Chapter 6

The two boys slept cramped together in a small and narrow bed.  Pikachu slept on one of the bedposts.

The night wasn't so peaceful.  One of them was always falling off the bed and the other was always tossing, turning, and snoring.  And they even heard the jingle of a bell in the hallways.

They woke up with the sun shining in their faces and a crowd of little children around them.

"Augh!" yelped Ash, as he jumped out of the bed.  The children giggled at him.

"Good morning everyone," greeted Brock, and he gathered all of his siblings into a great hug.

"Were you sleep-walking last night?" he asked one of the little girls crowding him.  She held up her hand to show a little bracelet with a bell attached to it.  "I thought so."

"Father sent us to get you both to breakfast!" the siblings chorused in unison.  They grabbed their arms, pulled them out of bed, and led them to the kitchen.

The table was already set, and the kitchen smelled like pancakes.  Everyone's mouths were watering.

"Breakfast is ready!" announced Flint, and everyone ran to the table and ate their breakfast.

Misty awoke to the sound of the birds chirping and cooing outside in the garden.  Togepi uncurled himself (because he usually sleeps all folded up) and yawned.

She then heard a knock on the door, so she got up to see who it was.  She opened the door to find that there was nobody there, she looked around and then down to see a tray of food.  There were some muffins, a cup of tea, and a bowl of food for Togepi.

I guess she also studied how to cook for people and pokemon, she thought to herself.

Misty carried the tray inside and began to eat.

Breakfast filled everyone's appetites, it seemed that Flint learned to cook through trail and error.

"Hey, Brock, let's go back to the gym and see if Misty's still there."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Just let me get my stuff."  Brock ran back to the room to get his backpack.

Ash, Pikachu, and Brock left the house and walked towards the gym.  It wasn't a very long walk, and they were both anxious to see the "secret garden".

They arrived at the doors and stepped inside.  Ash showed Brock the way to the back door into the garden.

Brock couldn't believe what he saw!  It was breath taking.  He then saw the wall. So this is what was behind the wall, he thought to himself.

He then saw Misty come out a small cabin carrying Togepi, and they both ran to her.

"So, Misty, how was your stay here?" questioned Ash.

"It was wonderful!  You both should have been here!" she exclaimed.

Both of them groaned in disappointment.  "I can't believe I missed this!" they both complained.

"I see that your friends are here," said a serious voice.  All of them turned to face the speaker in surprise.  It was none other than Roxanne.

"Would you like them to get out of here?" said Misty nervously.

"They're your companions, and as I said, do what you wish."

"Can we get a tour of this place, please?" Brock asked politely.

"I'll only do this for courtesy, but not for you."  And so she led them around the garden/forest.  "This place was made by me, and my pokemon.  We built it together," Roxanne explained.  Just then, she took out a pokeball from her pocket and threw it.  A Dugtrio emerged from the ball.

"Trio!" the three moles called out.

"Dugtrio helped me plough the soil, and care for it.  He even helped these trees grow faster and taller.  Dugtrio, return."  She held out the ball and Dugtrio returned to it as a beam of red light.

She went on showing them the rest of the area, and then she finally showed them the hot spring.  "Dugtrio dug a pit first and then dug all the way underground to find a source of water.  The water that filled in was cold, so I used my Growlithe to heat up the water."

"Can we give it a try?" asked Ash excitedly.

Roxanne then turned to Misty.  "They are your companions, do what you want," she told her.  And she walked off to another small cabin that was hidden by some trees.

"Well, you guys can use the hot spring, I guess.  You two can change in my cabin."  She then pointed them to where she was staying.

They both changed into their trunks and both got in.  It was so relaxing and warm, they gave out a contented sigh.

Misty soon came into the spring, changed into her bathing suit, to join them.

"Don't worry about Togepi.  He's asleep in my cabin," explained Misty.

"I wonder what she has against us?" pondered Brock.

"Maybe she just likes girls better than boys?" commented Ash.

"Maybe that's it."

Ash and Misty soon got tired of sitting around in the spring, so they got up to walk around the garden.  Brock was left alone.

He sat in the water at the far end of the spring, where it was shady because the foliage nearly hid him.  Suddenly, he saw Roxanne at the other end, but she couldn't see him.  A Growlithe was barking happily at her feet.

"Okay Growlithe, remember, even though the water is hot, you can only swim in it for a short time," she said softly and kindly to it.  "So, what do you think of our new guests?  I already know about Brock, and he sounds very nice, not like you-know-who, but that's another story."

The Growlithe barked at her.

"I know I have an image to uphold, but he is nice, I just don't know why I sometimes have to be so mean.  I guess I do have a little crush on him, but that's just our secret."  She then blushed a little, though not much.  "Maybe I shouldn't act like this, I don't want to get hurt again."

Brock listened carefully. Wow, she actually likes me.  If it's a secret, I shouldn't mention it, he thought to himself.

"It seems that nobody's here.  I think I'll take a dip too.  I'll just change."  So Roxanne left to go to her cabin.

After a while, she came back in a dull grey swimsuit and a bucket full of water.

I guess from here she kinda looks and acts nice.  Maybe I should go over there and be friendly. He got up from his spot and half walked, half swam to her.

Roxanne saw him, and she blushed, but hoped that it looked like the heat from the spring made her look flustered.

He came closer to her, smiling with his hand out to help her in.  Brock was getting closer when she suddenly frowned, grabbed the bucket, and poured its contents over his head.  The water was freezing!

"AHHH!  What did you do that for?!" Brock yelped.

"That's for trying to get your hands on me!" Roxanne replied harshly.  She was back in the same mood.

"I just trying to help you into the spring!"

"I don't need any help!  Hmph!"  She suddenly walked away briskly and the Growlithe followed after her.

Brock was left shivering until the hot water warmed him up.  He was left alone and confused.