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Anime Survivor!  Side Story 7

The Anime Survivor contestants stood nervously before the giant hotel doors.  The last four looked in amazement at the giant hotel.

"These belong to you."  Star Otaku reached into her lunch bag and handed everyone back their pokeballs, digivices, tags, and crests.

"Why is one of them charred?" asked Ash.

"Ash, that's supposed to be Pikachu's pokeball.  He put up a bit of a fight to get in.. Don't worry, he's fine," Star partly lied.

"C'mon!  Let's get in there!"  Tai was bounding up and down in excitement.

Sora tried to stand straight and keep herself composed, but she trembled with anticipation.  "I hope to see Biyomon again."

"Don't worry," assured Star.  "The digimon are waiting for you and are getting ready to party!  Now let's get in there!"

The large doors opened before them, they entered, and made their way to the ballroom doors.

Everyone was crowded into the ballroom and waited for Star Otaku to return with the winner and the rest of the tribal jury.  They were filled with anxiety, and they held their breath in anticipation.

Fetch, the anthropomorphic Golden Lab, gave Kari and TK a comforting, although tight, hug, as the two children waited for their brothers.

They gasped as they saw the doors starting to part, oh so slowly.

Wider... wider... until they revealed Star Otaku with: Sora!

Everyone clapped and cheered, while some just kept silent and were stewing with anger.

She and the winner walked together, with the rest of the tribal jury and runner-up following from behind.

Fetch was so overjoyed, he bounded up to each of the contestants and started hugging them and licking their faces.  Everyone laughed at this little scene.  When he was done, he scampered off, back into the crowd.

"Now that the winner and the jury is here, let's make way and start to eat!" announced Star Otaku.  She waved her lunch bag in the air, and on opposite ends of the room were many round tables with the silverware set up.  "Take your seats, and start conjuring up some food!"

With that announcement made, everyone started looking for their seats.

Joe was a bit lost, he wanted to sit with Mimi, but it seemed that there were too many people there!  He looked around until someone's hand and arm waved at him.  What really caught his attention was that the arm and hand were glowing green!

Joe made his way to a table and the person that waved him over had messy brown hair, black t-shirt, khaki cargo pants, and a green aura of nuclear energy.  The boy looked familiar.

"Thanks for saving me a seat," started Joe.  "You're the DJ, right?"

"Yup!  Wrath-of-gojira here.  You're like my role model, sort of."

"Wow.  I never had anyone look up to me before.  Well, maybe TK, but that's how little kids are."

"Don't think I'm gonna get all obsessed over you or something.  I prefer women, okay?"

"Thanks for the warning.  You know, you've got more attitude than Matt."

"Thanks for the compliment."

"Digi-diva here!  Are any of these seats taken?" asked a female voice.

Joe looked up to see a girl who looked like Mimi.  Well, looked like an older Mimi.  She had the same pink cowboy hat over light pink, shoulder length hair.  Joe looked her down and saw that she was wearing a pink spaghetti strap top with "Minnie" printed on the front, dark blue Tommy jeans, and capped off with Orange Monk Nike Prestos.

"No, the table's free," gojira answered nonchalantly.

A tall girl with ear length blonde hair and brown eyes approached the table.  "Hi, I'm Anna Lein.  I finally get to meet you Joe!  There's so much that I'd like to say to you!"  Anna took her seat and started talking.

Soon, the table was being approached and occupied with Joe-lovers.

Mimi looked around, thinking of who to sit with.  Joe and Matt were no where to be seen, and she definitely didn't want to sit next to Gary!

The only two options were Izzy and Tracey.  She looked around, and luckily, she found Izzy and Tracey sitting at the same table!

She came up to the boys.  "Mind if I take a seat?"

Izzy and Tracey both patted on one seat.  Mimi graciously took it, so she was sandwiched between the boys.

"Hey!  Don't forget about us!" cried a girl.

The three anime characters looked up to see four girls approached the table.

One of them was six feet tall with blonde, aqua-streaked hair, blue-green eyes, and a little blue shirt that had the crest of knowledge on it.

Another girl was short, with auburn hair pulled into a ponytail; she wore an emerald green, long-sleeved shirt with cut-off jeans, and a gold cross necklace with an emerald on it hung from her neck.

One was tall with long brown hair and green eyes.

And the last girl was tall, with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

"I believe we've met before, haven't we?" Izzy inquired of the girl with the knowledge shirt.

"It's me, hubby!  Aquarius!"  The girl then plopped down on the seat on Izzy's other side.  She then latched onto his arm while Izzy blushed profusely.

"I'm Amanda Lein," said the blonde.  She took the seat next to Tracey.  "I have some sketches for you Tracey.  That is, if you'd like to see them."

"Of course Amanda!" exclaimed Tracey.  Both took out their sketchbooks and started to compare.

The girl with long brown hair and green eyes took the seat beside Aquarius.  "Thanks for taking the only other seat next to Izzy."

"My pleasure, Pokemaniac!"

"I was being sarcastic.  Aren't you gonna take a seat Kyra, or are you gonna stand around all day?"

The girl with the green shirt took a seat .  "I was going to sit down, eventually.  That is, after everyone took all the good seats."

"We can trade Kyra!  I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone!"  Mimi started to get up from her seat.

"NO!" yelled Tracey and Izzy as they grabbed at her arms and pulled her back down.

"Mind if I take the last seat?" asked male voice.

Izzy saw a familiar boy with brown hair and a goatee.  "Hello Thinker."

"Uh, hi Izzy.  Sorry about chasing you.  I just wanted to talk, not, uh..."

"A simple misunderstanding.  I bear no ill will towards you.  Take whatever remaining seats are left."

Thinker nodded and sat down.  "So, is there anything I missed?"

"Nothing at all, we were just about ready to order."

"To make it up to you for that incident, I'll serve everyone their dinner!  Pass on the orders!"

Tiny Pikababy strolled up alongside Matt, who was looking for a table.  She latched onto his arm as her Pikachu tail happily twitched.

"Matt, care to escort me to my table?"

"Uh..."  Matt looked ahead and saw Mimi settling in her seat between Izzy and Tracey.  "Why the heck not?"  He pulled Tiny Pikababy close, and she giggled as they went back to her table.

As they approached the table, Matt saw many other girls, and a few boys.

"Hi everyone," said Matt.  "I guess you all know who I am.  No autographs, please."

Some of the girls swooned at that line.

A boy waved his hand at Matt.  "Hey there, I'm Starmorpher.  I finally get to meet you, Matt."

The introductions went all around.

"I'm Weregarurumon's Lillymon," said a girl with black shoulder-length hair.  She flashed Matt the brightest, whitest smile ever.

Next was a quiet boy with black hair and blue eyes.  "I'm Potted Palm.  You're my fave character."

"I can tell by the looks of everyone here," replied Matt.  "So, this is the Yamato Ishida Fan Club table?  Any of you strong supporters of the Matt and Mimi relationship?"

Some hands were raised, and Matt thought he heard Tiny Pikababy growl and saw sparks fly from her pika-ears.

"Well, I think I better grab a plate and grab some grub."

"No!  Sit!  I'll conjure something up for all of us!" offered Pikababy.

Everyone told Pikababy what they wanted, and so, using her author powers, their plates were already filled with what they wanted.

"Dig in!"

Ash and Misty were sifting through the crowd, looking for a table.

"Lookie!  A Mew!" cried Ash.  He pointed to a little glowing white figure floating at a barely occupied table.  They both made their way to it and took their seats.

"Ash!  A Mew!  That's so cool!" exclaimed Misty.  "But it seems a bit small."

"Yeah, I'm a Mew," she said.  "Call me Mega Mew.  I may be small, but I am powerful!"

"Can I capture you?" asked a hopeful Ash.


"Aw man!"

"Mega Mew, thanks for getting them over here," said a pale boy with brown hair and brownish green eyes.  "Hey Misty."  He extended his hand to the red-head.

Misty graciously shook it.  "Nice to meet you..."


Ash jumped in the conversation.  "Are you like a real pokemon?"

"You're even more dense than I am!" snickered Mechamew.  "I'm not a pokemon."

"Sorry," Ash apologized.

"Ash, Misty, I'm Pikapal, and I totally adore you two!" exclaimed a girl with curly brown hair.

"That's really flattering," replied Misty.

"Hey!  You're an author, right?  Can you show us some of your nifty powers?" requested Ash.

"Sure, anything for my fave couple."  Pikapal's brown eyes turned purple as she used her psychic powers.  She lifted a spoon and bent it.

"Wow!  Just like Sabrina!" exclaimed Misty.

"Got any more tricks up your sleeves?" asked Ash.

"I have electric, water, and ice powers."  To demonstrate, she levitated the bent spoon over an empty glass and water droplets began to form on it, then it was totally encased in ice.  Pikapal then created a spark, and the ice melted, dripping into the glass.

Everyone at the couple clapped. 

"Hi guys!" greeted Tai.  "That was one cool trick!"

Both Tai and Sora sat down next to Ash and Misty.

"Hey Tai," said Ash.

"Guess this is a double date," added Misty.

"I guess it is," said Sora.

"Any of these seats taken?" asked a medium build tanned girl with medium-dark brown hair.

Tai instantly recognized her.  "Sure!  Take a seat AnimeGurl.  You must be happy that you're not this party's waitress!"

"Oh, you bet I am!  Too many people."

"So what brings you here?" asked Sora.

AnimeGurl bowed her head.  "I was invited.  And the Matt lovers table was full."

Everyone sweatdropped.

"Hey, can you make room for Sakura Blossoms?"

Everyone looked at Sora and thought that she was talking!

"Not Sora, me."  A girl that looked like an older Sora was standing before them.  Her outfit was a bright green halter top, dark blue jeans, and Unholy Cumulus Nike Prestos.

"Uh, yeah, just take a seat next to me," said Sora.  "There are a lot of things I'd like to ask you."

Another girl jogged up to the group.  She had straight brown hair and brown eyes.  She was dressed in dark earl jeans and a baseball shirt.

"Let me guess, the Matt table was full?" asked Misty.

"Nope!  I'm lyra, and I wanted to sit beside my fave character!"  She sat down beside Tai.

"Don't get jealous Sora," reassured Tai.  "So what brings you here, lyra?"

"Oh, I wanted to talk to you about lacrosse.  You should give up soccer and give it a try!  You too, Sora!"

"Nah, I like soccer the way it is," said Tai.

"Well, take a few pointers from me, lax is so much better than soccer because..."

Kari and TK, being the only two little tykes lost in the crowd of people older and taller than them, were having trouble finding a place to sit.  It seemed that almost all the tables were taken.

Both of them held hands so they wouldn't lose each other, and started to push through the sea of bodies.  The bumped into a set of legs in blue jeans and blue Converse All*Stars.

TK and Kari looked up to see a familiar furry face looking down on them.

"Hey!  It's the big dog who hugged us!" cried TK.

"I'm sorry we bumped into you, sir," apologized Kari.

"That's okay.  The name's Fetch.  You two seem lost, why don't I help you?"

The two children nodded.  So Fetch picked them up and placed on top of his tall shoulders.

"Wow!  What a view!" cried TK again.

"Oh!  A table!  Over there!"  Kari pointed the way.

Fetch made his way through the crowd and got to the table.  Only three seats were left.

Two seats were between a muscular boy with dark skin and a boy with messy hair underneath a Yankees hat.

The dark skinned boy spoke up.  "Hey TK, I'm Ultra Mike.  Why don't you take this seat?"  He pointed to the one beside him.

TK nodded and took his seat while Kari took the one beside the boy with the Yankees hat.

Kari looked up at the hat and saw that there were goggles on it too.  "Wow Globie!  You have goggles on your hat, just like my brother!"

Globie tipped off his cap to the little girl.  "Thanks."

"Hi TK!  Hi Kari!" a girl greeted them.

"Kari?!"  The children were confused.

The girl looked like an older Kari, but she wore a yellow spaghetti strap top that said "Eat at Sam's for Green Eggs and Ham" and pink Capri pants.  "Kari Takaishi to be exact."

"That's my first name-" started Kari.

"And my last name!" finished TK.

Both of them looked at each other and blushed.

"Don't be embarrassed," said a sand coloured kitten girl with teal eyes and brown ears.  "I'm Skippi."  She waved her little brown tail around, and the two brown rings on the end jingled with each wave of her tail.

Kari was entranced by the tail rings.  "Oh, just like Gatomon.  Where is she anyway?"

Out on the large balcony of the hotel, the romantic double date was set up.  There was a large round table, with two seats placed closely together on each side.  On the table were four sets of plates and silverware, and in the middle was a candelabra.  The candle-lit dinner added a very romantic touch to the evening.

Meowth and Gatomon were already sitting down in their chairs, with their tails entwined.  They waited for the other couple to arrive.

James led a blind-folded Jesse out to the open air balcony.

"James, I don't have time for these games!  Where are you taking me?"

"Jesse, relax, it's a surprise.  Now, sit down."

Jesse huffed as she did as she was told.  James moved behind her and slowly removed the cover over her eyes.  Her eyes widened in surprise as she took in the sight before her.

"James!  This is so romantic!"  In gratitude, Jesse jumped up and gave James a kiss on the cheek.

James furiously blushed.  "It's actually Meowth's idea.  You should thank him."

"Hey kids, quit yappin'!  Let's get some grub and dig in!" exclaimed Meowth.

"Oh waitress..." calmly called Gatomon.

A girl wearing the TR uniform, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and red glasses approached the table.  "I'm The Kirei Rocket, your waitress for the evening.  May I have the ladies' orders first?"

"Hmm... I'll have some of the poached Marching Fish.  And a side of Magikarp," said Gatomon.

"Make it a big order, since we'll be sharing," added Meowth.  He wrapped a paw around his kitty's shoulder.

"I'd like to share a Kingler dinner," said Jesse.  She reached underneath the table and held James' hand.

"Uh, yeah, we'll be sharing.  And don't forget the chocolate cake for dessert!" added James.

"Anything to drink?"

"Milk!" cried the two cats at once.

"Some fine champagne," suggested James.

"I'm sorry, can't have underage drinking."

"Then we'll have some soda instead."

"Very well."  The Kirei Rocket left to get the orders to the kitchen.  But then, she turned around.  "I forgot!  I'm an author!"

With her author powers, Kirei conjured up the magnificent meal in front of the two couples.

JessFX had finished her dinner, along with everyone else, and it consisted mostly of Mountain Dew.  She was pumped and was prowling around the soon to be packed dance floor.

She swayed her fox tail to the same tempo as her silver leaping fox pendant did, and twitched her blue ears as she made her way to her first target.

Joe wasn't much in the mood for dancing, so he sat with his chin in hand, listening to Anna Lein ramble on and on.  He looked down when he felt something nuzzling his leg.

From his view, all he saw were blue fox ears, fox tail, brown hair, glasses, and the person was wearing khaki pants and a brown leather jacket.

"Uh, would you please cut that out?"

The fox girl looked up, thus causing her glasses to slide down her face.  "Sorry."  She raised her blue, Gatomon-like gloved paw.  She smiled, showing him some of her fangs.  "All I want is for you to scratch behind my ears!"

Joe unconsciously reached down and did what we she wanted.

When she was satisfied, she thanked him and stalked off toward another cute boy.

As the ball was getting underway, Brock approached Star Otaku.

"Uh, Miss Otaku," started Brock, "will there be any slow dancing during the ball?"

"Of course Brock!  It wouldn't be proper without some slow music," answered Star Otaku.

Brock's face fell.  "Oh."

"I see, you're embarrassed and lonely, so you want a dance partner."

"Yeah!  Is there anyone you know?"

"There is one person.  Just wait here."  Star Otaku left him standing around for a little while.

Brock stood by and waited patiently.  He looked down and saw a fox girl nuzzling his shoulder.  He blushed.

"Uh, can I help you with something, miss?"

"No need for miss!  I'm JessFX, and all I want is a little scratch behind the ears from a cute boy."

Brock blushed even more as he started.  A few minutes later, she thanked him and went back on her merry way.

Then Star Otaku and a girl with green eyes and brown hair stepped out of the crowd to meet Brock.

"Hi!  I'm Malfoy's Girlfriend, and I have such a big crush on you, Brock!"

Star Otaku leaned forward and whispered into Brock's ear.  "Don't worry, she's single.  Why don't you take her out for a good time on the dance floor?"

Brock happily nodded.  He blushed and babbled in front of the girl in front of him.  "You're really pretty..."

"Thanks Brock!  Wanna dance?"

"Of course!"  As Brock left with his date for the night, he called over his shoulder, "Thanks a lot Star!"

Izzy was sitting off to the side of the DJ station.  A few of his fans were keeping him company.

"Okay boys, any of you have any bright ideas on how I can get Mimi?" Izzy asked as his fingers flew over the laptop.

"As the DJ," started Wrath-of-gojira, "I'll see if I can put on some music so that you can partner up with her."

Daddy_gohan tapped on Izzy's shoulder.  "Can I use your computer?  I think I have a plan."

Izzy nodded and handed his laptop to the slightly chubby boy with short brown hair.  Izzy watched in amazement as his fingers flew over the keyboard, even faster than him!  A beep alerted Izzy, and his laptop was handed back to him.

"What did you do?"

"I just keyed into all the Digidestined's digivice signals.  Then I added in the ballroom's floor plans.  That green blip is Mimi.  She's just a few meters away, so quit being a wall flower and ask her to dance!"

"Thanks Daddy_gohan!"

Matt pushed his way out of the sea of bodies and stood in front of Izzy.  "Izzy, I just heard that Mimi said that she wants to dance with you."

Izzy excitedly handed the laptop to Wrath-of-gojira.  "Gojira, can you and Daddy_gohan plug my laptop into the speaker system?  Just look through my MP3 list and choose one of my favourite songs."

The two boys nodded, and Izzy got up to follow Matt through the sea of bodies.  His favourite type of music, techno-electronica, started blaring from all around.

"Matt, I know we aren't on the best terms when it comes to Mimi, but are you sure she wants to dance with me?" asked Izzy.

"Of course!  I thought that since it's our last night here, she should get a chance to dance with all of us!  Let her sample each of us before making a choice!" Matt replied over his shoulder.

"That's quite generous, Matt!"

"Yeah, yeah.  We're almost there!"

Daddy_gohan noticed that Izzy's purple blip was indeed following Matt's blue blip, but not in the right direction.  In fact, Matt was leading Izzy away from Mimi!

"I don't think I like what I see..." stated Daddy_gohan.

When Matt stopped, Izzy bumped into his back.

"Well ladies, I brought you Izzy.  You can now have your dance with him."

Matt left, and in the faint and flashy lighting, Izzy could make out the figures of three girls.

"Isn't my hubby gonna dance with me?"

"Your hubby?!  He's mine!"

"No!  Izzy's too cute for you guys!"

"Mitts off Pokemaniac!"

"No way Aquarius!"

"Back off Kyra!"

Izzy started to back slowly away from the girls, but their eyes turned on him and they pounced.

Joe and Gomamon bounced around to the beat of the techno music.  Both were hoping to bump into Mimi so that they could partner up.

"Joe!  Good luck for tonight!" cried Gomamon.

"Thanks buddy!  I'll need it with the competition around here!" Joe replied.

A familiar snake-humanoid then approached Joe.  "Hey Joe!  It's me!  Jenneke!  We sat at the same table?"

"Hi there!  You wouldn't know where Mimi is, would you?"

"No, sorry.  Wanna dance with me for a while?"

Joe, being too nice, didn't want to let down the girl.  "Sure!  I can kill some time!"  So he grabbed her hand and they started to move to the flowing music.

Weregarurumon's Lillymon stepped out of the ballroom for a breather.  It was getting hot a stuffy in there!

She felt something bump into her legs.  She looked down to see Gabumon sitting on the floor.

She helped him up.  "Sorry about that.  You should watch where you're going though."

"It's okay.  I'm fine."  Gabumon then got up to prove it.

"What are you doing out here?"

"I wanted to let Matt enjoy himself, but I am a bit worried about him.  He does have his heart set on dancing with Mimi."

"Um... Before you go in, could you do something for me?"

"Sure, anything."

"Can you turn into Weregarurumon?"

"It's going to be hard without Matt here, but he's near by, so I'll give it a try."  Gabumon took a few steps back to make room.  "Gabumon digivolve to Garurumon!  Garurumon digivolve to Weregarurumon!"  He let out a primal howl when he finished his transformation.

WG's Lillymon soon had stars in her eyes.  "Wow!  That was so cool!"

"Thanks," he gruffly said.  "Now if you don't mind, I have to see Matt."

WG's Lillymon grabbed onto the giant werewolf's arm.  "I'm sure he's fine!  Let's dance first!"  She then dragged him back into the ballroom.

Amid the music, Matt could hear Izzy screaming.  He didn't know if it was in joy or pain.  Oh well, at least he got rid of one competitor for Mimi's hand.

It was time for Joe.  He snuck behind the blue haired boy and tapped his shoulder.

"Matt!  What do you want?"

"Dude, you win.  Mimi wants to dance with you."  Matt forced a defeated tone into his voice.

"Uh-uh, Matt.  I saw, or rather heard, what you did with Izzy.  It's not gonna work for me!"

Rats!  "What do you expect me to do?"

"Why don't we work together to get rid of Tracey.  Gary isn't much of a problem since Mimi loathes him."

"Fine, but when it's down to the two of us, all truces all called off."


Ash was getting tired from all the dancing with Misty.

"Misty, can I take a break?" Ash whined above the music.

"Oh, fine!  But you better come back for some more."

"I will."  Ash slowed down his dancing and started to make his way to the wall.

Mechmew stepped up to take Ash's place.  "Don't worry Ash!  I'm not trying to steal your girl!"

"You better not!" Ash yelled with mock anger. 

Misty blushed and continued to dance with her new partner.

JessFX watched Tai and Sora were dance happily.  She looked down at the can of Mountain Dew in her hand.

"My last one for tonight, I promise," she said to herself as she took one last swig.  "One last scratch and one last drink."

Suddenly, her tail, ears, and gloves turned jet black, and an evil smirk graced her fangs.

Evil JessFX started to stalk her way behind Tai, closer, closer, until she was right behind him.  She smiled evilly as her claws were about to reach out for Tai.

Sora's eyes widened as she saw a black furred fox girl ready to strike Tai.  "Tai!  Behind you!" she cried.

"Wha?"  Tai turned around and a blue Gatomon-like glove reached for his head.

"Yoink!"  The fox girl snatched Tai's goggles over his head and ran off into the crowd.

"Aw man!  My goggles!  I really loved those goggles."

"Even more than me?!"

"No!  Sora!  You mean more than a pair of dumb old goggles.  Even though I've had them for most of my life..."

"I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to judge you like that."

"It's okay.  Just hold me!"

Tai then collapsed in Sora's arms and she comforted him for the rest of the song.

Star Otaku was dancing with a group of friends when Tai tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey, Miss Star, can you make an announcement?  Some fox girl stole my goggles and I want them back."

"Sure, I'll do what I can.  Now get back to dancing and I'll take care of it."

Just as soon as Tai left, Matt and Joe approached Star Otaku through the crowd as the music blared around them.

"Hi Star!" the boys greeted her.

"Hi boys!" Star Otaku answered.  "What are you doing here?  I thought that you'd be dancing with some special girls.  You know that a lot of them want to be with you."

They both blushed.

"Uh... Well, there's only one special girl we want to dance with," started Matt.

"Ah... I see what you mean.  You can't find Mimi in the crowd, so you guys want me to conjure her up here!"

"Actually, no," said Matt.  "But that is a good guess."

"We actually want to perform a song for her," explained Joe.  "Something we could lip-sync to?"

"Follow me."  Star Otaku led the two Digi-boys to Wrath-of-gojira's DJ station, which was on top of a raised platform.  "HEY!  GOJIRA!" yelled Star.

The deejay looked up from his CDs.  "Yeah?"

"Can you get two microphones up there?  The boys want to perform a number!"

Wrath-of-gojira just nodded and pressed some buttons on the console.

Two microphones popped out from the platform, and a spotlight shone on them.  Matt and Joe took their places.

As Joe was about to speak, Star grabbed his mike.

"Sorry Joe," she whispered to him.  "I'd like to make a public service announcement.  Will JessFX please return Tai Kamiya's goggles its rightful owner?  Thank you."

A normal JessFX bounded back to Tai and handed him back his goggles.  Tai quickly forgave her by scratching her behind the ears.

"Anyways, here's Matt and Joe!"  Star Otaku handed the mike back to Joe.

"Hi everyone!" said Joe.  "Sorry to interrupt, but we'd like to sing a song."  Joe then covered his mike and bent down to whisper to Star.  "Uh, what song are we supposed to sing?  Do we even know the words?"

"Don't worry, both of you automatically know the song.  I made it so with my author powers.  As soon as the music starts, you'll know when to come in."

Matt also whispered in on the conversation.  "I think it's time we actually did some singing.  We don't want to embarrass ourselves.  What's the name of the song?"

"'Some Kinda Wonderful' by Sky," answered Star.  "But they've broken up.  Oh well, at least their music will live on."

The two boys got up, and Star stepped away from the stage.

"We'd like to perform 'Some Kinda Wonderful', by Sky, and we'd like to dedicate it to Mimi," announced Matt.  He nodded to gojira, who started the music.

As the boys "sang", the crowd had made a circle, letting Gatomon and Meowth, Jesse and James, Ash and Misty, TK and Kari, and Brock with Malfoy's Girlfriend dance together in the middle.  On the edge of the circle, they saw Mimi's smiling face.  But the next thing that happened was going to make their blood boil.

"She's some kinda wonderful, she makes a mean steak, and she's an eyeful.  My baby, she's some kinda wonderful to me.  She's some kinda wonderful to me..."

Tracey made his way behind Mimi, and tapped her on the shoulder.  As she was about to turn around, Gary rushed in and pushed Tracey to the side, so that Mimi would see only him.  He made a very convincing puppy dog face, said something, and then Mimi's face softened as she took his hand.  They made their way to the circle and started to dance closely together.  As the couple turned, Gary flashed the boys a triumphant and smug smile.

Matt and Joe continued "singing", but clutched at their microphones, gripping the mike stands tighter and tighter, imagining that they strangling the brat's throat.  They would rather have had Tracey dance with Mimi, not that jerk!

The song was drawing to a close, and the boys watched with impotent fury at Gary and Mimi.  Their eyes widened as Gary's hands moved lower and lower down her back, ready to cop a feel on her behind.

As soon as the song ended, Gary's hand had reached its target.  Mimi pushed him away and slapped him.

A rage filled Matt jumped off the stage and lunged for Gary's throat.  He let out a primal scream as he went down.  Punches flew and both boys swore like there was no tomorrow.

All music and activity stopped as Weregarurumon pried the kicking and screaming Matt off the battered Gary.

"Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!" the amused authors and readers chanted.

Joe hopped off the stage and ran up to the scene.  "Everybody just keep dancing!  Show's over!  Nothing to see here!"

"Hey geek," weakly called Gary.  "You're the one with the first aid kit.  Help me!"

Joe grumbled as he went to get his first aid bag.  When he returned, he slowly put on the bandages.

"Ow!  Try not to press so hard on the cuts," criticized Gary.

Joe added some iodine on a small wound.  He smiled to himself as his patient howled in pain.  He wrapped a bandage around the fallen boy's arm, and gave it a tight squeeze "for good measure".  "There, I'm done.  You better stay away from the dance floor," he then bent down to whisper into Gary's ear, "and away from Mimi.  If you know what's good for you."

Joe had packed up his equipment and made his way off the dance floor.

'Ricky' and DiGi MaDDmOn had watched the whole scene with interest.  With the microphones still up on stage, they jumped up and grabbed them.

"Ahem!  Attention people!  May all of you please bring Mimi and her suitors to the stage!  With the exception of Gary Oak," announced DiGi MaDDmOn.

Joe was about to get out of the fringes of the crowd when he was roughly grabbed from behind and dragged back onto the stage.

He was dropped onto it and saw that the same rough treatment went for Mimi, Izzy, Matt, and Tracey.

He saw that a boy and a girl were holding the microphones.  The girl was yelling into it: "This is DiGi MaDDmOn with 'Ricky' speaking here.  And I'm gonna ask you all something, and you better make some noise!  Are we gonna settle this now?"

"YEAH!" screamed the crowd.

"We're not going to let them continue this nonsense!" added 'Ricky'.


"Who will Mimi choose?" asked 'Ricky'.


"Let's get Tentomon, Palmon, Garurumon, and Gomamon up here and see what they have to say!" both authors cried.

The digimon were picked up and crowd-surfed to the stage, and gently landed with ease on top of the platform.  They immediately went to their friends and lined up like so: Mimi, Tracey, Matt (with Garurumon), Izzy (with Tentomon), and Joe (with Gomamon).

DiGi MaDDmOn strolled in front of the now lined up digimon and characters.  "I will ask each of these boys why they think they should be with Mimi.  Let's start with Tracey."

"I think that I should be with Mimi because she's so beautiful, like a model!"

"That's not the only reason.  People think that the two most annoying characters from each show deserve each other," quipped 'Ricky'.  "But continue."

"She's so kind and caring.  Just like Nurse Joy.  Even her thing for pink reminds me of Joy."

"Mimi, the truth has been exposed," said DiGi MaDDmOn.  "He likes you only because you remind him of someone.  Let's move on to Matt and Garurumon!"

Garurumon cleared up his throat.  "I don't know if Matt and Mimi could be for each other, but it shows in their friendship."

Matt tugged at his collar.  "Uh, well, the reason I like Mimi is because she's also really pretty.  And her kindness; she was willing to look for me and bring me back, even after I left.  She didn't give up on me."

Some people in the audience sniffed and some saw sparks fly from Tiny Pikababy.

It was Izzy and Tentomon's turn.

"I also agree with Garurumon.  I don't know if the two were meant to be, but I know that Izzy cares for Mimi.  And I hope that he's happy either way."

"My affections for Mimi also lie in her beauty and sincerity.  I felt that I got to know her better during our travels and especially during time together in the old temple.  If I could calculate the many ways that I adore her, they would be infinite."

"Izzy!  No!  Those affections are for me!" cried Aquarius as she jumped up and down.

Izzy sweatdropped.  "But I'd like to say that I'm taken and those affections are now for my significant other.  Coming dearest!"  Izzy then jumped off the stage and landed in Aquarius' arms.

Aquarius giggled and gave a peace sign.

"Last, but not least, Joe with Gomamon!" cried 'Ricky'.

Joe was getting nervous telling everyone about him and Mimi.  So Gomamon decided to go first.

"I think that Joe should be with Mimi.  It's so obvious!  The way he blushes around her.  The way he followed her around when they were searching for Matt.  And he even thinks that she's charming."

Joe blushed deeply.  "I don't think she's charming!  I mean, she is!  I'm not getting into this conversation again!"  Everyone giggled.  "I saw her again at the Gekomon castle, she was radiant.  Even when she sang, it was so sweet.  I knew she was singing to me, Tai, and the rest of the digimon, but I wanted her to sing only to me.  And I went with Mimi because I wanted to protect her, since she didn't want to fight."

Everyone "ooh"ed and "aah"ed at what Joe had said.

"As one of the moderators of this spur of the moment event, we should get Palmon's say before Mimi's," said DiGi MaDDmOn.

Palmon stepped forward.  "Well, I would agree with Gomamon and say that Joe is just the kind of guy for Mimi; they've been through a lot.  Izzy made Mimi, and me, cry at the temple; plus, he's taken.  Matt left us, because if he did care, he would stay for Mimi's sake.  And Tracey, well, that obsession with taking sketches, that's just getting annoying.  Okay, it's your turn."

"Oh, well, I'd like to say that I never knew the boys would get into such a fuss over me!  It really is flattering.  But I can't let it go on if there's going to be any fighting.  I can't stand fights!  Now, I listened to what each of you had to say, and it was a really hard choice.  So I'd like to say that I choose..."

The audience held their breath and waited.

"Can I use a life line first?" Mimi blurted.

Everyone facevaulted.

"Oh, never mind.  As I was saying, I'd like to choose... Joe!  During our time together, I realized that Matt wasn't the boy for me, it was Joe."  With that said, Mimi ran up to Joe, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him on his lips.

The ballroom erupted and filled with cheers and shouts for the happy couple.

'Ricky' took the stage again.  "Let's get on with the party!  Wrath-of-gojira, put on something for our couples."

"Alright!  I'm not into this mushy stuff, but since I have to, this is from the Canadian group, soulDecision."

"If I can't have anybody else but you, baby don't you know what you put me through?  I don't want anybody else it's true, no one does it better than you..."

Everyone moved to find a partner and started to dance slowly.

Our respective couples (Gatomon + Meowth; Jesse + James; Ash + Misty; Sora + Tai) were holding each other close, and moving back and forth to the soft melody.

Joe and Mimi snuggled close together, while Palmon and Gomamon stood close by.

Matt wandered over to Tiny Pikababy, and she welcomed him with open arms.

Izzy was being suffocated since Aquarius held him so close.

Tracey had found a new partner in Amanda Lein.

Gary (since he was bandaged) was unable to move, and was a wall flower for the rest of the night.

The music stopped just as everyone was pumped with energy and were moshing around to Our Lady Peace's song, "One Man Army" and were pump up and ready when they heard the beginning of "Is Anybody Home?".

Everyone's eyes turned to the stage, and they saw Star Otaku and Globie standing in the spotlight.

Globie, he had changed out of his white Reebok t-shirt and cargo trousers and was wearing khaki shorts, a safari like shirt, and Nike hiking boots.  Clipped onto his belt was a contraption that was a cross of a digivice and a cellular phone.  The one thing that didn't change was that his Yankees hat with goggles on top.

Ash and Tai then yelled simultaneously, "Hey!  That's my style of head gear!"

Star Otaku cleared her throat.  "Hi everyone!  I'd like to announce that since I have decided to gracefully step down from writing any continuations of Anime Survivor."

Many audience members groaned.

"But!  There's a but!  But, I will happily take her place!" cried Globie.

Some people in the crowd cheered.

"That's right.  Globie will continue the Survivor series, and I'm sure that many authors out there will do so too.  Unfortunately, some of them couldn't be here, since I have a formal ritual for this."  Star Otaku then opened her lunch bag, reached inside, and pulled out a tiki torch.  "I now pass the torch to Globie, may he continue my legacy."

Star Otaku then passed the tiki torch to Globie, which he happily accepted.  He then held it up high for everyone to see.

Everyone clapped loudly, and Star Otaku tip-toed to plant a kiss on Globie's cheek.

"I'm going to roll the introductory clip."  Globie unclipped the Digivice Phone from his belt and held it out.  "Kill the spotlights!"

Total darkness.

Then, a light emanated from the Digivice Phone, and soon, it changed to show Globie, in his current attire, standing on a cliff, right beside a majestic waterfall.  Throughout the simulation, Globie explained that the Digidestined would return to Server against a new team.  When the simulation ended, the spotlight shone on Globie and he said that he was going to accept author cameos.

The room erupted with many cheers, hoots, and cries of "Me!  Pick me!  I wanna make a cameo!"

"And one more thing.  I'd like to say that... I HATE IZZY!  I WANNA BEAT THE CRAP OUTTA THAT SNOT!  HE'S SUCH A LITTLE SON OF A-"

Globie's rant was cut short as he was tackled by the many Izzy lovers in the room.

The night was almost over, and the Poke-people and Digidestined had to leave.  So all of them lined up together on the stage, facing the crowd in front of them.  Star Otaku stood beside them with a mike in hand.

"People, thank you for coming to my party," said Star Otaku.  "It's really bad that some of you couldn't make it.  I had a few rooms left!  Anyways, why don't we have a hand for all our contestants here before they go home."

The authors and readers were cheering and clapping.  Some were shouting how much they would miss their favourite characters.

"Any of you have anything to say before they go?"

All of the anime characters shook their heads no.  They were tired and just wanted to go back.  They just held their hands up and started to wave good-bye to the authors and readers.

"Thank you guys for participating, and Sora, don't let that popularity go to your head.  Digidestined, you guys have the bragging rights to best monster anime.  Pokemon tribe, you played very well.  You guys were everyone's favourite at one time, and now it's time to step down.  We'll miss you all, but I'm sure we'll see you again in another round of Anime Survivor."

Star Otaku then opened up her lunch bag and pulled out a laptop.  She held it in one hand, and typed with the other, and soon, the Pokemon and Digimon characters started to fade away from the stage.

The party had drawn to an end, and the guests were starting to file out of the ballroom.  Star Otaku then went to stand by the door and bid each of them farewell.

"Thanks for coming, Fetch," Star Otaku was about to wave good-bye to the giant Lab, when he suddenly pulled her into an iron-gripped hug, while licking at her face.  "Fetch... blocked... airway..." she gurgled.

Fetch released her from his grasp.  "Sorry.  Thanks for inviting me."  He then left.

The Digi Girl Trio was next to leave.  "Star, Thanks for inviting us," thanked Sakura Blossons.

"Yeah!  I'm so happy I got to see Joe and Mimi together!" exclaimed Digi-diva.

"And I'm glad that I met Kari and TK.  They were so nice," said Kari Takaishi.

"Well, I hope to see you guys soon."

As the girls were about to leave, they turned around and had a mischievous glitter in their eyes.

"One, two, three!"

The Digi Girl Trio glomped onto Star Otaku at once!

"Group glomp!" cried DiGi MaDDmOn, and soon all the authors jumped onto each other to made a giant dog pile on top of Star.

When they were done, they climbed off each other and said their thanks and good-byes.  Some even decided to give another glomp for good measure.

Last to leave was Globie.  "Hey, thanks for letting me help you out with this contest."

"I should be the one thanking you!"  Star jumped up and grabbed at his Yankees hat with goggles, revealing his messy black hair.  She giggled as she jumped up again and ruffled his hair even more.

"Aw!  C'mon!  Give it back!  Haven't I had enough abuse for tonight?"

Star handed him back his hat.  "Sorry, thought I'd kid around with you before you go."

"Need me around for some post-production wrap up?"

"Actually..." Star Otaku started, but then she trailed off.  She tucked her fist under her chin and knitted her brow in thought.  A few seconds passed.  "Nope!  Although, I get the nagging feeling that I forgot something that I should be doing..."


The Yokomon village and the Primary Village were both being terrorized by wayward pokemon.

Rattata and Ekans snuck into the villages and started to prey on the eggs and Yokomon.

Some Pidgey were swooping over the digimon's heads and crowed loudly.

Weedle and Caterpie were just crawling over the remains of the destroyed huts and giant toy blocks.

Elecmon wept over the digi-eggs eaten whole by the greedy Ekans and Rattata.

Yokomon screamed and flooded the mountainside, seeking Meramon's protection.

"Oh well, whatever it was, I guess it wasn't that important."  Star Otaku then shrugged her shoulders.

Globie leaned down and gave Star Otaku a hug.

"Thanks!  I really needed that.  All this partying really wore me out."

"You're quite welcome.  Hey, I'll see you for the next Anime Survivor, right?"

"I'm counting on it!"

Globie then tipped his cap one last time and left.

Star Otaku looked around the littered ballroom.  There was a lot of cleaning up to do.

Nothing that the use of author powers couldn't fix.

End of Side Story 7

Additional Author's Notes: So there you have it!  We celebrated the winner of Anime Survivor, and some couples found true romance.  We also got to find out who Mimi should be with!  Mimoe, Jyomi, Mimi and Joe, Joe and Mimi, whatever!  The majority wanted Joe, they got it.  This is the last side story I have to present for you all, so shows over.  Go!  Read one of my old fics, or new ones!  Are you still reading this?  C'mon, stop reading and move along...