Chapter 9 - The Prettiest Women in the Whole Wide World (We Wish)
by Star Otaku

This idea was written in response to Shinju's "Why Did the Fangirls Cross the Road?"

What happens when the fangirls continue on their way with the group?

Nod and ref: "CrapBoardia" (formerly "The Dark Koushiro Board of Crap!") is a corrupted Digimon message board filled with kugging, profanity, and acts of perversity... gawd, we love that place!  Citizens of CB are called CrapBoardians.

[Weezer concert in some giant venue.  It's the official Green Album tour.  The setting is probably a stadium instead of an intimate club.  They're somewhere halfway through the concert]

Rivers:  Alright everyone, keep it down cause we've got something special for you.  I don't get on the computer much, but when I do, I become quite the nerd, totally obsessed with anime and fanfiction. *pauses as loud cheers subside* Tonight, we have two special fans who are just like me.  Welcome Meg and Roxanne, or as they're known on the net: Shinju Meg Uchuno and Star Otaku!

[Many of the geeks in the audience that are also fanfic and anime fans scream out loud as they hear the names of two underground celebrities.  Maybe there are even a few CrapBoardians in there and they cheer for their fellow citizens.]

[The few teenyboppers wannabe fangirls in the audience have no clue as to why they're so special but are filled with jealousy.]

[Shinju and Star, in their authoress gear, get up on the stage and each take a stance beside Rivers.]

Rivers:  Girls, can you introduce this next song for me?

Shinju:  Of course Rivers!  This song is from his off-time in the Rivers Cuomo Band.

Star:  It's a classic, called "The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World"!

[True Weez fanatics who've heard of this lost song fly into a cheering frenzy as the guys start to play.]

Rivers: *keeps singing, facing each of the girls at a time, and near the end* I've got the prettiest women in the whole wide world, and no one knows!

[Backstage: Karl is typing up a quick report for the news page.]

Karl:  "We've picked up two girls who've joined the team with us.  They seem to be two writers of great renown on the net, and Rivers seems to be a fan of them.  It's a fair exchange..."