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Author's Notes: I thought that I'd do a little songfic for Mirai (Future) Trunks.  I mean, there are some pretty good songs on my "Our Lady Peace" tape that apply to him, why let them go to waste?  For this fic, I had to choose between "Is Anybody Home?", "Lying Awake", and "Blister".  You can guess which won.  Enough of my inane rambling, on with the fic!


Trunks wandered through the abandoned streets and ruined houses on all sides.  From the look of everything, it was quite obvious that there was another attack by the androids.

He came across one dilapidated house that compelled him to enter.  He was supposed to immune to these horrors of war, but he acted on that feeling.

As he wandered around the inside of what used to be a quaint home, he stopped to look inside a room.  From the  remnants of posters and knick-knacks around the place, the room would have belonged  to a boy, a teenage boy.

A mysterious shape on the floor caught Trunks' attention.  He bent down to pick the object, dusted it off, and found out that it was a tape Walkman.  It was a bit blackened, but everything was intact.  It was a miracle that something like that could survive the blasts.

Trunks brought the headphones to his ears and fumbled to look for the play button.  What sounded like a lonely introduction crackled from the tiny speakers.  Then a male voice began to sing:

"Lately, I can't breathe.
Waiting, they're chasing me.
No one listens, but I'm OK with it.

"Only, I wonder why.
If only my hands weren't tied.
World's a blister, but I'm OK with it.
(Don't touch me.)"

The words seemed to speak to Trunks.  The androids always seemed to be after him.  He could do so many other things, but the androids were his first priority.  He had to defeat them.  If only his hands weren't tied.  They were his problems, and his alone.  No one would listen if he told them, they're too busy with their own problems.

That last part, "Don't touch me", was at least some reference to him being a sort of loner.

"What if I was there?
And what if I was scared?
I'm waiting for...
They're at my door,
But I'll be back again."

The chorus made him think.  What if he was at those attacks and stopped them before they happened?  Or what if he could just at least be scared of going into battle?  What was he waiting for, the androids to just finally track him home and kill him there?  But he had to go back into the fight.

"Lonely, I'm wandering,
Patrolling for enemies.
No one listens, but I'm OK with it.
(Don't trust me.)"

That was what he was doing, going around, patrolling the attacks.  But he had let everyone down so many times, they were too strong for him.  Why should anyone trust him to take care of such a big responsibility?

"What if I was there?
And what if I was scared?
I'm waiting for...
They're at my door,
But I'll be back again.
And I'll be back again."

Now, his mother had invented a time machine that would let him go back, and stop this hell before it can even start.  He can be there.  He had to admit, he was scared of failing, but he'll come back from his mission.  Return successful.

"You wonder why,
I don't know.
You shout at me,
I let me go."

Trunks mulled over this though so many times.  Why did this world have to happen?  He didn't know, it was just fate.  And it seemed that everyone was asking the same thing.  He flashed back to a surveys of destroyed cities.  And the devastated people who would tug at his clothes and shout and cry at him.

He wasn't going to let them down.  There weren't many people to protect, but many deaths to avenge.  He hoped going back would solve it all.  He sat there, listening to the rest of the song.

"And what if I was there?
(Don't touch me.)
And what if I was scared?
(Don't trust me.)
I'm waiting for...
They're at my door,
But I'll be back again.
I'm waiting for,
They're at my door..."

The last of the song faded away.  Trunks took out the tape, which was well sheltered inside the player.  He brushed aside a lock of his lavender hair, and pocketed the tape inside his jacket.

He had to get back home and ask his mother it she could install a tape player inside the time machine.  Maybe this little tape would give him some more music to listen to on his trip, and a little inspiration to go on.

The End

Additional Author's Notes: The original meaning of the song was that everyone is so wrapped up in their problems, making them bigger than what they are, and if they do something wrong, the world (a blister) is ready to explode and just spread out some really bad consequences upon us.  I don't really know that much about Mirai Trunks, but I tried.  I hope that I did good.  Trunks fans, don't hate for this.  Same goes for Our Lady Peace fans.  Just keep those comments coming, and if I receive a flame, into the furnace it goes!