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Author's Notes: Okay, last time, Matt had a really bad dancing experience, Mimi was fought over (again), Globie and Thinker got into a fight, Izzy was thrown into the mix of suitors for Mimi's hand, and I received a nasty bump on the head.  Let's see what kind of rampant zaniness this will cause!  Takes place after AS 12.

Anime Survivor!  Side Story 5

The dining room started to fill up with the hotel's guests.  It was dinner time, and Star Otaku had just left to moderate a tribal council.

Some author's decided to stay in their rooms and conjure up their own meals using their powers.

One thing was for certain, the Digidestined and Poke-people alike would be there.

Mimi was the first one in the above categories to take a seat.  There were two seats to each side of her that were empty.

Matt and Izzy (who returned from the jury), Joe, Tracey, and Gary were just starting down the hall when they saw the empty seats through the open doors.  They looked at each other and knew that two of them were going to be lucky enough to sit beside the object of their desire.

The five of them broke into a run down the hall.

"Joe, has gained a lead, gaining an advantage of being much more taller," commentated Ultra Mike.  "Ooh!  That's gotta hurt!  But Joe has been tackled from behind by Gary, who is second tallest!"

Some authors took notice of the competition and started to place their bets.

"Tracey's in lead, with Matt in second, and Izzy rounding out to third place.  It seems that they're taking advantage of the little brawl and are by-passing Gary and Joe," continued Ultra Mike.

Izzy, deciding to take advantage of the the just waxed floors, ran even faster, then dropped on his knees and slid past the two taller boys.  Matt and Tracey, picking up on the idea, did the same thing.

"Smooth move for Izzy!" exclaimed Mike.  "And the boys are also gaining a lead.  Although, I am a bit worried about the extra speed."

Matt soon gained a hefty lead, but the effects of friction on his blue jeans caused the material to catch fire.  So he tried to put it out while still sliding, but he maneuvered a bit too much to the left, lost control, and crashed into the wall in a grand explosion.

"Whoa.  Just like Nascar," commented Mike.

Izzy, who was sliding for a few seconds (which was enough time for him) was also starting to feel the effects of friction.  He was slowing down and his knees felt like they were on fire.  Actually, they were on fire!

Tracey was now in the lead.  With Izzy occupied with extinguishing the flames, Matt recovering from the slight concussion, and Joe and Gary busy with beating each other silly, he would make it to Mimi for sure.  Or so he thought.

The four boys tackled him from behind at once, and a large dust cloud of fists, arms, legs, and shouts rolled down the hall.

"This race is coming to an end!  It will be hard to tell who will win!" cried Mike.  "But I can tell you all one thing, no one has put their money on Gary Oak!  And I'm thankful for that."

They all landed sprawled on the floor at Mimi's feet.

Mimi looked down at Joe, who landed closest to her.  "Joe!  It's so nice to see you here!  Boy, you look pretty beat up.  Why don't you take a seat?"  She then patted at the seat to her left.  "Maybe that will make you feel better."

Joe nodded and obeyed.  He flashed a weak, yet smug, smile to the other boys.

"Hey Mimi!  Mind if I take the other seat?" a charred Matt asked politely.

"Well... I'm saving it for the unfortunate person who's going to be voted off.  I thought it would make them feel better."

The other four boys lowered their heads in defeat and tried to take the few available seats that were close to Mimi.

Everyone was seated around the long rectangular table that was in the dining room.  The guests (authors, readers, and anime characters alike) were waiting for Star Otaku to return from the latest tribal council with their latest house guest.

The doors started to open.  They held their breath in anticipation and suspense.  Some were silently cheering for Ash or Tai to come through those doors.

The doors started to open a little wider... wider... revealing Star Otaku standing with... Brock!

Some people cheered and some groaned at the same time.

Brock waved at the group.  "Thanks for the welcome, I think."

Star Otaku nudged at him.  "C'mon Brock, it's feeding time.  And I'm sure that you're very hungry.  So take a seat."

Brock took the empty seat beside Mimi, since the other side was occupied by a battered looking Joe.

"Um, did I miss something?" asked Star Otaku.  "Because Tracey, Joe, Gary, Matt, and Izzy are looking pretty beat up."

Everyone shook their heads.  Under the table, some people were stuffing wads of currency into the victorious betters' hands.

Dinner went on quite civilly, except with the odd glare here or there between Mimi's suitors.

When it was all over, the authors, readers, and characters spilled out into the hall and made their way back to their rooms.

Brock wandered around, a little bit lost.  Mimi caught up with him and started to stroll along beside him.

"Lost?" she asked.

"Uh, yes, miss," he nervously answered.  "I'm just looking for my room."

Mimi giggled.  "No need for miss.  You can call me Mimi!  I guess you didn't notice that I was on the other team."

"I'm Brock.  And as you can guess, I'm from, or was from, the Pokemon tribe."

"Well, if you're looking for you're room, it's right near the dining room.  All contestants' rooms are there.  So we just missed it!"

Brock blushed out of embarrassment.  They both turned around and made their way back.

Mimi stopped and leaned against the door to her room.  "You're room is just three doors down from mine.  It was really nice to meet you Brock.  Too bad I didn't make it far enough into the game to meet you and get to know you."

"Well, we have a few days until the game is over.  We can use that time to know each other.  I'll see you later right?"

"Of course!  Everyone is just going to sleep, then we'll wake up and add the finishing touches to the decorations in the ballroom!"  She started to turn the knob.  "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay!  Then, I guess it's see ya."

"See ya."  Mimi then disappeared behind the door and entered her room.

Brock leaned against the now closed door and sighed.  Then he was tackled by five bodies at once.  After some struggling, he found himself pinned to the ground.  He recognized the faces looking down on him.

"Matt?  Joe?  Izzy?  Gary?  Tracey?"

"Yeah, that's us," the five of them replied at once.

"Why are you guys doing this?"

"There's plenty of us as it is.  We don't need you stepping in and messing things up even further!" said Matt.  To add emphasis to what he said, he shook Brock furiously.

"Alright!  I'll back off of Mimi!  Besides, she's too young for me anyway."  He sighed.  "Just like Duplica."

"Alright, I'm glad that's settled," said Joe.

They all helped Brock onto his feet.

"So, since I can't have Mimi, where are the cheer leaders, Gary?"

Gary scoffed.  "I wasn't allowed to bring them with me."

Brock started to sob, and the five boys patted him on the back for comfort.

TK and Kari lingered in the dining room.  They were sitting back after eating too much dessert.

"Ooh... I don't think I should have had that fifth helping of ice cream," groaned TK.

"And I don't think I should have had that third root beer float," added Kari.

"TK, you should watch what you're eating," said Patamon.

"Patamon's right," said Gatomon.  "If we can't protect you two from a simple stomach ache, how are we going to look when we're going up against a Mega level Dark Master?"

"Aw... Don't get so uptight worrying about them, toots.  They're just kids, and you should let them have their fun," commented Meowth.

"Yeah Gatomon, you should take your boyfriend's advice," said TK.

Kari suddenly saw a familiar black lunch bag resting at the head of the table.  "Isn't that Star Otaku's lunch bag?"

Meowth looked it over.  "Yeah, it is kid."

It was open and turned over, like someone had tried to dump something out of it.

"Let's give it back to her!  It's the right thing to do," suggested TK.

All of  them agreed.

TK picked up the open lunch bag, and the little face of a red and grey furred bunny greeted him.  It crawled out of the bag and hopped off.

Kari picked up the bag from a surprised TK.  She then zipped it close.  "I think we should keep it closed, just in case some more strange things start to crawl out of it."

So the digimon, pokemon, and children made their way to the observatory, where they knew Star would monitor the tribe's late night activities.

Star Otaku fidgeted in her seat by the telescope.  Where was her lunch bag?  Without it by her side, it was like losing a good friend.  She was thinking frantically about where she could have left it.  But no ideas came to mind.

She was so deep in thought, she didn't notice TK, Kari, Patamon, Gatomon, and Meowth sneak into the room.  She was jolted out of her reverie by a tap on the shoulder.

"TK!  Don't sneak up on people like that!"

"Sorry, we just wanted to give something back to you."

Kari held out the lunch bag in her hands.  Star grabbed it from her and dance around in joy.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!" she blurted.

"We found it in the dining room.  We guessed that you forgot it."

"That's strange.  I would never forget about my lunch bag.  Ever.  That bump on the head must have messed me up."

"Hey kid, you keep any magic tricks in that bag of yours?" asked Meowth.

"No.  Why do you ask?"

"We saw some strange bunny hop out of it."  This time, Patamon answered her question.

"Pay no attention to it.  Probably some harmless creature from lunch bag space." 

"Don't you mean hammer space?" Gatomon corrected her.

"Nope.  Lunch bag space.  It's my unique space, only I can access it to get what I want.  Now, I think you kids should get to bed."

TK and Kari bowed their heads and made their way to their rooms while Patamon followed after them.

Gatomon and Meowth grinned at each other and stalked off for a night on the town- er, uh- hotel.

Brock heard some scratching at his door, so he answered it.  No one there.

He closed it and was about to get into bed when he heard the scratching at the door again.

He opened it and saw no one.  He looked down and found a curious looking bunny.  It was grey and red, which was quite strange.  Maybe it was a new pokemon?

Brock picked up the "new pokemon" and closed the door.  He turned around, and to his surprise, a girl about his age, maybe younger, was standing in front of him.

The strange girl had long black wavy hair, with a few red streaks into it, and had deep brown eyes behind rose coloured glasses.  She wore a vest like his, except it was zipped all the way up, along with a skirt and knee-high boots.  All of them were red.  Except for the golden heart shaped pin over her heart.

Brock had the strangest feeling he knew the girl.  He tentatively said her name.  "R-Roxanne?  Roxanne Mineral?"

"Brock!  You remembered me!" the girl cried out.

"Uh, yeah.  How is..."

"Rokbit?  She's fine.  I assumed it was a she, but I might be wrong.  Pokemon research is pretty tough."

"I'm sure you'll do fine.  I mean, you did make that garden using all those pokemon's skills."

"You still have my locket?"

Brock reached into his vest pocket, and to his surprise, he pulled out a dull grey heart shaped locket.  He nodded.

She sat down on the bed and patted on the space beside her, motioning for him to sit.

Brock obeyed and sat with the girl.  Soon, both of them started to chat like old friends.

Star Otaku opened her lunch bag, just to check if there really were some strange coloured bunnies hiding in there.

She peered in close, and found a bunny staring her in the face.  It looked normal enough.  Brown, cotton tail, long ears, cute pink nose.  It was all there.  Well, except for the demon red eyes and the fangs that were coming out of its mouth.

The demon bunny hissed at her, and she dropped it in surprise.

It scurried away into the shadows, leaving Star Otaku shaking and worried about another abnormal critter on the loose.

End of Side Story 5

Additional Author's Notes: Ha!  You thought I was going to complicate things even further by adding Brock?!  I had enough trouble planning for a party for over thirty authors, but writing a love polygon concerning a crossover?!  That's just too much for me.  Yes, I thought a little cameo by an old character of mine would bring into light what the bunnies were about.  Actually, I never mentioned what the bunnies did.  Well, we'll find out in the next Side Story.