowing look at each other.

Luckily, the phone rang, and Tai made a break for it to answer the call.  "Hello, Kamiya residence."

"Hey Tai," said Matt.

"What are you calling me for, Matt?"

"Hey, I was bored.  What are you doing right now?"

"Right now, I'm being grilled by those two agents we met yesterday."

"What?!  Are you kidding me?"

"Hey!  Keep it down.  Why do you think I'm whispering?"

"Alright.  You need any help?"

"I think I can take care of them.  But just in case, why don't you and TK come over and distract them?"

"Yeah, we're on our way."

Mulder looked over his shoulder as Tai hung up.  He watched the boy as he made his way back down to the couch.

"So, was that another friend of yours?"

"Oh, that was Matt.  You know, blonde boy with the green turtle neck."

"The one who told us that sob story.  Let's cut to the chase.  We think that you know something about all of these incidents."

"What would a kid like me know?!"

"We have reason to believe that you and your friends know plenty enough," said Scully.

"All I know is that-"

"And lying to a federal agent is an offense."

Tai gulped.  So much for Plan B.  He had to settle for stalling.  "Uh, well, you think Kari should be here for this?"

Mulder thought about it.  "Why not.  She might provide some useful information."

Tai slowly got up and made his way to the room he shared with his sister.

He disappeared into the room for a few minutes.  For a while, they agents heard some faint conversation from behind the door.  And then, Tai emerged with his little sister.

"Okay agents, we're ready to answer any of your questions.  Where do you want to start?"

"For one thing, you could start with telling us about the night of the bombing," said Mulder.

"We were all so young, and it was so long ago.  But that night, Kari and I stayed up late.  We were out on the balcony when we saw a bright light appear from the sky," explained Tai.

"And from that bright light, we saw an egg appear," added Kari.

"An egg?" Scully said in disbelief.

"Don't mind her kids, just keep going," reassured Mulder.

"Well, from that egg came a monster, and then another monster came through the bright light in the sky," said Kari.

"Before we knew it, there were two gigantic monsters duking it out in the middle of the complex.  The really wrecked the place.  Everyone else didn't see what happened, and when Kari and I tried to tell everyone, they thought we were just using our imagination to cope."

"Anyone else know about this?"

Tai opened his mouth and was about to explain when a knocking at the door interrupted them.

"Let's take a look at who's here!"  Tai answered the door to find Matt and TK on the other side.  "Thank goodness you guys are here on time.  We were about to spill to them about the Digiworld."

"Hey, let's round up the others and head over to Izzy's," suggested Matt.  "We could lose the two of them if they try to follow us.  And besides, it would save us a lot of time waiting for Izzy to call us."

"Okay, you two stay put and I'll get Kari."  Tai left the door wide open as he made his way to the agents.  "Agents, I'm sorry, but Kari and I have to go.  We have to meet with our friends."

Tai ushered the agents out of the apartment and past Matt and TK.  The boys watched as the pair made their way down the hall and out of sight.

"Kari!  We're going to Izzy's to wait with him!"

Kari got up from the couch and went to the kitchen.  "We have to leave a note for mom and dad, just in case we might make a return trip to the Digiworld."  She immediately started to write the note.

"Aw... Kari, you must have been taking some pointers from Joe on thinking ahead.  Let's go."

The pairs of siblings then left the hall and made their way to their friends.

A loud beeping from Izzy's hooked up computer woke him up from his nap.

"AH!  I'm awake!  I'm awake!"

Izzy jolted forward and saw another image of Gennai walking across the screen.

"Hello Izzy," said Gennai.  "Let's cut the pleasantries.  I will send you a program that will allow you to open the gate and re-enter the Digiworld.  Just call the others to gather at your house and wait for it to load.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all quite soon."

Then little Gennai walked off the screen.

Izzy scanned the desk top and saw a new icon in the corner.  It was probably the program.  He double clicked on it and waited for it to load.  From the amount of time, he would be there for a few hours.

Sora and Mimi soon joined up with the troupe of friends.

Sora looked over her shoulder and saw the two agents following them at a distance.  "Tai, we're being followed by those two agents from yesterday."

"I know.  We tried to lose them, but they just keep on getting right back on track," said Tai.

"Well, where are we going now?" asked Mimi.

"We're on our way to Joe's," replied Matt.

"Isn't this the wrong way?"

"We're trying to lose them.  That's why we keep on taking all these twists and turns."

The kids, after a few more minutes, found their way to Joe's.  They checked their backs and didn't see the man and woman anywhere.

They rang the doorbell and Jim, Joe's older brother, let them in.

"Hey guys," greeted Jim.  "Let me guess, you're here to see Joe?  He's in his room, studying."

The Digidestined nodded their heads and made their way to his room.  The barged inside and startled Joe from his pile of books.

"Gah!  You guys!  Haven't you heard of knocking?"

"Sorry," apologized TK.  "But it was funny to see that look on your face."  A bunch of giggles followed that comment.

"Well, what are you guys here for?"

"Those two agents are coming pretty close to finding out about us and the Digiworld," explained Tai.

"So we're going to Izzy's and we're going to wait with him," added Kari.

"Well, you guys could have called."

"Those agents had Tai, and then they were following us.  So we thought it better to lose them on foot," said Matt.

"And it's good to be well prepared.  For all we know, Izzy might have found his way back to the Digiworld without us," said Sora.

Joe gulped and got up from his desk.  "I'll pack the toilet paper."

Everyone cheered as Joe went to get the first aid bag and pack it with supplies.

Jim stuck his head through the door.  "Hey Joe, what are you doing?"  He looked down on his brother, who was crawling on the floor looking for band aids.  "Are you going to save the world again?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

The almost fully assembled crew had finally arrived at Izzy's apartment.  They took the straight route to get there since they were confident that Mulder and Scully were now lost somewhere downtown.

"Guys!  What a pleasant surprise!"  Izzy ushered his friends inside.  "I was about to call you.  I'm just loading a program from Gennai."

"What does it do?" asked Kari.

"It's supposed to bring us back to the Digiworld."

The other gasped in surprise.

"I know, it's a bit of a shock for me too.  Anyways, the program won't be finished loading in a few more minutes, but we have to wait patiently."

All of the Digidestined crowded into Izzy's room to wait for the program to finish loading.

Mulder and Scully managed to follow the children the rest of the way undetected.  They soon reached the Izumi's apartment.

"All the kids are together.  Let's see if we can stop them before they try anything," said Mulder.

"I don't believe what those kids said.  Sure, they might know something about all of these cases.  Sure, they were living at the complex before it was destroyed, maybe they knew some of the missing children, and maybe they actually thought they saw monsters to cope."

"That's just the surface, maybe there's more to it than that."  Mulder placed his hand on the doorknob, and gently turned it.  Unlocked.

The two of them crept inside.  They heard faint voices coming from behind the first door to their left.  Both of them stepped closer and peered through the crack of the partially opened door.

"So, how much longer until we get to the Digiworld?"

"Give me a nano.  The program is almost done."

"What are you gonna do when we get back there?"

"I'm going to give Patamon a great big hug!"

"Palmon and I are going to catch up on some old times, and fashion tips!"

"Oh!  Hey!  It's done!"

They heard the flutter and clacking of keys.  Then an old man spoke.

"Hello Chosen Children."


"Are all of you ready to go back to the Digiworld?  On such short notice, I was able to assemble your digimon.  You'll all meet together inside my house."

"Oh no!  Not that underwater house!"

"Now children, if you want to return, all you have to do is hold out your digivices.  Just give it a few seconds."

A bright light started to emerge from the room.  Mulder and Scully took it as their cue to barge inside.

They saw a bright light emanating from the computer screen and all eight of the children holding out these tiny beeper like gadgets in their hands towards the screen.

The horrified children turned their heads at the agents, but could barely tell them to get away before the bright light engulfed them all.

To be continued...

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