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The Digi-Files: Egos and Icons

Along with the free-falling and the black expanse of nothing, the Digidestined and agents were faring well..

"We've been falling for what seems like forever!" whined Mimi.

"I don't wanna find out when we hit the bottom!" complained Joe.

Tai did a little mid-air summersault so that he fell face forward.  "I don't care what's happening, I've got to get to those brats!"

The Kari and TK copies were giggling ahead of them and taunted them.  With one more raspberry from them, they disappeared into the black mass.

All of a sudden, down felt like up and up was down.  Then, the weightlessness ended, and they fell in a heap.  Their black surroundings began to materialize into that the insides of some old tunnel.

"Ah!" they cried.

"Where are we?" grumbled Sora as she rubbed her aching rear.

Everyone began to shift around to more comfortable positions.

Tai looked up.  He saw a bright light above them.  "I think we just died and we're on our way to heaven.  Huh, that whole light at the end of the tunnel experience doesn't seem so long."

Joe looked around the stone walls of their surroundings.  "This place looks familiar.  Help me up, guys."

Grunting and groaning, they hoisted Joe upon their shoulders.

The lanky and blue-haired boy clambered out of the pit.  He found himself behind some netting.

"Ah!  Guys!  Come up here and help me!  We're all trapped!  And we're doomed!"

Tai then climbed out of the pit, but instead found an open space in front of him.

"Joe.  Quit complaining and turn around."

Joe stopped and looked over Tai's direction.  He blushed.

"Oops.  I mean, come on out everyone!  The coast is clear!"

Everyone else sighed and started to get out.

As soon as they were all on the ground and not below it, the stepped out into the open area to find that their pit was right underneath what looked like a soccer goal.

Looking around, they found themselves inside a giant Roman coliseum.  With a jumbo-vision screen.

The screen crackled to life.  And Datamon's face was looking down on all of them.

"Datamon!" cried the Chosen children and their digimon.

"You know that monster?" asked Scully.

Sora turned to look at the agents behind them.  "Know him?  He's the one who's been sending those clones on us!"

"I can still hear you children," boomed the image.  "And I'm so flattered that you all remember me.  I feel that I should greet you all personally out of gratitude."

The screen blacked out, and all eyes turned to the dark tunnel with an arched entrance across them.

A small pair of glowing read eyes blinked at them.  Soon, many more glowing red eyes joined him.

"I don't think I'm going to enjoy this," Mulder muttered.

From the tunnel, Datamon walked out, with the copies and their digimon flanking him in a V-formation.

Behind Datamon were "Tai", with a lighter coloured and scalier skinned Agumon, and "Matt" and a Gabumon.

"Mimi" and "Sora" were on his sides.  Next were "Joe" and "Izzy".  And finally were the impish "TK" and "Kari".  All of their digimon walked alongside with them with red eyes.

Both teams stayed on their sides, and they analyzed each other.

Taking a much more closer look at their opposition, the originals found that the only difference between them were the vacant eyes.

As for the digimon, there were the variations.

Dark Patamon's bat-like ear wings were much more ragged, and his fur was black, except for his underbelly, it was a grey colour.

The Gatomon was all black, and her clawed gloves were brown with much more sharpened ends.

And so on and so on with the differences.

"Well, it's time for the show down.  Who is the better Digidestined?" Datamon called out.

"Tai" bowed his head obediently.  "Of course we'll show them, Master Datamon.  Everyone, digivolve!"

As for the remaining digimon, their other Champion digivolved versions were now revealed.

Greymon still looked the same, except for the red eyes.

And Angemon was replaced with Devimon.

Only the black cat Gatomon remained.

Datamon looked back at his minions.  "Good work."  He turned to his minions.  "I'm sure you all know what to do."

The evil Tai looked back at his team mates with a treacherous glint in his eyes.  "Oh, we know what to do," he whispered.  "ATTACK!"

All the dark digimon turned on Datamon and started to unleash their fury on him.

Datamon sleekly dodged and swatted away at their attacks.  "What are you buffoons doing?!"

"Sora" looked up.  "We're just doing what you said, master."

Datamon side-stepped one of Gatomon's slashes.  "I meant attack the Digidestined!  Not me!"

The copied Izzy looked up and slightly tilted his head.  "I'm afraid we can't do that.  It seems that you overlooked one flaw.  You made us so evil, we've developed our own ambitions."

"You can't do this!"  Datamon ducked one of Togemon's left hooks.

"I'm afraid that we can."  The cloned Joe sneered.

Tai's doubled nodded.  "Everyone!  Attack at once!"

They obeyed and unleashed their attacks together.  It hit their target at the same time, and created a bright explosion.

"You'll pay for your treachery!" Datamon screamed out loudly for the last time.

As the blast began to clear, bits of data started to stream into the air and were headed for the Primary Village.

"Tai" dusted off his hands.  "At last.  We're one step closer to claming the Digiworld as our own!"  He looked over to the originals.  "Meet us half way.  Digivolve your digimon and leave your guests behind."

Mulder and Scully watched as the children started to walk away from them.

They looked at each other.

"I'm starting to get worried," said Scully.

"Me too."

"I'm beginning to doubt that we'll ever make it back home."

"Don't worry.  I'm counting on these kids, and I think that you should too."

"I will."  Her hand went inside the trench coat and pulled out her gun.  "But just in case..."

Mulder took his out too.  "Yeah.  Just in case."

The group of ersatz Digidestined made their way to the centre of the coliseum.  The hulking forms of their digimon stayed behind.

The real Digidestined met their dark counterparts, and soon, they stood facing each other.  Their Champion level digimon stayed behind too, with Mulder and Scully.

All of them were lined up, almost like they were facing the mirror.

"So won't the real Digidestined please stand?  Please stand up?" Tai sang under his breath.

Mimi looked over her copy.  She had changed out of that princess outfit into a black version of her cowboy outfit.

"I still think that you have dreadful fashion sense.  Goth is *so* out."

Mimi's copy crossed her arms nonchalantly.  "Phfft.  Bite me, brat."

The real Mimi started to fume.

Kari started to wave a fist at her.  "I'll knock your block off and show you!"

Matt smoothed a hand over his hair.  "Wow, even as an evil rebel, I am still one handsome devil."

His double smirked.  "You're not so bad looking yourself.  Too bad I have to muss up that pretty face."


Matt's copy wound his fist back and sent it smashing against Matt's nose.

The original retaliated by tackling it to the ground.  Both of them rolled around in the dirt, punching and kicking.

Both Tai's came in and tried to pull the two apart, but to no avail.

"Now, now.  I won't let you have all the fun," said Tai's doppelganger.  With a smirk, he too lunged at the original and they started their own fray.

Both pairs of fighters were evenly matched.

Tired, they pulled apart and stood apart from each other, panting heavily and staring into each other's eyes with challenge.

"Was it good for you as it was for me?" asked "Matt".

"We're warning.  That was just a warm up," added "Tai".

Rubbing his bloody lip, Tai stepped back to his respective group along with Matt.  They all huddled close together.

"I don't know what to do," said Tai.

"From what I saw, they're exactly like us," said Izzy.

"Yes.  Exactly like us, except for the fact that they're evil!" burst out Joe.

TK tugged at Matt's pant leg.  "Matt, are you okay?"

"Yeah.  I'm fine TK.  Don't worry about your big brother.  Just try to take care of yourself."

Sora glanced over at Tai.  "Time to take desperate measures?"

Tai nodded gravely.  "Yup.  We're moving to the final plan."

Mimi looked like she was about to cry.  "Oh, I didn't want it to come to this!"  She began to bawl, but then stopped.  "What's the final plan?"

Everyone facevaulted, but quickly recovered and were back on their feet.

"The final plan is this.  It's all or nothing."

They broke from their huddle and went back to their line formation.

Joe looked back at the agents.  He had almost forgotten that they were there.  He waved his arms frantically at them.  "Hey!  You guys start running at the first sign of trouble, okay?" he called out.

The distant figures waved back at him, signaling that they understood.

"Oh, we'll give you trouble," replied Joe's clone.  "C'mon!  Let's start attacking them!"

The leader held up his hand.  "Patience.  And besides, I give the orders."  He then pointed to where the agents were.  "Greymon!  Get them!"

The red-eyed Greymon roared ferociously and started to charge in that direction.

"You coward!" cried the real Tai.

"Oh, that's what I'm supposed to represent.  The Icon of Cowardice," his double replied.

"Greymon!  Try and stop him!"

The agents were too far away to actually hear anything, except for Joe's warning.

Mulder and Scully saw some interaction between the two groups.  From a distance, the Tai double yelled out something, pointed at them, and then the evil Greymon was coming their way.

Mulder began to back away slowly.  "Do you think that's trouble?"

Scully nodded her head.  "Oh yeah.  That's trouble."

"Any bright ideas on how get away from Barney?"

"Just one.  Start running!"

Both of them began to make their get-away.  But as they looked ahead, they found that they would have to climb the stone walls to get into the audience seats to find an exit.

They held their guns out behind them and fired off a few shots to get probably stall the orange dinosaur.

Nega-Greymon was stopped by Greymon and the two dinosaur digimon grappled in battle.

That definitely bought them some time.

"That's the death match of the century.  Barney versus Godzilla."

"Just keep running!"

They vaulted over the wall and landed among the seats.  They started to run around the perimeter of the coliseum, and found their exit under another arched doorway.

The Digidestined watched as their new friends ran off into safety.

"Good, now they won't get caught into the cross fire," Joe muttered to himself.

"Enough of this run around!" cried "Sora".  "I'm starved for some action!"

"Don't go psycho on us yet, Sora," said "TK".

"Tai" nodded.  "I agree with Sora though.  Let's get this over with!"

The reached for the icons, which also hung from tags around their necks.  With the tags in their hands, they held them up in the air and cried out together, "Digivolve to the next level!"

"Icon of Cowardice!"

"Icon of Hate!"

"Icon of Hostility!"

"Icon of Deceit!"

"Icon of Apathy!"

"Icon of Ignorance!"

"Icon of Despair!"

"Icon of Darkness!"

The Digidestined called out for their digimon to also digivolve to the next level.  Although they didn't have their crests, they knew that the power lay within them.

But they watched in some twisted and frightened awe as the dark digimon began to digivolve to their Ultimate levels.

"Greymon digivolve to- Skull Greymon!"

"Birdramon digivolve to- Ravenmon!"  Ravenmon had Garudamon's body, which was made up of two taloned legs, a pair of muscled arms, and two large wings behind him.  But he was covered with large and black glossy feathers, and had a large head dress full of more black feathers.  A painted helmet attached to the head dress covered his eyes, from which a pointed yellow beak jutted out.  And he had a loin cloth around his waist.

"Garurumon digivolve to- Anubismon!"  Anubismon was much like WereGarurumon, an anthropomorphic canine.  He had a more jackal like than wolf like appearance and was covered in black fur.  He wore a helmet and his clothes were much like the male Egyptian armor.  In one hand he held a staff, and in the other was a crooked scepter.

"Togemon digivolve to- Nettlemon!"  Nettlemon had Lillymon's appearance: a flower fairy.  Except her dress was made up wilted and purple petals, and a purple and spiky flower sat atop her head.  A belt of thorns was wrapped around her waist.  The leaf-like wings behind her hued from orange to yellow, and her green vine hair had thorns protruding from each strand.  Her gloves and boots were the same, except that the flowers on them were wilted and a vine of thorns were wrapped around them.

"Ikkakumon digivolve to- Marine Devimon!"  Marine Devimon was like Devimon, except for his arms, he had tentacles!  And another set of them sprung from his back and draped over his shoulders.  A ragged cape flowed out from behind him, along with some wilted pieces of seaweed.  He had a small pair of wings perched on top of his pointed cap.

"Kabuterimon digivolve to- NegaKabuterimon!"  NegaKabuterimon was almost like MegaKabuterimon, except for the axe-like appendage on his head, he had a hammer like one instead.  He had a large shell made of chitin, and the green jewel imbedded in his back was cracked.  Still his sharp teeth and claws on the ends of his limbs only enhanced the effect.

"Devimon digivolve to- Demon!"  Demon was a more muscular, more fearsome, and hairier version of Devimon.  Two massive horns were on the side of his head, and lighter patch of fur made a pentagram on his shoulder.  One hand was larger and longer than the other, and long pointed claws framed the tip of each finger.

"Black Gatomon digivolve to- Lady Devimon!"

Kari looked over the evil group's digimon.  "I can't believe we have to face off with that old witch again."

"Who are you calling an old witch?" piped her copy.  "What's your digimon supposed to be, an over-sized pixie?"

"Augh!  You go get her Angewomon!"

Lady Devimon smirked maliciously at her opponent.  "Watch your step blondie."  She reached out and yanked on a strand of Angewomon's golden tresses.  "I betcha it's dyed."

Angewomon was fuming.  "Oh, that's it...  Lemme at her!"

"Bring it on, sister!"

Both femme fatales attacked each other and got into a catfight of massive proportions.

The older boys of both groups only looked up in awe.

The two FBI agents were now a good distance away from the battle grounds.

"Think we're safe here, Scully?"

"As long as those things don't come anywhere near us, then we're good."

They looked around themselves and only saw vast dunes of sand and desert.

"Talk about coming out of the frying pan and into the fire."

"Mulder, we should look for help.  Not make wise cracks."

"Hey!  Look over there!"

They looked back to see multicoloured lights coming from the coliseum.  The lights flashed, twinkled, and shifted in what looked like the Aurora Borealis.

When the lights faded away, new forms of flying monsters rose up over the coliseum.

Mulder placed a hand over his brow to try and block out the sun.  He squinted and looked at the figures of the monsters.

"I've just noticed something.  Is it just me or is one of those digimon a scantily clad angel?"

"What did I say about making wise cracks?"

"No.  I'm serious here.  And there's- something, I can barely make it out, but is that a tight leather wearing she-devil?"

Scully rolled her eyes.

"A cat fight!"  He laughed.  "This would make a good video.  Something to add to my... friend's collection."

"Yeah.  Right.  Okay, enough of that.  I'm just glad the kids aren't here."

"Oh, what I'd give to be in the kids' place."

"Let's just keep moving."  With that, Scully grabbed the scruff of her partner's collar and started to drag him behind her back to the stadium.

The Chosen children cheered their own digimon on while they battled.

The Dark Digidestined just looked smug.

"Try all you want.  You're not going to win this one," said Matt's copy.

The children just glared at their copies and continued to cheer.

"C'mon Metal Greymon!"

Metal Greymon tried to used his Giga-Blaster, but it was blocked by Skull Greymon's rocket.  The two missiles exploded in midair, but the rocket continued moving, and hit its target.  When the explosion cleared, Agumon was left in the smoking wreck.

"Use your Wing Blade, Garudamon!"

Garudamon and Ravenmon grappled in hand to hand combat.  Garudamon pushed back and charged up for her Wing Blade, but was stopped when Ravenmon broad sided him.

"Trickster's Wing!" cried Ravenmon.  A black shadow rose from behind him and exploded against Garudamon.

"WereGarurumon, give him the old one-two combo punch!"

WereGarurumon was putting his Wolf Claw and other fighting skills to use, but they were all blocked by Anubismon's staff and scepter.  Anubismon then swung his scepter at WereGarurumon's head, who ducked, but didn't anticipate the staff to sweep underneath him knock him off his feet.

"Ra's Beam!" Anubismon cried and his eyes started to glow.  He stood over WereGarurumon and fired his eye beams at his prey.  Under the energy attack, WereGarurumon reverted back to Gabumon.

"Bring out the weed killer on that awful Nettlemon, Lillymon!"

Lillymon flitted around Nettlemon, and a flower wreath wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides.  But Nettlemon ripped it to shred using the thorns on her gloves.  Free from her bonds, Nettlemon wrapped her opponent in a wreath of thorns.  Her hair began to writhe about and grew a bit longer.

"Thorn Whip!"  With that, Nettlemon's hair began to lash at the pinioned Lillymon.

"Augh!  Just try not to hurt yourself Zudomon!  Or me for that matter."

Zudmon charged up his Vulcan Hammer attack, but was stopped short when black ink squirted from one of Marine Devimon's tentacles and into his eyes.  Blindly, Zudmon stumbled about and roared in pain as the black liquid stung.

"Take a taste of my Guilty Black attack.  But there's more in store.  Pressure!"  The tentacles pummeled and beat at Zudomon.

"You're doing a prodigious job, MegaKabuterimon!  Just keep it up!"

Both giant beetle digimon were butting at each other with their head pieces.  NegaKabuterimon looked beaten, but he moved back and spread his wings.

"Stinger Shooter!"  Out of no where, many stingers rained around MegaKabuterimon and exploded against and around him.

"I'm counting on you MagnaAngemon!"

MagnaAngemon was doing his best, parrying and hacking away at Demon with Excalibur, but the demon lord digimon blocked his attacks with his deformed arm.

"Flame Inferno!" he roared.

From around MagnaAngemon, a wall of flames surrounded him.  He tried to fly away from the blaze, but had a narrow route of escape.  And it was blocked by Demon.  He tried to open the Gate of Destiny above him and trap Demon, but he was stopped by the Chaos Flare.  The flames around MagnaAngemon started to flare and lick at his wings and threatened to consume him.

"Knock her block off Angewomon!"

Angewomon and Lady Devimon slapped and clawed at each other.  Lady Devimon then tried the old move of grabbing at Angewomon's and swinging her around with it.  She flung her towards the ground, and with no one to catch her, Angewomon landed hard.

"Better luck next time, blondie.  Darkness Wave!"

Lady Devimon turned around and unleashed her attack upon the semi-conscious angel.

"Sora" looked at the digimon fighting all around them.  "It'd be such a pity to destroy the rest of these digimon."

"Izzy" nodded.  "Once we're done here, I'll put to use some of Datamon's research to use.  We'll make them serve us."

"Yes, we could use some more reinforcements to help us in our conquest of the Digiworld!" said Joe's double.

At that moment, all the good digimon came crashing to the ground and demolished parts of the old structure.  The real Digidestined fell to ground with the quaking of the impacts.  Their digimon's bodies lay unmoving.

"Ha!  Your digimon are down and out for the count!" gloated "TK".  "Shall we finish them off?"

"Kari" looked up at her brother.  "Yes, please.  I'm so tired of playing around with them."

As they lay side by side, Tai and Matt shared a knowing glance with each other.

"One more trick up our sleeves?" Tai whispered.

"Let's hope that they don't know how to warp-digivolve," Matt replied.

Both boys got up and dusted themselves off.  "Not so fast!" they cried in unison.

"The goody-goodies never give up, do they?" scoffed Matt's double.

"Time to teach them their lesson," commented Tai's clone.




"What the?!"

The copies could only watch as two Mega level digimon came into the fray.

"Tai" nervously looked back at "Izzy".  "Izzy.  Care to tell us what's going on?" he asked nervously.

Izzy's doppelganger typed frantically at his laptop.  "I don't know!  They've found a way to digivolve to another level!"

"This is impossible!" cried Joe's clone.

"I'm afraid it is possible.  Datamon probably didn't know about it, so he didn't even give ours a chance to do this warp digivolve thing!"

The forms of War Greymon and Metal Garurumon hovered above them.

"I think it's about time they decided to call us in," Metal Garurumon said gruffly.

"I agree," said War Greymon.

"We're not letting them have all the fun!" cried TK.

All the Digidestined got up, pulled out their digivices, and pointed them at their fallen digimon.  Beams of light shot out from the screens and hit their digimon.  Those that were down and out for the count got up, revived.

Garudamon, Lillymon, Zudumon, MegaKabuterimon, MagnaAngemon, and Angewomon shot off a barrage of their trademark attacks at their opponents.

Metal Garurumon zipped around the weakening baddies and rounded them up.  He shot off a few of his missiles and they were encased in ice.

"Finish it!" cried the good guys.

War Greymon flew high above the imprisoned enemies and charged up a large orange ball of energy.  "Terra Force!" he cried out and threw the massive orb down.

"Everyone!  Duck!" cried Tai.

The fell to the ground and shut their eyes and covered their ears as an explosion ripped through the area.

Mulder and Scully stumbled back with the tremors of the explosion.

"Ah!" they cried out.

I hope those kids are alright, they thought as they got back up and attempted to make their way inside.

They stepped around the fallen arches and scattered stone debris.  As soon as they made their way back inside the open grounds area, they saw only eight Rookie digimon.  But there were still sixteen children.

"I think half of the battle is over," quipped Mulder.

"Stay low.  If there's any trouble, start picking them off," said Scully.

Both of them kept a firm hand on their guns and nodded.

They ducked behind the seats and kept their aim ready.

Coughing and hacking, both groups got up and faced each other again.

"We're not beaten yet, Digidestined," said "Tai".

"As long as we're still around, we can round up our digimon at the Primary Village!" added "Mimi".

Both sides growled and put up their dukes, ready for another brawl.

A loud beeping sound then caught their attention.

The Dark Digidestined grabbed a hold of their black digivices and found out that those were source of the sound.  They each pushed a button, and Datamon's face looked at them from the tiny screen.

"Well my creations, you thought you've won, haven't you?  I'm afraid you're wrong.  I anticipated your treachery, so I've developed a little insurance policy."

"What's he talking about?" muttered the children.

"If I cannot take over the Digital World, then no one will.  In mere seconds, you will all break apart into your basic components.  Unfortunately, your data will not be recycled to recreate you.  Good-bye children."

With the message over, their digivices exploded in their hands.  Bits of data started to spray in their faces, and they looked down to find their hands disappearing.

They screamed and wailed pitifully as they ceased to exist.

The original Digidestined looked away from the sight and waited until it was over.

"Wow, I never counted on the bad guy to save the day," muttered Matt.

"The agents!  We gotta find them!" cried Joe.

"We're here, kids."

The children looked over to the seats and saw Mulder and Scully standing, alive and well.  They picked up their digimon and ran over to the adults.

"Did you see everything?" asked TK excitedly.

"Oh, we did," replied Scully.

"We're quite proud of you kids," added Mulder.

"Now that the battle's over, how do we get home?"

"Easy, we make our way back to Gennai's home and he'll send us back," said Izzy.

"All we need is a ride back!" exclaimed Mimi.

Suddenly, a large horn blared, and from the opposite end of the coliseum, a cruise ship crashed through the jumbo-vision screen.

They just stared at the spectacle before them.

A small green figure ran onto the deck and called out to them.

"Princess Mimi!  At last!  We've found you!  We knew you could defeat them!" cheered the Gekomon.

"Can you give us a ride back to Gennai's?" asked Mimi.

"Anything for our princess!  Hop on!"

Back at Gennai's underwater home, the children were bidding tearful farewells to their friends.

The agents were in another room discussing things before they went back to the real world.

"So, why do you think we came here?"

"It was an accident Mulder.  We were at the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Maybe we're here to witness this.  It was no coincidence that these children were connected somehow.  They had some kind of run in with creatures from this world, but how do we fit into this?  Think back."

"That virtual game that we got sucked into.  That was a digital world."

"It was a digital world, but it was contained, and quite parallel to our own.  This one is almost like ours, but with these sentient little monsters running around."

"Surely makes you change your mind about this place being merciless and bloodthirsty."

"It's quite comforting.  Despite the anarchy."

"Well, I wouldn't say that this whole world is full of anarchy.  There is order," said Gennai.  He stood before the doorway.  "Don't worry, the children are just saying goodbye to their digimon.  It's quite painful every time."

"Now, as you were telling us about the order of this place," said Scully.

"Yes.  The way of life is that digimon live, and then, when they die, their data is recycled in the Primary Village.  A never-ending life cycle.  The Digiworld will be thrust into great times of disorder and chaos, but there will always be the Digidestined to put things right.  Maybe next time, I'll see a new set of Chosen Children.  I guess that's enough explanations.  You should get going."

When they were done with their goodbyes, they were escorted by the old man to his living room, and they faced the TV.

"Well children, I'm quite proud of you.  It's so sad to see you go, and I'll miss you terribly."

He turned on the TV and a bright white light engulfed them, sending them back to their own world.

"Good-bye!  Always remember to recycle!" were his final words.

Mulder and Scully had packed their bags and were at the airport.  Their Digidestined friends were with them to see them off.

"That was some adventure kids," said Mulder.

Tai smiled.  "You're quite welcome!"

Kari shyly give both agents a hug.  "Please write to us when you can."

Matt just stood a ways apart from the group.  "Hey, see you guys around."

"Aw Matt!" whined TK.  "That's not how you say good-bye!  You have to sound more enthusiastic!  Like this: See you guys next time!"  The little boy waved happily at the two adults.

Joe pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose.  "Well, what are you two going to tell the FBI about the Digiworld?"

"We're not saying anything," said Mulder with a conspiratorial wink.  "These cases actually had nothing in common at all.  And the Digiworld never existed."

"Thank you Agent Mulder."  Sora bowed towards the man.

Izzy hugged Agent Scully and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  He blushed.  "I hope to make you two proud, as if you were my own parents."

"If I ever have children, I hope that he'll be just like you."

Mulder ruffled the boy's hair.  "Make us proud, son."

"Oh, it's so sad to see you go!" bawled Mimi.

"Don't worry, you can visit us in America when you have the chance," comforted Scully.

They started to make their way towards the gate as their flight was being called.

"Good-bye!" cried the group of children as they waved at their departing friends.

When the agents were out of sight, the children started to make their way out of the airport.

As they walked along a group of people, Kari began to cough.

"Kari?  What's wrong?" Sora asked, concerned.

"I smell cigarette smoke."

"Oh boy, my asthma is going to flare up," said Joe.

Mimi tapped at a man's shoulder.  "Excuse me, sir.  Can you please put out that cigarette?"

The man turned around.  He was a middle aged man dressed in a dark suit, and he was right in the middle of taking a drag from his Morley.

"I was just finished with it."  He dropped the butt and stepped on it.  "Good day, Digidestined," said the man.  He took out another cigarette and disappeared into the crowd.

The puzzled Digidestined children were left standing there, wondering about the strange Cigarette Smoking Man.

The End

Additional Author's Notes: Well, the end.  If you guys smell a sequel, don't even think about it.  It's the end and that is that.  Now, the new digimon that I did not make up were Demon, Marine Devimon, Black Gatomon (or Black Tailmon).  You can find out all about him at Megchan's Digimon Encyclopedia.  I apologize if I was inaccurate about some of the digimon's stages and who they involve into, or evolve from, but I'm sure you can forgive me for the sake of story continuity.