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Author's Notes: The ladies of our favourite fighters need some time out.  A break from the hassle of taking care of the men who saved the world countless of times.  Here's the much deserved break. Enjoy!

Girls' Night Out

Chi-Chi looked around the messy kitchen, and saw all of the left over dishes that were cleaned off by her son and her husband.  She had cooked them feast, celebrating one of Goku's week long visits.

What a mess I have to clean up, Chi-Chi thought to herself.  She started to pick up the dishes and and carry them to the sink for washing.

Bulma walked around the house alone.  Trunks was in his room for a "time out" (because he blasted one of Bra's dolls to oblivion), and Vegeta was busy training in the Gravity Room.

The peace and quiet would give her some time before bed to finish some reports for Capsule Corporation.  She finally reached her little office and saw the large stack of papers that was almost as tall as her.  Forget sleeping, it's going to be long night.

18 was tired from chasing Maron around so she can take her bath.  She was also busy cleaning up the mess that was made in the process.  Krillin was out with his friends, probably for a card game.

I hope that he gets home soon, she thought to herself.  She tucked Marron into bed, and waited for Krillin.

*Ring!* Bulma dragged herself out of her office and shuffled over to the phone.  "Hello?" she said groggily.

Chi-Chi's voice was heard on the other end.  "Hello, Bulma."  Her voice was also sounded tired. "Bulma, I knew that you would be busy.  Maybe I should call you later, when you get some sleep."

"Oh, no, I'm okay.  What did you want to say?"

"I just wanted to ask if we could come to your house for dinner.  I'm getting sick and tired of doing the dishes all the time.  I deserve a break, but it seems that you do too."

A beeping sound told Chi-Chi that someone else was on the line.  "Hold on Bulma, I have another call."  The new caller was 18.

"Chi-Chi, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if my little family could come over, later tonight, for dinner."  She also sounded worn out.

"I'm just talking to Bulma on the other line, just let me try and put you two together."  Chi-Chi pressed a button and both of them were on the line.

"Bulma?  Is that you?  You sound a lot worse than I do," said #18.

"Listening to ourselves, we all deserve a break," replied Bulma.

Suddenly, they each heard a flood of voices in the background.

"Dammit woman!  What do we have to eat?"

"Chi-Chi, what's for breakfast?"

"Mom, can I have the super sugary cereal?"

"Quit pulling my hair or I'm telling mom!"

"*yawn* Honey, where are you?"

The three women groaned in exhaustion and irritation.  "They just *had* to wake up early today!" they grumbled.

"Maybe we need a day off," suggested Bulma.  "But maybe we should break the news together, over breakfast.  Maybe at Chi-Chi's, so that way they'll be full and happy."

The other women agreed.

"Alright.  But what can we do on our day off?" asked 18.

"We can go shopping and eat out!" exclaimed Chi-Chi.  "I should leave the boys on their own.  They know how to take care of themselves."

A crash was then heard in the background.  "I'm still looking for the cereal!" yelled Goten.

"On the other hand, I'm sure they'll discover a new appreciation for what I do for them..."

Here is what went on for the rest of the morning.

Capsule Corp.:

"Woman!  Why is it taking so long to make breakfast?!" cried Vegeta.

"Mom!  We're hungry!" cried Trunks and Bra.

"Everyone, get dressed, we're going to Goku's house for breakfast.  And I wonder what Chi-Chi has made?" replied Bulma.

*ZOOM* Everyone went off to get ready.

Krillin and 18's house:

"Krillin, honey, can you get Marron ready?" called 18.

"Sure 18.  Uh, aren't you supposed to be making breakfast?  I'm okay with brunch, if you're planning on waiting," answered Krillin.

"No, we're going to Chi-Chi's to eat."

"Oh!  Well, I'll make sure that we aren't late."

Son Residence:

"Chi-Chi, that sure is a lot of food that you're cooking.  Is it for me?" asked Goku.

"No dear.  We're having guests here for breakfast," replied Chi-Chi.


"Why, our friends, Goku!"

"Even mine?" asked Goten.

"Yes, Trunks, Bra, and Marron are coming over!"

"I hope that you can finish making breakfast soon."

"Ding dong" went the doorbell.

"I'll get it, it's probably them!" said Chi-Chi as she went to get the door.

At the special breakfast, the children sat at the kids' table while the adults had their own table.

"Mmmm.  Those were some good waffles, Chi-Chi," complimented Krillin.

"I'm glad that you're all happy," Chi-Chi replied.

"Because we have an announcement to make," said Bulma.

"What are you talking, woman?" spat Vegeta.

"We would like to announce that we, as your wives, would like to have a day off," announced 18.

"Have a day off?  Why?" asked Goku.

"Let's start with the fact that we're tired of cooking for you, cleaning up after you, and raising our children for you," listed Bulma.

"I agree with you, Bulma," said Krillin.  "I think that you girls do deserve a day off."

"I agree with Krillin, I think that it's a great idea!" agreed Goku.

"Ha!  Kakarrot, think!  That's a miracle," sneered Vegeta.

18 and Chi-Chi hugged their husbands out of appreciation for accepting their choice.  But Bulma sat beside Vegeta with her arms crossed and an equally cross look on her face.

"Fine, woman!  Go on and have your day off!  The Prince of the Saiyans can take care of himself and his children!"  Vegeta finally caved in. Bulma jumped up from her seat and hugged Vegeta.

It was noon, and the girls just got ready to go out.  They were dressed and carried *lots* of shopping money.  They rendezvoused at the Son Residence.

"Now remember, there are some leftovers in the fridge, and I'm sure that you know how to work a microwave..." the girls gave their list of instructions to their husbands and piled into the air car.

The girls waved good-bye as they drove off.

Their husbands helplessly waved good-bye until they out of sight.

"Did anyone here remember what they just told us?" asked Goku.

Krillin and Vegeta shrugged their shoulders, clueless.

As they drove into Satan City, the girls let out a big cheer.

"Free at last!" cried Bulma.

"For today, no dishes, no cooking!" shouted Chi-Chi.

"And no rules!" proclaimed 18.

At that statement, Bulma stomped on the gas pedal.  They whooped as they left a billowing dust cloud behind them.

"I'm hungry.  Kakarrot, where do you keep your food?" grumbled Vegeta.

"In the fridge, of course," said Goku.

Vegeta pillaged Goku's fridge and sat down between Krillin and Goku and the couch.

"It's good thing Vegeta dropped the kids off with Bulma's parents," said Krillin.

"Huh?  I thought that you dropped them off, Kakarrot," replied Vegeta.

"I though that it was Krillin," answered Goku.

"THE KIDS!!!" the three men exclaimed.  They panicked and jumped out of their seats.  They jumped about the living room, yelling and getting into hysterics.

Goten got out of his room to see what the noise was about.  He saw the dads running around the living room, screaming.  "What's going on here?"

The three men stopped.  Goku, Krillin, and Vegeta breathed a sigh of relief.

"Where are the other kids Goten?" asked Goku.

"They're in my room, of course."

"Why didn't you come when we called for you to get ready to stay with Trunks' grandparents?"

"We didn't hear you.  Trunks and I were playing my new Pokemon video game!"

Vegeta was on the phone, trying to call Bulma's parents.  He angrily slammed the phone down. "They just had to leave at a time like this!"

Goten, taking his cue, left the room and went back t his room to get back to his game.

"We're stuck with the kids, huh?" said Krillin.

The air car was a bit sluggish going down the street, because it was weighed down by the women's purchases.  They were just finished with the commercial district of the city.

"I guess we're done with this morning's shopping.  We better stop and put them away in the storage capsule," suggested Bulma.

"What did you get, 18?" asked Chi-Chi.

"I got some new clothes for myself and Marron.  Not to mention a little something for Krillin," the android replied.  "Hey, turn on the radio, let's see if there's anything good on."

"I'm goin' out tonight, I'm feeling all right..." Shania Twain's song was beginning on the radio.

"Man!  I feel like a woman," sang the girls.

"Dad!  We're getting hungry!" whined Trunks.

"Shut up brats!  We're trying to find something for you to feed!" shouted Vegeta.  "You're part Saiyan!  Go off, find something, kill it, and eat it!"

His patience was wearing thin, since there were four whining kids, and two other adults that were just as clueless as he was about the situation.  He was so frustrated, he didn't notice that one of the children slipped off.

Bra had found her way to the phone.  Being as young as she was, she said to herself, "Mommy said that whenever there's an emergency, I should call 911.  Running out of food is an emergency."  The little girl picked up the receiver and dialed the three numbers.

"Hello, this is 911. What's your emergency?" asked the operator.

"There's no food in the house," said Bra.

"Are your parents there?"

"Yes, there are three daddies here."  As if to emphasize this fact, three different voices arguing and the sound of punches landing was heard.  Apparently, the operator also heard.

"Are there any other children with you?"  The operator suddenly sounded very worried.

"Yes, my brother and two friends."

"Don't worry little girl, we'll get you and your friends out of there.  We have a domestic violence situation!  There are children!"

Vegeta noticed his daughter on the phone, he held up the receiver to his ear.

"Little girl?  Are you still there?  Hello?  Hello?"

"I think that you have the wrong number," Vegeta said (in his most menacing voice) into the speaker. He then slammed the phone down.

It was getting past noon, and the girls hadn't eaten yet.  They had finished dropping off their shopping load at Bulma's house, intending to pick it up later.

They stopped off at a fast food restaurant and then they were back on the shopping scene.  Browsing through this window and haggling for that cute little dress.

Soon, they reached Satan City's mall.  It seemed that a lot of cars were parked outside that day.

"Boy, there sure are a lot of cars out there today.  I wonder what's going on?" wondered Chi-Chi.

"Oh no!  I can't believe that I forgot!" cried 18.  "There's a blowout sale in every store!"

"Hold on, everyone!  We're going to try to beat the rush!" shouted Bulma as she stepped on the gas.

Vegeta, Goku, and Krillin had enough on their hands to trying to find the kids something to eat.  But they tore up the house and found them nothing.  It was getting close to a couple of hours without food, when the three men heard sirens outside their front door.

All of them, curious to see what was going on, opened the door.  Outside was a precinct of police!

"Fools!  I'll blast them all to the next dimension!" boasted Vegeta.

Goku stopped him.  "No Vegeta!  If you do that, then we'll get arrested!"

"And they might take the kids away from us!" added Krillin.

"So what?  Good-bye to the brats!" replied Vegeta.  He started charging up an energy blast.

"What do you think is gonna happen when the girls hear about this?" asked Krillin.

Vegeta stopped and powered down.  "Damn."

Krillin stepped outside, with his hands up, and called out, "Is there a problem, officers?  I'm sure that we can clear up this little misunderstanding."

"You're under arrest for child neglect!" cried the chief.

"Oh boy..." mumbled Krillin, as he and the others gave up.

The girls burst into the mall to find that mobs of other women were looting the stores.

"What are we gonna do now?" asked Bulma.  "I don't know if we can get through that."

"You've lived with Vegeta, you can get through anything," replied 18.

"Two of us know martial arts.  That gives us an edge," suggested Chi-Chi.  "We'll watch your back, Bulma."

"Alright then.  Charge!" signalled Bulma.  And all three women dove head first into the crowd.

The motley little group was hauled down to the station, despite the fact that Vegeta was ranting and raving that he could easily eliminate the station.  For that, they were crammed into a small cell.

The children were taken care of by some clumsy junior officer.

"Don't we get a phone call?" Krillin asked one of the officers.

"Fine, but only one, so it better be someone good."  Then the officer left.

"Baka," Vegeta snorted.  "So, who are we calling for the bail?  And that person better not tell our wives."

"How about Ox King?" suggested Goku.

"Chi-Chi would drag it out of him," countered Krillin.


"As I said..."


"New girlfriend.  Probably blew all of his money on her by now."

"Tien and Chaouzu?"

"They live out in the middle of no where.  Do you think that they'd have that much money?"

"Okay.  How about Piccolo?"

"Same argument."

"Alright.  We've manage to eliminate every potential candidate, we might as well kill each other than face our women," Vegeta said with a touch of amusement.

"Except one," piped Krillin.  "Master Roshi."

"Get away from that!"  Shove.  Punch.

"I saw that top first!"  Shove.  Kick.

"I could use a little help here!"  Zoom.  Kick.  Punch.

The girls escaped the horde, but were ruffled up.  They collapsed on the ground.

"I've been neglecting my training for too long," muttered 18.  She suddenly looked up to see the dress of her dreams.

"I know what you mean," grumbled Chi-Chi.  She also looked up and saw a new set of frying pans.

"You should talk. I don't know how to fight!" complained Bulma.  She glanced up and saw a new set of tools and mechanical parts.

"On the other hand, I could take this opportunity..."

"I could find out just how well I've been doing after all these years..."

"And I can always try to learn how to fight..."

"Gotta go.  CHARGE!"

They had called Master Roshi and told him about their predicament.  In a couple of hours, he finally came to spring the bail.  He stood in front of them, separated by the bars.

"It took you long enough to get here," grumbled Vegeta.  "Did your walker break down?"

The old man just snickered.  "I wouldn't say that to the only person who's willing to put down all of their life's savings to get you, of all people, out of jail."

Goku got up to meet Master Roshi.  "Thanks for coming over.  We really need to get out of here. And we hope that you won't tell the girls."

"Not so fast.  I will let you boys out.  But the price for my silence, well, that calls for a little bargaining."

"But Master Roshi!" whined Krillin.

"The only thing I'm asking for is a night with your wives.  All three of them, if you know what I mean..."

"You old pervert!"  Vegeta lunged at him, but was caught short by the bars.

"Well, if that's how this is going to be, I might as well go get the children and tell the girls.  I'm sure that they're willing to put together their money for you three."  The old man began to walk away from the helpless warriors.

"Fine!  Go ahead!" cried Vegeta.  "I'm not afraid to face my woman!"

"Master Roshi!" cried Krillin and Goku.

They were huddled in a little booth, in a small cafe.  They ordered some drinks to celebrate their victory.

"This is to my new indestructible cooking set!"

"This is to great fashion!"

"This is to great technology!"

"Here, here!" cried the girls.  They clinked their glasses and sipped their drinks.

"Well, to a tumultuous day of spending sprees," said 18.  "We got out of a rabid crowd with barely a scratch, bruise, or smudge of make up."

"And with all the items that we wanted," added Chi-Chi.

"At just the right prices," joined Bulma.  She looked at her watch.  "Huh, we're just moving on into the evening, and we still have time to kill.  What are we gonna do?"

"We could just go out on the town, you know, dancing clubs.  Maybe even a bar," suggested 18.

"Sounds great.  Like Shania Twain said, we don't have to be politically correct," said Chi-Chi.

They picked up their bags, and headed back to the parking lot.

"I can't believe it," sighed Goku.  He rested his head on his hands.

"Me too," uttered Krillin.  He took a seat beside his best friend.

Vegeta grinned at them as he paced in front of them.  "You both sold out to that old man.  All it cost you were some nude pictures of your wives.  I wonder how well they'll take the news?"

"Cut it out Vegeta!  I already feel bad enough about letting this happen," said Goku.

"Ha ha ha!  I wonder how you, Kakarrot, are going to get them?  'Chi-Chi, my perverted sensei wants naked pictures of you.  Now get those clothes off!'  Ha ha ha ha!"  Vegeta laughed maniacally.  "I also wonder how that tin can that you call a wife is going to take this?  See you at the funeral, baldie!"

Krillin and Goku glared at Vegeta.  "At least Master Roshi didn't refuse pictures of my wife because he already has too many!" remarked Krillin.

"Just what are you trying to say, Charlie Brown?"  Vegeta began to power up.

The tempers flared and the insults (and punches) flew.  All Goku could do was mope.

The girls cruised around the city.  They took in the sights and looked around every district that there was.  It was early into the night when they finally reached the less reputable part of town.

They wandered into a seedy saloon.  They looked around while low quality music played from a run down jukebox.  They took their seat near the bartender, and as soon as they did, a gang of ruffians would start hitting on them.  A few punches, and maybe a small energy blast, drove them away.  And so it went from bar to bar.

It took some time finding a small, out of the way, karaoke bar.  They got inside, found their seats at a small table, and set down their purses, all without incident.

They ordered their drinks, and looked around their surroundings.  A simple stage, with karaoke machine, and colourful lighting onstage.  Some people were scattered, sitting in tables like their own.

"So who's the first to publicly humiliate themselves?" remarked Bulma.

"Let's all do it, together," said Chi-Chi.

18 grabbed the music selection booklet.  She skimmed the pages.  "How about this one?" she asked, and pointed at the song title.  She showed the others.  They simultaneously agreed and got up on stage.

They grabbed their microphones, picked the song, and let music begin.  After a few a few lines, their sweet voices chorused through the bar.  Patrons perked up to listen to them.

"And when working day is done,

 Girls just wanna fun!

 That's all we really want..."

It took a few officers to break up Vegeta and Krillin's little brawl.  They threatened to put them back in if they didn't stop, and when that didn't work, they said that they'd call their homes.  That did the trick.

After they picked up the kids and drove to Goku's house, they collapsed exhausted on the couch.

The children just ran back into Goten's room to play video games.

Goku turned on the tv and sat back and watched.  Vegeta and Krillin followed his lead.

Bulma, Chi-Chi, and 18 finished singing and stepped off the stage.

The patrons in the karaoke bar cheered and clapped after the girls' performance.  Someone started to yell "Encore! Encore!"  Soon, everyone was yelling it.

18 went back onstage and grabbed one of the microphones.  More cheers and applause.  "Sorry to disappoint you all, but this is more of a one-time performance."  Everyone groaned.  18 returned to her seat.

The manager of the bar ran up to their table. He was a short, stout, balding man and he huffed a bit before saying anything to them.

"Girls, girls!  That was a wonderful performance!  How would you like to take your act here? I f you sing, I attract more business.  That means a bigger pay cut!"

"Well, if you put it that way, we can consider it," replied Bulma.

"Can you get back on that stage and sing some more?"

"Sure!" agreed the girls.  They scooted back onstage.  Cheers and applause greeted them.

The more they sang, the more people entered the bar.  They rifled through some oldies, newbies, solos, and group songs.  To their surprise, people were there to listen to them, not drink.

The girls were sitting at their table, resting their voices, and taking a sip of their drinks, before they went back in the limelight.

"Maybe we should form a singing group after this," thought Chi-Chi.

"Yeah, we'll move onto the pop music scene!" joked Bulma.

"But you have to admit, this is really fun.  Maybe we could do this, as a little spare time project," said 18.

"I wonder how our husbands will take it.  You know, when they find out that we've joined together to start a music career," replied Bulma.

Chi-Chi tapped Bulma's shoulder.  "Take a look at the bar.  Recognize anyone?"

Bulma looked up and saw where Chi-Chi was pointing.  "I wonder what he's doing here?"

The boys were bored with watching the tv.  They got up and found their way to Goten's room.  They found the children asleep all over the room.

Krillin looked at his watch.  "It's getting really late, I better go home."  He picked Marron up from the floor.

Vegeta picked up Trunks from beside Goten, and Bra from the other side of the room.  He grunted as he walked past Goku and outside.  He flew off, back to Capsule Corp.

Goku just stared at Goten, smiled wearily and walked back to his and Chi-Chi's room.  He collapsed on the bed and fell fast asleep.

"Thanks for the ride home, Bulma," said 18 as she reached her house.  She took her bags, got out, watched as her friends drove off, and entered her house.  No one was inside.  She dropped her bags and turned her head to look outside.

Slowly coming down the street was Krillin's air car.  It pulled up in front of the house.  Krillin sluggishly got out of the car, carrying Marron. His face perked up as soon as he saw his wife.  "Hey 18."

"Krillin, you look exhausted."

"Let's just say that I have a new appreciation for everything that you do for me.  Now, let's get inside and put Marron to bed."

Chi-Chi waved to Bulma as she watched her friend leave.  She walked to her house, and found it strange that the door was left open.  She dropped her shopping packages in surprise.

Worried, she rushed inside, calling Goku and Goten's name.  She stopped by the kitchen and took a frying pan, in case the intruder was still there.

She held up the pan and cautiously opened Goten's door.  She saw her son asleep on the floor.  She breathed a sigh of relief that he was safe.  She tip-toed on to the bedroom.

From outside, she heard a faint buzzing noise.  They must be trying to saw their way in.  They can't be too smart.  She burst through the door, ready to attack, but only found Goku on the bed, snoring away.

Relieved, she dropped the frying pan, climbed the bed, and cuddled up beside her sleeping husband.

Bulma finally got home, it was an interesting day.  She left her purchases out in the hall.  She was too tired to put them away, she'll do it in the morning.

She crept around the house, and saw her children sleeping peacefully in their beds.  As for her husband, he was probably in the Gravity Room or raiding the fridge.  Bulma decided to turn in.

She entered her bedroom, ready to find an empty bed, only to see Vegeta waiting for her.

"Did you miss me?" Bulma asked.

"I couldn't sleep, woman," he gruffly replied.

"It's because you missed me."

"Just go to sleep woman."

Bulma giggled, and joined her husband.


Additional Author's Notes: Apologies to Shania Twain and Cindy Lauper.  I don't own their songs. Thanks for reading my fic!  To find out who the girls met at the bar, please read my next fic, "Sucks To Be You".