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Author's Notes: Takes place immediately after AS 8.

Anime Survivor!  Side Story 3

Star Otaku was having a relaxing cup of tea with Globie, when Matt came through the doors.

"Hey Matt," Star Otaku greeted him.

"Hey," he replied back.

"You're not one to talk," said Globie.

"Give me a break, I just got voted off, you know.  Where's TK?"

"In the main dining hall."

"The main dining hall's which way again?"

"Go up the stairs, and it's the last room at the end of the hall to your left," replied Globie.

"Thanks, I'll see you guys around."  The blonde rebel then made his way out of the observatory and to his brother.

rowin's fan (crazy mew) emerged from the kitchen with burn marks on her.

"Is the Pikachu problem fixed yet?" Star Otaku earnestly asked.  "I'm getting sick and tired of restocking my ketchup supply every single day."

"Nope," (crazy mew) replied.  "I have to ask, you have the lunch bag.  Why don't you just use it to knock him out and then stuff him back in his pokeball?"

"She's too nice to do something like that.  And besides, Ash would kill her if he found out anything happened to the Pikachu," explained Globie.

"Well, allow me to do it for you!" yelled (crazy mew) with an insane glint in her eye.  She whipped out a laptop out of hammer space and started to furiously type away at it.

A few moments later, some tortured "Pika!"s emerged from the kitchen.  After a large flash of light, a pokeball appeared in rowin's fan (crazy mew)'s hand.

"Problem solved!  My work here is done," she said as she tossed the pokeball at Star Otaku.

Star Otaku caught it and replied, "I'll call you at the mental institution's outreach program next time I need anything!  See ya at the party!"

(crazy mew) just stretched her forest green wings in acknowledgement as she left through the hall and flew away from the hotel.

"Okay," started Star Otaku, "so let's get up to that dining room and see how the rest of the gang is doing."

"Gabumon!  Hey it's great to see you again!" cried Matt as he hugged his faithful friend.

"Matt, it's been a while!  How are the others?" asked Gabumon.

"Well, it seems that the Pokemon voting alliance got me first, and then they're moving on to the others."  Matt put his hand behind his head and let out a nervous chuckle.  "What's with the streamers and balloons?"

"We're throwing a party!" cried TK as he ran up to his brother.  Matt caught his and gave him a warm hug.

"I really missed you TK, and I'm glad to know that you're safe."

"I missed you too, Matt.  Now grab a ladder and some tape!  We have to decorate the dining room for the guests!"

"Wow.  Who's idea was it?"

"It was mine!" chirped Mimi.  "Hi Matt!"

"Hey Mimi.  What's going on here?"  He nodded his head at TK, and the little boy left him alone to speak with Mimi.

"We're planning a party, and I was planning it for tonight, but Star is moving it to the end of this whole contest.  There's so much to do and she thought that it would be easier if we turned it into a post-Survivor bash!"

"In honour of the winner?"

"In honour of everyone!"

"So who do you think is going to win?"

"Since Joe was first on my list and then he got voted off, I thought that you'd win instead!"

"Really?"  Matt blushed.  "Well, as you can see, I didn't make it.  But it's a really nice gesture to think of me."  Inside, Matt was boiling.  She thought of Joe first?!  Oh well, at least I was second.  It's a step up from Tai.

"Hiya Mimi!"

Matt saw that there was a boy with black hair with a bandanna around his forehead coming up to Mimi.

"Hey Tracey!" Mimi called back to the boy.

"Uh, Mimi, can you please show me Lillymon?  I'd like to take a picture of her, please?" Tracey asked.  "You promised."

"Well... Okay!  Palmon!  I need you for a minute."

The walking plant came up to her pink clad friend.  "What is it, Mimi?"

"Palmon, pretty please, can you digivolve into Lillymon?"

"Okay.  Palmon digivolve to Togemon!  Togemon digivolve to Lillymon!  There, is that better?"

"Much better!" replied Tracey, and he set to work on capturing the image of the flower fairy.

"Let me strike a pose!" said Lillymon, and she spread her wings and hovered above the watcher.

After a few minutes...  "Done!  Thanks Mimi."  And with that, Tracey pecked a kiss on Mimi's cheek, then packed up his sketchpad and went back to work.

"You know, this whole room could use a floral motif," commented Lillymon, and she flew around the room stringing up wreaths of flowers.  She finished quickly and looked at her work.  "Much better!"  And she de-digivolved back into Palmon.

"You always did have quite the fashion sense.  But not as good as mine though."

Star Otaku and Globie both pushed open the large and decadent doors of the dining room.

Inside, they saw Matt and Joe glaring at Tracey from opposite sides of the room.  Everyone else was oblivious to their staring contest and were working on the decorations.

"Hey everyone!" shouted the two authors.

Matt and Joe stopped looking down on Tracey and turned their attention back to their tasks.

"What's that about?" whispered Globie.

"I think they have some macho competition about who gets Mimi," Star Otaku whispered back.

"I don't think that much work will be done with that much attitude.  I shudder to think of Izzy joining in on the feud."

"Oh man!  That's going to be one crazy and scary 'who gets the girl' competition."

Both authors started laughing their heads off.

Kari looked up at them in surprise.  "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Good!  Now grab some streamers and throw them around!  But first," said Kari, "have you seen Gatomon around?"

The two talking felines were perched on top of the stair banister.

"You're quite the cat's meow, Meowth," commented Gatomon.

"You're quite the cool kitty yourself, Gato," replied Meowth.

"Tell me again about how you beat that Persian with your bare claws."

"Rowr!  Sure thing!"

Star Otaku and Globie left the decorated dining room and went across the other end of the hall.  Along they way, they passed the two chatting cats.

"That's so cute!" they both exclaimed.

"So anyways, you think you can stay in one of the rooms?" asked Star.

"Hey, this is a hotel, I'm sure there are plenty of rooms for everyone!"

As they walked down the hall, Star pulled a long list out of her lunch bag.

"Okay, so far, I've counted at least... thirty guests!  How am I going to take care of all of them?!  I already sent out the invitations!"

"Hey, I'm sure that there are more than enough rooms.  When do you think they'll arrive?"

A loud pounding on the door alerted them that some guests had already arrived.

Star Otaku opened the door, only to greet the Lien sisters.

"Hey Anna!  Hi Amanda!  Come on in!"

"Hey Star!  Thanks for inviting us," said Anna.

"So where are we staying?" asked Amanda.

"You two take the left hall behind the stairs and make your way to the first room you see.  The key's in the lock, and you two are sharing the room!"

The two girls took their bags and headed to their room.

As soon as they left, Sakura Blossoms, Kari Takaishi, and Digi-diva appeared at the door.

"Hey!  Point me to the grand suite!  And where's Joe?!" cried Digi-diva.

"Where are TK and Kari?  They're just so cute together!" exclaimed Kari Takaishi.

Sakura Blossoms just nodded her head at her two companions.

"Upstairs, down the left hall, first door to your right.  You'll find the key in the lock.  And you're all sharing."

Sakura just dragged her two hyper friends up the stairs and to their room.

Globie suddenly spoke up.  "Hey!  Where's my bedroom suite?  Do I get a mini-bar?"

Star Otaku just shook her head.

"Hey Mimi!  Hold that pose!" yelled Tracey.  He kneeled in front of Mimi just as she was reaching to up put some balloons.

"Oh, he should just cut that out," muttered Joe.  He saw what was going on from across the room.

"Hey, I'm not as happy as you are," quietly replied Matt, who was working alongside Joe.


"Yeah.  You?"


"For now, we call a truce and try to get Tracey away from Mimi."

"Okay.  And when she's free, we'll see who she wants at the party."

Both boys shook heads and hands to seal their deal.

From afar, Gary had heard what the two Digidestined had planned.

"Hmm.  Maybe those boys may be able to do the work for me.  I'll get you yet Mimi, just like I always get my pokemon.  The champ will win you over."

End of Side Story 3