Chapter 13 - Meanwhile, Back in the Real World...
by Star Otaku

After Shinju and I realized how much of a compilation we had of insane Weezer topics, I asked her what would it be like if I should send this collection to Weezer themselves!

Seriously, I sent the first segment (Rivers Cuomo: Closet Otaku?) to Karl, and I haven't gotten a reply since.

But then again, I found out that it was sent during the time his e-mail was on the fritz, so I just never bothered to resend it.



All the for the better, eh?

[Weezer's hotel room.  Karl is just checking the e-mails, and calls the guys together to read one particular e-mail.]

Karl:  Hey guys!  Check this out!  I've got something that might cheer us up while Mikey's away.

Pat:  Karl, try not to hog the laptop!  I need to update my Special Goodness website too.

Brian:  *smirks* Webmasters need to stick together.

Rivers:  *skeptically* Why should we read this e-mail especially, Karl?

Karl:  Because it's about you.

Pat and Brian:  Woah!  Lemme see!

[The guys gather around Karl and read the e-mail sent by one Star Otaku.]

"Dear Mr. Koch, I hope that you can ask Rivers this question on my behalf.  It starts with the fact that and friend and I have noticed that Rivers has shown some interest in the Japanese culture.  Does he also have an interest for the animation?  What I'm asking is, is Rivers an otaku (fan of Japanese anime)?  I'm sure you're a very busy man, and if Rivers doesn't want to answer the question, I guess that leaves me and my friend to speculate."

[The guys read on about Star and Shinju's "Rivers Cuomo: Closet Otaku?" mini-fic.  When they're done, the all go for some friendly ribbing.]

Karl:  And you said that you were checking out the latest soccer stats!

Pat:  I'll give you the laptop when I'm done with it, just try not to check out the girly animes.

Brian:  Hey Rivers, next town we're in, we'll check out if there are any conventions.

Rivers:  *defensive* That thing cannot be further from the truth!

[Later that night, Rivers sits hunched in front of the laptop while the guys sleep.]

Rivers:  Oh FanFiction.Net... they almost found out about you and my love of anime.  Now, who are these girls and where can I find them?