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Author's Notes: I hope you all liked the Rocketshippiness in the last episode!  I thought that it was time that I should put it in since they had the most votes and people wanted them to get together.  If you all look a little closer in this ep, you might also find some Ash and Misty's Love (AAML), but just a teeny bit.  Globie, thanks for your help, and I hope you don't protest too much on what I have written so far.

Anime Survivor!   Episode 10

Day 28

Everyone of Podimon tribe wakes up groggily to the sun rising.  They slowly get up and start their day.

{James:  She's gone, I can't believe that she's gone.  It feels like half of me is missing.  Of course I missed Meowth when he was voted off, but it's a different kind of emptiness without Jesse.}

{Ash:  It's a great day!  The sun is shining and the Pidgey are cooing, and there's one less member of Team Rocket to worry about.  Of course, I know that Pikachu isn't here, but we have to teach them a lesson that they'll probably never learn.}

Tai and Sora are taking the raft out to sea when Ash and Misty come up to them.

Ash:  Hey you two!  Mind if we join you?

Misty:  James has been feeling a little down, so I don't think he'll join you on your fishing trip.

Tai:  Uh, sure, the more the merrier!

Sora:  Grab a paddle and help us out!

Misty:  I brought Golduck along, just in case.

The four of them climb onto the raft and start paddling away from the beach.

{Izzy:  Well, it's been twenty-eight days, and I'm still here.  I'm sure that when it comes down to me, Tai, and Sora, if that's possible, I'd be happy to step down to let one of them win.  As for Pokemon, I'm wary about their plans for me.  They can't keep on denying the fact that they have an alliance and that we have one too.  I mean, look at the votes from last night!}

{Ash:  Six votes all together against Jesse, maybe we'll have another six votes against James.  It would be possible after what we told the Digi-kids.}

{Sora:  First they're against us, and now they're voting with us.  We have to open our eyes and see what's really going on.  But this is "Anime Survivor", and we're going to have to expect that people are going to be underhanded and manipulative.  And I'm going to try not to have any hard feelings towards everyone.}

{Brock:  Last night, I had two votes, and most probably from Team Rocket.  They think that by getting rid of me, Ash and Misty will be vulnerable to their attacks.  I'm sure that after last night's vote, James realized that he shouldn't have gone along with what Jesse had planned.  She was trying to play the teams against each other, and I expected that from her.  He's probably on his guard, since he might be next.}

Misty is walking along the beach with her flippers and Golduck's pokeball.  She looks out into the sea and sees that Tai, Sora, and Ash are on the raft with their fishing lines.

{Misty:  I thought that I'd catch a little less fish since I can now share the work load.  They're not getting as much just by using those lines, I mean, they're no Super Rods.  But I hope that they're going to still keep me around, since I take up a greater percentage of the fish caught.  But just so that they don't think anything fishy, pardon the pun, is going on, I'll try to catch as much as I can on my part.}

Brock and Misty are chatting along the beach.

Brock:  Be sure you bring in a big catch!  You know that people are still going to go hungry if they only do today's fishing.

Misty:  I'll try my very best Brock!

Brock:  Okay, I'll get the fire going.

Misty:  See you later!

Brock and Misty wave and go their separate ways.

Ash and Misty are walking along the beach together.

Ash:  Just as soon as we come back from fishing, we have to go look for firewood

Misty:  Well, just keep looking for some really dry branches.  We can't just pick up driftwood.

Ash:  Hey!  Let's look around the trees!  So, if it ever came down to Brock, me, and you, who'd you vote for?

Misty:  I don't know.  Maybe you, since you haven't paid me back for my bike yet.

Ash:  Come on!  That was a long time ago!  I thought you had forgotten about it!

Misty:  Okay, well, I still don't know.  I'd vote for you, unless you'll let me go fishing with you and the Digi-couple.

Ash:  It's a deal!  If I do that, we don't vote for each other.

Misty:  So that leaves Brock.

Ash:  Yeah, I guess.  But he'd understand.

Misty:  Of course he would!

{Misty:  Brock said that if it ever came down to me, him, and Ash, he'd be happy to step down.  And I'm glad that he's so willing to go.  I know we all trust each other, and we won't hold anything against the other if we're voted off, but, *sniffles* I don't think I can bear to vote Ash off.  I-I-I... love... him!  I want to let him know that, but I don't know how to show it!}

{Ash:  I can trust Misty and Brock, even when it's like the walls are closing in on us.  And I'm glad to know that Brock doesn't mind if Misty and I gang up on him.  I know he doesn't really care much about the prize, but as for me and Misty, well, let's just say we're going to bicker like we usually do.}

{Brock:  I know that this is a game, and I guess that some people must be wondering that why did I make an alliance and all these plans just so I could step down and let Ash and Misty win this.  I know how both of them are, when they have a goal in mind, they're going to stop at nothing to reach the top.  Look at how far Ash has gotten on his pokemon journey with that kind of attitude!}


*    *    *


Day 29

The Podimon tribe is relaxing under their parachute tent and to their surprise, they see Pokemaniac coming towards them, dressed up as a lawyer.  She has a covered silver tray in one hand, and a brief case in the other.

Pokemaniac:  I have some important news for a James of the Podimon tribe, formerly from the Pokemon tribe.

James stands up and Pokemaniac hands the brief case to him.  He opens it and takes out some papers.

James:  What are these?

Pokemaniac:  These are legal documents for you.  They are restraining orders put against your former fiancé, Jessebelle. Following them are the termination papers of your betrothal to her. *shakes James' hand* You must be one happy man.  Congratulations!

James jumps around in joy, and whoops about wildly.  He's yelling about being a free man.

Misty:  What's in the tray?

Pokemaniac:  Some wedding cake.  Since there isn't going to be a wedding, why let it go to waste?

Pokemaniac uncovers the tray to show the tribe the cake.  She hands it to them and leaves as they begin to gorge on it.

Tai:  *muffled* You never told me you were engaged.

James:  It's quite complicated.  You see, when growing up in high class society, you are engaged to girls of wealthy families without your consent.  Jessebelle was the girl who I was unfortunate enough to get stuck with.  She was so clingy and domineering, so I ran away and soon I joined up with Team Rocket.

Brock:  Every rose has its thorns-

Misty:  But she was a cactus!

Izzy:  She was that bad?

James:  She chased me around with a whip!  And my parents were no help either. *contemptuously* They just sat there, sipping their tea.

Brick, dressed up as a pizza delivery person and carrying a pizza box, interrupts their conversation.

Brick:  Sorry to interrupt, but, challenge delivery!

Sora:  I'll take it. *takes box*

Brick clears his throat and opens out his hands, waiting for a tip.

Everyone give him a "You must be kidding" look.

Izzy:  If you didn't notice, we're in the middle of the Digiworld, we're stuck on a deserted island, and none of us have any money.

Brick:  I know, I was just kidding! *leaves*

Everyone is gathered at the beach, awaiting for the next challenge.  They see out in the water are some platforms connected with some balance beams.  Soon, they see Star Otaku coming over to greet them.

Star Otaku:  Hey everyone!  For today's challenge, you all start on those platforms there and run on the beams.  We start with seven, then four, then two, and finally, one.  It's all about elimination.  Fall off the beams, you're eliminated, and the fastest ones to reach the end of the beam make it to the next leg of the race.  Let's get in our places.

Star Otaku snaps her fingers and the Podimon tribe members find themselves at their starting place.  On Star Otaku's mark, they start running.

For the first leg, Sora, Izzy, and Ash fall off the beams.  Brock, James, Misty, and Tai make it to the next leg.  At the next signal, they start running, and Misty and Brock fall off the beams, letting James and Tai into the last leg of the challenge.

Star Otaku:  In the last beam, one person will cross the beam and land on the last platform with both feet.  If they fall off, the next person is given the reward.  Again, elimination.  James, you're first.  Ready?  Go!

James makes a quick dash across the beam and lands on both feet on the platform.  He starts to celebrate.

Star Otaku:  Here's the reward: some fast food, your choice, and a phone call to anyone you want. *takes out phone* Place your order!

James:  Hmm.  I am in the mood for tacos.  I'd like three chalupas!  Any kind!

Star Otaku:  You heard the order, three chalupas: chicken, beef, and a combination.  Bring it here in style, and make it snappy!

As everyone is standing on the beach, they hear the distant chopping sound of a helicopter.  They all look up to see the approaching chopper, and it lands in front of them.

The pilot, MasterDragonite, comes out with a Taco Bell take-out bag in hand.

MasterDragonite:  Three chalupas, chicken and beef!  Oh yeah.  Here.  Your call to anyone.

MasterDragonite hands James a cell phone.  He then runs back into the helicopter and takes off.

James:  Well, who should I make the call to?  Maybe my parents, they did manage to file the documents.  Or maybe... Jesse!

Star Otaku:  James, can you wait until tomorrow to make your call?  I have to give Jesse her own cell phone so she can receive your call.  I hope you can wait.

James:  Of course I can!  At least I can enjoy my take-out.

James turns around to pick up his bag of take-out, but finds that there is one chalupa missing.  He sees everyone else on the tribe with their hands behind their backs, looking away from him.

James glares at everyone and takes out a chalupa and starts to eat it.


*    *    *


Day 30

James is looking for a secluded spot to make his phone call to Jesse.

Everyone else is sitting around the fire, making and eating their breakfast of rice balls, compliments of Brock.

Tai:  I totally missed out on the pint of that whole marriage thing.

Misty:  He's with Jesse, and they've been given a chance to know each other before they went into a relationship.  Unlike with Jessebelle, they didn't know each other and they already jumped into marriage!  He left someone he didn't love in order to find true love!

Ash:  I thought he just left because he didn't want to get married; and to steal pokemon.

Misty:  You dummy!  Stealing pokemon was the consequence of running away!  He was desperate for a job!

Sora:  I always thought that arranged marriages would work out.  He could have tried to work things out.

Izzy:  You heard what James said, no matter what, it wouldn't work out.  Either she changes him completely, or kills him trying.  I'm quite happy that he has been successful in the pursuit of true love.

Misty, Ash, Tai, and Sora:  Yeah. *holds their partner's hand*

Brock:  It seems that everyone on this island has found someone to love. *sobbing* Except me!

Everyone gathers around Brock to comfort him.

James presses the 0 button and the operator picks up.

Zach Kaiser:  Operator, how may I direct your call?

James:  I'd like to speak to Jesse of Team Rocket.

Zach Kaiser:  Please hold. *turns on the muzak/elevator music* Okay, your call has been transferred.

Jesse:  *after dial tone* Hello?

James:  Hi Jesse!

Jesse:  James?!

James:  Guess what?  My engagement to Jessebelle is over!  Legally!

Jesse:  Really?!  You're not trying to cheer me up or anything?  Because if you are, I will beat you halfway to Cinnabar Island and back!

James:  It's for real!

Jesse:  How were you ever given the chance to call me?

James:  I won a challenge!  Can I please talk to Meowth?

Jesse:  Sure. *pause*

Meowth:  Hiya kid!  It's good to hear from ya!

James:  Hi Meowth.  How are things going on up there?

Meowth:  Pretty good-

Gatomon:  Meowth, how's my cream of the catnip doing? *purr*

James:  Who's that?

Meowth:  Uh... That's my girlfriend.

James:  Way to go Meowth!  Maybe Jesse and I could double date with you!

Meowth:  Uh, yeah.  You two crazy kids get back to what you were talking about.  I gotta go! *pause*

Jesse:  James, are you still there?

James:  Yeah.  So what's going on with you?

Jesse:  I have to help some brats out with a party at the hotel.

James:  Well, I see that you're busy, and they're already serving breakfast.

Jesse:  Good luck.  See you at the tribal council.

James:  You're not voting!

Jesse:  I'm part of the jury! Remember?

James:  Oh yeah.  Well, bye.

Jesse:  Bye.

Both of them hang up.

The Podimon tribe sees James walking towards them with a smile on his face.

Tai:  How was the call?

James:  Just fine.  Everyone's doing fine.

Tai:  Made any wedding plans?

Everyone laughs as James blushes profusely.

Brock is going to the tree mail to see what their immunity challenge is.  He finds a torch with the clue carved in the side and takes it back to the tribe.

Brock:  We have today's challenge.  See what you can make of it Izzy.

Brock hands Izzy the torch, and he begins to read the clue.

Izzy:  "Agumon's services are needed by almost night, along with Charmander's fiery light.  Immunity is won by a burning flame, now it is time to end this rhyme that's really lame."  It involves fire, and we probably have to burn something.  Smoke signals?

Ash:  Maybe we have to start a fire.

Misty:  Why would we have to start a fire if Charmander and Agumon are already there?

Sora:  "Almost night", I think we meet by sunset.

The Podimon tribe arrives with Agumon at the beach by sunset.  They see that there is a lot of driftwood scattered around the sand, and that there are seven fire pits (with rope over them) in a row.  Beside each pit is an unlit torch.  They look out into the sea and see that there are two floating platforms, on one of them is Charmander and the other is empty.

Star Otaku and Mechamew are standing beside the pits.

Star Otaku:  Welcome Podimon tribe!  I brought a helper.  This immunity challenge involves fire, and we need Agumon on the platform out there.

Star Otaku snaps her fingers and Agumon is in his place on the floating platform.

Star Otaku:  The first part of the challenge is that in three minutes, you have to gather some firewood for your fire pit.  The second part is to go out to the platforms with your torches and light them by using Agumon or Charmander.  Bring your fire back to the pit and light the pile of wood.  The first one to burn through the rope will raise a flag and will win the immunity.

The Digidestined take the fire pits that are facing Agumon and the pokemon people are taking the pits that are facing Charmander.

Star Otaku takes a stop watch out of her lunch bag and hands it to Mechamew.  On her mark, everyone races along the beach and are gathering the driftwood.  Mechamew is timing the three minutes.

Mechamew:  One minute left!

Star Otaku:  Now would be the time to stack the wood for the fire.  The wood can't touch the rope, it has to stay under!

The Podimon members are already kneeling beside the pits, arranging the pieces of wood so that it will burn quickly and evenly.

Mechamew:  Time's up!

Everyone stops what they're doing.

Star Otaku:  Take your torches and let Agumon or Charmander light them.  You come back to the fire pit and light it from underneath the pile.  Go!

The Podimon members are half running, half swimming, in the water in order to reach their digimon/pokemon.

Agumon:  Pepper Breath!

Charmander:  Char!  Char!

Everyone's torches are lit, and they're making their way back to shore.  They rush to their fire pits and start to light it from underneath.  Some are already coaxing the fires to start.

Brock already has a steady fire going, and he watches it burn through the thin rope.  The rope drops, and the flag is raised.  Star Otaku and Mechamew rush to him and give him the immunity bracelet.

Everyone gets up from bending over their fires and congratulate Brock as he's putting on the talisman.

{James:  So I've broken away from the twerps' alliance.  And I know that it's going to make me an easy target.  But I would rather stand up for the ideals of Team Rocket and get voted off than totally turn my back on what Team Rocket set out to do and stay on the island.  I would live every day knowing that I somehow betrayed my team mates.  Team Rocket, we were the baddest, and then that little incident in the Orange Islands just had to show us the light.  We had to be the heroes for once.  I guess that's why I'm not conniving to stay for the title. *pause* Being good sucks!}

Izzy looks over to see James sitting off on his own by the fire while Ash, Misty, and Brock are standing together on the beach.

{Izzy:  As anyone can observe, by tonight, the Pokemon alliance, if it can still be called that, will completely fall apart, and the Digidestined will be there to help them.  After this, we'll be evenly matched.}

{Tai:  We'd like to work on James and bring over to our side, but then there's the very good chance that he'll turn on us when it comes down to the Digidestined and him.  Sora, Izzy, and I want to keep it as the core of our alliance.  As they say in sports, penalty for outside interference!}

Everyone huddles closely together underneath the parachute tent and the fire as a tropical storm is pouring all over them.

It's night time on File Island, and the Podimon tribe is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see the crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.  And there is also a large bench on the other side of the bonfire, opposite to the sitting area.

Everyone passes by the gong and bangs it, and then pass by Star Otaku while they take their seats.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is their glowing digivice (on the tiny glowing screen is their crest) and pokeball (inside is a little figurine of their trademark pokemon).  This is their seating plan (left to right) according to their respective crest/pokemon:
Izzy- Knowledge
Sora- Love
Tai- Courage
Ash- Pikachu
Misty- Starmie
Brock- Onix
James- Weezing

Star Otaku:  I'm so glad that it stopped raining, and I'm sure that so are you all.

Everyone nods their heads in agreement.

Star Otaku:  Before we start the voting, let's bring out the tribal jury.

Matt and Jesse step out of the forest and into the light.  They take their seats on the bench behind Star Otaku.  Matt waves at the group while Jesse gives them a bitter stare.

Star Otaku:  Both of them will not participate in the voting.  Just remember, they're here to spectate and gather information in order to help them make their decision on who will be the final survivor.  Please, let's talk a little bit before tonight's voting.  I'd hate to sound like an annoying host, I know Rita Lynn is rubbing off on me, but let's return to the subject of strategies.

Tai:  *whining* Again with the strategies!

Sora:  Tai, watch your manners!

Tai:  Sorry.

Star Otaku:  It's okay.  But since you spoke up, Tai, you get to speak first.

Tai:  Rats.  What can I say?  We've all made it this far!  And if you've made it this far into the game, then there are bound to be strategies and alliances.  A soccer team is an alliance, isn't it?  And the play they use to score a goal is a strategy, right?

Sora:  Tai, you're just obsessed with soccer, aren't you?  Anyways, aren't friends also alliances?

Izzy:  I'm sure that many of you would agree with Tai and Sora.  By definition, the examples they described are alliances in one way or another.  I'd like to add in some more examples, but I'm sure you all get the point.

Brock:  We've been stuck together for nearly a month.  We've worked together, played together, and lived together.  Of course friendships, or alliances, will be made.

Ash:  I'm so happy we weren't stuck playing against "Monster Rancher".  I would have killed Genki!  He's always babbling about team work!

Tai:  I think Genki put it like this: "All for one, and one for all!"

Ash:  *twists his cap back* Genki, and I quote, "Let's rip it up!"

Tai:  He's more annoying than Ash and me combined!

Everyone:  *laughs*

James:  I think I speak for everyone when I say that without your friends or alliances, you're like a sitting Psyduck.  And I think that tonight, I am that Psyduck.

Misty:  James, you're not that dopey!

Everyone laughs light heartedly again and then continue with the discussion.

Star Otaku:  I disagree with Misty.  You look, as the Southerners say, "Quite dashing."  And it seems that you are wearing your Team Rocket uniform.  And it's clean!

James:  I decided to go out in style.  That is one of the values that Team Rocket stands for.  And I'd like to say that I am the most stylish.

Jesse:  No you're not!  I am!

Star Otaku:  Okay!  Let's break up the fight and get to the voting.  Brock, you won immunity today.  First vote, you're up.

Brock gets up and goes into the cave. He's writing a name on paper under the torch that hangs over the little table.

Brock:  *write the name and holds it up* James.  He deserves it after what he and Jesse pulled last time. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty:  *write the name and holds it up* James.  He's been looking forward to seeing Jesse, so he should be with her. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Ash:  *write the name and holds it up* James.  It's time to finish off Team Rocket. *puts paper in box and leaves*

James:  *write the name and holds it up* Ash.  It's a bit futile, but I want to keep going what Jesse started.  Like my last hurrah. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Izzy:  *write the name and holds it up* James.  Strategically speaking, he doesn't serve any purpose anymore.  And besides, he beat me in the last immunity challenge!  I need to preserve my status. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Sora:  *write the name and holds it up* James.  I think he should be with Jesse now.  He deserves to be happy. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai:  *write the name and holds it up* James.  It's time we got rid of him anyways. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai comes out of the cave, holding the voting box.  He hands it to Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Whoever is voted off this week will return with Matt and Jesse as part of the jury. *reaches in box* *pulls out paper* James.

James looks around nervously.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Ash.

Ash just stares on with wide eyes.

The process continues as each of the votes are read, and the tally is: James-6 votes; Ash-1 vote.

Star Otaku:  James, please bring up your pokeball.

James complies with the instructions.  He grabs his open pokeball and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken. *closes pokeball*

James:  A lot of luck that charm brought me. *leaves*

James' Final Words:

No hard feelings against the Digidestined for the vote, I can't hold anything against them since they're good kids and I haven't been torched or electrocuted by them yet.

But as for the twerps, I'll get my revenge when Team Rocket gets your Pikachu!

I've lived out one of my greatest fantasies, living and relaxing on a deserted tropical island.  With nothing but sun, all play and no work.

I hope that Jesse and Meowth are proud of me for making it this far.  I'll be seeing both of them really soon!  As for the prize, well, all I have to say is: Team Rocket forever!  I'm blasting off again!

End of Episode 10

Additional Author's Notes: Zach, Brick, Pokemaniac, MasterDragonite, and Mechamew, I hope you guys enjoyed your cameos in this ep!  Pokemaniac, I added some AAML, so all couples are even!  The whole author party will be a post-Anime Survivor bash, so we can celebrate the winner's victory!  So till next episode!