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"Toby Aurora" asks: Can you put in some Hitchhiker's Guide or Zelda64 cameos?
Star Otaku answers:  No, I can't.  Only author cameos!  And readers too!  And besides, I know squat diddly about Hitchhiker's and Zelda.

"matt" asks: Have a contest for/using Pokemon/Digimon.  There is only one for the team so use more. P.S. If you do a sequel let it be Gundam/Tenchi.
Star Otaku answers: Sorry matt, no can do.  Anime Survivor is just a summer project, so if the second season of Survivor happens during the school year, then I won't do it!  I'm going into high school, and it'll be too much work.  It's hard enough already writing Anime Survivor, my parents are piling chores on me, telling me to stop hogging the computer, guilting me for their own sick pleasure... I'm sorry, I was rambling.  Ignore that last sentence, please?

Anyhoo, I answered some of your questions, and now on with the fic!

Anime Survivor!   Episode 9

Day 25

Everyone is sitting around the parachute tent eating their breakfast.  The Digidestined are eating their food glumly on one side while the Pokemon members are eating together on the other side.

{Jesse:  Last night, the author was getting a little nosy, asking about our alliance.  But of course she would ask, she's the author, she has those powers!  But she'd know that we wouldn't come right out and say it.  We're not that stupid.}

{Sora:  I know it, they're lying in front of our faces, and to really top it off, they act all innocent about it!  They must really want that title badly.  But it's a good thing that Star is acting as our moderator, asking around at the councils.}

{Misty:  My conscience is getting to me.  I felt really bad about getting rid of Matt last night.  He was beginning to show that he was a nice guy, and we cut him off.  I don't even want to know how it's going to be once it comes down to Ash, Brock, and me.  Now I want to play it fair, really survive.}

Izzy and Sora are hanging out in the snack bar shelter alone.

Sora:  If we don't watch ourselves, we're next on their list.

Izzy:  Exactly, we need to formulate a line of defense.

Brock is busy at the fire, getting ready to cook up their next meal.  Ash, James, and Tai are watching him from afar.

Tai:  Brock seems to be in a good position.

Ash:  Of course!  He cooks for us and cleans for us and all that other stuff!

James:  Without him, we'd starve, or still be eating some strange bugs or raw meat.  Not exactly delicacies I'd want to have.

Misty comes up to Brock and happily hands him the day's catch.  Which are three large and meaty Magikarp.  He immediately sets off to chop them up.

Misty:  With the rate that you're going at, you could be on the "Iron Chef"!

Brock:  Woohoo!  You haven't tasted anything yet, Takeshi Kaga!

{Ash:  Hey, him and Misty are very capable.  She catches the fish, he cooks it.  When it comes down to the three of us, I might be voted off.  But they're my friends, so I'm sure it doesn't mean anything!  It's just part of the game!}

{Izzy:  With everyone working so hard around here, it's a very concealable fact that the smart will survive, not the strongest.  The main strategy is to make yourself too useful so that you can't be voted off.  And it's a very secure position.}

Misty, Jesse, and Sora are watching Brock as he's smoking the Magikarp meat over the fire.

Jesse:  Try to keep the fat out of the fish, I have a diet!

Sora walks off and joins Izzy and Tai.

{Sora:  I'm still not used to all this killing.  It was bad enough to see the Cockatrimon butchered, but those big fish are still flapping around.  And how they sound; it's really sad and pitiful.}

Brock:  Food's almost ready!  Come and get it!

The Digidestined, James, and Ash join Misty and Jesse, who are waiting to get their portion of lunch while it's still cooking.  Agumon is breathing his fire underneath the cooking pit.

James:  Does it have to be smoked?  I mean, can't I have my fish poached?

James steps closer to see how he can cook his portion himself.  Unfortunately, he accidentally steps on Agumon's tail.  The dino-digimon unleashes a large inferno from his mouth and burns the food to a crisp.

{Jesse:  James!  That klutz!  He ruined our lunch!  And it was the biggest catch we had!  That rich kid hasn't learned a thing about survival!  Why do you think I always have to bring the food during our missions?  But still, I can't stay mad at him for too long.}

{Brock:  I know that Misty can easily go back out there and catch us some more fish for me to cook up, but it's the principle!  She put all that work and effort to catch our lunch, and I put all that effort to gut and cook our lunch.  And now it's all gone to waste!}

Tai:  Hey, don't sweat about it Brock!  Hey Agumon, I'm sure you didn't mean to barbecue our lunch, right?

Agumon:  Sorry Tai.  I'll try to get another Pepper Breath going.

Brock:  *breathes in* I'm okay.  Hey Misty!  I'm sure it isn't too much trouble to go back out there.

Misty:  *dully* No, it isn't too much work.

{Misty:  I am being taken for granted here!  It's even worse, since there are seven other people instead of three sisters!  I think they need to be taught a lesson!  Maybe I'll just catch a little less fish, or maybe bring in the minnows.}

{Brock:  I know it was just an accident, but I think I need to set some ground rules.  I don't want to be too hard on them, like Misty.  Maybe I'll take the day off or cook something that's not too fancy.  I'm still thinking about it.}

Sora, Tai, Jesse, and James are taking a raft out into the sea.  Misty is just sitting at the tent, sulking.  She then looks at the two couples paddling off with fishing lines.

{Tai:  We're going off to find food, since Misty decided to take the day off.  Hey, I like eating just as much as the next person, so we're not going to wait around for Misty.}

Everyone on the raft casts their lines.

Sora:  Are we fishing in the right spot?

Jesse:  I usually see the twerp- I mean, Misty, swimming around here to catch the fish.

Tai:  Do we have the bait?

James:  A few Weedles on the end of each line.

After a few moments, James feels a tug on the end of his line.  He pulls up a nice, plump, Magikarp.  After they wrestle it onto the raft, they start to celebrate about their victorious catch.

They paddle back to the shore and present to the rest of the tribe their prize.  Misty looks on at this without emotion.

Sora:  And I'll be happy to cook it for everyone!  Brock!  You can take the day off!

{Izzy:  Misty seems to be a bit threatened and maybe relieved that she's not the only one catching fish.  Relieved that she doesn't have to work so hard, and threatened that if she does less work, the greater the probability of getting kicked off.  And if Sora's cooking is any good, the same goes for Brock.}

{Sora:  Misty was a little bit jealous at seeing the couples go out there and have some fun.  Maybe she needs someone of her own, and maybe she'll get back into the old spirit!  I noticed how she looks at Ash.}

Misty:  Well, one is probably enough.  Not as much as I usually get, though.

Brock:  But it's not enough!  We're all hungry, we need some more! *sniffling* Al four of you go back out there!  Maybe there's more farther out!

{James:  Aww... *tauntingly* The bigger twerp is jealous because he doesn't have a girlfriend!  I hope it annoys him.  Well, just a little bit.}

Brock is off in a corner crying about how he doesn't have a girlfriend, while the rest of the group is watching Sora and Tai work together to make their late lunch.


*    *    *


Day 26

Ash is walking to the tree mail box, and he finds the clue for the day's challenge.  The clue is a piece of rope with a tag on the end.  Looks at the tag and takes it back to the camp.

Ash:  Guys, I have a little rhyme for you.  "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, through the branches and the leaves.  Climb to the top and back to the ground, then you'll have a treat along with messages found."

James:  Ooh!  A treat!  Maybe some ice cream!

Izzy:  This sounds like a climbing challenge.

The Podimon tribe meets Star Otaku out on the beach.  Behind her is Skippi, with an apron and chef's hat, flipping burgers and grilling some shish-kabobs on a barbecue.  Beside her is a table filled with buns, chips, soda, hot dogs, and condiments.  lyra is beside the table and is dressed in a mail carrier's uniform and has a large letter bag.

lyra:  Ugh!  This is soo heavy!  Did we have to do this in the heat?

Skippi:  At least you're not in front of a fired up grill in tropical weather!

lyra:  The things we do for a cameo.

Star Otaku:  Guys!  Calm down!  You can go back and find a place with air conditioning after this.  The reward today is a barbecue and letters from home.  Jesse, I'm sure there's at least one letter for you.

Everyone starts to cheer loudly and pat Jesse on the back.

Ash:  After the first time I ate these things, I want to go for seconds!

James:  Don't count on it kid!

Izzy:  Prodigious!

Star Otaku:  Now, let's walk this way.

They then move in the forest and find themselves in the same clearing as their previous immunity challenge.  This time, there is a giant web made of rope in the middle of the area.  Along the outer fringes of the web, there are rope bridges leading to tree trunks marked with numbers.

Star Otaku:  *climbs on the web* Come up here and join me!  Don't worry, this challenge doesn't involve giant spiders.

Everyone climbs on to the middle of the giant rope web and sits down on it.

Star Otaku:  This is the challenge.  You have to climb each outer strand of the web to reach each of the nine checkpoints.  I would have put in sixteen, but that's too much work.  At each checkpoint is a token, and in it is the carved image of your crest or pokemon.  If you fall off, you're out.  First one to collect all of the tokens and make it back to the middle of the web, wins the reward!

Star Otaku slides down to the ground through a gap in the web.  Everyone gets ready, and on her mark, they each scramble along the lines to get to the checkpoint and grab their tokens.

While everyone is busy getting their tokens, Misty and Izzy are hard at work and are almost finished.  Both have the advantage of being smaller, so they duck around the branches and ropes with ease.

When they both have all of their nine tokens, they each try to dash back to the middle of the web.  Misty makes one desperate leap and lands onto the middle of the web first while Izzy plops down beside her.

Everyone climbs back down and gets off of the web.  They step up to congratulate Misty.

Star Otaku:  Okay, Misty won.  So she gets the reward!  But!  Since there's more than enough to go around, I'd like it if you chose someone to go with you.

Misty:  It's really hard to pick!  Umm... *points* Brock!  He really must miss his brothers and sisters.

Brock steps up to join Misty.

Star Otaku:  We're going to head down to the beach and have the barbecue and you guys can head on back to camp.  There's always next time!  See ya tomorrow!

Back at the Podimon tribe's beach, everyone is sadly sitting around the fire, while Jesse is stirring the rice in the pot.

Jesse:  I doubt that there was anything for me at all.

Jesse scoops the rice into each of their bowls and hands them back.  They all start to slowly eat.

Brock and Misty are clinking soda cans and drinking up while happily munching away on their burgers.

Skippi:  Who wants seconds?

Misty and Brock:  No thanks!  We've had enough!

Skippi leaves her post at the barbecue, leaving the two alone.

Misty:  *whispers* Last tribal council, there were four votes against Jesse.  The Digidestined are starting to form their own alliance.  Should we be worried?

Brock:  I'm not worried about it now.  We should think of what to take care of first, but for now, I don't think the Digimon team is that much of a threat.

Misty:  I don't trust Jesse or James.  I think they're planning to switch sides soon.  I say we take care of them next council.

Brock:  You know, Jesse has been hanging around the Digidestined lately.  She might plan to switch to their side and vote you, me, or Ash off.  Okay, we'll vote for them.

Misty:  I'll give Ash the news.

lyra steps forward to Misty and Brock holding their letters.

lyra:  Mail call!  Three for Misty and eleven for Brock!

She hands them the envelopes and leaves.

Misty:  My sisters!

Brock:  My brothers, sisters, and dad!

They tear open the envelopes and take out the letters inside.

Misty:  Listen to this: "Dear Misty, we are so definitely missing you.  We got your princess dolls in the mail!  Like, congratulations on "winning"!  It must have cost you a fortune to buy those dolls-"  Oh! *crumples the letter* I didn't buy them!  Why don't they believe the fact that I actually won them at a pageant?!

Brock:  Calm down Misty.  Let's check out mine.  "Hey Brock, this is your father speaking.  I'm still very sorry for leaving you and your siblings.  Don't worry, they're doing quite well right now.  They're still quite a handful, I don't know how you did it.  Each of your siblings sent you a letter, so don't be too surprised."

Misty:  Aww...  That's so sweet!

Brock:  "And don't forget, tomorrow is Susie's birthday.  I'll try not to let her rip her party dress, goodness knows how many times she's ripped it already."


*    *    *


Day 27

The Podimon tribe members are waking up to the rising sun.

They're getting ready for the day: taking a bath in the sea, dressing up behind some bushes, cleaning up the camp, etc.

{Brock:  I can't believe I almost forgot that it was my sister's birthday!  It was only until I got my dad's letter did I finally remember.  I'm wearing a ragged shirt, since she always rips her dresses, I decided to wear something ripped up.  It my little reminder of Susie.}

Brock sits down with the tribe for breakfast, wearing a faded, grey, and very worn out t-shirt.  He's also wearing shorts with fringed ends.

Misty:  Hey Brock!  It's your sister's birthday!

Ash:  Yeah!  How old is she?

Brock:  Thanks Misty!  She's turning seven.

Jesse:  You know, just because we're castaways doesn't mean you have to look like one.

Brock:  Oh!  You noticed my outfit!

Sora:  Why don't we throw a little party for your sister, something to cheer us up?

Tai:  It'd be so much fun!

Everyone begins to say their agreement when Izzy returns from checking the tree mail.

Izzy:  We may have to move up the party games.  We just received another challenge, and from what I've read, it's about strategy and wits.

{Izzy:  Finally!  A challenge that I can excel at!  I have done plenty of work, in front and behind the scenes.  I'm quite surprised that they haven't noticed my plans against them!  But in case that they did, I should try to win this challenge in case.}

Tai:  It involves blocks, maybe we get to work with a Rubik's Cube?

Ash, Brock, and Misty are with the Digidestined in their snack bar shelter.

Brock:  So, who are you planning to vote for tonight?

Sora:  It's really hard to choose anyone.  I really like all of you!

Ash:  We're all friends!  Just between us.

Izzy:  Hmm... So many to choose from. *sarcastically* I think I'll go in alphabetical order, so Ash, tonight you get my vote.

Ash:  Ha ha.  No, really, tell me who it is.

Brock:  If it helps, we hear that Jesse and James have something against you guys.

Izzy:  *mumbles* This could get interesting.  Stick to strategy.

{Brock:  Play the old game: divide and conquer.  If they had some votes against Jesse from last tribal council, maybe they won't hesitate to do it again.  Add our votes, and we're down to one more person who has an agenda against us.  I don't think James or Jesse will pull something off alone.}

{Sora:  It's getting really hard trying to stick to voting on merit.  Everyone is working really hard, and we've all made ourselves useful in some way.  But if it's going to go down in alliances, then it's a necessary evil.  It's difficult, next to impossible, to winning this thing honestly.}

Back on the old Pokemon tribe's beach, there is a large flat platform made up of little white squares.  Think of Dance Dance Revolution controller, except with more squares.

The Podimon tribe arrive at the former camp ground with surprise.  They see Star Otaku looking over JessFX's shoulder.  In the fox girl's lap is, well, a laptop.  From the little computer is a wire running underneath the mat.

Star Otaku:  Welcome to the immunity competition!

Izzy:  *drools* Lap... top... computer... technology...

Star Otaku:  Yes Izzy, this computer is needed for the competition.  The mat over there is pressure sensitive, and each of the squares can change colour.  Jess, light up the squares.

JessFX taps the computer keys, and nine squares on each edge turn black.

Star Otaku:  Step on each square, it doesn't matter because they're all evenly spaced.  You're allowed to move on to a square in any direction, and one square only, until it's your turn.  A square that you leave behind will turn black.  Trap yourself in an area of black squares, and you're out of the game.  Jess, start the program.

Everyone steps on each of their squares.  The order that they go in is: Izzy, Sora, Tai, Ash, Misty, Brock, Jesse, James; just like their seating plan.

[I'll just skip on to the near end of the game.  I don't want everyone to get too bored.]

Everyone is watching with suspense on the sidelines.

Izzy and James are the only two left on the board.  Izzy has only one more square left, and it's his turn.  In his defeat, he turns the last square over and takes his defeat.

Star Otaku:  James, you win immunity!  Here's your bracelet.

James steps off the mat takes the bracelet from Star Otaku.  He joins the Podimon tribe as they celebrate his victory.

Star Otaku:  Jess, take care of the rest of the board.

JessFX taps some more keys and each of the squares light up back to white.  The game board then blinks some more and changes into the Pokemon and Digimon logos.

Everyone is back at the camp.  Some are relaxing and others are making their plans for the tribal council.

Tai and Sora are lying back in the small side shack of the shelter.

Tai:  Ah, nothing to worry about.

Sora:  Until tonight, that is.

Tai:  Don't remind me.

{Tai:  The Digi-tribe was where things were at.  It was a place for us to have fun!  Then they had to move in with us, and it's like espionage and all that stuff ever since!  This is more confusing than when we thought we destroyed the Dark Masters, but then found out that there was an even more powerful force behind it all.}

Sora:  We just wanted to make friends, right?

Tai:  Yeah, well, they have a different purpose in mind.

Sora:  Don't let it get to you!

Tai:  Hey, I can't help it.  I'm the reckless one.

Sora:  Let's just try to get along.  I mean they have an alliance against us, we have one against them, we're even.

Tai:  Okay, I can keep still and be friends with them.

Sora:  That is, until we wipe them out at the tribal council. *smiles slyly*

Tai:  My, my.  You're psycho side is showing Sora.  Island life does wonders for you!

Izzy pokes his head in the door.

Izzy:  Hey guys!  Aren't you going to attend the party?

Izzy, Tai, and Sora come out of the shelter and walk towards the parachute tent.  Under the tent, there is a lot of rice and fish set out in the middle.  Out on the beach are seven lit torches.

Brock:  Welcome to the party!

{Misty:  So we decided to go up against one of our own.  I mean, I didn't trust Jesse or James, and now that we're this far, we have to do something before they band with the other side against us.}

{Brock:  We're cooperating with everyone, and I want that to continue.  I don't want to cut ties yet, but Jesse seems to have something going on, and I think that she's bringing James into it too.}

{James:  If Jesse wants us to move against the twerps tonight, we'll be the swing vote for the Digidestined.}

It's night time on File Island, and the Podimon tribe is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see the crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.  And there is also a large bench on the other side of the bonfire, opposite to the sitting area.

Everyone passes by the gong and bangs it, and then pass by Star Otaku while they take their seats.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is their glowing digivice (on the tiny glowing screen is their crest) and pokeball (inside is a little figurine of their trademark pokemon).  This is their seating plan (left to right) according to their respective crest/pokemon:
Izzy- Knowledge
Sora- Love
Tai- Courage
Ash- Pikachu
Misty- Starmie
Brock- Onix
Jesse- Arbok
James- Weezing

Star Otaku:  Before we start the voting, Matt will join us as part of the tribal jury.  He will not participate in the voting.  Starting tonight, each person voted off will return as part of the jury.  They will spectate and gather information in helping them make their decision on who will be the final survivor.

Matt steps out of the forest and into the light.  He takes a seat on the bench behind Star Otaku.  He waves at the group.

Star Otaku:  Hey Brock!  Happy birthday to Susie!  She's the one that always rips her clothes?

Brock:  Yup!  And wearing ripped clothes reminds of her, at least it's nothing too outrageous.  At least I'm not wearing a party dress in the middle of the Digiworld.

Star Otaku:  Oka~ay.  I wouldn't want to indulge in the topic of cross-dressing.

Brock, Misty, Ash, and Jesse stare at James.  He gives them a "What?" look.

Star Otaku:  Moving on.  Any strategies for tonight's voting?  Is anyone here voting based on who they like or who's the hardest worker?

Everyone raises their hands.

Star Otaku:  Riiiiiiight.  It's time to vote.  James, you won immunity, you get the first vote.

James gets up and goes into the cave. He's writing a name on paper under the torch that hangs over the little table.

James:  *write the name and holds it up* Brock.  It's all part of Jesse's plan, and besides, I never really did like him. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Jesse:  *write the name and holds it up* Brock.  We should spearhead the bigger twerp before he gets to turn on us. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Brock:  *write the name and holds it up* Jesse.  It's better to take care of her now than later. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty:  *write the name and holds it up* Jesse.  It was planned out at the barbecue. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Ash:  *write the name and holds it up* Jesse.  I never did trust Team Rocket. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Izzy:  *write the name and holds it up* Jesse.  I was right, she does haves something big going on, and it's best to get rid of her before she actually puts it into action. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Sora:  *write the name and holds it up* Jesse.  I'm voting based on what we were told, so I want to be careful.  But based on merit, I haven't seen her do much lately. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai:  *write the name and holds it up* Jesse.  From what I've heard about her, it'd be a really bad decision to keep her around. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai comes out of the cave, holding the voting box.  He hands it to Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Whoever is voted off this week will return with Matt as part of the jury. *reaches in box* *pulls out paper* Jesse.

Jesse scowls and glares at everyone.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Brock.

Brock looks around nervously.

The process continues as each of the votes are read, and the tally is: Jesse-6 votes; Brock-2 votes.

Star Otaku:  Jesse, please bring up your pokeball.

Jesse complies with the instructions.  She grabs her open pokeball and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken. *closes pokeball*

Jesse:  James, can I please have that charm Meowth gave you?

James nods and hands the charm over to Jesse.  She kisses it and hands it back to James.  She then give him a kiss on the lips and leaves.

Jesse's Final Words:

Well, I was ousted by the twerps.  It seems I was voted off because they got wind of my plans.  And just before I even had a chance to put my plan into action!  It's so hard when you're as smart, beautiful, and bad as me.

So I'm a little bitter, at least I don't have to put up with their annoying goodness for another day, although I would have liked to stay for the prize!  But I know that everyone out there loves me anyway!

James, you know how I feel for you, and I mean this is the nicest way, but I doubt that you'll make it.  But I'm still cheering for you.  James, I'll be waiting for you, and I hope you win this anyway.

End of Episode 9