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Author's Notes: End of 02, end of 02.  Now, as many of you are spitting out your drinks at the thought of Codison, the in-joke starts with this little equation: The Codison Equation.  One of my most unusual pairings makes it in this fic.  It was originally started to poke fun at the identity of the mother for Cody's little girl and to continue with the AS tradition of bastardizing anime cross-over couplings.  Well, here's Cody's POV.

Made to Fit

The last bang of the gavel brings much anticipation, and dread, as the court takes their seats for the awaiting verdict.

I am one of those to sit down.  I take a peek over my shoulder to the spectator's box and find the bereaved family huddled there anxiously.

I'm suddenly reminded of why I went into this profession in the first place.  It's to make sure that people like them won't have to grieve any more.  I can't take away their pain, but maybe, just maybe, I can ease some of it.

I want to help them in this desperate time.  Just like my father wanted to help those who were unable to defend themselves, by upholding the right side of the law and justice.

I did try out for the police force, thanks to my connections with Ken, but all the violence in the streets and the danger involved scared me.  I was afraid to even let Armadillomon join me, I didn't want to lose my partner.  I didn't want to lose him like my father.

I didn't want to feel the same pain that this family is going through at this moment.  Of having a loved one pulled away from you.

The defendant is brought into the room, and he looks at all of us with no remorse.  From what I can tell, no remorse.  Even for as horrible a crime as his.  All he can do is stare coldly and numbly as the decision is read.


They found him guilty.  I look back to see the victim's family, my clients, solemnly get up from their seats and hug each other, happy that this ordeal is over with and that they can return to their lives.

They only came to see justice done, and I'm glad that I was able to do it.  I was able to put away another criminal, just like my father did in the line of duty.

I grab my brief case and make my way out the court room.  I calmly and quickly receive thanks from my clients, and can only give my condolences.

Making a quick dash for the grand doors out of the civil court, I step into the sun light and breathe in the spring air, which is cold and heavy from a recent rain shower.  Looking down at my polished shoes, I almost childishly wiggle my feet in the shallow puddle I stand in.

"You don't want to ruin those new shoes now, do you?" she asks me smartly.

I look up, and there she is.  My wife, my love, my life.  Long dark grey hair and large soulful sapphire eyes.

"Oh Madison, I didn't know they were in the puddle in the first place.  I was just washing them off."

"I think you're growing up in reverse.  You're making excuses."

I doubt I would still joke around her like this if she wasn't in my life.  She brought out the small boy from the man that grew up too fast.

Before I know it, she's wrapped herself under my arm, and we walk, making our way to the park.  We pass through the grove of cherry trees and the sakura petals flutter all around us.

I can only stroll with her, our steps in time, and think about how it all came to this.  How did I meet the one who's made me complete?

It was years since I got over not being able to make the force, like Ken, who was busy moving on up in the ranks of rookie.  Sora first introduced me to her when I was still making my way through law school and studying hard to make the bar exam.

Madison was another young enthusiastic fashion student in Sora's class, who was also taking up the visual arts in her spare time.

From what I heard about her then, she was a fun loving, yet somewhat reserved, girl who had recently broken up with her boyfriend.  She was usually so light hearted, until the break up, of course.

Sora arranged a blind date for us as something to keep us busy, and when we met, I was taken by surprise.

I mean, I'm surprised now.  But not back then.

I was too caught up in my own studies to notice her or even make the effort to show her a good time.  We just went out for dinner, talked a little, and then shared a small kiss on her door step.  We barely spoke for weeks after that.

I never thought I'd see her again, until I had just passed the exam.  The same day, Sora had a fashion show for all of us and invited me.  It really wasn't something I would get into, but she promised me that the after show dinner would double as a celebration meal, I quickly agreed.  It was convenient of course: celebrating two things at once with my friends.

But I wasn't one to go unprepared, I brought along Armadillomon to make sure I didn't get too bored.

When it was all over, I went backstage, and there she was.  Holding up a glass with Sora and the models for the night.

"And thanks to our coordinator," hailed Sora.

Madison blushed slightly, but then basked a little in the glow of the toast.  When everyone dispersed for the dinner party, she disappeared for a bit before she made her way up to me.  She smiled impishly as she held something behind her back.

"What do you have?"

"A present.  Ta-da!  A brief case!"

"What for?"

"I heard you're now a real lawyer.  Congratulations."  She handed it to me.

"Thanks," I said and set it down at my feet.

It seemed that Armadillomon got a little too curious about the present and sniffed at it.  He clumsily knocked it over, and then hopped on it.  The storage case couldn't take his weight and collapsed.

I looked up shocked at Madison.  "I'm sorry.  It must have been really expensive."

She looked equally shocked.  She gasped and held her hand to her open mouth... and began to laugh.  "It's okay!  It's okay.  I'm sure I can get you a new one.  Maybe one that you would like."

I was embarrassed.  I really did appreciate her gesture.  "Oh!  But I did like it."

"It's okay.  Maybe you can come with me and we can pick a more appropriate gift?" she asked shyly, yet with a hint of coyness.

I took her up on her offer and we made our way to the party together.  From that night, we slowly and surely fell for each other.

We make our way into the children's playground, and I see a young girl playing with an Upamon and Armadillomon.  A mix of me and Madison.  My hair colour with Madison's length and style.

Our child.

"What shall we name her?" my wife asked me as she held the newborn in her arms.

I thought back and remembered an old friend.  He could have been an uncle to her if he lived.  Or maybe even a surrogate grandfather.  Too bad grandfather passed on before he could even see her.

"We'll name her Yuki," I said.

She looked up at me, her eyes showing the fatigue of her ordeal to bring this life in the world.  "Yuki?"

"Would you rather we name her Yukio?"

"Our little girl with a boy's name... I believe that Yuki does sound better."

I smiled and kissed her tired brow.  We cuddled together like the new family we were.  Unsure of the future, but happy that we were together like that.

"Yuki!  Your father and I are here!" Madison calls out, shaking me from my reverie.

Armadillomon hefts Yuki on his back and she rides him to us, with her Upamon riding atop her head.

"Giddy up!  Ride 'em pardner!" my old friend plays along.  He stops at our feet and pants as our daughter climbs off his back.  "Ah'm not cut out ta be a baby-sitter."

"Mom!  Dad!" Yuki says with so much enthusiasm.  So energetic, just like her mother.  She immediately finds my free hand and places hers in mine.

I look down at my little one.  "Ready to go to the Digital World today?"

She nods her head.  "Mm-hmm!"

"C'mon, let's get going, I want you to make some friends."

She seems to shrink a little at the thought of new children.

"Don't worry, Aunt Yolei and Uncle Ken will be there too."

She perks up immediately, clutching my hand and readying herself to drag me away.  "Let's go dad!"  She stops.  "Wait.  Mom, can we please go to the Digiworld?  Please?"

Madison laughs.  "Oh, you two go now.  I don't want you to keep the other Digidestined waiting!  I'll see you two for dinner!"

We nod and make our way out of the park.

"Daddy, what's the Digiworld like?"

"Well Yuki, it's really beautiful.  It's more wonderful than this world in the spring and summer.  But it wasn't always like that."

"You're going tell me about Mr. Owikawa again, aren't you?" she asks with that exasperated tone.  She's heard it already, for a million times.

"Yes, I will.  Unless you're tired of that story."

"I never get tired that one!  Tell me again, please?"

"Okay.  Well, we had just defeated MaloMyotismon and Mr. Owikawa was still stuck in the dimension of wishes.  And we found out that the Digiworld was a place that could also make people's wishes come true..."

The End

Additional Author's Notes: Yeah, just an extension of the old AS Inc. in-joke.  Don't worry, I'm not borrowing the Card Captors universe Madison... more like an alternate Madison.  I don't plan to do a whole Digidestined set, just who ever I feel I should do.  Now that you've read it, please review!