Chapter 10 - Being a Weezer Fly Girl
by Shinju Meg Uchuno

This is the last part in this hang-around-with-Weezer trilogy. We had a lot of fun writing these. Who wouldn't want to hang out with Weez like this? Plus, go shopping with Karl! Whoo! What a dream come true! Of course, that would mean it would of had to be REAL to be a dream come true...

[ In a nice hotel after the concert. The guys are sitting doen to order room service while Shinju and Star watch a bit of TV with Pat. ]

Shinju: That was the coolest thing I have ever done!

Star: I know! That was the best moment of my life!

Pat: Hey girls, it can only get better. Check this out. [ he points to the TV where Gideon Yago sits infront of the MTV News sign. Behind him, on a lil' screen, if the famous Weezer flying W.]

Gideon: And in other late breaking music news, the guys of Weezer have hired on two girls to be part of their crew. Going by the names of Shinju Meg Uchuno and Star Otaku, these two girls are fanfiction writers that were welcomed with open arms by Rivers Cuomo. [ while Gideon goes on, a clip plays of the girls on stage. Star and Shinju can't help but 'squeee'! ]

Star: Oh my god! That is so cool!

Shinju: Gideon Yago! Wow!

Rivers: Well, since your with us now, you'll probably be interviewed on TV and stuff alot.

Shinju: o.O

Star::gasp:: Wow, that is amazing.

Brian: Heh, glad you ladies think so. Why don't we order dinner and then get to bed?

[ An hour later the girls are in their own seperate but attached room and getting ready for bed. They sing Weezer songs as they get ready. ]

Mikey::pokes his head in:: Good night guys!

Shinju/Star: 'Night Mikey!

Mikey: Got to get a good nights sleep. We've got another concert here tommorow.

[ both girls nod and he leaves. A second later Rivers pokes his head in ]

Rivers: Was that you singing girls?

Shinju: Uh... yeah. Sorry.

Rivers::laughs:: No problem. I was just wondering. Well, sleep well.

Star: Sleep well Rivers.

[ he leaves and everyone goes to sleep. The next morning Star gets up before her friend and finds the guys ( 'cept for Karl ) gone. ]

Star: Hey Karl. Where are the guys?

Karl::looks up from his laptop:: They had to go for a few interviews. They'll be back tonight before the concert. We get to spend the day together. What do you think about walking around the city?

Star: That sounds great! I'll go wake up Shinju!

Shinju::already half-awake:: I swear... if that was a dream, I'm going to kill someone... and then write a very long e-mail to Star-san...

Star: It's not a dream, Shinju! Get up! We're gonna go sight-seeing with Karl!

Shinju: Yes! I knew it wasn't a dream! ::both get dresses and meet Karl in his room. he holds out two backpacks to them. A black one for Shinju and a lime green one of Star. Both have the flying W on it. ::

Karl: Look inside.

[ both do so and find a whole bag full of awesome Weezer stuff that will come in handy on the tour bus. There is also a letter. ]

Letter: Sorry ladies, but we have to do interviews today and we can't go sight-seeing with you all. Tommorow we're off to New York on the tour so by some nice clothes for it! You might get onstage and we want you to look your Weez best! Karl has the checkbook! We'll see you tonight. Have fun! Love-Rivers, Brian, Pat and Mikey.

Shinju/Star: SQUEEEEE!

Karl: I knew you'd like that. Let's go sight-seeing and shopping!