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Anime Survivor!   Episode 12

Day 34

The Podimon tribe has woken up to the rising sun.  They nervously and warily eat breakfast over the fire.

Tai:  There's just no point to the Podimon tribe anymore.

Ash:  Yeah, it's just split up into the Pokemon and Digimon tribes.

Sora:  Is this how we're going to continue with the rest of the game?  Just two teams instead of one?

Misty:  Yeah.

Brock:  Pretty much.

{Sora:  The Podimon tribe has fractured and has split up into the original two that made it up.  We lost some teamwork, so when it comes to chores and things like that, I hope that everyone is still willing to pull together.  If not for the challenges, then for that.}

{Misty:  We're all trying to act civilly towards each other, but, it's really hard.  But I hope that by the end of this, we can still come out without any bitter feelings towards anyone.}

{Ash:  I know that we're not going to get any money out of this, but we get fame!  It's the principle of the matter!}

{Brock:  So now that everything's out in the open on alliances, things are still a bit on edge.  People are sticking with their own groups.  If this keeps up, things will really fall apart and get ugly.}

{Tai:  I don't know if Sora and I will make it on this island any longer.  But we're gonna have to try.}

Tai and Sora are sitting alone in the shelter.  Sora seems to be angry at Tai.

Tai:  Sora, what's the matter?

Sora:  You know what the matter is!

Tai:  What did I do?

Sora:  I guess you forgot about last night.  I thought you wouldn't vote for Izzy!

Tai:  He wanted it!  I was only doing what he wanted.  If it makes you feel any better, I miss him too, and I feel guilty about doing it.

Tai reaches out to hug Sora, but she pushes him away.

Sora:  I don't think we should talk for a little while.  I was in Izzy's corner, and I didn't want to get rid of him, no matter what, even if he did want it.

Tai:  But-

Sora:  Just leave me alone.

Sora points at the the door.  Tai glumly exits the shelter and passes by a sunbathing Ash and Misty.

Ash:  Looks like trouble in paradise.

Misty:  Just a little lover's spat.

Sora and Misty both are walking toward the fishing gear and Golduck's pokeball.  They both reach out, but stop when they see the other person's hand.

Misty:  Uh, hey Sora, what are you doing here?

Sora:  I thought that maybe you should take the day off and I'd go fishing for you.

Misty:  I don't know.  I mean, Golduck doesn't really like strangers.  Maybe you should let me do it.

Sora:  I'm sure I can get used to it.  Unless, you don't trust me.

Misty:  Of course I trust you!  Sure, go ahead!  Take Golduck and good luck!

Sora nods and takes the gear and pokeball while Misty walks off to find Brock.

Brock:  So Sora is taking over for today?

Misty:  Yeah.  I don't want them to start thinking that we're the bad guys.

Brock:  It's gonna be pretty hard to gain their trust.

Misty:  I know.  We just have to hold back and be polite.  I mean, they were nice enough to let us live with them.

Brock:  Well, by the next tribal council, we'll return the favour and make things easier for them.

Misty:  Okay, we're sticking with the plan.

As soon as Misty leaves, Ash storms up to Brock.

Ash:  Brock, I did a lot of thinking about what you're going to do.  I'm here to say, don't do it.

Brock:  Sorry Ash.  I know that you and Misty both want to win this.  I'm stepping down so you two can continue.

Ash:  No!  We'll stick together, vote off Sora or Tai.  Gain the advantage!

Brock:  I said that wouldn't be fair.  You want to give Digidestined a fair chance, right?

Ash:  *defeated* Yeah, I guess.  Fine.  I'll play fair.  But I don't have to like it.

Sora is swimming with Golduck beside her.  She sees a large Magikarp in the distance and she points at it.  Golduck starts to swim towards its prey.

Then Sora is back on land, clutching her side and holding a wriggling Magikarp in her other hand.

{Sora:  I now appreciate what Misty does for us.  When she fishes, she's really careful about the Magikarp.  They may look weak, but a whack from their fins packs a punch.  I think I'm gonna bruise for days.}

A concerned Tai runs up to Sora.

Tai:  Sora!  Are you okay?!

Sora:  I'm fine.  Quit worrying about me and help me get this oversized trout to the fire.

Ash:  Are you sure you don't need any bandages?

Misty:  Ash, it's just a skittish fish.  Sora said she'll be fine.  All she has to do is probably get some rest.

Brock:  Everyone's pretty hungry, so bring it over here and I'll prepare it!

Sora:  This is my first catch, so I think I should get the honour of cooking it.

Brock:  Alright, you can have your little revenge.

As Sora is cooking their lunch and passing everyone's portions, they start talking.

Brock is sitting alone on the beach, watching the sun set over the sea.

{Brock:  I really can't wait to get home, and that's why I'm ready to leave.  To see Professor Ivy and my siblings and dad.  I can't wait for that, I'm so homesick.  But what I also love is how beautiful it is to be out here.  Especially the sunset, which is really beautiful.  Now if only I had some special girl to share it with! *sobs* I need a girlfriend, and badly! *sniffles*}


*    *    *


Day 35

Sora and Tai are walking towards their tree mail for the day's reward challenge.  They find a bucket full of mud and bring it back to the camp.

Ash:  It says to dig in, so I'll do it.

Ash sticks his hand into the bucket and feels around.  Everyone looks sickened when they hear the squishing and sloshing of his hand moving around in the mud.  Ash finally pulls out a piece of paper.

Ash:  It says that for this competition, we get down and dirty!

Misty:  More mud!  Yuck!

Tai:  Hey, think of this as a way to unwind.

The group approaches the old mud pit.  They see Star Otaku waiting for them by a scale and some buckets with their names carved to the sides.

Star Otaku:  Welcome to today's challenge.  You all get to take a dip in the mud pit.  Using your body, gather as much mud as you can and bring it back into the buckets.  Whoever has the most mud gathered in five minutes wins the prize.  It was supposed to be some brew, but since you're all too young, and I don't want to encourage underage drinking, you'll have a nice cold can of Barq's root beer or some iced tea.  And hopefully, the winner is willing to join me for more while we watch a little bit of the first episode of Anime Survivor.

Everyone gets in line, and on Star Otaku's signal, they dive into the mud and scramble to cover themselves.  The move back and forth, dumping, dropping, and squeezing the mud into the buckets.

Star Otaku:  And... time's up!  Let's weigh those buckets.

Everyone stops what their doing.  They take their buckets to the scale and weigh them.  Tai has the heaviest bucket.

Star Otaku:  Tai, I'll be coming around the beach tonight to pick you up.  If any of you need to clean up, use the hot springs over there. *points*

Everyone cheerfully makes their way to the hot springs and start to take a dip and wash off the mud.  Everyone is working together to clean the mud off the hard to reach places.  [Not hentai!]

{Tai:  That challenge really wore us out.  And I think without that excess energy, we can relax and be mellow.  We all helped each other to clean up, and I think that I shouldn't be so paranoid of them.}

{Misty:  After that mud challenge, I just wanted to get clean.  And so did everyone else.  While we were cleaning up, we talked and scrubbed, and I think I gained back some of their trust.}

{Brock:  I'm so glad that everyone is working together again!  I hope we can work of patching up the rest of the rift.  If we can do that, it means that we won't be worried about back stabbing each other for the rest of the game.}

It's night time, and the Podimon tribe is gathered around the fire, waiting for the boat to come around.

Ash:  I think I can see some lights up ahead!

The boat docks at the beach, and waits for Tai.  Tai gets ready to go, but is stopped by Sora.

Sora:  Tai, about yesterday.  I forgive you.  I'm sorry about what I did and said.

Tai:  It's okay, I know that you're just worried about me and Izzy.

Sora:  I should have respected his wishes, and I shouldn't have been so overprotective, like I was with Biyomon.

Tai:  Let's put it behind us and I'll see you later tonight.

Tai and Sora hug each other.  Then Tai gets on the boat and it sails away to the disclosed location.

A blind-folded Tai is being led to Veggiemon's restaurant.  It's full of authors and excited readers.

Tai:  Are we there yet?

Star Otaku:  Yes Tai.  

Star Otaku sits Tai down on a chair and takes the blind-fold off.

Tai:  *looks around* This is so cool!

AnimeGurl, a waitress, comes up to take Tai's order.

AnimeGurl:  So what'll it be?

Star Otaku:  Make it two root beers and two iced teas.

Tai:  Uh, can you add some fries and a burger to my order?  And a slice of watermelon too!

AnimeGurl:  Sure thing. *yelling* Veggiemon!  Two root beers, iced teas, burger and fries, and some watermelon!

Veggiemon:  *yelling* I'm working as fast as I can!

Star Otaku:  How are things going for you?  And be honest.

Tai:  Things are fine.  I'm getting along great with the others now.  At first, I thought, they're out to get us, but they're really nice guys.  The only reason everyone looks so vicious is because of the competition between us.

Star Otaku:  That was the point of today's competition.  To get rid of some tension.

Tai:  It did its job.  Oh cool!  There's a TV here!

Star Otaku:  Oh yeah!  Sit back, and relax.  We will show you little snippets of the first episode of Anime Survivor!

Everyone in the bar starts to cheer.  AnimeGurl turns on the TV and starts to play the episode while everyone watches intently.  They start to cheer when Tai makes his appearance.

The boat comes back to the beach and docks.  A tired Tai hops off and comes back to camp, only to be greeted by sleepy tribe members.  He says hi to them all and then they go to sleep in the snack bar shelter.


*    *    *


Day 36

Everyone at the Podimon beach is awake and are starting on their daily chores.

Brock and Ash are washing everyone's clothes in the sea water.

Ash:  Brock, this is gonna be your last day here.  Are you sure?

Brock:  I'm sure that I'm sure!

Ash:  Okay.  Let's try to have some fun for today.

Brock:  That's what I intend to do.  I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the day for as much as I can, until I have to go.

Ash:  I wanted to make sure.  Let's get back to camp before everyone starts worrying about us.

Sora and Misty are cooking breakfast together.

Misty:  I'm really sorry for how we acted towards you guys.

Sora:  It's okay.  I'm sure you guys didn't mean anything.

Misty:  Let's just try to stick together and not let the competition come between us.

Sora:  But you know that we're going to vote with our friends.  And now, I think against our friends too.

Both girls stop what they're doing, look at each other, and smile.  They then resume cooking.

{Tai:  We're making our peace.  After last night, I thought that we should clear things up.  We got the ball rolling yesterday after the challenge, so why not finish it?  I'm going to still vote, and I know that I'll be a target, but I'm not going to get all whiny and bitter about it.}

Everyone is then sitting underneath the parachute tent and are talking, getting along, and laughing happily.

The whole tribe walks toward the tree mail and find a video camera with a note attached to it.  Misty takes the camera and reads the tag.

Misty:  "To whom it may concern.  The last will and testament of Star Otaku.  Please play."

Everyone crowds around Misty as she presses the play button on the camera.

Through the screen on the side, they see the view of someone walking leisurely through the jungle.  The camera pans across the trees and catches some Pidgey, Caterpie, and Weedle looking into the camera.  The person continues walking, but at a faster pace.

An animal call whips the camera around and stops to tape the sunlight through the trees.  The light looks like it's shimmering and some muttering can be heard.  The person moves closer and closer to the light.  A hand appears to reach out and touch the light, but then pulls away.

The walking continues, but faster, until it breaks into a run.  The camera goes through the jerky movements as the camera person runs.  The camera abruptly stops and there's a flash of light.

When the light clears up, the scene changes to show large temple ruins.  The camera person moves into the temple and pans around on the walls to capture the carvings of pictures and ancient texts.

A tinny clang is heard, and the camera looks down to see a rolling golden coin at the person's feet.  They pick it up and someone can be heard saying, "Pay Day."

The person then runs out of the temple and stops at a church with a graveyard at the front.  Some eerie singing and dancing can be heard, and a strange looking person starts to approach the camera.  They're wearing a mask of a smiling human face along with priest's clothes.

The camera is turned around to get a close up of Star Otaku's face.  "I only wanted to get to the old Pokemon beach for the next challenge!  If anyone finds this, please tell Podimon to get to the old Pokemon beach by sunset!"

The camera is dropped and the sound of Star Otaku chanting/yelling "Bakemon lose your power!" can be heard.  Then the screen goes dark.

Tai:  That was one cheezy rip off of a certain movie.

Sora:  But those places shown might be clues to the challenge.

Ash:  You heard the now deceased authoress.  As her last wish, we'll get to her challenge!

Everyone nods solemnly, then break out laughing.

{Ash:  We may be in this to win, but we're not going to do it by being underhanded and devious.  That's not how I would do things!  I have to be fair.  So I'm going to give my all when we have the immunity challenge.}

The Podimon tribe is at the beach and are sitting on a log opposite of Star Otaku.  Behind them is the jungle and in each of their hands us a digital camera.

Star Otaku:  I'm back.  Alive and well.  It seems that Globie formed a search party for me.  I'm eternally grateful to him for that.  While I was lost, I learned some very important things and spent a lot of time thinking.  I will share my knowledge with all of you, and I hope that you will treasure it.

The tribe members nods their heads attentively.

Star Otaku:  I'm sure that all of you know to respect your surroundings.  For the Poke-world, there was the legend of the great cleansing storm.  People had treated the environment very badly, and so the gods sent a great flood.  Only the pokemon survived, and with their tears, they restored life to the world.

Ash:  We heard that legend from the harbour master!  We wanted to get to that tournament!

Star Otaku:  That's right.  And while I was walking along the island, I thought I was being watched.  The way the sunlight hit the trees, it was almost like it was sparkling.  I had the irresistible urge to talk to myself, or maybe whatever it was out there.  I was about to reach out and touch the intangible when I finally snapped out of my trance.

Sora:  Those were the entities.  They watched the Digiworld and watched the balance of light and darkness.  They were powerful, but didn't have a form.  But they were powerful enough to even projected time itself!

Star Otaku:  That's correct, Sora.  I hope you're all listening, because there's some more to tell you.  As I walked, I felt something else watching me.  I saw a bright flash of light, and I found myself at these ancient ruins.  They looked quite familiar.  I looked inside and there was a gigantic engraving of the digivice.  Thanks to Izzy's research, I deciphered some of the ancient texts, and they foretold of the Digidestined, the chosen children, and how they would free the Digiworld of all evil.

Tai:  Izzy told us about the ruins.  And how he made Mimi cry.

Star Otaku:  The temple reminded me of some ancient cultures.  Ancient cultures that had worshipped the pokemon.  A very familiar island cult worshipped the great Meowth of bounty.  The legend was that the great Meowth of bounty would fall from the sky.  If the people appeased the godlike feline, he would perform Pay Day and a rain of golden coins would occur.

Misty:  This is starting to creep me out!

Star Otaku:  And finally, as I got out of the temple, I was lost in the jungle some more.  Until I found a church.  Mary would have been so relieved!  But that's not the point.  Sora would remember what this church means.  There was a special Bakemon holiday, and they would dress up like people and sing and dance to lure helpless people, or digimon, into the trap.  When they got close enough, they would break out of their costumes and proceed to eat up their victims.  The only way to defeat them was to chant a mantra.  Did any of you get that?

The Podimon tribe absently nod their heads.

Star Otaku:  You have had better paid attention!  This is some really important stuff!  First one to go into the forest, collect all the pokeballs or the digi-egg fragments with the clues, and answer all the questions correctly, wins immunity.  Take your cameras.

The Podimon members have their digital cameras in hand, and on Star Otaku's mark, they dash into the jungle.

Clue 1 (Digi-egg fragment):  What can the entities of the Digiworld do?
Ash- I don't know.
Misty- They can project time.
Brock- They watch the Digiworld.
Tai- They have no bodies, so they possess people so that they can communicate.
Sora- The entities monitor the balance of darkness and light.

Clue 2 (Found in pokeball):  After the great cleansing flood, how was life restored to the planet?
Ash- I know it had something to do with tears and water.  Am I right?
Misty- Their tears restored life.
Brock- The pokemon cried.
Tai- They, uh, cried?
Sora- The pokemon cried out of sorrow and their tears brought back life.

Clue 3 (Digi-egg fragment):  What does the legend of the Digidestined foretell?
Ash- I don't know.
Misty- They would defeat evil in this world.
Brock- They would free the Digiworld.
Tai- The Digidestined would get rid of the bad guys!
Sora- That the chosen children would vanquish evil in the Digiworld.

Clue 4 (Found in pokeball):  What is the ritual of the great Meowth of bounty?
Ash- I should know this!  But I don't!
Misty- Treat the Meowth with respect and it'll rain golden coins.
Brock- A happy Meowth will rain Pay Day on everyone.
Tai- I forgot about that one!
Sora- Please the Meowth god and he'll use his Pay Day attack to rain golden coins.

Clue 5 (Digi-egg fragment):  What must you do to be free of the Bakemon?
Ash- Um... I forgot.
Misty- Recite a mantra.
Brock- Chant a special phrase.
Tai- Chant out loud.
Sora- Chant a mantra so that they'll lose their power.

Everyone starts to make their way back to Star Otaku, and the first one to come out of the jungle is: Sora!  Sora hands Star Otaku the camera and the clues in her hands, and the author plays back the answers.

Star Otaku:  All five of your answers are correct!  Sora, you're on a winning streak!

Sora puts on the immunity bracelet and greets her tribe members as they each come out of the jungle.

It's raining back at the island, and the tribe is spending their time waiting the storm out in the snack bar shelter.  Agumon is helping them start a fire.

Misty:  What's up with all the rain?

Tai:  It didn't rain this much the last time we were here.

Ash:  I don't why we have to wait here!  We could wait in the tent!

Brock:  Did you see that wind out there?  By the time it's over, we better start a search party to find the parachute.

Sora:  And then form another team to put it back up.

Ash:  You know what?  I'm sick and tired of being cooped up!  I'm getting outta here.

Ash gets up and leaves the shelter, despite everyone's protests.

Misty:  *yelling* Ash!  You dummy!  I don't want to lose you!

Ash:  *yelling* I'll be fine!  I've braved storms worse than this!

{Ash:  I don't know why I left.  I guess I wanted to prove something to everyone and to myself.  I wanted to prove that I'm tough and that I can survive anything!  Well, as soon as the storm cleared up, I proved that I could brave the storm and the elements.  And also one more thing.  And that thing was to always towel off when you're done, or else you'll catch a bad head cold.}

The storm has cleared up, and its very warm and sunny.  The Podimon tribe is working together to help re-erect the parachute tent.  They're laughing and happily chatting as they work.

{Sora:  I can't bear to vote for anyone now.  If they were openly mean and conniving, it would be an easier choice.  But they're good guys, like us, and that's what's gonna make it so hard.  Even harder now that we've become friends.}

{Brock:  There are going to be a lot of surprises during the council.  Once those votes are read, and four of them have my name, things are going to change.  Opinions, attitudes, and behaviours towards the others.}

It's night time on File Island, and the Podimon tribe is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see the crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.  And there is also a large bench on the other side of the bonfire, opposite to the sitting area.

Everyone passes by the gong and bangs it, and then pass by Star Otaku while they take their seats.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is their glowing digivice (on the tiny glowing screen is their crest) and pokeball (inside is a little figurine of their trademark pokemon).  This is their seating plan (left to right) according to their respective crest/pokemon:
Sora- Love
Tai- Courage
Ash- Pikachu
Misty- Starmie
Brock- Onix

Star Otaku:  Let's bring out our ever-expanding tribal jury.

Matt, Jesse, James, and Izzy step out of the forest and into the light.  They either wave or nod at the group.  They take their seats on the bench behind Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Let's gather the evidence.  Last week, there was the admittance of an alliance.  On both sides!  What do you all have to say about that and how it's going to affect things tonight.

Brock:  I think that one group will have the advantage over other.

Tai:  Don't gloat Brock.

Brock:  I'm just saying that there might be some surprises happening for tonight.

Star Otaku:  We've made it this far.  Do any of you think that there are people out there who are rooting for you?

Sora:  Of course!  Our friends are waiting for us, hoping that one of us will win it for them.

Ash:  It's about bringing pride to the group, in this case, the show.

Star Otaku:  Are any of you slowing down, now that we're getting closer to ending this?

Misty:  We have three more days of this, and I can't wait until it's over!

Ash:  All of us can't wait!

Star Otaku:  I think jury has heard enough for tonight.  Sora, you won immunity again.  First vote, and you're up.

Sora gets up and goes into the cave. She's writing a name on paper under the torch that hangs over the little table.

Sora:  *write the name and holds it up* Brock.  I know that he's hard working and everything like that, but, this is for getting rid of Izzy. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai:  *write the name and holds it up* Brock.  It's about time we even the odds. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Brock:  *write the name and holds it up* Tai.  I can't vote for myself, now can I? *puts paper in box and leaves*

Ash:  *write the name and holds it up* Brock.  You're my friend, and I understand where you're coming from on this.  So, good luck and thank you. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty:  *write the name and holds it up* Brock.  Well, it was coming to this anyways.  You're right, we should give the other team a fighting chance. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty comes out of the cave, holding the voting box.  She hands it to Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Whoever is voted off this week will return with the jury. *reaches in box* *pulls out paper* Brock.

Brock looks on casually.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Tai.

Tai just stares on with wide eyes.

The process continues as each of the votes are read, and the tally is: Brock-4 votes; Tai-1 vote.

Star Otaku:  Brock, please bring up your pokeball.

Brock complies with the instructions.  He grabs his open pokeball and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken. *closes pokeball*

Brock:  We're even now.  Good luck, you guys. *leaves*

Brock's Final Words:

Hi everyone!  No hard feelings for what happened tonight, okay guys?  You did what you had to do.  Okay, you did what I wanted you to do.

Everyone acted how they would typically act, they weren't too good or too bad.  Because no one is completely one thing.  And I hope that the people that see this will understand.

I'm in the jury, and it's going to be hard which person I have to choose.  I like them all, and they each deserve the prize, because they behaved in a very likeable manner.

I really enjoyed my time here on File Island, and if I didn't spend so much of my time trying to stay alive, then I would have done some field research for my work as a pokemon breeder.

I made some friends, and I hope to meet up with them when I go back to...  Well, where ever it is that all the voted-off people go.  Good luck to you guys!

End of Episode 12

Author's Notes: Keep your eyes peeled for Side Story 5 and 6!