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Author's Notes: Do you think we'll finally find out the secret of the bunnies?  Of course we will!  If you saw the disclaimer, those shows have something to do with it.  Okay, this takes place before AS 13.

Anime Survivor!  Side Story 6

Mimi stepped out of her door, refreshed and ready for a new day.  She nearly tripped over something, but looked down and saw the cutest little brown bunny.

"You cutie!  What are you doing here?"

She bent down and picked up the bunny, closed her eyes, and held it close.  She didn't even notice it's eyes turn red and the fangs extend from its mouth.

"Freeze!  FBI!" cried two people.

Mimi looked up in surprise and found two gun barrels staring her in the face.  She followed the guns, to the hands, to the people who held them.

One was a woman with shoulder length red hair, full lips, and a very serious expression on her face.  The other was a man with dark hair and a slightly large nose.  His face could have been quite goofy looking if it wanted to, but it was also dead serious.  Both of them were sharply dressed in suits.

She opened her mouth to ask what was going on, but their attention was caught by the attractive, blonde, and well dressed, teenage girl cart wheeling and back flipping down the hall.

She landed nimbly on her two feet and pulled a sharpened wooden stake out of her brown jacket.

"Time for some slaying," she said.  "God, I need a better opening line."

She raised the stake and was about to strike Mimi.  At the same time the agents cocked their guns.

Mimi screamed, dropped the bunny, and slammed the door.

She was breathing heavily and waited for them to go away, or at least riddle the door, and maybe her body, with bullets.  Nothing came.  She took a deep breath and opened the door.  She braced herself for the attack that would greet her on the other side.

But there was no one on the other side.  No FBI agents, no blonde girl, no bunny.  Just an empty hall.

Well, it wasn't empty for long.

Matt, Izzy, Joe, Tracey, and Gary burst out of their rooms and ran to Mimi.  They were ready to comfort her and win some of her favour.

Joe was the first to reach her.  "Mimi, what's wrong?  I heard you scream."

"Oh Joe, it was so terrible..."

Matt cut in as Joe was about to open his mouth.  "Hey, why don't you tell me all about it?"

"Well, I looked out and saw a cute bunny.  As soon as I picked it up, this man and woman stuck guns in my face!"  Mimi started to sniffle.  "And then, there was this girl with a wooden stake.  Together, they were going to attack me!"  Now Mimi burst out into sobs.

"Don't worry Mimi," comforted Izzy.  "It must have been a bad dream.  The anticipation of this contest and waiting for Tai and Sora must be getting to you."

"She's already got most of her loser friends here.  Maybe it's you that caused the nightmare, nerd.  She just needs me to make her feel all better," guessed Gary.

Mimi then wailed loudly and pitifully.

Tracey stepped up, with his handy dandy sketchbook tucked in his arm.  "Hey, why don't you tell me all about it, and let's see if I can make an identification sketch.  You know, to make sure that if those people are in this hotel still and if anyone has seen them."

Mimi sniffled and wiped away her tears.  She hugged the boys, except for Gary.  "Thank you.  You're all so kind."

The loud and shrill scream woke Brock up.

He shook his head groggily and looked his room.  No Roxanne or bunny.

He shook off last night's experience as a strange dream.

Brock just turned over and went back to sleep.

Tiny Pikababy wandered around the empty lower halls for Matt.  Well, he wasn't there, so he must be sleeping in, just like everyone else.

A scream then alerted her that maybe someone had received a rude wake-up call.

She was ready to run to Matt's rescue in case anything else were to happen, but a bunny hopped in her path.

She bent down in front of the bunny and inspected it.  It had white fur, but on its back was a patch of fur that read "ZERO".  Tiny Pikababy picked the bunny and looked at its underbelly.  A patch of blue fur was found that formed the numbers "00".

Holding the strange bunny in her arms, she made her way to the supposedly empty grand foyer.  To her surprise, it wasn't empty.  From opposite sides of the room were the Gundam Wing pilots and on the other side were the EVA pilots.  In the middle of the room Jeff Probst.

Jeff's arms were spread out, signaling the two teams to stay still.  "Okay, for today's reward challenge, you have to choose one member from your tribe for hand-to-hand combat."

Heero Yuy stepped up valiantly.  "Omae o korosu," he announced.

Shinji was unceremoniously pushed from behind by Rei and Asuka.

"Now that we have our two contestants, get into your fighting stances."  Jeff stepped back from the fighting circle, then he raised his arm.  "Survivors ready?  GO!"  He dropped his arm, signaling the beginning of the fight.

Shinji, with all of his insecurities, circled Heero tentatively.  It was also obvious how nervous he was, because he was visibly shaking.

Heero just calmly and coolly sized Shinji up.

Rei stared on dispassionately.

"Yuy!  That boy is a weakling!  Just finish off that injustice!" ranted Wufei in a corner.  "I demand justice!  Justice for Nataku!"

Heero nodded and whipped out a gun from his black spandex shorts.  "Omae o korosu," he uttered, and then he pulled the trigger.

Tiny Pikababy dropped the bunny so that she could shield her eyes from the gruesome sight of Shinji's brains being blown out.

No gunshot.  No horrified scream.

Tiny Pikababy removed her hands from her eyes and looked around to find nothing.  Just an empty and spacious foyer.

Pokemaniac and DiGi MaDDmOn were enjoying a cup of early morning soda and were talking about the finer points of AAML and Taiora.

Star Otaku then interrupted their conversation when she started to search the room.

"Anything wrong, Star?" asked Pokemaniac.

"Yeah, I lost my lunch bag.  Again," Star Otaku replied.

"It's always in the last place you look!" said DiGi MaDDmOn.

"Thanks for the suggestion.  Can you guys tell me if you've seen it anywhere?"

"Sure!" the authoresses agreed.

Star just gave them a thumbs up in thanks and left the room to continue her search.

Star Otaku made her way down the hall near the dining room, but was blocked by Joe, Matt, Izzy, Gary, and Tracey.  They were gathered around Mimi's door.

"Uh, could someone tell me what's going on?"

"Mimi woke up from a bad dream, and we're just trying to help her out," explained Joe.

"Bad dream?  Let me talk to Mimi," offered Star.

The boys parted the way and let the authoress knock on the door.

Mimi opened it and happily greeted Star.  "Hi Star!  What can I do for you?"

"I heard you had a bad dream.  And it's sure causing quite a panic.  So what happened?"

Mimi retold the encounter with the bunny, agents, and Slayer to Star Otaku.

"A bunny?  What did it look like?"

"It was brown, with a white cotton tail.  Like any normal rabbit."

"Yeah, well, that's what I thought too," muttered Star.

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing, but what you saw wasn't a dream.  Can you tell me where it went?"

"Um... No.  I dropped it and then closed the door.  I hope it isn't hurt."

"Thanks for the info.  I better be on my way.  And if any of you see my lunch bag, just tell me."

They all nodded and parted the way for Star so that she could leave.

It was later in the day, after Star Otaku had found her lunch bag and had returned from moderating a challenge, that she was swamped with complaints by some of the guests.

"I saw some strange rabbits snooping around my room!  I thought we weren't allowed any pets," Potted Palm said.

~Pottermon~ was then voiced his complaint.  "Some demon rabbit nearly bit my finger off!  Someone should exterminate it!"

Soon, the authors and readers were shouting at once.

"Please!  I'm sure we can do something to fix this problem!"  Star Otaku tried to calm the angry mob.

Gatomon and Meowth decided to take matters into their own paws.

"Meowth, I'm in the mood for a good hunt," purred Gatomon.

"Me too, babe, me too."

The two cats stalked off and were on the prowl.

Star Otaku finally assured the crowd that the problem would be fixed.  The crowd dispersed, leaving Star stressed out about what to do.

Okay, recap: a killer bunny or two may be on the loose and it was only a few days until the winner would be announced.

The killer bunny or bunnies was the main concern, but not for long.

Meowth and Gatomon walked up to Star Otaku's feet and dropped a wriggling bag at her feet.

"Hey, thanks for the present, but I don't think it'll cheer me up," said Star.

"C'mon, I think you'll like what you see," said Gatomon.

"They might make good hasenpfeffer," said Meowth.

Star Otaku's eyes perked up, and she peered into the bag.  In it were bunnies!  The red and grey one that TK and Kari found, the demon bunny, and even a white bunny with "ZERO" written on its back.

"Thanks you two!  What can I ever do to repay you?"

"One romantic evening together, for us and for Jesse and James," suggested Meowth.

"Deal!  One super romantic double date!  Expect it on the night of the gala!"

Izzy looked over the bunnies while Joe examined Star's head.

Joe rubbed the spot where the large bump used to be.  Only a slight lump was in its place.

"Good to know that it's healing.  How are those rabbits coming along, Izzy?" called Joe.

Izzy's fingers flew over the keys and the screen scrolled a few sentences.  "These are the elusive plot bunnies."

"Plot bunnies?!" cried Joe and Star Otaku.

Star Otaku hopped off the examination table, grabbed her lunch bag, and looked over the bunnies.  "I heard about them.  But these only show up when people have ideas but can't put them into action.  How did they get here?"

"It seems that the bump to your head and your lunch bag are the cause of this," explained Izzy.  "That bump knocked some ideas loose in your head and caused some forgetfulness.  Now, those ideas formed shape in lunch bag space, but those ideas had no where to go, the only route of escape was through your lunch bag.  And since you left your weapon lying around because of that memory loss, they were able to escape undetected." 

"What do I do?  How do I stop them?"

"The only way to stop them is to keep a close eye on your lunch bag and grab them whenever they're ready to escape.  Detain them in a safe and secure pen.  If you can gather all of them, you can put them up for adoption."

"Thanks Izzy, thanks Joe.  I think I have some fliers to make.  As for this little fellow..."

Star Otaku bent over the cage containing the red and grey furred plot bunny.  She picked it up and stuffed it back in her lunch bag.

"You've already been used, so I think you should stay put."

End of Side Story 6

Additional Author's Notes: Okay!  Now we know what the bunnies do!  Yes, the plot bunnies will be up for adoption.  I'm sure that Mimi haters out there were rooting for Mulder and Scully to blast Mimi to the next dimension.  But, as the author, I must remain a neutral entity in the production of this fic, so I neither promote nor condone killing.  Well, almost time for the big gala, and we still don't know who Mimi's date is!