Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or its characters.  They belong to Sunrise.  And the idea for this skit belongs to "Red Dwarf".  Smeg it!

It Is Time...

Announcer:  And now, time for another lost scene from Cartoon Network's hit anime show: Gundam Wing...

[Wufei is along in the bridge of the Preventers space ship, on the look out for any crimes.]

Wufei:  Woman, is there anything to report? *looks around* Oh yeah.  She's on another assignment.

[Suddenly, the ships is rocked by some unknown explosion, and Wufei is thrown from his seat.  Red lights start flashing and klaxon alarms are blaring loudly.]

Wufei:  Damn it!

[Fei-chan staggers up to the console and looks to see what the problem is.]

Wufei:  An explosion in the engine room!  What else could go wrong? *looks down at the console again* The engine room is right below the bridge?!  AUGH!!!!!

[Wufei starts to frantically push at some buttons, but to no avail.  Suddenly, the door to the bridge is knocked open and large flames are flaring outside.  The flames spread into the room and soon, the place is blazing all around Wufei, who is still kneeling on the floor.  Wufei reaches into the pockets of his uniform and pulls out a pen and piece of paper.  He starts to jot something down.]

Wufei:  To whom it may concern: You may find my lifeless and burnt body floating through space.  And you may have found this note.  I am Wufei Chang.  All I have to say about my death is this.  INJUSTICE!!!!!

[He coughs from the smoke around him.  He curls the hand (which is holding the will) into a fist, and the crumbled ball of paper rolls away from him.  It begins to catch on fire.]

Wufei:  Oh no...

[A black booted foot dramatically steps on the flaming paper, putting it out while sending some embers flying.  Slowly pan up from the foot show that the figure is also wearing a large and hooded black cloak (which flaps dramatically around it) and holding a scythe.]

Wufei:  *gulps* You must be Death.

[The dark figure nods.  The other hand, which is not holding the scythe, goes up and pulls back the hood.  Before the hood is fully taken off, we move back to Wufei's shocked face.]

Wufei:  It can't be you...  No!  You can't take me!  I refuse to be escorted to the other world by you!

[Move back to the figure.  Minus the hood.  It's Duo, who is smiling.  Please raise your hand if you did not see that coming.]

Duo:  Hey!  I thought I'd get a warmer greeting that that.  Sorry Wu-man, but it's my duty.  Before I take you, I gotta go through the speech.

[As Duo is preparing his speech, Wufei gets up and dusts himself off.]

Duo:  *deep and imposing voice (think Darth Vader)* Chang Wufei, your life is now over.  Come with me, for it is time...

Wufei:  Not today!

[Wufei winds up and kicks Duo square between the legs.  Duo, clutching his crotch in pain, goes down groaning.  Wufei dusts his hands and walks away from Duo.]

Duo:  *painfully* Sometimes, I hate this job.

The End!