Chapter 2

The warm sunshine broke through the window and woke everyone up.  They yawned and stretched and went to have some breakfast.

As soon as they were done, they took all of their things and left the centre.

"I wonder how we're ever going to find a bike or a bus out here," said Ash.

"Which reminds me," exclaimed Misty, "when are you going to pay for my bike!!"

They began to argue and Brock, Pikachu, and Togepi looked at each other and then at the bickering pair.  Pikachu let out an exasperated "Pika!"

Brock turned away and soon saw up ahead of the path a black helicopter with a sign beside it.

"Hey guys!  Cut it out!  I think I see our transportation solution!" cried Brock.

The two looked up and saw the helicopter in surprise.  They all began running towards it.

As soon as they got there, they read the sign.  It said: Free helicopter!  Easy to operate.

"This is our lucky day!" yelled Ash.  "Let's get in and take a look!"

They saw the inside and the controls.  There was also a note on it.  The little note read: To get to destination, press the green auto-pilot button and choose destination from map on screen.

"This is easy enough," said Misty.

Team Rocket watched them from behind the bushes. They had smears of black paint all over them from painting over the red Team Rocket Rs all night.

"I can't believe they're taking the bait!  You're a genius Jesse!" declared James.

"Why, thank you," she replied.

They continued watching them until the chopper began to take off.  They ran back to their balloon and started it up.

"I can't believe we're so high up!" yelled Misty.  "Isn't that right, Togepi?"  She let Togepi look out the side window at the world below.  He excitedly chirped, "Toge-toge-prriiii!"

"Wow!  Look at all of the cities below us!" proclaimed Ash.  "How are those controls doing, Brock?"

"I'm doing fine!  I don't even have to use the controls!  It's all on auto-pilot!" replied Brock.

It seemed everyone had to yell what they were saying because of the loud chopping noise the helicopter made.  The ride was going to take several hours.

Team Rocket slowly followed behind them in their Meowth shaped balloon.  They were a bit impatient because they were far behind.

"How long is this ride going to take, Jesse?" whined James.

"Quiet, you!  Just a few more hours, I have this balloon going as fast as it can!" she replied.

"Meowth!  Even a Slowbro is faster than this!" commented Meowth.  "I knew we should have taken the chopper."  And he pointed his paw at the small black dot that was their helicopter.

Jesse again took out her mallet and hit them both on the head.  They both fell down with large lumps on their heads.

Soon, they all began to bicker.  They didn't notice that they were flying into a flock of Pidgeottos, but the Pidgeottos noticed them.  They were alarmed at the shape of the balloon, and feared that the giant Meowth would eat them all up.

"Pidgeot!!!" they all screeched, and they unleashed a whirlwind attack at the unsuspecting balloon.  The whirlwind swiftly picked up the balloon even higher and sent it going at an even faster speed towards Pewter City.

"Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they cried as they disappeared from sight.

The whirlwind, carrying Team Rocket, moved past the helicopter and rocked it a bit.

"Pika-pikachu!" squealed Pikachu alarmingly.

"Did you guys feel that?" asked Ash.  "What caused it?"

"Yeah, we all did!  The screen here just says it was just turbulence, but we're still on course!" answered Brock.

"Hey everyone!  Look below us!  It's Pewter City!" cried Misty, and she pointed to the side window at the little grey buildings below them.  Togepi excitedly squirmed in Misty's arms.

The control panel's lights began to blink, and they felt that they were slowly being lowered to the ground.  They landed on a small clearing beside Flint's old rock shop.

Brock was the first one to get out.  He looked at the city before him and had a determined look in his eyes.  Brock was hoping that this thought would reach the gym leader's mind: I'm here to set what's right, so you better watch out!