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Anime Survivor!   Episode 13

Day 37

It is morning on File Island, and the Podimon tribe wakes up to the rising sun.

{Tai:  Ah!  It's great today!  And it's a brand new day, and the contest is almost ending, and I've got the feeling that I'm gonna win!  We're getting really close, and time is just flying for me!  I can take on anyone for the next three days!  Wahoo!}

{Sora:  I feel a bit bored and sluggish since we're so close to finding out who wins.  I know, I know.  I should be excited and on the edge, like Ash and Tai, but I don't.  Maybe I'm just a bit lonely.  I really miss my friends, and I can't wait until this is all over and done with.}

Sora is out in the sea with a bundle of clothes in her arms.  She dumps them in the water and starts stomping on them.

{Ash:  Along with clean underwear, my mom gave me some soap to boot!  Sora just borrowed some of it for doing the laundry.  I don't know why we need to do laundry!  But I guess we should put on our best appearances if one of us is going to win.  She better be careful with my *ahem* unmentionables.}

Misty then is back from a recent fishing trip with Golduck.  Both of them have very large Magikarps in their arms.

Misty:  Lunch is served!  Put the rice on!

{Misty:  I think that since it's almost our last day, we should celebrate making it this far by having a feast!  We haven't eaten much, with all the tension around us, but since we're winding down, we should let loose.}

Misty:  Ash?  What's Sora doing with our clothes?

Ash:  Doing the laundry.

Misty:  Huh.  I thought I saw soap bubbles in the water.

Tai:  Let's eat!

{Sora:  I'm a little bit nervous around Ash and Misty though.  I'm glad that we can be friends, but I'm still afraid the competition is going to come between us.  But I shouldn't be so uptight.  Everyone says that we should relax, so I'll take them up on their advice.}

The Podimon four are eating around the fire, laughing, eating, and sharing stories.

Tai:  I'm in such bad shape! *ruffles hair* Look at my hair!  It's a mop!  You can clean a tile floor with this!

Sora:  Aw, Tai!  Your hair is always like that!  I'm still recovering from that little Magikarp incident.  I'm not scarring, just bruising.

Ash:  Take a lookie at this! *points to a mark* I got this while walking in the woods this morning.  A Weedle, just a newborn, I think, nearly got me with its Poison Sting.

Misty:  Ugh!  I don't know how you guys can stand to even go near all those bugs!  They're driving me...

Tai:  Buggy?

Everyone:  *laughs*

{Ash:  I never thought that we'd end up this way.  At first, I thought that the last four would be me, Misty, Brock, and any of the Digidestined.  But people stepped down and made the way for anyone to step up and take their place.  Now, if Pikachu were here, we'd be the final four!  A lot of strategies changed, and we're left scrambling.  One thing's for sure, I'm not going to get rid of Misty!}

{Tai:  I always thought that the final four would be the rest of the Digidestined.  I thought that we'd make it to the end together!  Not that I'm saying that staying with Ash and Misty is bad.  I really like them.  They would have made good chosen children, if they had the chance.  But, we've made a friendship alliance, but not a voting one, so either of them are game.}

{Misty:  There are more people from Pokemon than from Digimon, and I hope that if Ash or I make it to the final two, I hope that they recognize who is really on their side.  We played the game as best as we could and we didn't cheat.  Well, technically, we didn't cheat, as friends, we voted together.}

{Sora:  If I make to the final two, I know that there is a one person difference on the jury.  Three Digidestined, four pokemon trainers.  It's very certain that since the Digidestined are almost as close as family, they're going to vote for me.  So I hope that I behaved well enough to at least persuade one person on the Pokemon side to vote for me.}

The four tribe members go up to their tree mail and find message along with photographs of everyone who was voted off the island.  They pass the photos around and look through them.

Sora:  "Hail to our fallen friends, we barely knew their odds and ends.  Time for you to pick up the slack, or else one of you will have to pack."

Tai:  Okay, so they couldn't create a good rhyming clue.  It must have something to do with everyone that was on this island.

Misty:  "Odds and ends."  Maybe some trivia about them!

Ash:  More trivia!  Oh no!  I'm doomed!

Sora:  So we have to remember some little known facts about the people we knew on this island.  But we never even met Tracey, Gary, or Meowth!  We just heard about them from you guys!

Misty:  Well, we're in the same position you guys are!  We barely even know Mimi, TK, or Kari.  And from what we heard from you guys, we don't know if it's accurate.

Tai:  Relax!  Just do what I'd do!

Ash:  Wing it!

Everyone is back at the campsite, sitting underneath the parachute tent and eating.  They're passing the photos around and talking.

Sora:  Well, one more person that has to leave tonight.

Ash:  Sora, don't get so bummed out!  Think of it as more food to go around.

Misty angrily whacks Ash upside the head.

Misty:  You could try to be a little more sensitive!

Tai:  Let's get back on track.  We're going to be quizzed on how well we knew these people.  Count me out.  I have to admit, I'm too hyper, I can't even pay attention!

Misty:  Count Ash out.  He's got the same problem of a short attention span.

Ash:  I do not!  I know that Matt and TK were brothers, but their parents divorced; Meowth was a lap cat before he worked with Team Rocket; James came from a family of aristocrats; Joe wants to be a doctor; and Kari was the eighth child.

Everyone looks at Ash in surprise.  An awkward pause settles over them.

Ash:  What were we talking about?

Everyone then facevaults.

Tai:  Okay!  We can count on dumb luck happening for Ash!

Sora:  Tai, don't be so hard on yourself.  We all know some things the others don't.

Misty:  Yeah!  It all depends on memory and guessing.

{Ash:  Like I said before, we're scrambling to find out who we should get rid off.  Tai or Sora.  It's going to be hard.}

{Sora:  I heard the saying that "Nice guys finish last."  I feel like the nice guy, and I'm vulnerable to being attacked. *snickers* The only thing I hope that can save me is that one of them will have a guilt trip and change their vote.}

{Misty:  Sora would have been gone if she hadn't been winning those challenges.  But still, the longer she' been on, the harder it is for us to even think of getting rid of her.  She's a team player, even more so than Tai.  Somewhere, deep down, I hope she makes it to the final two.}

It's night time on File Island, and the Podimon tribe is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see the crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.  And there is also a large bench on the other side of the bonfire, opposite to the sitting area.

Everyone passes by the gong and bangs it, and then pass by Star Otaku while they take their seats.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is their glowing digivice (on the tiny glowing screen is their crest) and pokeball (inside is a little figurine of their trademark pokemon).  This is their seating plan (left to right) according to their respective crest/pokemon:
Sora- Love
Tai- Courage
Ash- Pikachu
Misty- Starmie

Star Otaku:  In this challenge, we need our tribal jury to come out.

Matt, Jesse, James, Izzy, and Brock step out of the forest and into the light.  They either wave or nod at the group.  They take their seats on the bench behind Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  You each have a board and a marker.  You're given a few seconds to write down you're answers, and when we're done, show it.  Wipe off the previous answer and start again.  For each correct answer, you get a point, and the one with the most points wins immunity!  Got it?

Everyone nods their heads.

Question 1: For the Pokemon tribe, who had all the votes that night?
Sora- Tracey
Tai- Meowth
Ash- Gary [1]
Misty- Gary [1]

Question 2: Who was the lightest person, for each tribe, during the rescue challenge.
Sora- Kari, Misty [1]
Tai- Kari, Meowth
Ash- TK, Misty
Misty- Kari, me (Misty) [1]

Question 3: Who owned this harmonica?
Sora- Matt [1]
Tai- Matt [1]
Ash- Matt [1]
Misty- Matt [1]

Question 4: What city or town did Brock live in?
Sora- ?
Tai- Cerulean City
Ash- Pewter City [1]
Misty- Pewter City [1]

Question 5: Who owns this whistle?
Sora- Kari [1]
Tai- Kari [1]
Ash- Matt
Misty- TK

Question 6: Who owns this charm?
Sora- James
Tai- Meowth [1]
Ash- Meowth [1]
Misty- Meowth [1]

Question 7: What items did the Poke-tribe bring with them when the tribes merged?
Sora- parachute, crate, food, fishing gear [1]
Tai- ?
Ash- food, Golduck, tent
Misty- parachute, canned food, Golduck

Question 8: Which members, from both teams, did not participate in the obstacle course?
Sora- Joe, TK, Ash [1]
Tai- Joe, TK, Ash [1]
Ash- me (Ash), TK, Kari
Misty- Joe, TK, Ash [1]

Question 9: Tracey is a... what?
Sora- breeder
Tai- pokemon trainer
Ash- watcher [1]
Misty- pokemon watcher [1]

Question 10: Name who owns which.  For the Poke-people, who owns Gomamon?  For the Digidestined, who owns Arbok?
Sora- Jesse [1]
Tai- James
Ash- Izzy
Misty- Izzy

Points: Sora- 6; Tai- 4; Ash- 5; Misty- 7.

Star Otaku hands Misty the immunity bracelet.

Star Otaku:  Misty, you're just a listener, aren't you?

Ash:  And she's also quite the talker too!

Misty:  Heh heh... Thanks for the comment Ash.  I think.  But Sora, she came quite close too!

Sora:  You deserved it.  My luck was going to run out sometime soon.

Star Otaku:  You won immunity, thus breaking Sora's streak, so you get the first vote for tonight.

Misty gets up and goes into the cave. She's writing a name on paper under the torch that hangs over the little table.

Misty:  *write the name and holds it up* Sora.  You said that you're luck might run out, but I hope that it doesn't tonight. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Ash:  *write the name and holds it up* Tai.  I couldn't think of anyone else.  Sorry. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai:  *write the name and holds it up* Ash.  To make this easier, I've concentrated on some of his bad points.  He's been getting a bit too arrogant, immature, and annoying.  The last two I experienced and we share, as for the first one, I only heard about it. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Sora:  *write the name and holds it up* Ash.  My only excuse is that I haven't seen him work as much anymore. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty comes out of the cave, holding the voting box.  She hands it to Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Let's see who will not be in the final three.  Hey!  That rhymed!  Anyways, on with the votes. *reaches in box* *pulls out paper* Ash.

Ash starts to look nervous.

Star Otaku:  *pulls out paper* Tai.

Tai starts getting jittery.

The process continues as each of the votes are read, and the tally is: Ash-2 votes; Tai-1 vote; Sora-1 vote.

Star Otaku:  *sighs* I was hoping for a tie or something.  Oh well.  Ash, please bring up your pokeball.

Ash complies with the instructions.  He grabs his open pokeball and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe has spoken. *closes pokeball*

Ash:  Aw man!  Oh well, Misty, it's up to you now.

Ash, with his closed pokeball in hand, goes up to Misty and hugs and kisses her, then leaves.

Ash's Final Words:

It's been a blast!  Although, it's like the Pokemon League all over again.  I'm so close to the end, and then I loose.  But hey!  That's good enough for me!  At least I made it to the final four.

Hey other than the unpredictable weather and strange new pokemon, I really had fun.  It's kinda up there with my pokemon journey.  It makes me wish that this place could be found in the Pokemon world.

It was great meeting the other people, and starting up some new friendships.  Being on a pokemon journey, you meet people, but you don't stay around long enough to really know them.  I'm glad I had that chance.  And I wish that I had the chance to do this again, and win it!


*    *    *


Day 38

It's very early in the morning when Star Otaku arrives at the Podimon camp.  She makes her way to the snack bat shelter and peeks inside.

Star Otaku:  *knocking on door* Guys!  Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!

Tai:  *groans* Who taught you that really lame rhyme?

Misty:  Mmm... It's too early.

Sora:  *yawn* Huh?  What are you doing here?

Star Otaku:  Just come with me and you'll get the answers to your questions.  We have a long day ahead.  And Tai, my math teacher taught me that rhyme.

Everyone groggily gets up and follows Star Otaku out the shelter.  They stand together, and using her author powers, Star Otaku and the trio find themselves near the Yokomon Village.

Star Otaku:  For today's challenge, we'll be doing a special ritual.  More like a rite of passage.  The Yokomon will be waving some fronds as you walk through them.  Then, lined up on both sides are your former tribe members, and they will hold out their digivice or pokeball.  So take that time to reflect, and move on past the curtain.  On the other side, you will participate in a fire walk and we'll start the challenge.

Tai:  *nervously* Uh... Will we be like, walking on hot coals, barefoot?

Star Otaku:  Oh, no!  As part of the ritual, you'll be covered in mud from the pit, and then you'll walk over Meramon.

Everyone gulps nervously.  Star Otaku points to a hut.  They go inside and find buckets with their names carved into the side and are filled with mud.  The three of them start to cover themselves in the mud and even put on patterns on their faces and bodies.  Then they walk out of the hut and walk to the outskirts of the village and near the lake.

Set up before them are the Yokomon waving large leafy fronds, then the Digidestined and Poke-people lined up and holding their digivice/pokeball, and then a large curtain.

Everyone stands there for a while, and then gather the courage to start walking.  With their heads held high, they walk through the frond waving Yokomon.  When they pass by their old friends, they look a bit somber.  And as they near the curtain, they slow down.  The three of them step through to find Meramon lying down in a pit.  All of them stop.

Meramon:  Don't worry.  I've turned the temperature down as far as it'll go!  And don't forget, watch the face!

They gulp again, then make their way over the fire digimon.  Everyone winces as they hear slight sizzling.  When they're done, they stand proudly before Star Otaku and the immunity idol.

Star Otaku:  Well, you've made it.  You must feel like real natives now!  Okay, the challenge today is really simple.  Just keep your hands on the immunity idol for as long as you can, and if you let go, you're out of the game.  You can move all you want, just don't let go.  So take your places.

Tai, Sora, and Misty stand on the pedestals around the idol, and get their hands ready.  On Star Otaku's mark, they set their hands down and begin waiting.

Tai:  I'm sure that Etemon sang this classic best when-

Sora and Misty:  NO!

Time Passed: 1 hour...

Star Otaku:  I think I've left you guys hanging and bored long enough.  I asked if some of our old friends would like to join us.  You know, keep your mind off of things.

Joe, Matt, Izzy, Brock, Ash, and Tracey come through the bamboo curtain and sit before their standing friends.

Tracey:  Hey there!  I brought along my sketchbook to commemorate this wonderful event!

Tai:  So, where are you guys staying?  Some fancy resort?

Brock:  Actually, we stay in some deluxe hotel in the sky.

Meramon gets up from lying down in the pit.

Meramon:  I don't know about you guys, but I better get back home.  I'll be watching you from Mount Miharashi.

Everyone:  See ya Meramon!  Try not to start any forest fires!

Time Passed: 1 hour, 30 minutes...

Sora:  Anything interesting happen lately?

Matt:  Uh... no.

Izzy:  *mutters under his breath* Nothing, except for a competition for Mimi's favour.

Joe:  As the doctor in training here, how are you guys doing so far?  Anything sprained?

Tai:  Uh, I think my shoulder is starting to cramp up.

Sora:  Nope, I'm fine.

Misty:  Same here.

Star Otaku then joins in on the group.

Star Otaku:  Hiya!  Having fun yet?

Everyone:  *yelling* NO!

Tai:  Matt, we're gonna get pretty bored.  How about some music to lighten the mood?

Matt takes out his harmonica and starts to play some music.

Time Passed: 2 hours...

Star Otaku:  Is anyone here hungry?  If so, raise your hands.  For our competitors, their free hand.

Everyone does raise their hand.  Star Otaku opens up her lunch bag and hands food out to the spectators.  She sets the food for Tai, Misty, and Sora on little pedestals behind them.

Tai reaches out with his other free hand while whimpering.

Star Otaku:  Sorry Tai.  You can only get it when you step down.

Tai:  Who was the sadist that thought that up?

Izzy:  I did.  A man did an experiment of placing two bowls with equal amounts of food in front of a dog.  He wanted to see what would happen.

Sora:  So for us, it's either get voted off and lose our chance of being everyone's favourite, or we starve.

Misty:  How deviouis.

Izzy:  Yes!  It's evil!  Because I am Dark Koushiro!  Oh Sora, dump Tai and marry me!

Everyone gasps dramatically, and Tai balls his other hand into a fist.

Izzy:  Just kidding!

Time Passed: 2 hours, 30 minutes...

Tai:  Okay, my arm's getting really tired and it's numb.  Can I please say my last words?

Sora:  Tai, no, please don't be a hero.

Misty:  C'mon!  We need you here to kill some time!  Don't go!

Tai:  You already have our old friends.  And I'm getting hungry!

Misty:  You're just like Ash, thinking with his stomach.

Tai:  I say, thank you all for accepting me as a part of the tribe.  I thought that maybe I'd be your leader, just like my old tribe.  But I think I should, like a good leader would, step down.  So I say, good luck to you ladies! *lets go* Don't forget to vote for me!

Joe:  Tai!  I'm afraid to think of what you'd do if it was suicide!

Ash:  You shouldn't have done something so stupid!

Tai:  Hey!  It's not my fault if I'm tired and hungry.

Tai proceeds to go and eat the food left out for them.

Tai:  Anyone want some?

Everyone:  *groans*

Time Passed: 3 hour...

Ash:  I'm getting really thirsty.

Brock:  Me too.

Star Otaku:  If everyone's getting thirsty, I'll take out some soda.

Star Otaku reaches into her lunch bag and pulls out some soda cans.  She hands them out to everyone, but leaves two aside for Sora and Misty.

Sora:  Tai, can you put a straw in the can and hold it up to my face?  I'm thirsty too.

Tai:  I dunno if I should...

Misty:  Ash!  If he gets to do it, you join him too!  I'm drying up here!

Ash:  Miss Otaku, can we please feed them?

Star Otaku:  Alright, but just to prove that I'm not cruel.

Tai and Ash pick up the plates of food and cans of soda and start to feed Sora and Misty.

Tracey:  Tai, Ash, can you guys just move a bit to the right?  I wanna start on this new sketch!

Time Passed: 3 hours, 30 minutes...

Star Otaku:  Okay, so I found out about the alliances on both sides.  Can anyone care to explain?

Brock:  I think I should, since I kinda started it.

Ash:  At first, it was Team Rocket building an alliance against us.

Misty  But they didn't organize it, so that's when Ash, Brock, and I took over.

Tracey looks up from his sketching.

Tracey:  An alliance?  That's a brilliant idea!

Sora:  *yawn* You're still here?

Tracey:  Yup!

Tai:  How's the art project going?

Tracey:  If I brought along my coloured pencils, I'd have a work of art!

Matt:  What's in that sketchbook anyways?

Joe:  Last I heard, sketches of Mimi.

Izzy:  Of Mimi?!

Matt, Joe, and Izzy look at each other, then jump on Tracey, trying to get the sketchbook out of his hands so that they could see the pictures of Mimi.

Brock:  If you sold tickets for a championship match, you'd make a fortune.

Star Otaku:  *looks at watch* You've been standing long enough.  From now until the end, we'll rotate every half hour.  So, step down, keep a good grip, and move one pedestal over.

Misty:  I can't wait to stretch my muscles!

Then the two girls rotate positions.

Time Passed: 4 hours...

Ash:  Tai, why did you step down?

Brock:  Yeah.  I'm sure everyone is asking that.

A bandaged Izzy, Tracey, Matt, and Joe nod wearily.

Matt:  Tai, you impress me.  I thought that you'd keep your head up high, and then win.  Didn't expect you to keep your head up high and let go.

Tai:  If you wanna know, I just thought that I should let someone else take the spotlight.  They should have the big weight on their shoulders.

Joe:  That could mean that you'd be the next one voted off tonight.

Tai:  Well, I'm kinda looking forward to that.  There's only so much a guy like me can take.

Joe looks at his watch, then he pokes at Star Otaku, who is beginning to nod off.

Joe:  Isn't it time to rotate, Miss Otaku?

Star Otaku:  Uh, what?  Oh yeah!  It is!  Okay, step down and take one step forward.

Sora and Misty step down, but as they're taking a step forward, Sora trips and lets go as she tries to shield herself from the fall.  Tai runs up and catches Sora.

Misty:  Sora, you let go!

Sora:  *looks at her hands* I guess I did.

Star Otaku:  Congrats Misty!  You win immunity, again, and we'll see you tonight!

Misty puts on the immunity bracelet again, as she's being hoisted on everyone's shoulders and is being paraded around the Yokomon village.

It is later in the day, back at the Podimon tribe camp.  All of them are lying in the sun, relaxing from the strenuous early morning challenge.

{Misty:  I'm so glad that I won this challenge.  I knew that if I didn't, I might be the next one outta here.  But now, it's just a matter of choosing which one to go.}

{Sora:  Tai must have been goofing off.  He was probably really tired.  But, with him making a "noble sacrifice", it reminds me of what Izzy did.  And it makes me think, is Tai really counting on getting off tonight?}

{Tai:  I thought I explained why I let go!  Will you media vultures quit hounding me?!  Just kidding.  Although, I'm gonna get real sick and tired of explaining it again and again.  Can anyone remember the agreement that Izzy and I made?  We wanted Sora to win if we didn't have a chance.  So, I feel that I don't have a chance, but Sora does.  I'm just going to pay my debts.}

Misty:  Hey... Is anyone gonna pass me the suntan lotion?

Tai:  Aw... I'm too tired, you do it yourself.

Sora:  Tai, you let go of the idol and you got to sit out of the challenge for two hours.  You were resting while Misty and I were standing around.

Misty:  I have to admit that was a pretty dumb thing to do.  Now can you pass the suntan lotion? 

Tai:  I sat out, but watching you two and talking to the guys really wore me out!

Sora:  Tai, please?  For me?  Just think of it as being our cabana boy.

Tai:  Oh... Kinky!

Misty:  Not like that!  All you have to do is run around and get stuff for us.

Tai:  Now where's the fun in that?

Sora:  We're tired...

Misty:  And hungry...

Misty and Sora:  So... *yelling* Never incur a woman's wrath!  Now go!

Tai:  Yes ma'am!

Tai runs off and around the camp looking for the suntan lotion.

Sora and Misty smile at each other, then resume lying in the sun.

{Misty:  I'm so nervous.  Not about tonight, but tomorrow.  How am I going to convince most of those people to vote for me?  It's going to be hard.  I know that Team Rocket and the rest of the Digidestined are going to be hard to convince and it's going to be a challenge in itself to change their minds.  But I hope that I can come through by at least one vote.}

{Tai:  It's going to be hard to choose which one of us will Misty vote off.  If I do make it, it's going to be hard to convince that jury to vote for me.  Hey, I was Mister Personality, but I think that I just annoyed a few people and got them all riled up.  Hope Misty gives me the boot!  I can't stand all this pressure on writing a big speech.}

{Sora:  I'm just ready to go to that tribal council, and leave gracefully.  But if by some chance I get to stay in time for the final tribal council, I have to convince the jury why I deserve this.  I never really really thought about winning this, but now that I have, I think that I can get some votes, since I've acted politely towards everyone.}

It's night time on File Island, and the Podimon tribe is making their trek through the vast environments of the island.  After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see the crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.  And there is also a large bench on the other side of the bonfire, opposite to the sitting area.

Everyone passes by the gong and bangs it, and then pass by Star Otaku while they take their seats.

All of them sit down.  In front of each of them is their glowing digivice (on the tiny glowing screen is their crest) and pokeball (inside is a little figurine of their trademark pokemon).  This is their seating plan (left to right) according to their respective crest/pokemon:
Sora- Love
Tai- Courage
Misty- Starmie

Star Otaku:  Okay, we need our jury to come out here.

Matt, Jesse, James, Izzy, Brock, and Ash step out of the forest and into the light.  They either wave or nod at the group.  They take their seats on the bench behind Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Misty, another win!  You're starting a streak of your own.  Okay, Sora automatically has the vote for Tai, and vice versa, so they cancel each other out.  First and only vote for tonight is for you, and it's to break the bloc.  I want you to think long and hard before you write down that name.

Misty sits there nervously, but then, she slowly gets up and goes into the cave. She's writing a name on paper under the torch that hangs over the little table.

Misty:  *write the name and holds it up* Tai.  I have my reasons.  I think that Sora is like my equal.  Sure, she doesn't have water pokemon knowledge, but I can't hold that against her, I don't know, maybe I can.  So I want to see how I'd go against the leading lady of the other series. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Misty comes out of the cave, holding the voting box.  She hands it to Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Thank you very much Misty.  This is the last vote until the trial. *reaches in box* *pulls out paper* Tai.  Please bring up your digivice.

Tai:  Okay, raise your hand if you saw that one coming. *raises hand*

Tai complies with the instructions.  He grabs the glowing digivice and hands it to Star Otaku.  She holds it out in her hand.

Star Otaku:  The tribe, or shall I say, Misty has spoken.

Star Otaku presses a button on the digivice.  It stops glowing and the screen goes dark.

Tai:  Good-bye girls.  Luck be a lady tonight!

Tai, with his digivice in hand, goes up to Sora and hugs and kisses her, then leaves.

Star Otaku:  Tomorrow night, you two are going to be on trial.  Both of you will state your case.  Then each jury member has one question of comment to make, and you two can answer of make a rebuttal.  The tables have turned.  Everyone that was voted off now have the knife hanging over your heads.  Try to sleep, make your preparations in the morning, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Tai's Final Words:

I never thought I'd make it this far.  Hey, as a soccer player, I thought that I'd ace all the physical and athletic challenges.  Well, I found out that there were some people who are more athletic that I am.

Oh well.  Throughout this whole adventure, I had fun, and I'm gonna miss this place.  It was great coming back to File Island and not have to defeat any evil digimon or Dark Masters.  I think that my experience here helped me with living in this place, although, those pokemon critters have made living here much more interesting.

Tomorrow night, front row seats to the biggest event ever!  Well, I don't know if ever, but it is for me!  Aw, I'll probably forget about this in a few months.  Go Sora!  I love ya!


*    *    *


Day 39

It's later in the morning at the Podimon camp.  Sora and Misty are lying down on the raft and are soaking up the sun.

Misty:  Pinch me.

Sora:  Why would you want me to do that?

Misty:  I think I'm dreaming.  I thought we had only one day left, and that it was today.

Sora:  We do have one day left, and it's today.  And you're not dreaming.

Misty:  Thanks for bringing me back to reality.

Sora:  Hey, it's pretty surreal for me too.

Misty:  I can understand after being in this crazy world.

Sora:  Well, we got used to it, and I'm sure you will too.

Misty:  Hey, like you said, it's our last day here.  I'm going to be happy to get back to my world.

Sora:  Actually, this place was a mix of our worlds.

Misty:  What do you mean?

Sora:  We have the island, but there are pokemon with us.  So our environment, your creatures.

Misty:  You're right!  Now where's our cabana boy?

Sora:  You voted him off, remember?

Misty:  Oh yeah.

A long awkward silence settles between them.  Both of them start to get up.

Sora and Misty:  I have to work on my speech now.  See ya.

They both go their separate ways.

Sora, with pen and paper in hand, settles down in the snack bar shelter and starts thinking of her speech.

{Sora:  I love staying in here, it brings back memories, good and bad.  Coming down to the speech, I'm wondering what I should write or say.  I go to thinking about what I did to make it this far.  People are going to like me for being nice and then they're not going to like me for winning all these immunity challenges.  I keep thinking, would they hate me even more for being in an alliance?  The Pokemon tribe people in the jury are probably having their own alliance.  They do have a one person difference, but I hope that there's a swing vote.}

Sora:  "Thank you for..."  No, that's not it.  "I never expected to be one of the final two on this island or on this contest."  Maybe I can start off with that...

Misty picks up a pad of paper and a pen and starts to write underneath the parachute tent.

{Misty:  I love just sitting out here, near the water.  I'm thinking about what's happened the past thirty-nine days.  I'm thinking about what I should say, and what they might ask me.  I can only guess.  I keep thinking about the other people who have gone.  The poke-alliance is responsible for them being gone, and they might hold that against me.  But still, even if I don't make it, it's great being one of the last two people.  You don't have to be responsible for a whole eight or nine people.  I'm just going to sit back for the rest of the day, relax, and think.}

Misty looks down at her piece of paper, rips it out, balls it, and throws it over her shoulder.

Misty and Sora are taking down the parachute tent.  They're dragging it into the snack bar shelter and leave it inside.  Then, they take apart the crude sitting area that Jesse and James helped make, and drag the wooden objects into the shelter.  Then, they lead Agumon to the entrance.

Agumon:  Hey!  What do you two need me for?

Sora:  Agumon, I know that Tai is gone, but, can you still digivolve?

Misty:  Please, we need you to do it.

Agumon:  I don't know.  I can give it a try, unless he's too far away.

Sora and Misty:  Thank you.

Agumon:  Agumon digivolve to Greymon!

Greymon is soon towering over Misty and Sora in all his glory.  Sora looks up in awe while Misty looks like she's about to faint.

Misty:  *nervously* A-a small dinosaur t-t-turned into an even b-b-bigger d-dinosaur!

Sora:  Don't worry, he won't hurt you.

Greymon:  Unless I have no other choice!

Misty:  Heh heh... Thanks for the warning.  Sorry about voting off Tai.  Please don't hurt me!

Sora:  Don't worry Misty.  Now, you might want to take a few steps back.

Misty and Sora then run far enough from the snack bar shelter, but they can still see Greymon and the shelter.

Sora:  Greymon, can you please burn down that old shack?

Greymon:  Nova Blast!

The giant fireball shoots from his mouth, and smashes into the shelter, ripping it apart with a huge explosion.  All that's left are burning and smoking remains.  Greymon then de-digivolves back into Agumon.  Misty and Sora then run up to the little digi-dino.

Misty:  Thanks for the favour.

Sora:  Now that we have an even bigger fire started, we should keep it going.

Both girls then go around the camp, dragging to and fro all sorts of old wooden equipment, like pieces of crate, the raft, etc.

Sora:  I forgot about the island computer. *throws it in the fire* I'm sure Izzy won't need it anymore.

Misty:  You could say it encountered a firewall!

Sora:  Izzy would scold you for making such a bad computer joke.

Agumon:  The fire seems to be dying a little bit.  Pepper Breath!

Agumon adds a smaller fireball to the already raging fire, and he creates a large combustion of flames.  The girls look away from the flash of fire light.

Misty and Sora:  Whoa!

Agumon:  Why are we doing this anyway?

Sora:  It's a symbolic thing.  It's like we're ritualistically getting rid of an old part of our life.  We're getting rid of all the hardships we went through and endured on this island.

Misty:  And we don't want all of this junk littering the island.  We won't need it now, and we especially don't need it when this is all over with.

Agumon:  Okay, I just thought you two were doing this because it's fun. *singing* Burn, baby, burn!  C'mon, join me!

Sora and Misty:  *shrug shoulders* *singing* Burn, baby, burn!

It's later in the day, and the fire isn't a raging inferno like before.  It's burning steadily, and Misty and Sora are watching it on a fallen log while Agumon is resting in the shade.

Misty:  Almost over, just a few more hours.

Sora:  Anything you're going to miss about this place?

Misty:  Swimming in the sea.  And watching some of the digimon.  I never knew all of them, but while I was swimming, I thought I saw a whale!

Sora:  That's Whamon.  He's a water type digimon.

Misty:  Any other water-type digimon?

Sora:  Oh, lots!  I know some of them, but I don't their digivolved levels.  And I'm sure that there are plenty more.

Misty:  So, is there anything you're going to miss?

Sora:  I'm going to miss the digimon, some of the pokemon, and just the whole island itself.  If we were given the full tour, we would have seen more than just the forests and jungles, but also the winter wonderland, then the deserts, some of the plains, the foothills, and a little bit of the cities.  I've already been here before.  But if I'm going to leave again, I'm going to miss even more.

Misty:  Wow!  I never knew that this land was so vast and diverse!  So far, I've only seen the  plains, factory, mountain, a little bit of the desert, and of course, the forests and jungles!

Sora:  Well, there are a lot of things in the Digiworld that are going to surprise you.  This little island isn't the only place in this world.  There's a huge continent over the sea.  It's called Server.

Misty:  Huh, a lot of computer names.  File, server.

Sora:  You're going to have to talk to Izzy about this world and the computer stuff.  He's the technical genius.

Misty:  Hey, the sun's gonna get ready to set.  Almost time to go.

Sora:  You're right!  Well, let's get our bags ready.

{Misty:  While spending the rest of the day with Sora, I realized that she wasn't in this to win.  Well, okay, she was thrown in here to be with her friends, but she never did consider the winning aspect.  The others knew that, and maybe some were less prepared than others to go.  But throughout this, she was very selfless, maybe she deserves to win more than I do.  But I said maybe.}

{Sora:  Misty knew about winning this, and she seemed really determined near the end to try and make it this far.  She doesn't give up and she's very determined.  She was determined enough to even joined an alliance with her friends.  I admire that in her.  Maybe she does deserve that favourite character title.}

It's near night time on File Island, and Sora and Misty are making their trek through the vast environments of the island.

{Brock:  Those girls did whatever they could to make it this far.  And maybe there was some outside force helping them in this game, like how the votes were stacked against them, or how many challenges they won.  But it's not over yet.  They have to get what they deserve when they face the jury. }

{James:  Sora and Misty were relatively nice.  Well as nice as twerps are to a bad guy like myself.  And let me tell you, that's pretty nice!  Anyways, they played the game well, and you'd expect them to make it to the end, because they're good guys!  But that's it's the way they played the game that really bugs me.  No cheating or bumping off the competition!}

{Tai:  I really want Sora to win this.  She's kind, caring, considerate, and like her crest, full of love!  I said that it suits her.  It's because of her Izzy and I are out of the game.  That's why we're not up there.}

{Matt:  Watching the two of them from up there, in the hotel, from the telescope, I'd say that things were getting really interesting towards the end.  Sora and Misty, the last two.  Both of them weren't sitting in opposite corners of the camp, watching each other closely, and all paranoid and the like.  That's what anyone of us would have done, but I think that that kind of situation brought out the best of them.}

{Izzy:  It's a tough decision to between the two, but I'm sticking with my initial choice.  It's going to be difficult for us because one side of the jury will be, "Go Misty!  We were the first, and you show them!" and the other side is, "Win it for us Sora!  You deserve this!  We deserve this!"  And then it's going to be difficult for both of them because of the emotional stress of going through this.  They want it to end, we all want it to end.}

{Jesse:  I'm quite disappointed that it's not me taking that trek through the woods, and then being crowned the favourite character of all monster anime series!  If I had known what was coming, I would have been a bit more cutthroat in my tactics and strategies.}

{Ash:  I'm so ready for tonight!  We, the jury, we're going to get all lined up in front of them and listen to what they have to say.  When they're done, I'm going to fire away with my vote!  I'm so pumped up for this!}

After crossing the bridge over the hot springs, they all reach the base of Infinity Mountain, to see the crude wooden sitting area around a bonfire.  And there is also a large bench on the other side of the bonfire, opposite to the sitting area.

Sora and Misty pass by the gong and bang it, and then pass by Star Otaku while they take their seats.

Both of them sit down.  In front of each of them is their glowing digivice (on the tiny glowing screen is their crest) and pokeball (inside is a little figurine of their trademark pokemon).  This is their seating plan (left to right) according to their respective crest/pokemon:
Sora- Love
Misty- Starmie

Star Otaku:  Tonight is going to be a courtroom drama, but let's not turn this into "The Practice".  And now, for the last of our jury.  Guys, get out here!

Matt, Jesse, James, Izzy, Brock, Ash, and Tai step out of the forest and into the light.  They either wave or nod at the group.  They take their seats on the bench behind Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Tonight, when we announce the winner, they're going to walk away with the title "Best Anime Monster Show" for their respective series, and "Best Anime Monster Show Character" for themselves.  I'm sure that everyone, in their own right, is everyone's favourite character for a reason.  And I'm sure that their series is everyone's favourite for other reasons.  And it's a showdown right now, between our two representatives.  Now, I'd like to start the trial.  Make your opening statements.  Misty, you can go first.

Misty:  I'd like to say that Star is right.  We all, in our own way, is someone's favourite character of their favourite series.  If we did that, each one of you would win.  Each of us have each gotten to know each other, and I hope that you can vote based on what you learned about us, and about our personalities.  I hope that you could forget about the tense moments between us, and the big rivalry between our shows.  Don't focus on the negatives only, think of the positives too.

Sora:  I guess it's my turn.  Like Misty said, vote your conscience, vote for who you think deserves this, based on who they are.  You may not know everything about us, but you should go with what you know.  Now, I didn't come in here hoping to win.  I came in hoping that I would step down and let one of my friends get what they've wanted and what they think they deserved.  If I don't win this, I will lose a title, but I hope that I can come out with a few more friends.

Star Otaku:  Now, each jury member is allowed one comment or question.  Think about it, and then we'll go in order of the ones most recently voted off.

Tai:  *stands up* I'd like to pass on the question and make a comment.  I'd just like to say that I think the one person who deserves this should have the qualities of a good leading lady.  Especially if they're like the heroine of the series.  In my opinion, they should be a very pleasing person to get along with.  Someone that you know would make a reliable friend. *sits down*

Ash:  *stands up* Like Tai, I have something to say.  I think that the best girl should win.  She's proven herself with her skills and her personality.  What I'm trying to say is that, you two have certain things that the other doesn't, and maybe one of those things will help, and maybe the other won't.  It just depends on who's judging you.  Sora, you're the nicest person I know, nicer than some certain people, and I like you for that.  Misty, my best girl, you're attitude to never give up and the way you kept us well fed, that's bound to win anyone's vote! *sits down* 

Brock:  *stands up* Hello ladies.  I'd like to ask, which two people would you want take your place tonight?

Misty:  Of course, I'd choose you, for starters.  You took care of ten little brothers and sisters, and then, you took care of us while we were in the wilderness.  As for the second person, I'd think it would be Izzy.  He's very intelligent, and I'm sure that he would think up lots of ways to keep himself in the game.  And he's also had the experience of being here.

Sora:  Which two would I pick?  Brock, I'd also like to say you.  You have the domestic training to keep yourself well fed and organized.  And you have been outdoors before, if not in this world, but you've made it through forests, mountains, deserts, all kinds of terrain.  The second person who should be up here should be Joe.  He's like you in way.  He had the experience and he's always prepared, very cautious, and he won't let any of us down.

Brock:  Thanks for your answers. *sits down*

Izzy:  *stands up* I guess it's my turn to analyze each of you.  Now, my question is: what character traits do you think have gotten you into this position?

Misty:  I think that it one of the traits was ability to fish and swim.  I caught food for everyone, kept them happy and healthy, and swimming kept me athletic enough to win those challenges.  And another trait was being sociable to everyone.  We talked and had fun.

Sora:  I think my ability to make friends helped me.  I just wanted to keep everyone's needs and personalities in mind, and hope to keep them happy morally.  I think it was brought out when we sat around the fire and talked or when some of us had private conversations.

Izzy:  I have the data required for my choice.  Thank you for cooperating.  *sits down*

James:  *stands up* Well, I just have to make my comment.  I wish that it was me and Jesse up there.  We tried whatever tricks we could think of, aside from trying to bump you off, one by one, and still, the bad guys never win!  When will it end?  When?!  That's pretty much it. *sits down*

Jesse:  *stands up* I have nothing to ask, just something to say.  As much as I think that both of you goody-goodies are sickening to me, I have to make a choice.  I have the obligation to stay loyal to my series, or I can hold the grudge against the twerps and go for the one goody who I, hopefully, will never have to see again.  I'll leave it to the rest to the jury. *sits down*

Matt:  *stands up* Hi girls.  I just want to thank you for letting me open up to you and for getting me to know a little more about myself.  I have to admit, I just had to open up just before I left, and before you all really got to know me.  Thanks for letting me play my harmonica, let me in on your conversations, and tell you some personal things without being judged. *sits down*

Star Otaku:  Now that our QA and C session is over with, let's finish off with our closing arguments.  Misty?

Misty:  I hope that I answered your questions correctly, and thanks for the comments.  Like I said in the beginning, it's all in the matter of choosing from what you've learned about us.  Keep what you learned about the two of us in mind.  I hope you guys choose wisely.

Sora:  Thank you all for what you had to say to us.  You did a very good job of keeping it vague and not letting yourself reveal your choice.  I hope that the person you choose is the person you think deserves this, and don't think of it as revenge against someone.

Star Otaku:  Okay, the trial is almost over.  We've been through many tribal councils, and this one will be different in that your ballot is for someone to win, not to get rid of them.  Let's begin voting, shall we?  So Matt, get in there and think long and hard.

Matt:  *write the name and holds it up* Sora.  I don't know if I would vote for Tai if it was him up there, so thankfully, it's not him. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Jesse:  *write the name and holds it up* Sora.  As much as I am devoted to our series, what I hold against it is how we're the losers.  I don't want a twerp like her to get that prize.  It will irk me to no end to see her, and to know that she's the fairest of them all. *puts paper in box and leaves*

James:  *write the name and holds it up* Misty.  Like Jesse said, it's out of series loyalty. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Izzy:  *write the name and holds it up* Sora.  That's why I sacrificed myself, so that she, or Tai, would win this.  I hope that my efforts weren't in vain. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Brock:  *write the name and holds it up* Misty.  Because she's my friend and I know that she had her heart set on winning this.  This is for proving something, and I hope your sisters eat it.  Oh yeah, Daisy, Violet, Lilly, I hope you don't get mad at me for what I said.  I hope you three lovely ladies can find the time to join me for some dinner. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Ash:  *write the name and holds it up* Misty.  Through her, she'll make our series proud.  So this is for me, and for you. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai:  *write the name and holds it up* Sora.  You truly deserve this.  Someone with your crest really does deserve the title of favourite character, because you give out so much love, you deserve some of that love in return. *puts paper in box and leaves*

Tai comes out of the cave, holding the voting box.  He hands it to Star Otaku.

Star Otaku:  Ah... The suspense is building. *reaches in box* *pulls out paper* Sora. *pulls out paper* Misty.

Sora and Misty look nervous throughout the whole voting process, while the jury members sit stone faced.

Star Otaku:  Okay, so far, it's been three votes for Sora, three for Misty.  This is the final vote that will decide who wins. *pulls out paper* *pause* Sora.  Everyone, you can now congratulate our two lovely contestants.

Sora gasps and stares out in shock, while Misty and the rest of the jury go up to hug her or shake her hand.

Star Otaku:  Sora, you've won my first, and last, Anime Survivor.  I will pass the torch down to authors that wish to take my place.  Now, I'll leave you guys to let this sink in, and then we're going to the hotel for the party.

Star Otaku leaves the tribal council area while everyone is hugging, shaking hands, exchanging words, and celebrating.

Sora's Final Words:

I still can't believe it.  I won this game.  It feels great to know that some people think I deserved it.  Yet, it's also a bit saddening, since I'm sure that Misty and many other people had their hearts set on winning this.

I'll try to keep my head on straight and be humble.

I'm glad that I brought a great honour to our series, and I hope that the next two shows that go head to head will bring honour to theirs too.

I can't wait to get back to my friends, old and new.  And tonight, we're going to celebrate just how much fun we had throughout this whole game!

End of Episode 13

Additional Author's Notes: You now know who the winner is!  Sora won since I checked out the amount of shrines to her in the Anipike (a vote for both people if it was a couple shrine).  She was very close with Misty!  I know that with this episode and the rest of the series, I was bound to offend a lot of people!  But that's a chance I took, so I could write off this wonderful parody, of sorts.  To everyone out there, stay tuned for Globie's "Anime Survivor II", and please read arpulver's "Animation Survivor".  Stay tuned for details on Globie's "Survivor" in AS Side Story 7.  Anyways, the giant author party will commence in Anime Survivor Side Story 7!  So keep your eyes peeled for it!