Disclaimer: We don't own Weezer!  No matter how much all of us fangirls want to.

When W's Fly

Konnichiwa fellow Weezer fans!

This is a collection of insane thoughts and dreams conjured over the course of the summer of 2001 between two anime otaku girls: Shinju Meg Uchuno and Star Otaku.

This is as complete of a collection that we can piece together, seeing as how there were a few things mentioned, but forgotten or lost.  This was totally done via e-mail correspondence.

So please go easy on these self proclaimed Weezer otaku fangirls, for this is our first foray into the fanfiction of this band!

For those who are thinking of leaving now, here are a few good reasons: no slash, innate sci-fi and anime loving geekiness, possibly OutOfCharacter-ness, dream sequences, cross band bashing, and really really short segments.

With that out of the way, let's begin!