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Anime Survivor!   Episode 8

Day 22

It's early morning at the Podimon camp, and Ash is taking a walk down the beach.

{Ash:  Last night was the vote, and whether you're in the alliance or not, you feel pretty bad about it in the morning.  Everyone is feeling bad, especially since it's about the person voted off.  Joe is a very safe choice to keep around, but now he's gone.  I guess that's one less of a chef cooking our breakfast.}

{Tai:  Maybe I'm just being paranoid or something, but it seems that five of the votes for Joe were from Pokemon.  I know that the Digidestined would never vote against each other now that we have other alternatives to choose from.}

{Izzy:  So the games have begun.  It's seems that the Pokemon tribe has had the time to lay out their voting strategy while we've planned ours a little too late.  Too late to keep Joe.}

{Matt:  I know that we all were against the voting, especially Joe.  We were all in this for surviving the island and still keeping our friendship intact.}

{Izzy:  At first glance, you'd think he was ousted by fluke of the votes, but look even further into it, you'd see the alliance behind it all.}

Ash, Matt, and Izzy are walking through the woods.  They stop at a stream and start to get water from it.

Ash:  You see, what I think is going in is that it was a vote against Joe because he was a strong member of your team, making him a threat to some people on Pokemon.

{Jesse:  Joe was a very handy person to have around, he could have been the brains of the operation if he wasn't so clueless, like the rest of his team.  But the less sooner he could have realized it, the better.}

Ash:  That's the down side of the game.  We all came here, and we all befriended Joe, and then they turned against him.

Matt:  That's the game.  But I don't want to play it like that.

{Misty:  Don't take it personally, but this is what's supposed to happen.  If they wanted to make life-long friends and keep them, then they should have gone to summer camp.  Oops, it seems that they did.}

{Izzy:  Right now, I'm very certain that there is an alliance.  Thanks to me for stating the obvious.  But if I can work this, the Digidestined will work together and we will defeat the alliance!}

{Tai:  Now it's four to five, and they have the voting block on us.  If we do start our counter strategy by the next voting night, we better, by some kind of fluke, get a chance against the Pokemon tribe.  But I think we can take advantage of the Team Rocket factor.  You know that they're bound to turn against Brock, Misty, and Ash, also known as, the twerps.}

Tai and Sora, along with Jesse and James, are dragging the raft along the beach.

Tai:  Man, isn't this fun?  I don't think the couples are going anywhere.

Jesse:  James and I are not a couple! *takes out a large paper fan*

{Jesse:  So we're getting along with the Digidestined.  At first, I thought that it'd be even more horrid now that we have to deal with more brats, but it's not as bad as I thought.  They've been through more danger than Team Rocket combined!}

{Tai:  From what I've gathered, we need to get rid of Ash, Misty, and Brock.  They're the core of the alliance.}

Sora:  Thanks for your help!

Sora and Tai get on the raft.  Then Matt and Izzy come to them and join them on the raft.  The four Digidestined start to row out into the sea and cast out their traps.

{Matt:  It's the Digidestined who's carrying the weight of the new tribe.  We were the first ones to set up the camp, build the shelter, get the fire going, and keep the camp together.}

All four of them pull up the traps and find some Krabby wriggling and struggling to get out.  They all scream in delight and laugh.

{Jesse:  I do see James and I joining the Digidestined in a voting alliance in the future.  I know that if they're eliminated, it'll be a three to two vote among the twerps against James and I.  They think that we can keep it together against the Digidestined, and we're just standing there, nodding our heads.  But that alliance isn't going to last very long.}

The Podimon tribe is sitting under the parachute tent, gathered around Agumon's fire, cooking rice.

Jesse:  James, you don't have to cook that much rice.

James:  Sorry, I thought that we were having a big meal tonight.  I'm sure we can finish it off, right?

{James:  It's really hard to keep track of everything now that there are more people.  How much rice is enough?  Is it too little, too much?}

Jesse:  Let's see, two pots equal two bags of rice, so let's see... *mutters equations*

James:  Why don't we ask Izzy about the calculations?

Izzy:  *looks up from the island computer* At the rate we're going at, one tin of rice equals two days.  And calculating the rate of consumption, we need to start rationing the food, unless we'd like to accelerate depletion.

{Jesse:  They're all pigging out on our rations, we need to save up.  It's disgusting and I'd like to keep my girlish figure.  Besides, I would like to have some food for myself if I'm going to stick it out to the end.}

Misty is swimming underwater with her Golduck.  They catch some extremely large Magikarp, and a few of the multicoloured Marching Fishes.

Misty then returns with her catches hanging on a line.  Sora and Matt greet her.

Sora:  Wow!  Look at all that fish!

{Izzy:  Misty is at an advantage.  She's much more familiar with the water environment, so she can fish quite well.  Without her, we'll starve.  So we should hang on to her a little longer.}

Matt walks in front of Misty, waving around and getting everyone's attention.

Matt:  Hear ye, hear ye!  We will have a banquet tonight!  Agumon, charge up a Pepper Breath!

Everyone:  *chanting* Misty!  Misty!  Misty!

Misty:  You all just better be happy you didn't vote for me, or else you'd all starve!

Everyone starts to laugh as she hands the fish to Brock.

{Brock:  I got one vote against me in the last tribal council.  I'm mostly thinking that it was Joe, and I think he was threatened by me just as much as I was by him.  But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and I have another vote coming against me.}

Brock has a Magikarp on the cutting board, and he is trying to cut up the struggling fish.  Matt and Ash stand behind him and watch him.

Brock:  It'd be easier to cook them if the stopped flapping around so much.

Matt:  The sooner we put them out of their misery, the faster we can eat them!

Ash:  Hurry up Brock, we're really hungry!

{Misty:  I'm real used to eating rice.  I could just live off of it for weeks on end, which I did through most of Ash's pokemon journey.  But everyone else enjoys eating the fish, so I'm doing as much of the fishing as I can so they can acknowledge me and appreciate me.  Unlike some sisters back home.}

Everyone is watching as Brock is flipping the fishes so that they can be evenly cooked.

Misty:  Aren't they beautiful?  Being a water pokemon expert, they're much more beautiful alive.  And then there are the different kinds of water pokemon, like my Golduck!  Which I used to catch our meal for today.

Everyone nods their heads in agreement as they stuff with their faces with the cooked pieces of Magikarp and marching fish.

{Matt:  The more clever Pokemon alliance members, which I think are Misty, Brock, and Jesse, are very secretive and discreet about their plans for the tribe.  They'll only share what needs to be known and with who.}

Matt and Brock are walking down the beach while they're talking.

Brock:  So I'm against pokemon battles.  I think it's cruel to force them to fight each other just for a win.

Matt:  I don't know how close it is to our digimon fighting other digimon.  I mean, the purpose of our digimon fighting is to defeat the forces of evil.

{Izzy:  The sinister forces at work are becoming much more apparent, especially with Brock's sudden interest to Matt.}

James and Jesse are sitting on a log at the beach together.

{James:  With all these alliances going on, I can only trust Jesse.  Jesse has always led me around.  She's so strong and straight forward.  Or maybe I've led her around, she did seem to be in my corner after the whole Jessebelle ordeal.}

{Jesse:  Ha!  If anything, James has looked up to me!  He's the one who's followed me around.  When I left to be with his new bride, he suddenly comes after me in the balloon!}

Jesse:  You know, when it comes to the final round, I'm going to get rid of you.

James:  Go ahead.  I'd like to see you try.

Both of them are silent, and then they burst out laughing.

That night, everyone is sitting around the fire under the tent and they're talking.

{Misty:  I've noticed that Matt has opened up to us.  He's gone from being a loner to being more sociable.  But I think it's the wrong time to start socializing.  It's going to get him in the end.}

Brock:  Okay, your best pick up line or move.

Matt:  I do this little flippy thing with my hair and then I go, "No autographs, please."

{Matt:  So Brock's been hanging around me lately.  I don't know what it means, is this a plan to try and draw me into the alliance, or is it like what Cherrymon was trying to do to me: make me turn against the team.  He's the friendly type, but I'm not buying anything.}

{Brock:  Matt seems to be quite the charmer.  I thought maybe I'd warm up to him and learn a little bit about acting around girls.  I try to be courteous and flattering to them, but I just get slapped in the face.  It's so frustrating, it makes me want to give up girls altogether!  But I'm thinking maybe I should play it cool, like Matt.  After I learn a thing or two, out he goes.}

While everyone is asleep in the snack bar shelter, some Rattata crawl over the Podimon members.  Some jerk their bodies or swat at them to scare off the rodents.


*    *    *


Day 23

Misty is walking down the beach to get the mail.  But when she reaches the tree, she sees an arrow whiz by her head.  She looks in the direction of where it came from.  She sees that the archer is The Kirei Rocket.

The Kirei Rocket:  If you just pull that arrow out of the tree, you'll see that there's a message attached to it.

Misty pulls out the arrow and sees a piece of paper wrapped around it.  The author hands her some bows and arrows.  She heads straight back to the camp as The Kirei Rocket  leaves.

Sora:  So we have a reward challenge.  From the clues, I know we get something from home.

Brock:  A letter from home?  Maybe we send something home.

{Misty:  Brock really misses his brothers and sisters.  He has ten of them!  And I'm sure that he's really looking forward to getting something from his dad.  He never really knew him, he was mostly absent from his life.}

Everyone is trying their luck at the bows and arrows.  Some fly over the target while others can't even get their arrows to fly from the bow.  Soon, after some more practice, some of their aims improve.

Everyone is reclining and relaxing under the tent as a boat starts to approach the shore.

Star Otaku waves at them from the boat.  She taps on the shoulder of the captain of the boat, Charles "RocketBoy" Reilly.  The boat slows down and lands at the shore.  Both authors get out to greet the survivors.

Star Otaku:  Hey there!  I present to you all your challenge, and I have with me a few helpers.  Okay Charles, you and the others carry the prize over here.

Charles gives a little mock salute and he, Pikapal, Tiny Pikababy, and Fetch hoist a large crate from the boat to the beach.

As they set down the crate, the Podimon tribe stares at Fetch, a large, walking Golden Retriever.  Tiny Pikababy winks at Matt and blows him a kiss.  Matt nervously waves back.  They open up the crate to expose a big screen TV and a VCR.

Star Otaku:  Thanks guys!  Why don't you stay here and watch the competition with me?

The authors sit down with the rest of the tribe.  Tiny Pikababy snuggles in close to Matt.

Star Otaku:  Podimon tribe, the reward for today's challenge is a video tape from home! *takes tape out of lunch bag* And to motivate you guys, here are some clips that I ran together. *puts tape in VCR*

Mrs. Ketchum:  Ash honey, don't forget to change your underwear, every single day.  I love you!

Daisy:  Oh hey, like, Misty!  We're, like, taking real good care of Horsea!  See ya, like, real soon!

Flint:  Brock, you go off and make me proud.  Your brothers and sisters are rooting for you.

Jessebelle:  *in her Southern accent* James mah darlin!  Ah'm missin' ya!  Please come back ta me!

Mr. and Mrs. Kamiya:  Tai, you take good care of yourself, and Kari.

Mr. Ishida:  Matt, your mother and I are proud of you.  Just watch over your little brother, okay?

Mrs. Takenouchi:  Sora, you know I love you.  And I'm happy to know that you're becoming a young woman.

Mr. and Mrs. Izumi:  We're so happy that you're becoming your own man, Izzy.

Star Otaku:  Jesse, I'm sorry, but there was no tape for you.

Jesse:  *emotionlessly* Let's just get this over with.

Star Otaku:  If you guys can just get up and grab your bows and arrows, we can begin the competition.  With one shot closest to the centre, the winner wins both a viewing of the tape, and they also may send a video reply to their family.

The members take their places in front of the target with their bows and arrows.  They each take their turns shooting the arrows.  Sora's arrow hits closest to the centre.

Star Otaku:  Sora has the hit closest to home, and that's what she wins, a little piece of home. *hands Sora the tape* Listen to what your mom has to say, you can even invite the whole group to join you!

Sora:  Everyone's invited to watch!

Everyone cheers and the authors, and reader, take their seats with the Podimon tribe.  Star Otaku takes some popcorn out of her lunch bag and passes it around.

{Sora:  I'm so happy that I can hear from my mom!  I really miss her, and we were just starting to get along, so I was looking forward to this tape.  I'm a bit uncomfortable about them watching about my personal life though.}

Mrs. Takenouchi:  Sora, how are you?  I'm doing fine back home, although the flower shop could use your help.  I have a little surprise for you, I heard about the no digimon rule, and I know who you're missing.

Biyomon:  Hi Sora!  I miss you right now.  You wouldn't believe what we're going through at the hotel.  I hope to see you soon, although not under the circumstances of being voted off.

Everyone watches intently as Jesse just watches with a sad and bitter face.

{Ash:  Sora kinda reminds me of my mom.  And seeing her mom on the video tells me where she got it.}

Fetch sets up the camera in front of  Sora as she makes her message back home.

Sora:  Hi mom!  I miss you and I love you.  I'm sure you can hold down the fort without me.  Everyone here loved your video, you reminded them of their own moms.  And Biyomon, I look forward to seeing you too.

James:  Hello Mrs. Takenouchi!  Sora's right, we all wouldn't mind having you for a mom!  I hope that isn't too much work for you.

{Jesse:  *sniffling* It's really hard watching that tape, and knowing that you have no family.  Maybe I blocked it out, but all I know was that I was abandoned.  Maybe I left them, maybe they left me, I don't know and I don't really want to know.  But I have a new family, Team Rocket.  And I would rather have them than my old family.}


*    *    *


Day 24

Everyone is sitting under the tent, eating breakfast and talking.

{Brock:  The reward for yesterday's challenge, a video from home.  What I would have given for that!  It's much better than the rewards we've been given so far!}

{Misty:  I feel so sorry for Jesse.  She doesn't have any family, I think she didn't try at all during the challenge.  Now she's more determined than ever to prove herself.}

Jesse is standing in front of the group.

Jesse:  You know what?  I've been through many things on my own, and look at me, it's made me stronger!  Why would I need some people to slow me down?

{Izzy:  Jesse's emotional tirade is tugging at everyone's emotions.  She wants to push away their pity, which is admirable to me, since I don't have a "real" family.  My definition of real as in biological.  But gathering pity is also like gathering support.}

{Matt:  I don't know where I fit in.  And I'm nervous about it since not having an important role will get me voted off.  Tai is the leader, Sora is the nest mother, Izzy is the resident smart guy, Misty is the water girl, Brock is like Joe, Jesse and James are the "bad guys", and Ash is the likeable kid.  Where does that leave me?}

{Tai:  I've known Matt for a while, and he rises above the rest of us!  He's the cool guy, Mr. Popularity, I think a little bit like James Dean.  He's the likeable lone wolf.}

Everyone gathers around Matt as he's playing some hard core blues on his harmonica.

{Matt:  Ever since I've started opening up, people are starting to like me.  I'd like to fit in more and do more for the tribe.}

Misty and Ash are walking together to the tree mail, when they're there, they find the clue to the challenge and bring it back to camp.  Everyone starts to gather around him to see what the challenge is about.

James:  From what I've read, it could be a rope climbing challenge.

Sora:  Maybe a rope maze, you know, dead ends?

The Podimon tribe is standing in front of a large wooded area with many ropes crisscrossing around the trunks.  Some tree trunks have numbers painted on them with little ribbons tied around them.

Star Otaku:  As I said before, the stakes have been raised.  Alliances are being made, and plans are being put together.  The only way to keep ahead of the competition is to win the immunity challenge.

Everyone shakes their heads somberly.

Star Otaku:  The aim of the game is that in this tangle of ropes, there are five checkpoints.  You must get to each checkpoint and take a coloured chain link.  The catch is, you have to be attached to the web with these clips at all times.  You're given two so that when you come to a twist, you clip one to another rope and you detach the other and move on.  You have to watch out for the dead ends, because when you reach one, you have to backtrack to the checkpoint and choose another rope path.  First person to the finish line with all the coloured links wins the immunity.  Get in your harnesses.

The Podimon members step forward, strap on their harnesses, and clip on to the starting ropes.  On Star Otaku's mark, they all run in a frenzy to each of the checkpoints.

[I'm not going to go through the big challenge action scene, so I'll just skip on to the end.]

Izzy grabs the last coloured chain link and quickly calculates the probability of which rope will lead to the finish line.  Which he has done so far with each choice of rope paths.

Jesse takes advantage of his lapse in time to think, and makes a dash for the last checkpoint.

Meanwhile, Ash is lost and scrambling for the right line.

But before Jesse can reach it, Izzy chooses the rope and starts running through the twists and turns for the end.  He makes a mad dash to the hanging immunity talisman and grabs it as he crosses the finish line.

Star Otaku:  Izzy!  You made it!  Congratulations, you win immunity from tonight's vote.  As for the rest of you, Podimon tribe, I will see you at tribal council tonight.

Everyone stops in their tracks and unclip themselves and make their way to congratulate Izzy.

{Misty:  I knew that we had to vote each other off the island as a part of the game and in order to survive.  I was against voting for my friends, but fortunately, there were little friends to choose from.  And now that we're with this other team, and we've worked together, and new friendships are starting to form, I'm beginning to feel a bit guilty.}

Brock, Misty, and Ash are walking together on the beach.

Misty:  So who are we going for tonight?

Brock:  It depends.  We have to weigh the options.

Ash:  Why aren't Jesse and James here?

Misty:  C'mon Ash, you don't really trust them, do you?

{Sora:  Everyone is getting a little more paranoid now that we're coming close to the vote.  They're watching what they say and looking around over their shoulders.  Like they think someone is plotting against them.}

Izzy, Tai, and Matt are huddled in a small clearing in the forest.

Izzy:  I've called you here because I think we need to organize a counter strategy.

Matt:  And we have to make it count, we might have a five vote bid against one of us.

Tai:  I'll pass the news on to Sora, although I don't think she's going to like it.

It's night time on File Island, and the Podimon tribe is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see the crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.

Everyone passes by the gong and bangs it, and then pass by Star Otaku while they take their seats.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is their glowing digivice (on the tiny glowing screen is their crest) and pokeball (inside is a little figurine of their trademark pokemon).  This is their seating plan (left to right) according to their respective crest/pokemon:
Izzy- Knowledge
Matt- Friendship
Sora- Love
Tai- Courage
Ash- Pikachu
Misty- Starmie
Brock- Onix
Jesse- Arbok
James- Weezing

Star Otaku:  Before we start, let's talk a little bit.  From this night on, whoever gets voted off, will return for the next few councils as part of the tribal jury.  Each person voted off will be a part of the jury until we reach the final two survivors.  Just to ask, how do you feel about Joe being voted off, Izzy?

Izzy:  I was surprised, yet, I somewhat anticipated it.  He was in the way of someone's strategy, and he needed to be eliminated.  If we had played this without the games and conspiracies, he would have made it to the end.

Star Otaku:  Misty, how do you feel about the voting alliances?

Misty:  I don't know about any voting alliances, I'm just voting based on likeability and the work being done.  But it's getting harder since we now see that there are families behind these people.  I'd like to stay because I'm providing the food.

Star Otaku:  It's time to vote.  Izzy, you get the honours of casting the first vote for tonight.

Izzy gets up and goes into the cave. He's writing a name on paper under the torch that hangs over the little table.

Izzy:  *write the name and holds it up* Jesse.  She's still planning something, I just can't put my finger on it. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Sora:  *write the name and holds it up* Jesse.  It's out of pity for her about her lack of family.  She's quite sneaky, and I heard about her involvement with the alliance. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai, Matt, and Ash are seen doing their writing and then putting the paper in the box.  Then they each leave.

Misty:  *write the name and holds it up* Matt.  If it's any consolation, I feel real bad about it. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Jesse and James are seen doing their writing and then putting the paper in the box.  Then they each leave.

Brock:  *write the name and holds it up* Matt.  Thanks for the pointers, I'll be sure to keep them in mind. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Brock comes out of the cave, holding the voting box.  He hands it to Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Once they're read, it's final. *reaches in box* *pulls out paper* Jesse.

Jesse scowls and glares at everyone.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Matt.

Matt looks around nervously.

The process continues as each of the votes are read, and Matt and Jesse start to act nervously or suspiciously toward their fellow tribe members.  The tally is: Jesse-4 votes; Matt-5 votes.

Star Otaku:  Matt, please bring up your digivice.

Matt complies with the instructions.  He grabs his glowing digivice and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken.

Star Otaku presses a button on the digivice.  It stops glowing and the screen goes dark.

Matt:  *gives hugs to the Digidestined* You know, I'd do something dramatic for everyone, but never mind.  See you all real soon. *leaves*

Matt's Final Words:

Hey guys, thanks for keeping me around and for being my friends until it my time to go.  I didn't expect that I was the next one to go, but here I am.  And just when I was beginning to find my place among the tribe.

I have learned a little too late that there is an alliance, and I don't know what their next plans are, but I'm sure it's something big.  To the Digidestined, keep your eyes open and try not to get caught in the crossfire.  That's the only warning I can give you.

Well, TK is waiting for me, and I can't wait to see him.  Especially Mimi, Gabumon, and the rest of the group.  Remember my crest: friendship.  That's the key.

*plays a short blues on the harmonica* That was my final performance for you guys.

End of Episode 8

Additional Author's Notes: Ain't it getting even more twisted?  Ash, being the double agent of sorts?  Jesse and James hooking up?  Thanks to The Kirei Rocket for suggesting more Rocketshippiness, I'm making it up to all you Rocket shippers for episode 5.  And my most sincere apologies to all the Matt fans. *holds up lunch bag* Don't hurt me!