Chapter 9

Roxanne showed them the note.  "I have to get Rokbit back.  I know that Team Rocket would never control her.  She knows who I am."

"I'll help you find your Rokbit," offered Brock.

"Count us both in!" added Misty and Ash.


"No, I can't let you guys do that.  I mean, I can't get you involved.  This is my own problem, I'll handle it myself.  I guess a life of stealing pokemon won't be so hard.  Now please leave."

"But-" pleaded Brock.

"I said leave now!" Roxanne ordered.  Her voice nearly choked.

They left her alone in the gym.  As soon as they were gone, she began to cry.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket was getting ready to meet their boss.  They found the old electricity mill and set up the communications system.

On the screen, a dark figure sitting in a chair and wearing a suit appeared.  "What have do you three have to report to me now?" the figure asked impatiently.  The dark figure had a deep and intimidating voice.

"Team Rocket reports that we have a new pokemon for you, boss," replied Meowth nervously.

"It's about time that I got a decent report from you idiots.  Your failing streak has worn down on my patience."

"Oh, we assure you that this new pokemon won't be a disappointment," said Jesse.

"And we even recruited a new member!" exclaimed James.  "I left the gym leader a note!"

"You what?!" cried Jesse and Meowth in disbelief.

"Hmm.  A new member to Team Rocket.  I hope that this new recruit will be much better than you three."  A sleek and stately Persian appeared and nuzzled the boss' leg.  "I want perfection like this Persian."

"If this works out, can your Meowth be top cat again?" asked Meowth.

"Maybe.  Report back to me when you are done with your mission, and it better be successfully."

"Team Rocket out."  The screen went black.

"You better do some explaining, James.  Or else."  Jesse held up a large mallet that would crush his head.

"I still like her!" he confessed and began to bawl like a baby.  Jesse took her mallet and hit James' head.  A large lump appeared on his head, and he was out cold.

"I hope that his plan better work," muttered Jesse.

It was sunset, and Roxanne walked alone to the old electrical mill. Bad guys have to have a hideout.  I just hope that this is it, Roxanne thought to herself.

Soon, she reached the mill, ducked down, and looked through the window.  She saw James unconscious on the floor and a girl looking like Jessebelle standing over him.  She thought she saw the Meowth in the corner talk.  She could see on a control console in front of a big screen was a pokeball.  It must be Rokbit!

She reached into one of the pockets on her vest to take out the note and rose James had left.  She then waited for the time to enter the mill and confront Team Rocket.

Brock followed Roxanne from afar as she reached the mill.  It was a relief knowing that he left Misty and Ash behind without them noticing what he was doing.

He jumped behind some bushes and spied on her.  It seemed that she took some things out of her pocket and was waiting for the right moment to crash Team Rocket's hideout.

He began to start liking her, after he told them her story and after that secret confession of hers.  She seemed to be the only girl he could keep a cool head around.

He suddenly saw her stand up and approach the entrance to the mill.  He got up and tried to move in closer.

Roxanne felt angry at herself for doing what she had to do, but Rokbit her first pokemon, and when they first met, they had an instant bond that no one could break.

With all her anger, she kicked at the door again and again.  She hoped that her kicking would startle Team Rocket.  She then gathered all of the courage she had inside her and waited.

She glanced at the window to see that they were startled and that James quickly got up to answer the door.

He approached the door cautiously while rubbing the back of his head.  He opened it slowly, expecting an ambush, peeked through the small opening, and saw Roxanne standing outside.

She held in her hand the note and the rose.  "I'm here for your opening in Team Rocket.  I've decided to take you up on that offer," Roxanne said.

"Uh, yes, come in," replied James as he fully opened the door to let Roxanne in.

She strode in nonchalantly and fixed James a cold stare.  She then looked around the room to see Jessebelle and the Meowth looking suspiciously at her.

"This is Jesse and Meowth," James introduced the girl and the pokemon.

So that girl isn't Jessebelle.  I shouldn't care about her or the Meowth.  I should care only about getting Rokbit back. Roxanne nodded and said nothing.

"This is the pokemon you're looking for," said Jesse, and she pointed to the pokeball on the console.  She took the pokeball threw into the ground and commanded, "Pokemon, go!"

The pokeball glowed red, but nothing came out, the ball bounced into Roxanne's hands.

"You'll have trouble trying to get Rokbit to obey you.  I wouldn't want you three to have the trouble of handling her," Roxanne replied professionally.  "Here, let me show you."  She quickly scanned the room and noticed that the Meowth was gone.  She quickly shrugged that detail off.

She held the pokeball, and out came her Rokbit.  She walked slowly out the door, and Rokbit followed her.  Team Rocket nervously followed her outside.

"My pokemon hasn't been out in a while, I'm thinking of a match in order to keep it experienced and well trained.  It would be good if I showed you the power of this little pokemon."

"James told us all about it.  Maybe I should take you up on that match."  And Jesse took out her pokemon, Arbok.

Brock saw that they were beginning a pokemon battle.  Jesse's Arbok hissed and tried to bite at the Rokbit.  Arbok finally got a bite at Rokbit, but coiled back in pain from biting the its hard skin.  Roxanne then commanded her Rokbit to finish it off with a rock slide attack.  And she won the match.

The two opponents called back their pokemon.  They were all about to go back inside the mill when Roxanne turned around and began to run the other direction.

That stunt caught Jesse and James off their guard, it seemed too late to catch her, but with a flash of fur, Meowth appeared in front of her holding a bag of bombs.

"Meowth!  I don't think you're going anywhere with that precious pokemon of yours!  Now hand over the Rokbit unless you wanna go boom."

Roxanne quickly reached into one of her pockets, plucked out a pokeball, and threw it.  "Growlithe, go!" she shouted.

The fire dog appeared and barked at Meowth.

"A known fact is that cats don't like dogs.  Sick 'em, Growlithe!"  Growlithe began to run at the scared Meowth.  Meowth reached into his bag and threw a bomb at the dog pokemon.  Roxanne held up her pokeball and called Growlithe back before the bomb could hit it.

Roxanne then called back out her Rokbit.  Meowth was about to hold out another one of his bombs when a large Onix circled itself around Roxanne and her Rokbit.  Onix shielded them from Jesse and James on one side, and Meowth with his bombs on the other.

Roxanne looked over Onix and saw Brock running over to help them.

Team Rocket quickly recovered the distraction and sent their pokemon out, Arbok and Weezing.  The two hideous pokemon were trying to crash their way through Onix's hard skin.

"Meowth!  Don't just stand there!  Throw the whole artillery at that rock snake!" cried Jesse.

Meowth began to swing the bag around, building its momentum.  Brock realized that if the bag of bombs was thrown, it would fall right where Roxanne and her Rokbit were!

"Onix!  Open up the circle and let them get out of the way!" Brock yelled.

It seemed that Roxanne realized the danger too, and so she began to run away as soon as Onix let them go.  But Rokbit was paralyzed by fear, it remembered what happened the last time it tangled with a bomb.

"Rokbit!  Come here!" called Roxanne, but it still didn't move.  Roxanne sprinted to Rokbit to pick it up and carry it away from danger.

As soon as she picked up Rokbit, Meowth let go of the bag and it came hurtling towards them.