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Author's Notes: Well, room's are full, and everyone is just coming in for the party!  All I have to say is that this takes place a little before and after AS 11.

Anime Survivor!  Side Story 4

"Wrath-of-gojira!  Nice to see you here!" Star Otaku happily greeted the party's DJ.

"I brought the music!  Let's mosh!" cried gojira.  And he dragged his dee-jaying equipment in behind him.

"If you need to set up, the ball room is right behind those big doors at the top of the stairs.  You're room's right beside the ball room."

"Excellent!" cried the author, and he ran to set up.

Star glanced over to her assistant, Globie.  "How many more to go?  I'm getting really tired, and I have to get to the next tribal council tonight."

Globie flipped through the stack of papers on his lap.  "Um... About ten more.  Give or take."

"This is going to be a long night."

Matt was all by himself in the ball room, that is until Wrath-of-gojira started to set up his equipment.

Trying to make himself look busy, Matt moved to the other side of the room and started to put up some streamers.

"Okay, you can do this," Matt muttered to himself.  "Let's go over the plan.  Lead Joe and Tracey through the crowd, telling them that Mimi wants to dance with them.  Instead, ditch them with the authors that are totally obsessed with them, and once they're in their grasps, make your way to Mimi in time for the next slow dance.  Heh heh heh.  The perfect crime."

Wrath-of-gojira picked up an unlabelled CD and popped it in the player.  Soft slow dance music streamed throughout the room.

Matt closed his eyes and envisioned that moment when he would ask Mimi for a slow dance.

"I was wondering if you would honour me by letting me have this dance."  And he extended his hand to grasp the imaginary Mimi's hand.  Instead, his hand caught someone else's.  He looked up and was staring into Kyra's face.

"My Mattie-san wants to dance?  Anything for my muse!"  And with that, she grabbed Matt and started an impromptu tango across the ball room.

"This is not the music I wanted!" cried gojira.  He picked up the Dance Dance Revolution soundtrack and replaced it in the player.  The first song to play was the high energy "Butterfly".  To add to the effect of the song, he activated the disco ball and the flashing coloured lights to give the room a more rave-like atmosphere.

With the change in music, Kyra started to swing Matt around the spacious room with much gusto.

Inside, Matt cursed himself for choosing the wrong time to make believe; and the fact that he was beginning to get motion sick.  To add to his embarrassment, Mimi and the rest of the party crew came in through the doors.

Mimi pointed at her friend, who was helplessly being thrown and thrashed around the room.

"Tracey!  Matt has a great idea!  Let's dance!"


The happy couple made their way to the middle of the room and started to dance.

TK and Kari looked at each other, looked at Tracey and Mimi, looked at each other again, shrugged, and then started to dance together.

Joe stood by the door with a distaste written on his face.  "I'll fix this little situation."

"Joe," Gomamon started, with a hint of worry, "don't do anything you're going to regret."

"Don't worry Gomamon," Joe reassured his friend, "I know what I'm doing."

Joe started to make his way towards the Mimi and Tracey.  And when he was close enough to Tracey, he bumped him out of the way, all the while trying to make it look like an accident.

"Mind if I cut in?" Joe asked Mimi.

"Go ahead!"

And so, Mimi continued dancing with her new partner.

As for Matt, he was dropped off on the floor in a disheveled heap, and his eyes had the little dizzy spirals.  Kyra moved on to her next partner: Tracey!

The two couples were happily dancing, until they heard a record scratch, and the spotlight shone on Gary.

"Hey dweebs!  Move the floor for the dancing king!" cried Gary.  He then extended his hand to Mimi.  "And the king needs his dancing queen.  So what do you say, marvelous Mimi?"

"Well..." Mimi started with anticipation in her voice.  Gary smiled.  "I say: NO!  My dance card is full, thank you."

Gary facevaulted while the music resumed and Mimi and Joe continued dancing.

The Digi Girl Trio snuck and skulked around the dark hallway, in their quest for their favourite characters.

Digi-diva whined.  "I wanna find Joe!  I wanna find Joe!"

Kari Takaishi shushed her friend.  "Quiet!  You want to give us away?"

Sakura Blossoms just shook her head.  "You guys, come on.  Let's keep moving."

They suddenly heard voiced heading their way.  They ducked into an empty room and watched through the crack in the door at who was coming.

"James, I'm so happy that we can be together!  Now that we're done with the matter concerning your fiancÚ."

"I think we should celebrate.  You know, Meowth told me that we should double date sometime."

"Where is that feline anyways?"

"I saw them heading for the ball room.  That's where everyone is."

Both of their voices faded down the hall, and the Digi Girl Trio stepped out of the room and continued their search.

They tip-toed and looked around in all directions to see if anyone was following them.  Unfortunately, they looked in all directions, but not ahead of them.  The three bumped into someone, or something.

Standing before them was a serpent-humanoid.  "Hi!  I'm Jenneke!  Can you tell me where the ball room is?"

Kari recovered first.  "Um, yeah.  We were just on our way there too."

"It's right down the hall and through those big doors," added Sakura Blossoms.

"Thanks!" Jenneke replied.  "I hope I can find Joe there."

Digi-diva fumed.  "Joe is mine!  So back off!"

"No!  You back off!"

The two Joe lovers soon got into a heated argument of who he belonged to.  Sakura and Kari shook their heads and continued down the hall without them.

Thinker looked for Star Otaku in the main foyer.  Instead, he found Globie.

"Uh, hey, Globie.  You wouldn't happen to know where Star went, do you?"

"Sorry Thinker.  You just missed her.  She was on her way to the next tribal council.  Why do you ask?"

"Just looking for the observatory."

"Oh, just go down the hall, that way."  Globie then pointed at the deep dark hall on the left side of the foyer.

"Thanks."  So Thinker made his way down the dark and unlit hall.

It was too dark, because he bumped into someone head on!

"Ow!  Who are you?"


"Weregarurumon's Lillymon."

"Oh, well, nice to meet you.  Now if only I could see you."

"Yeah well, I was on my way to look at my Izzy-kun."

"Me too!  But, I mean, he's my fave character."

"He's mine too!  Let's go!"

Weregarurumon's Lillymon and Thinker had snuck into the observatory and were peering through Piedmon's telescope.  Both of them had wandered into the place and were hoping to catch a glimpse of Izzy.

"Hey!  Don't hog the lens!" cried Thinker.

"I'll stop when you stop!" Weregarurumon's Lillymon retorted back.

"I can't see Izzy!"

"Well, I can't either!"

"That's because I'm here," said a familiar voice.

Both authors looked at the door and found their Izzy-kun standing there.

"I'm here because Star told me that this is where my lap top could be found."  He walked over to a small table in the middle of the room and picked up the yellow pineapple computer.  "I'm sorry to interrupt."  And with that, he left on his merry way.

The two authors looked at each other, and then at Izzy' retreating form.  Both of them then dashed after him, hoping to catch their favourite character, Kou-chan.

"Izzy!  Wait!"

Star Otaku looked up from the guest list to see Izzy being chased down the hall with Thinker and Weregarurumon's Lillymon hot on his heels.  Izzy maneuvered around them, so instead, the two authors were sent crashing her way.


The impact was enough to knock Star unconscious, and so she lay, sprawled out on the floor with her lunch bag fallen out of her hands.  A nasty bump was starting to form on her head.

Globie burst out at Thinker.  "What did you do that for?!"

"Hey!  It was an accident!"

"Maybe it was meant for me."

"What are you talking about?"

"You knew that I was against Izzy from the beginning!"

"I wouldn't stoop that low!"

A groan from the ground alerted the two to stop squabbling and look down at Star Otaku.  She got up, propped herself up on her elbows and rubbed her head.  "Oh... Thanks for waking me up," she groggily said.

Both grabbed the fallen author's arms and pulled her up.

Izzy came running back to them, with Joe in tow.

"Izzy koi! What are you doing here?" asked Weregarurumon's Lillymon, who had watched the scene.

"I heard a large crash outside to investigate and then I followed Izzy here," explained Joe.

"I thought you might need some medical assistance," added Izzy.

"Ugh... Thanks Izzy, but I think I'm fine. I don't need a physical."

"That's a relief," said Joe.  "But that looks like one bad bump, let me just take a look at it."  Joe bent down beside Star and took an ice pack and a roll of toilet paper out of his bag.

"I'm bleeding?"

"Oh, no!  I'm just using this as a bandage to hold the ice pack in place."


So Joe wrapped the bandage over the ice pack and around her head.  When he was done applying the "dressing", Star picked up her lunch bag and took one step, but wobbled a bit.

"Woah! I think you should take it easy," suggested Joe.  Star opened her mouth to protest, but Joe help up his hand.  "Doctor's orders," he stated.

"Alright, but you and Izzy better help me up those stairs and into the ballroom."

Both boys took her arms and placed each over their shoulders, and with a tug, they heaved her up the stairs.

Globie and Thinker shot each other daggers while following from behind, and Weregarurumon's Lillymon just muttered, "She's so lucky to be carried by Kou-chan!"

The music had just ended and everyone was hard at work adding streamers and balloons and banners to the place.

Wrath-of gojira was busy arranging his CDs.  Lillymon flitted around, adding a flowery theme for the ballroom.  Angemon and Angewomon had TK and Kari in their arms while the two children were replacing the flame shaped light bulbs in the high chandelier.

Their heads turned when they saw Star, with a bandage wrapped around her head, being carried by Izzy and Joe.  Globie, Thinker, and Weregarurumon's Lillymon followed behind them.

Mimi ran up to the author.  "Oh Star!  What happened?"

"Just a little head-on collision.  Nothing too serious."

"Oh Joe!  You were so nice to bandage her up!"  Mimi rewarded Joe with a peck on the cheek.

Matt, from the other side of the room, sent a Death Glare (trade marked by Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing, but borrowed for the purpose of this fic) at Joe.

Joe gulped.  "Uh, it's no big fuss.  Besides, it was Izzy's idea."

"I think you deserve a reward too."  And Mimi also give Izzy a peck on the cheek.

Izzy blushed while Thinker and Weregarurumon's Lillymon fumed.

Great, another one to get rid of! Matt thought.  Well, I guess I'll have to include him in the plan.

"Now, let's stop worry about the me and let's carry on with the preparations.  That's what a good hostess should do."

Everyone shrugged and resumed working.

End of Side Story 4

Additional Author's Notes: Oy vey!  I let the fate of who the lovely Mimi should be with in the readers' hands.  They had the chance to tell me: Izzy/Joe/Matt/Tracey/Gary?  I know, Mimi had rejected his advances before, but she could change her mind?  And so I also added Izzy into the equation; just to make things extra complicated. ^_^ How will a little bump on the head affect me?  Well, considering the fact that I'm already a fanfic writer, it shouldn't affect me.  Or will it? *dun dun dun!* Anyways, to Globie and Thinker for providing more conflict to the Side Stories.  Stay tuned to the next episode of Anime Survivor Side Stories!