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Little Dojo of Horrors (Act 2)

(Scene: Goku and Chi-Chi are again answering phones that are ringing off the hook.  In the back, we see Cell standing still instead of Cell Jr.)

Goku and Chi-Chi:  Call back in the morning!  The dojo's closed for today!

Master Roshi:  I can't believe that we're getting more customers than ever before!  I think it's time I go home, why don't you two wrap up some more of those calls and then come on home.  And Goku, don't work too hard, I need my partner in business to be ready in the morning! *leaves*

Chi-Chi:  Wow, Goku.  I can't believe that you went from cleaning the floors to owning half of this place!

Goku:  Oh, Chi-Chi, it's nothing big.  Hey!  I went and got some new clothes without you.  I hope you don't mind.

Chi-Chi:  Goku, it's okay.  Why don't you show them to me?

Goku:  Alright! *goes into another room to change* *yelling* I hope you like this new look that I'm going for! *steps out wearing Saiyan armor*

(Chi-Chi breaks out crying and runs out of the dojo.  18, Bulma, and Videl are seen at the corner of the alley.)

Goku:  *throws on a coat and runs after her* No, wait!  Chi-Chi, come back!  I'll return them, no, I'll burn these clothes!

Chi-Chi:  *sniffling* I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to react like that.

Goku:  No, I'm sorry for upsetting you.  You must be heart-broken over Vegeta.

Chi-Chi:  Ever since his mysterious disappearance, I've never been so relieved!  But, I just feel guilty.  I mean, I thought of some really bad stuff that should happen to him, and if any of it is what happened to him, I can't help but feel this way.

Goku:  I want you to stop worrying about that creep!  He was nothing but a royal pain in the ass anyway.  I want you to be happy, now that I'm here. *hugs Chi-Chi* *singing* Go~od ol' Goku, is here right beside you.  You don't have to worry, no need to fret!  I'll be your friend.

18, Bulma, Videl:  *singing softly* Go~od ol' Goku!

Chi-Chi:  *singing* Go~od ol' Goku, is right here to comfort.  He can can listen and does understand!  He sure is my friend.

18, Bulma, Videl:  *singing softly* Good ol' Goku!

Goku and Chi-Chi:  *singing* Go~od ol' Goku!  We're right here together.  Go~od ol' Goku!  Let's hope it's forever!  With sweet understanding, Goku's (your/my) man. *both of them kiss*

Chi-Chi:  *blushing* I guess I'll see you in the morning.  Goodnight. *leaves down the alley* Oh, hey girls. *waves good-bye to 18, Bulma and Videl*

Goku:  *sighs* I can't believe that everything's going my way!

(Master Roshi comes out from the alley.)

Roshi:  *points at Goku* You!  I had my doubts before, but now... I should have known!  Come with me.

(Goku nervously follows Master Roshi into the dojo.)

Goku:  What seems to be the problem?

Roshi:  This!

(Master Roshi points to charred patches on the floor that lead up to Cell.)

Roshi:  Little black marks.  They appeared around the same time that chiropractor fellow disappeared!  But I dismissed them at first.  But now, I see you with his girlfriend!

Goku:  I was only consoling her!

(Master Roshi runs to a nearby garbage bin.  He pulls out some parts of Vegeta's armor.)

Roshi:  Well, it sure doesn't explain what these are doing here!  You're coming with me to the police station.

Goku:  But-but-

Roshi:  No buts!  We have to report this.  Goku, I thought that you were above this kind of behaviour.  So, c'mon, you're coming with me.

Cell:  *softly to Goku* He's onto your crime.  I'm sure you know what to do.

Goku:  Wait!  Master Roshi, before we go, I have to give you the bank deposit money.

Roshi:  You haven't dropped it off yet?  Fine, let's get it now and we'll drop it off while we're on our way to the police.  Where did you put it?

Goku:  Inside of the Chi-Chi 2.  I thought it would be safe there.

Roshi:  *circles Cell* Where do I find it?

Goku:  All you have to do is punch through the chest and you'll find it in there.

Master Roshi:  You know how tough it is for me to get in there!  Now I have to use power up. *gets all big and muscular* *charges up his fist and punches through*

Cell:  *begins to absorb Master Roshi* *singing* I think it's suppertime! *finishes absorbing Roshi*

(Scene: Goku is in the dojo, and it seems to be the end of the day.  Cell is large and inflated, like when he tried to self-destruct.)

Bulma:  *leading Tien to Goku* Right this way, sir!  Here he is, in the flesh, the great Goku!

Tien:  I represent Freaks Unlimited.  We'd like to showcase your plant for all to see! *hands Goku and contract* All you have to do is sign right on the line there, and you get a ten thousand dollars worth of royalties!

Goku:  Thanks sir, I'll consider it.

18:  *leading Krillin to Goku* You should consider yourself lucky that you're able to get into Mr. Son's busy schedule!

Krillin:  Thank you ma'am. *holds up a contract to Goku* Now, Mr. Son, we're sending in the photographers tomorrow.  I'd like it if you'd have your picture taken on the cover of "The Other Dimension" magazine!

Goku:  I'm not really that photogenic.

Videl:  *leading Yajirobe to Goku* Make way everyone!  I'm sure Mr. Son would like to see this gentleman about starring in his very own tv show!

Yajirobe:  *shoves a contract in Goku's face* We'd like to give you your very own television show!  Every week, you can broad cast to the masses your greatest martial arts techniques!  We can get you a six figure salary for just one season!

Goku:  Six figures?  A hundred thousand dollars?! 

Yajirobe:  Maybe even more!

(The businessmen start swarming in on Goku.)

Goku:  Thank you all for the offers, but I have no comment!  I'll see you all tomorrow! *pushes the business people out the door* Phew!  It's just like the Chi-Chi 2 predicted.  I'm getting more than I ever wanted!

18, Bulma, Videl:  *singing softly in the background* They say the meek shall inherit.  You know the book doesn't lie.  It's not a question of merit.  It's not demand and supply.  They say the meek gonna get it.  "And you're a meek little guy."  You know the meek are gonna get what's comin' to 'em, by and by...

Goku:  Stick with the Chi-Chi 2.  My bank account is going to bust!  But if I do, that means more killing for it!  But then, there's Chi-Chi, and if I give this all up, I'll lose her. *takes out the contracts* I'll just sign these and give them back in the morning.

18, Bulma, Videl:  You know the meek are gonna get what's comin' to them.  You know the meek are gonna get what's comin' to them.  You know the meek are gonna get what's comin' to them...  By-and-b~y!

Piccolo:  *enters the dojo* Hello?  Oh!  Goku!  I'm here to represent All Things Green Inc.  I'm here to give you an offer of a lifetime!

Goku:  I'm sorry, I don't think I can take any more business deals.

Piccolo:  Just hear me out.  We'd like to take sample of the Chi-Chi 2 here, grow them, and then send them out all over the world!  Soon, every home will have their very own, personal training partner!

Goku:  *to himself* That was his plan all along. *out loud* I'm sorry, but you'll have to come back tomorrow.

Piccolo:  Alright!  Tomorrow, after your magazine cover shot, we'll take the samples we need. *leaves*

Chi-Chi:  *enters the dojo* Goku?  You're here!  I just heard about the offer for "The Other Dimension" magazine.  I'm sure all that stress must be getting to you.  When did Master Roshi say he was going to return from his visit with his sister?

Goku:  I don't know, the note said he'd be at a little island in the South Pacific.  So it might take a while.  Can I ask you a question?

Chi-Chi:  Sure, ask me anything.

Goku:  If I didn't have, you know, my little claim to fame, would you still love me?

Chi-Chi:  Goku, I've loved even before you became rich and famous.

Goku:  *kisses Chi-Chi* Great!  Tomorrow, after the photographers leave, I'll destroy the Chi-Chi 2.  We'll get away from here, and live in that little house in the woods, just like you always wanted.  Now, I want you to go home.

Chi-Chi:  Destroy the Chi-Chi 2?!  Goku, what do you mean?  I... Okay. *runs out the dojo*

Goku:  You!  That was your plan all along!  You gave me all this fame just so you could spread yourself and take over the world!

Cell:  No shimatta, Sherlock!

Goku:  Well, no more!  After tomorrow, you'll be gone, for good!  See, I don't need you anymore, now that I have Chi-Chi.

Cell:  *dejectedly* Well, I guess since I'm going to die soon, will you grant me one last request?

Goku:  Okay.

Cell:  I'm entitled to a last meal.  I haven't eaten since Roshi!

Goku:  Fine.  I'll go down to the corner deli and get you some sliced meatloaf.  I hope that tides you over.

(As Goku leaves the dojo, Cell smiles evilly.)

(Scene:  Chi-Chi is wandering in the alley outside the dojo.)

Chi-Chi:  I can't seem to get to sleep.  There's these voices in my head,  telling me go to Goku, talk to Goku.  What's going on? *enters the dojo*

Cell:  Hello there.  It's not Goku calling you, it's me.  How about getting me some food?

Chi-Chi:  You can talk!  What kind of food? *goes closer to Cell*

Cell:  Of course I can talk!  Come a little closer, and I'll tell you what I want.

Chi-Chi:  O...kay. *moves closer*

Cell:  *grabs Chi-Chi* Now it's suppertime! *begins to absorb Chi-Chi*


Now, here is the play ending (A.K.A. the sad ending):

(Chi-Chi struggles and screams to get out of Cell's grasp.  Goku comes in the nick of time, and he struggles to pull Chi-Chi out of Cell.  He succeeds in doing so.  Chi-Chi is lying limp in his arms.)

Goku:  Chi-Chi, please talk to me!  I'm sorry that this had to happen to you!

Chi-Chi:  *weakly* Goku?  Don't worry, I'm fine.  Except...

Goku:  Except for what?

Chi-Chi:  Except, I'm now dying.  Please, I'll try to keep up some my strength for you to feed to-

Goku:  I can't do that!

Chi-Chi:  But you must!  If you feed me to that thing, I'll be a part of it.  That way I'll be a part of something you love, and you still continue loving me.  I'll die happy knowing that I'm still with you.

Goku:  *softly* Okay. *lifts Chi-Chi and brings her to Cell* Good-bye Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi:  Good-bye Goku. *is absorbed by Cell*

Cell:  Don't worry about her.  She's a part of me now.

Goku:  *angrily* You made me lose the one thing I loved!  I was willing to do anything for her, even get more victims for you!  But now, there's no point. *powers up into Super Saiyan* FOR CHI-CHI! *runs at Cell*

(Cell easily absorbs Goku.  After a few moments of what looks like an internal struggle inside of Cell, he burps out a piece of Goku's gi.)

(Scene: It's morning in the dojo.  All seems to be in place, except in front of Cell, there are four eggs.  Piccolo, 18, Bulma, and Videl enter the dojo.)

Piccolo:  Son?  We're here to pick up the samples! *looks around and sees the eggs* Those must be the samples.  Girls, collect those. *points to eggs* If you make it snappy, you'll get a big cut of the profits.

18, Bulma, Videl:  *hurry to pick up the eggs* *stand side by side* *hold out the eggs* True to the events that you've seen, the eggs were sold and hatched all over Chikyuu.  Soon, all the little Chi-Chi 2s grew up and began what they came here to do... to absorb the world whole!

(The eggs hatch open and reveal Cell Jr.'s bearing some resemblances to the absorbed characters.)

Cell Jr.'s:  *singing* They may offer you fortune and fame, love and zenni and instant acclaim.  But whatever they offer you, don't feed the Cells!

Cell Jr.'s, and the girls:  *singing* Don't feed the Cells!

(We end off as the Cells begin to wreak havoc on the planet.  Like blowing up and absorbing people.)


Now for the movie ending (A.K.A. the happy ending):

(Chi-Chi struggles and screams to get out of Cell's grasp.  Goku comes in the nick of time, and he struggles to pull Chi-Chi out of Cell.  He succeeds in doing so.  Goku holds on to Chi-Chi as she is gasping for air.)

Chi-Chi:  Goku!  What's going on?  Why did it try to eat me?

Goku:  I wanted to tell you the truth, I was just afraid that if I did, you might not love me anymore.  The Chi-Chi 2, it needs energy to live.  Especially energy from people.

Chi-Chi:  Then that would explain the disappearances!  Oh, I'd love you with or without the fame and fortune!

Cell:  I'd hate to interrupt this, but I have to absorb you two now.  Then, I'll have enough ki to take over the world!

(Since Cell is too fat to get at the couple, the two are able to make a run for it.  Until they're backed into a corner.)

Chi-Chi:  What do we do now?

Goku:  There's only one thing to do. *powers up and starts to charge at Cell* 

Chi-Chi:  What are you doing?  That's suicide!

(Goku is readily absorbed by Cell.  While Goku is fighting inside of Cell, he tries to get a hold of Chi-Chi.)

Cell:  It seems that it's now time to join your boyfriend.

(As Cell approaches Chi-Chi, another internal battle inside of him acts up.)

Cell:  Oh kuso! *explodes*

(Chi-Chi shields herself as green goo flies everywhere.  Out of the pile of slime, Goku emerges.) 

Chi-Chi:  Goku!  You're okay! *runs to Goku*

Goku:  Chi-Chi! *hugs Chi-Chi* Don't worry.  My plan was that I'd give him an overload of ki.

Chi-Chi:  And it worked! *slaps Goku* Don't ever do that again!

Goku:  *laughs* Don't worry, I'm sure that with the Chi-Chi 2 out of the way, this will never happen again.  Now, let's go live out your dream of that house in the woods.  But first off, let's get married!

Chi-Chi:  Okay!

(We see a quick scene of their wedding, complete with 18, Bulma, and Videl as the bridesmaids.  Then we end with seeing Goku and Chi-Chi living in their house in the woods.  But in a little garden in front of the house is a Cell Jr. smiling.)

The End

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