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Author's Notes: You're all wondering, "What happened to all of the people who got voted off?"  This is just a filler story that answers that question in between Anime Survivor episodes.  Don't worry, for the "Tracey Lovers", I do him justice in this filler.  Takes place after episode 6.

Anime Survivor!  Side Story 1

Look up, wa~ay up, on Infinity Mountain.  Up there was an observatory/hotel.  It was that little hotel that Devimon set up as a trap for the Digidestined.

Star Otaku was looking through the late Piedmon's telescope on the two tribes below.

"Hey!  When are ya gonna get some grub around here?" asked an annoyed feline with a Jersey accent.

Star Otaku looked up with surprise.  "Don't interrupt me like that!  It's been a few days already and this is how you repay me?  I could have let you swim back to shore and stay at some third-rate hotel waiting for this to end.  But I'm too nice, so I'm letting you watch all your friends from below."

"Geez.  Sorry, a mon's gotta eat, ya know?"  Meowth looked over Star Otaku's shoulder and into the lens.  Down below, he could see the Pokemon team going to the little hot spring and mud pit.

TK wandered in on the author and cat pokemon.  "It's been so long since I've been here.  At least I don't have to fly through the air in my underwear."

Star Otaku looked at the little blonde boy.  "Hey TK!  How was the ride?  Too bumpy, too slow?"

"Nope.  Unimon did some smooth flying!"

"TK!" cried Mimi as she barged into the room.  She ran up to him and hugged him.

"Mimi has been dying to see you.  Actually, she's been dying to see anyone from her team," Star Otaku said as she turned back to the telescope.

"Thanks for the warning.  So, how are things, Mimi?"

"They're wonderful!  It's much better than that icky jungle.  Now, come with me young man," Mimi grabbed TK's wrist, "because we're going to give you a bath, and a fresh change of clothes!" Mimi exclaimed as she dragged him out of the room.

As Mimi dragged TK to the big awaiting bath tub, he looked up at the stairs and saw the Tracey boy looking at some of their digimon.

"Now, Palmon, can you extend your vines for your Poison Ivy attack?  I just want to get this down for Professor Oak's- I mean, my research!"

"Are going to stop soon?  My vines are getting tired."

"Just a second..."

"You know, you've been doing a lot of sketches of me, and especially of Mimi."

"Just keep that pose."  Tracy just blushed profusely and continued to do his drawing.

Gatomon stood by her Digidestined friend.  "Kari, how are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling fine.  I'm so glad that I left, I was starting to feel another cold coming on.  Or maybe it was a heat stroke."

"That's okay, just as long as you're safe.  I'm supposed to protect you."

"I know Gatomon.  Now, let's see how the others are doing."

They walked to the observatory together, paw in hand, or hand in paw.  Along the way, they saw Mimi and TK.

When TK saw his best friend pass by him, he broke free of Mimi's grip and ran up to her.

"Kari!  It's so good to see you!"

Kari also broke from Gatomon's grasp and ran to her friend. They met and greeted each other with a hug.

Patamon flew alongside Gatomon, waiting for his friend to finally greet him.

"Ah...  Young love," softly purred Gatomon.

Patamon just shook his head in agreement.

"Hey!  Leave us alone!  I told you, we're not pokemon!" cried Gomamon.

"I'm gonna capture all of you and become the greatest Pokemon Master, since I've captured rare pokemon!" proclaimed Gary.

"Even if you did capture us, we wouldn't obey you.  We belong to whoever has our tags and crests," explained Tentomon.

"Besides, we're different species," added Biyomon.  "We're made of computer data, not flesh and bone."

Gary looked disappointed, yet determined.  He then looked across the grand lobby and saw Mimi standing to the side, watching the little kids and their digimon.

"Fine, I'll leave you alone.  But for now, I have some business to get to."  Gary then sauntered over to Mimi.  "Hey there beautiful.  How'd you like to be the head cheerleader for the greatest Pokemon Master ever?"

Mimi groaned inwardly.  How many times has he tried that line on her?  He'd been openly hitting on her, and every time he tried, he came out like a big jerk with an even bigger ego.  She sighed.  "I'm sorry, but I'm already the head cheerleader for the Digidestined."

"Would someone as pretty as you like to dump that loser team for me?"

Okay, now he was insulting her friends.  That was just really pushing it.  But then again, she couldn't help being so beautiful and energetic.  It was her curse and blessing.

"No!  I wouldn't dump my friends for someone as pig-headed as you!"  And in a huff, she turned on her heels and headed towards the little kids.

Gary watched as she left him.  If you can't catch a rare pokemon, try again.  And he was going to try again, on Mimi.

"Hey you two!  Don't get all mushy on me!" said Mimi.

TK and Kari blushed while Patamon and Gatomon smiled slightly.

"She's not my girlfriend!" cried TK.

"So you're not my friend?" sadly asked Kari.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.  You're still my friend."

"I forgive you."

"Let's forget that bath.  Are you all hungry?"

"Yeah!" cried both of the kids.

"I think there's a banquet waiting for us upstairs!"

The three Digidestined walked up the stairs and were met by an eager Tracey.

"Hiya Mimi!"

Mimi giggled.  "Hey there!"

He blushed and was at a loss of words.  Great!  Now I'm turning into Brock!  "So... uh... Can you tell me where that talking cat was?"

"That's me," said Gatomon coolly.

"I- uh- meant the other talking cat."

"I think he's in the observatory," said Mimi.

"Well, thanks!"  Tracey, with his sketchbook under his arm, left for the observatory.

"You know what, I think I'll join him," piped up Gatomon.  She gracefully jumped from the banister and landed on her feet.

Biyomon flew to them.  "I think love's in the air."

As Tracey made his way to the observatory, he cursed himself.  He could have caught Mimi's attention and then show her the sketches he made of her to impress her.  He only asked that dumb question just so he could talk to her.

Some soft padding behind him made him look back.  He saw Gatomon.  He made a mental note to try to get some more drawings of her.  He heard she turned into an angel.  Same for Patamon.

He was nearing the observatory doors, then he stopped.  He turned around and made his way back to try again and talk to Mimi.

Star Otaku whipped up a snack of rice balls just for Meowth.  One interruption taken care of.

Meowth was happily munching away on his snack when the strangest kitty was coming his way.  She was white with some purple, with clawed gloves, and a ring on her tail.  He thought he saw her around the place, but she was a knock out!  Exotic, but nice to look at, totally different.  Not like Meowsie.

"Meow!  What's new pussy-cat?" Meowth asked the new cat.  "I'm Meowth, pleased to meet ya!"

She purred smoothly and extended a gloved paw.  "Gatomon's the name."

Meowth accepted her hand and both felines shook paws.

"Are ya hungry?  I can share some..."  He pointed at his rice treats.

"Yeah, I'd like that."

Gatomon sat beside Meowth on the floor and began to enjoy her snack.

Star Otaku turned around from the telescope and saw the two kitties in (pun intended) puppy-love.  She snapped her fingers and the two found themselves sitting in a Parisian-style cafe chairs in front of a table.

Star Otaku then grabbed the lunch bag at her side and pulled a phone out of it.  She dialed a few numbers and listened to the phone ring on the other end.

"Hi!  Is Kenji Kotaro there?"

"Yes, this is he."

"Hi!  This is Star Otaku, you know, the writer of the Anime Survivor series?"

"Oh, you."

"Yeah, I was wondering-"

"-If I was willing to make a cameo."

"Yes!  So would you?"

"No!  I'm a very busy author!  Now, quit calling this number!  Don't make me send Sid and Sarah after you."  He abruptly slammed down the phone.

"Eep and drat," Star Otaku muttered to herself.  She then dialed another number.

"Hello, FanFiction.Net Review phone service.  You have four new reviews.  Please press one to read these messages- *beep* Review one..."

"Uh, hey Mimi.  I was just saying that I made some sketches of you."

He saw Mimi's shocked, yet flattered, face.

"Yeah, I thought you could take some time to look at them.  They're really nice."

She gave him an "Oh, really?" look.

"Yeah.  So if you ever want to look at them, then I'm cool with it."

Mimi then bent down in front of the digimon (minus Gatomon).  Palmon then pointed at Tracey who was standing at the far end of the hall.  Mimi waved at him and then got up and left with the other digimon.

He waved back.  "So I'll see you later, yeah.  At dinner right?  Maybe we'll catch a movie?"  He sighed as she disappeared down the hall.

"Good thing the AC is cranked up in here.  It's boiling outside!  Even worse than Meramon," chirped Mimi.

"Mimi, didn't you notice how Tracey was looking at you?" asked Palmon.

"I know, I get it all the time."

The other digimon just sweatdropped.

"Mimi, he really likes you.  I mean REALLY!"

Gomamon, Tentomon, and Gabumon looked little worried.

"Oh Palmon, it's no big deal!"

The three digimon breathed a sigh of relief.

It was time for dinner, and Tracey thought he could escort Mimi to the dining hall.  He stood hesitantly at her door.

Mimi opened the door and smiled as a greeting to the watcher.

"Hey Mimi!  I was wondering if-"

Gary then bumped Tracey out of the way.  "Now, now.  You don't need someone like him!  You need someone who is great in treating a lady.  Now, may I escort you to dinner?"

"You know, you're right.  I do deserve someone as great as you."

Gary smiled triumphantly.

"Tracey!  How would you like to accompany me to the dinner table?"

Tracey got up with vigor and brushed himself off.  "You bet!"

With that, she stepped out and linked arms as they made their way to the dining hall.

"Mimi, would you like to model for some sketches of mine?"

Mimi giggled.  "Of course!  It's my little gift to the world!"

As Tracey and Mimi made their way to the hall, they saw everyone already seated.

Star Otaku was at the head of the table, Gary was off sulking on one side, TK and Kari were sitting together (along with Patamon and Gatomon at their other side), Gatomon's date (Meowth) sat beside her, the other digimon sat in cluster, and there were two empty seats waiting for them.

They smiled at each other and took their seats as their favourite foods were being served in front of them.

End of Side Story 1

Additional Author's Notes: If anyone could find the reference in the opening paragraph of the story, it belongs to the opening of an old Canadian children's show, The Friendly Giant.  Kenji, I returned the favour, I thank you for putting me in your softball story.  Thanks for "Gatomon" and "Meowth" for suggesting that the two kitties hook up.  The scene where Tracey is talking to Mimi, but he's actually talking to her from afar, that's a scene borrowed from the movie Pleasantville.  Watch it and read Kenji Kotaro's fanfics!