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Don't I Know You?

Goku changed from his contemplative look and flashed a smile at Chi-Chi.  "I'm sure glad to see you too!  It's a good thing that you're okay, considering your little..."

Chi-Chi rubbed the inconspicuous bump on her head.  "Oh, uh, yeah.  That."

"I think that I'll give you two some privacy," said Goten as he backed away from the food table.  He bumped into Vegeta and flashed him a look that he should go too.  The Prince quickly complied.

"Just to ask a question," started Chi-Chi.

"Well, go ahead!  That's what I'm here for."

Chi-Chi held up their wedding picture.  "I look so happy here, but you look, well... I just can't pin point the look."

Goku let out a nervous laugh.  "I guess I had a case of the wedding jitters!"

"Oh!  That must be it!"  Chi-Chi laughed along with him, until she felt someone tapping on her shoulder.  She turned to face her oldest son, Gohan.

"Mom!  I want to meet someone... Piccolo!"  He tugged her in the direction of a green man dressed in a turban, purple gi, and a cape.

The next few days felt like a distant and familiar dream to Chi-Chi.  She would start to cook in the kitchen, and her boys would inhale it all in.  Then, with those big cheery smiles, thank her.

"At least you haven't lost your cooking skills, Chi-Chi," commented Goku as he patted his stomach.

"Thanks.  You know, doing all of this seems so familiar," replied Chi-Chi.

"Of course.  You always do this for us."

Chi-Chi felt a twinge of discomfort when she heard that day in, day out, she'd just cook and clean for her husband and sons.  But the feeling quickly passed, like something inside her quickly swallowed it up.  "You know, until you came, I felt some weird connection to you."

"It's the Saiyan bond.  Do you know what I'm talking about?"

"My, I mean, your friends told me all about your heritage.  Especially that rude Vegeta fellow.  He was quite helpful."  The last sentence was said with sarcasm.  Chi-Chi then smiled.

"Everyone feels like that about Vegeta.  Just don't let him know."  Goku then returned with his own trademark smile.

Another twinge of recognition stirred inside Chi-Chi.  "Oh!  I guess I'll pick up these dishes and get them washed."  She tried to get up but was stopped.

"Hey, let me get them.  You can go take a nap and I'll wash them for you, okay?"  Goku gathered up the dishes and was on his way to the sink.

Chi-Chi, for some unexplained reason, was shocked.  She didn't know if Goku regularly helped her around the house before her amnesia, but this seemed so surprising.

She just nodded her head and made her way to their bedroom.  She flopped on the bed and fell asleep.

Goku wiped up his hands and wiped his brow after he finished washing the dishes.

"I really appreciate what Chi-Chi does for me.  I can't believe that I'm such a pig!"

He then remembered that Chi-Chi was taking a nap.  So he walked down the hall and tip-toed into their bedroom.

Goku sat down on the bed beside his wife's curled up form.  He looked softly at her features: her undone hair, soft breathing, and serene look.

But that look was broken as Chi-Chi's face grimaced in uncertainty.

Just what are you dreaming about? Goku wondered as he looked on.

She felt like she was strapped down in a chair and forced to watch the lost memories of her life.

Her dream self couldn't help shed a few tears as she saw her sorrow when she lost Goku for the first time, he left to train against the androids, he died the second time, and then when he left to train Uub. 

Then she let out smiles when she saw the birth of her two sons, and giggled at her outrageous escapades to retrieve Gohan or Goten from trouble.

Then, the life movie was showing the time that Buu killed her.  It was like in slow motion, the transformation, and then the foot that came crashing down on her.

She woke up abruptly and felt like she was in safe and strong arms.  She looked up to see Goku looking down on her, concerned.  She gave him a tired smile and snuggled up to him.

Chi-Chi, for the past few days, she felt the connection to Goku, and a few feelings.  That was another lifetime ago.  And the dreams about her old life, they were always there in her sleep.  They felt so real and evoked so much emotion.

But lately, she was beginning to feel old feelings at the smallest things.  For example, she would feel a surge of pride flowed through her whenever Gohan came to visit, or a bit of suspicion when Trunks came to pick up Goten. 

Chi-Chi grabbed her head.  What am I going to do?  I'm torn between trying again and going back!

"Chi-Chi, are you okay?"  It was Goku.

She couldn't take it anymore.  She broke out sobbing.  "Goku, I'm trying to remember, really I am, but I can't!"  She felt him hold her.  "I can remember a few things, but not everything.  Please, can you help me?"

He looked down at her.  I tried everything to make her new life better.  If I help, I make things worse, and the same thing goes for if I don't!  I'll do whatever it takes to make her happy.

"Chi-Chi, there is a way that you can remember everything."  There was a sniffle and a slight pause.  Goku continued, "We can use the dragon balls to wish back your memory.  I think Bulma has them.  But, I have to let you know just what you'll remember.  I have to give you this choice.  You'll regain memories lonely nights without me, years of constant worrying, and just the pain of losing me.  Do you want to remember all of those things?  I mean we can start again without having to go through all of that again.  Wouldn't you rather want that?"

Chi-Chi listened to what he said and let it sink in.  Something in her was set loose and her face looked like it was flushed with anger.  "Goku, how could you even think such a thing!  It would be lying to me if you knew what I didn't.  Would you be happy knowing that I can't remember our wedding or what we went through to get married?  Or how happy we were the day Gohan was born?  I wouldn't trade the memories, good and bad, for a new life."

Goku just stared at his wife in shock.  "H-how could you remember all of those things that you said?  If you can remember those, then..."

Chi-Chi caught on to what he said and thought hard about those things she talked about.  They flashed across her mind with perfect clarity.  She smiled as tears ran down her face.  "I do remember!  Goku, thank you!  I think I'll cook up a storm and call everyone to celebrate!"

"I sure hope you'll remember this momentous occasion!  I know I will!"

Chi-Chi gave Goku a stern look.

"Sorry, thought that might cheer you up."

Both of them let out a little giggle and set off to work.

The End

Additional Author's Notes: Well, there you all have it, the end!  Sorry if the ending just wasn't what you expected.  Oh well, there you have it, and tell me what you thought!