Chapter 6 - Fight-o!  Fight-o!  Weez vs. Blink
by Shinju Meg Uchuno

In some twisted way, I'd love to see this pair-up happen in RL. Then again, who wouldn't? It would be the chance of a lifetime to see Blink 182 sing 'Buddy Holly' and Weezer do 'What's My Age Again'.

Then again, I don't think I'd want to have Tom pants Rivers. I mean, Rivers would die of embarrisement. He'd probably go into another five years of hiding because of it. Well... for us fangirls, it would be worth it... ~_^

I love the ending line. " Take off your pants and jacket Mr. Cuomo! ". Heh, what was I on when I wrote this? 

[ Scene is the stage of a multi-band concert. Blink 182 is onstage, screaming out random curses and playing a few songs inbetween. Suddenly Tom grins demonishly ]

Tom: Hey everyone! How'd you like our good old buddies Weezer to come out and do a duet with us?! [ crowd cheers wildly as Weezer gets onstage. Obviously this was a planned duet. ]

Rivers: Hi everyone...

Mark: Isn't he the charmer? And ladies, he's single! [ girls scream wildily as Rivers looks on with wide eyes. ]

Rivers::thinking:: Why did I agree to this?

Tom: Well, we figure that to make this fair, we'll do one of their songs and they'll do one of ours! What do you assholes think?! [ crowd cheers. Tom nods to Mark, who gives a thumbs up to Travis. They start to play 'Buddy Holly'. The crowd is amazingly loud as they sing. Priceless moment in music history! ]

Tom: ooo-wee-ooo I look just like Buddy Holly!

Mark: Oh-oh and you're Mary Taylor Moore!

Both: I don't care what they say about us anyway! I don't care about that! [ they finish the song and the crowd is louder then ever. The Blink gang waves and steps back from the mic's to let the Weez boys go. Rivers steps up to the mic as the others take their postions. ]

Rivers: This is a song called 'What's My Age Again'... [ he starts to strum the first few cords and the crowd pratically goes ZERO. It's amazing! ]

Mark::leaning against a speaker:: Something isn't right here...

Rivers: Nobody likes you when you're twenty three

Tom: What?

Rivers: Sit at home and watch my TV shows

Mark: Remeber the video for this?

Tom::snickers:: Yeah.

Rivers: What the hell is A.D.D?

Mark: Then follow my lead! [runs onstage and waves at the crowd. Brian and Mikey look at them as if they're crazy, but continue to play. Rivers doesn't notice. Mark grabs a mic ]

Mark: This isn't right! We gotta make this guy more in character! Tom, go ahead!

Rivers::still singing:: My friends say I should act my age

Tom::laughs, goes over to Rivers and pants him! Please say farewell to you're docker's pants and your boxers Rivers! Say, is there a breeze in here? The crowd cheers as Rivers goes red in the face. Pat can't help but laugh ( what a view he must have! ) and the other bandmates soon join in. ]

Mark: Now that is how the song is played! Take off your pants and jacket, Mr. Cuomo! [ crowd laughs as Rivers turns red with rage. He turns around to yell at Tom but stops when he realizes he's mooning the audence. Fangirls faint and cheer, a million camara's go off. Rivers feels like dying. ]