Chapter 4 - Only in Dreams [Part 2]
by Star Otaku

This another one of my crazy dreams.  If it was said before, they're told in first person perspective cause, well, that's how one usually dreams, right?

I'm at church and the service just ended.  I'm bored out of my mind, so I go to the recreational lobby where there is a room that wasn't there before.  One of the rooms has a door on the window and I look through.

I see Weezer with their speakers and guitars and drums out, but the guys are on a couch, just resting from playing a set.  I'm so excited, I barge inside!

The guys stare at me in shock.  Like a fangirl, I perkily say "Hi!" and give them a wave.  Then Rivers turns to me and says sternly, "Excuse me, but we're in the middle of a recording session."

I'm so embarrassed I run back out of the room, nearly in tears that I upset them.

I stand by the door and look through the little window and see that they discuss something and finish.  Mikey motions for me to come back inside.  I do, and he says, "We're sorry we upset you."

Pat:  We're in the middle of a recording session for a new song.

Brian:  Why don't you stay and listen to us?  The only fans we've seen just came by and waved.

So the guys get up, seat me in the couch they were previously sitting on, and they play.  When they're done, Rivers invites me to the microphone to give the song a try with him.

Karl Koch is sitting by one of the speakers with a laptop, recording everything.  When we're done, he gives us a thumbs up and says he has the MP3s.  I look over and see:
"New Song set original"
"Star and new set MP3"
He sends it to my e-mail account.

I say, "Thanks Karl!" and get ready to leave, but the guys are just packing up their stuff now that they're finished the recording session and the new song trial run.  I feel pretty bad just leaving them there, so I pick up a few cases and help.

We move out of there church and into the field behind it, carrying all this stuff to their tour bus.  A big lime green tour bus with the =w= across the side in white.

I want to thank them, so I'm walking alongside Pat while Mikey, Brian, and Rivers are ahead.  Of course, Rivers would be in the lead.

"Hey, you guys, what would you like for dinner?"

Pat:  What do you mean?

"How about coming over to my house for dinner?"

Mikey:  *looking back at me* Heh.  Sure!  We're pretty sick of having take out all the time.

Brian:  *also looks back* It'll be a change to have a home cooked meal.

Rivers:  *looks back as well* Are you sure your parents won't mind?

"You're very special guests of mine!  I'm sure they won't mind!  How do you feel about rice and barbecued chicken?"

The guys all agree to it, and I start running ahead to walk with Rivers as we get closer to the bus.

Like overgrown children, we start running while carrying this stuff, all excited, while Rivers starts to sing "Island in the Sun" with reworked lyrics.

"On an island in the sun,
We'll be eating and having fun,
We won't be hungry anymore!"

He jumps into the bus.  Still singing, and we all follow suit and start to laugh and sit around as Karl gets to the front and starts to drive.

I sit in the back and chill with the guys, just talking.  I ask Rivers if he is an otaku and he confesses that he's an overgrown nerd.  He loves anime, fanfics, and sci-fi!  We all laugh with him and we just get around to trading stories.

When we get closer to my house, Rivers is like, "You know... we don't want to be a bother."

Brian:  Maybe we can have take out tonight.

I'm pleading with them.  "No!  My family won't mind!  Please stay with me?"

Pat:  We're already a little behind schedule.  We'd stay if we could.

Rivers:  Why don't we just drop you off at home?

I'm so sad, but I say okay.  I don't want to force them into anything.  So they let me give each of them a hug and kiss.  I kiss Rivers last on both cheeks and when I'm about to part, he pulls me in for a longer hug and I kiss his cheeks again as well as his forehead.


Karl then stops the bus on the street corner that's five blocks away from my house that I have to walk to everyday when I need to catch a bus.  It's sunset, so I nearly spent the day with them since church took place in the morning.

I get off and they wave at me.  Then the bus starts to drive away, and the guys rush to the back window and wave at me until they disappear around another street bend.

And I wake up.

Yet again, don't you hate it when these good dreams come to an abrupt end, or don't end happily?

The moral of this dream is that: "if you go to church, God will grant you your wildest fangirlish fancy."

Hey, one can pray for these things to happen, right?