Chapter 2 - A Surprise Visit to the CSP
By Shinju Meg Uchuno

I used to run an online newspaper called the CSP. It was pretty fun to do each week. I thought it would be cool to try and interview Rivers Cuomo and just ran with the idea.

The ending is unexpected, though. Hell, the whole fic is unexpected. This is why I shouldn't be allowed to run with ideas. Almost as dangerious as running with scissors. ~_^

:: Rivers Cuomo walks through a small street looking around for a specific place. He soon finds it and knocks on the door. A girl with long brown hair opens it and looks at him in shock::

Rivers: Hi. I'm... er, here for the interview?

Shinju: O.O Sure! Of course, come in, come in, please. ::lets him in::

Rivers: Thanks...

Shinju: Um... my office is this way... ::leads him to a door down the hall. Inside Star Otaku looks up from the book she was reading::

Star: Is that who I think it is?!

Rivers: I'm Rivers Cuomo. Nice to meet you.


Shinju: Um, please, take a seat. ::he does so::

Rivers: Can we do this quickly? I have another place I need to be soon.

Star: Of course!

Shinju::takes out a notebook and a pen:: Okay, Mr. Cuomo... heh, first question.

Rivers: Is it hot in here? May I? ::takes off his sweatervest::

Shinju and Star::stare::

Shinju::blinks:: Er, sure. Go ahead... okay, first question!

Rivers: Man, it is REALLY hot in here! ::takes off his button-down shirt, leaving him bare chested. Shinju and Star stare like fangirls for a few seconds before fainting with smilies on their faces::

Rivers: Works every time. ::grins and changes back into Kyuki, Shinju's muse::

Okay, my muse is really an evil jackass. How could he do that?! I mean, shirtless Rivers Cuomo! Not bloody fair!