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The Digi-Files: Egos and Icons

It had been so long since he last encountered the Digidestined.  He would get those brats for destroying his chance at power, and he would take from them their power over the crests.

Wait!  That's it!  His initial theory was that the real Digidestined wasn't necessary for digivolution.  He only needed a copy.

Datamon hopped up on his now repaired computer in the secret pyramid room.  It had taken him a long time to escape from Etemon's clutches in the Dark Network and to rebuild his head quarters deep within the pyramids.

He had been gone too long, things had changed.  There was talk of the Dark Masters, and how there was another Digidestined.

From the computer, he called up the old security images from when the Digdestined raided the pyramid.  It would take a while to copy them using this method, but it would be well worth it.

Scully looked around the cluttered office she shared with Fox Mulder.  She gave out an exasperated sigh and decided to take his seat.  She'd surprise him by being ready and waiting for her late partner.

A few seconds, perfect timing, Mulder waltzed through the door.

Before Scully could react and tell him that he was late, he plopped a folder right in front of her.  She picked it up and then told him: "You're late."

"Good morning to you too," Mulder replied.  "I have a new case for us."

Scully looked up at him, rolled her eyes, and started to sift through the folder.

"Mulder, this doesn't seem like one case.  This seems like a jumble of them."

"Okay, what makes you think they're unrelated?"

"Some of them are reports about unnatural weather phenomena, another few are about the mass hallucinations or monster sightings, an old case of terrorists bombing an apartment complex, and the mysterious abduction of several children in Japan."

"That's the thing!  Look at where it all takes place."

"Odaiba, Japan.  Mulder," Scully started, "There are over a billion people in Japan.  And there are probably about twelve million in Odaiba alone.  How are going to connect all of these cases when we have to sift through so many people?"

"Easy.  We go there ourselves and do a little field research."

"Mulder, you don't mean-"

He reached into his trench coat pocket and displayed two plane tickets.  "See you tomorrow.  Five in the morning!  Be sure to pack enough for a week, at least."

"Skinner will have our heads on a platter if we keep going on these little excursions."

"I'm way ahead of you.  Even FBI agents have to put their frequent flier miles to good use."

Tai was happy to be back home.  No need to worry about threats from the Digiworld, right?  Just rest and relaxation.

But he couldn't relax and just lay off.  It had been a month, and yet, he missed his digimon counterpart terribly.  And he was sure the others felt the same way.  Oh well, maybe a little stroll around the park will soothe his nerves.

The high pitched wailing of a little girl caught his attention.  Tai spun his head around to the sound to see Sora running from the crying child.

"Yo!  Sora!  Hey, what's going on?!" Tai called out to his friend.

She looked up at him, fixed him a cold stare, and kept on running.

"What was that about?" Tai asked himself.

The plane ride had been long and very tiring.  Mulder and Scully just checked into their very decent motel room and dropped their luggage near the door.  They both proceeded to plop down on each bed in the room.

"I have to admit, the Japanese motel rooms are a refreshing change from their American counterparts," commented Mulder.

"If I didn't know any better, we're at The Four Seasons hotel," Scully replied sarcastically.

"Hey!  I was just trying to cheer you up!  But anyways, we better rest up.  It's going to be a long day for both of us."



"Shut up and sleep."

"Yes ma'am."

"Hello?  Is Sora home?" Tai said on the phone.

"This is she.  Hey Tai!" replied Sora.

"Um, hey, it was nice seeing you at the park this morning."

"What are you talking about?  I never went near the park.  I was busy all morning just cleaning my room."

"That's weird.  I thought I saw you make some little kid cry.  And then, you gave me the cold shoulder!"

"No way would I make little kids cry in the park or ignore my friends.  You must have been hallucinating."

"Yeah, maybe the reality of Digidestiny is getting to my head.  See ya."

"See ya."

Both friends hung up the phone and sighed.

Kari, Tai's little sister, ran up to him.  "Tai, you never told me you went to the park."

"Oh, well, I just went to get some fresh air."

"Do you want to go out and get some more?"

Tai shrugged his shoulders.  "Why not?  C'mon, grab your coat and shoes, then we're off."

"So you're back.  The initial test run was perfect."  Datamon looked up from the console and looked into the hollow brown eyes of the Sora copy.

The Sora copy nodded dumbly.

"Hmm.  So you have a capacity for evil, which is done at my bidding.  I have one copy finished, let's see how the others are doing."

Datamon turned around and looked over to see the six other metal tables.  The bars that were raised over them moved slowly downward, almost finishing each head of the copied Digidestined.  He turned his attention again to "Sora".

"You, my creation, shall pass through the gate again.  I want you to retrieve information about the mythical Eighth Child.  Now go!"

Sora-copy again nodded her head and ran into the swirling dark vortex on the far wall of the room.

Matt took TK to the park since he was whining to get out.

"TK!  Don't go too far, okay?"

"Alright Matt!  I won't!"  TK laughed joyfully as he played around the jungle gym.

Matt sat on a bench and relaxed.  Man, it's just great to forget about leaving your faithful friends for a while.

"Hi Matt!" a girl's voice said behind him.

Matt nearly jumped out of his skin.  He turned around to see a girl in a familiar pink outfit.  "Hey Mimi."

"Matt, aren't you glad to see me?"

"Oh, yeah.  You just surprised me."

"Well.  I hope you don't mind if I join you."  Mimi took a seat on the bench beside the rebel.

"So..."  Matt tried to make some conversation.  "Uh, why do you have all your hair wrapped up?  I can barely see it underneath that cowboy hat!"

"Well, don't laugh, but..."  Mimi reached up and pulled down her hat.  She shook her head and let the pink locks roll down the side of her head.  She looked up to see Matt gaping at her like a fish out of water.  "I knew it!  I'm sorry I even showed you this beauty tip gone wrong!"  Mimi was about to break into tears.

Matt waved his hands in front of him in defense.  He frantically tried to calm Mimi.  "No!  I was just surprised by how wonderful you look!  It just took a while for it to sink in!"

Mimi looked up and wiped the tears from her cheeks.  "You really think it looks great?"

"Of course!"

"Now, if there was some kind of sparkly hair dye, would you like it if I added it with my pink hair?"

"Aw... Mimi, you already look like a sparkling star."

"That's so sweet of you Matt!"  In gratitude, Mimi was ready to give Matt a kiss on the cheek.  She scooted over the bench to get even closer to him.  She puckered her lips and started to lean forward.  Closer, closer, closer, until-

"Hiya Matt!"

Mimi and Matt stopped and looked up to see Tai jogging towards them.  Tai waved his arm wildly at them while grinning like an idiot.

"Hey!  TK and Kari just met up, so I hope you don't mind!" Tai added as he suddenly seated himself between Matt and Mimi.

"What great timing you have, Tai," Matt said quietly through gritted teeth.

"You didn't tell me you were on a play date with Mimi," Tai whispered back.

"What are you boys talking about?" asked Mimi.

"Nothing!" cried the two boys.

"Hey!  Look!  There's Kari and TK!  Why don't we say hi to them!" blurted Matt.  He really wanted to change the subject.

Mulder and Scully strolled down the serene streets of Odaiba.  They were on their way to investigate Highton View Terrace, the site of the terrorist bombings.  The local police department was quite helpful in providing them with whatever information they needed.

As they were about to pass by a quaint little flower shop, they saw a girl with red hair peeking out from under a blue helmet run out.  Both agents stepped out of the girl's path.

"I'm meeting my friends at the park, mom!  Bye!"

A brunette woman dressed in a traditional kimono stepped out to call after her daughter.

"Sora!  Try not to stay out too long!  I need help with the customers!"  She wiped her brow and looked up to see the serious faced red haired woman and dark haired man standing to the side of the sidewalk.  "I'm sorry for her behaviour."  The woman bowed to show her respect.

"Oh, kids will be kids.  Let them have their fun," replied Mulder.

"May I ask, are you two tourists?"

"Uh, yes, we are.  We're from America," said Scully.

"Oh.  Where may you two be headed?"

"Highton View Terrace.  Have any idea where it is?"

The woman paled visibly.  "Highton View Terrace?  Why would you want to go there?  Do you have any friends or relatives there?"

"No relatives.  Just an investigation," Mulder said curtly.

"Well.  I shouldn't be keeping you.  I must warn you, it's quite a long way to Highton View Terrace from here.  Again, I apologize for Sora's behaviour."  The woman bowed again and shuffled back inside the store.

"If I didn't know any better, Mulder, that woman knows something about the terrorist bombing."

"We'll ask later, after we find out about what's going on at the complex."

The two agents hailed a cab and hopped in.

The rest of the Digidestined were waiting for Sora's impending arrival to their impromptu reunion.

Bored with waiting, Kari and TK decided to make use of the playground.

TK busied himself with the slide while Kari just sat idly on the swing.

Kari kicked herself forward a little bit, and looked up to see Sora stumbling about on the edge of the park.  She looked quite lost.

Kari hopped off the swing and went off to greet her friend.

"Sora!  Hello!  I'm glad that you finally made it!"

"Yes... I made it," she replied dully.  She stared intently at Kari, and then started to look around, like her mind was somewhere else.

"If you're looking for the others, they're over there."  Kari pointed behind her to show Sora where the rest of the gang was.  She turned back around to face Sora, but instead, she saw no one there.

TK soon ran up to his "little girlfriend", as everyone teased them of being just that, a couple.  "Hey Kari!  What are you doing so far from the others?"

"I thought I saw Sora here."

"Well, she just joined us!  Tai sent me here to get you!"

Kari decided to talk to Sora about their chance meeting later.  "Okay.  But you're gonna have to catch me first!"  Kari giggled as she shot past TK.

"Hey!  No fair!  You got a head start!"  TK laughed along as he tried to catch her.

The questioning had been fruitless.  It seemed that almost all of the previous tenants of Highton View Terrace had been scattered throughout Japan since the bombing, and the very few that decided to stay behind and move back into their repaired homes were unwilling to answer any questions.

Then there was the rare tenant who actually decided to speak up.  But all he said was something about seeing a bright light and hearing some loud crashes and animal calls.

Mulder quickly jumped to the conclusion of UFO involvement, but Scully shook it off as some kind of distraction during the bombing.  The bright light and crashes were probably from the explosion and the animal sounds were from the distressed pets of the other tenants.

So the remainder of the cab ride was spent in silence.  Both of them were just staring out their window, enjoying the view of Odaiba.

Scully then heard Mulder say something in (very badly pronounced) Japanese.  She then felt the cab stop and a tapping at her shoulder.  "What is it Mulder?"

"We're getting off here."

"Where are we?"

"The park."

"This is not a vacation."

"I know.  I just saw that girl.  The one who ran past us.  And she's with some friends.  Maybe she knows something that her mother isn't telling us."

"Mulder, what does a little girl-"  Scully started to reprimand her partner, but was interrupted when she saw him get out of the cab and cross the street towards the children.  Shaking her head, she got out and followed him.

The Digidestined hung lazily around the jungle gym.

Joe hung up side down from the crook of his knees.  "Oh, I miss Gomamon.  He's probably finished interviewing my replacements," Joe said ruefully.  He then pulled himself back upright.

Mimi patted Joe on the back.  "Oh!  You know he was just kidding.  That's Gomamon for you, he's quite the comedian!"

"Please don't pat my back like that.  Hanging up side down kinda made me dizzy."

"Sorry."  Mimi pulled her hand away and clutched it close to her chest.  Tears started to well up in her eyes.  "I know just how you feel.  Oh Palmon!  Togemon!  And Lillymon too!"  Mimi started to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Izzy unfolded his lap top and started to type away at it.

"Hey man, what are you doing?" Matt curiously asked.

"I'm just calling up some old files from the Digimon Analyzer," Izzy replied.  "Ah... Tentomon, you were my best friend, and confidante."

Sora peered over Izzy's shoulder.  "Biyomon, I really did love you."

The others expressed their sadness and the yearning they had for their partners.  Each of them took out their tags, crests, and digivices and looked at them.  They remembered all the adventures they had just by looking at them.

"Oh Gatomon," Kari murmured.  She looked up and saw a man walking up to them.

The man had brown hair, a slightly large nose, and he wore a suit underneath his black trench coat.

"Konnichiwa," the man greeted them.  "Isn't it a little late for you kids to be out?"

Everyone immediately stowed away their digi-possessions.

Kari leaned over and whispered to her brother.  "Tai, I thought we weren't allowed to talk to strangers."

"We aren't.  As long as we're all together, he can't hurt us," Tai whispered back.

The man seemed to have noticed their nervousness and caution towards him.  "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you.  You speak English, right?  I'm from the FBI, Agent Mulder.  It's in America."  The man even took out his badge and displayed it to them.

"Hello Agent Mulder," said the girl with the blue helmet.  "I remember seeing you early this afternoon.  I'm Sora.  And these are my friends."  Sora proceeded to point and name each child hanging off the bent pipes.  "Where is your friend?"

"She's right here," replied a red headed woman.  She was also in a dress suit that was hidden beneath a trench coat.  "I'm his partner, Agent Scully."

"More like Skullgreymon, from the looks of you," Tai muttered under his breath.  He received an elbow to the ribs from Matt and a glare from Mimi.

"Well," continued Mulder, "I was wondering if any of you kids know anything about the Highton View Terrace bombing."

That gouged a reaction from the children.  They seemed to perk up at the memory.  The emotions ranged from their face, from sadness to some kind of subtle happiness.

"Seems like that place holds a very special meaning for all of you," stated Scully.

"Oh, well, we all just used to live there," replied the boy known as Tai.  He was quite peculiar, with unruly hair like a bird's nest and a pair of goggles atop his forehead.

"So you'd all know something about the terrorist attack, right?"

Mimi leaned over and whispered to Matt, "I don't think I like their questions.  What if they're after the digimon and the Digiworld?"

"I'll see what I can do," Matt whispered back.

Joe, the blue haired boy with glasses, nervously raised his hand.  "If I may speak, ma'am, yes, we were there that night."

Matt then cleared his throat to get the agents' attention.  "We wouldn't want to drag out all those awful memories, right TK?"

TK took his cue.  He started to sniffle, then choked out a sob.  "Uh *sob* huh.  It was where we *sob* used to live when we *sob* used to be a family!"  TK then turned on the waterworks and buried his face in Matt's shirt.

"You'll have to forgive him," said Matt, his voice starting to break too.  "It just brings back a lot of painful memories!"  Matt then buried his face into TK's large, green hat.

Frizzy haired Izzy then added, "And let me say, it was quite traumatic for us.  We still haven't fully recovered from it.  As you can both clearly see."

"Sorry to disturb you kids," apologized Mulder.  "We'll be on our way now."

Mulder bowed and both he and Scully made their way back to the curb to walk back to their hotel.

"Man, you guys can stop faking it now," snapped Tai.

Both boys continued to cry.

Sora placed her hand on Tai's shoulder.  "Tai!  You should try to be a little bit more sensitive.  Are you two okay?"

Both brothers revealed their smiling faces.  They let a laugh.

"You guys fell for it again!" cried TK.

"Would you guys care to tell me what that sudden outburst was about?" asked Izzy.

"I didn't like the questions those agents were asking," replied Mimi.  "For all we know they might be after the Digiworld!"

"Oh Mimi, for all we know, they could just be here for the bombing and nothing else," comforted Joe.  "They won't find any leads, since it was a digimon battle, and how are you going to explain that?  They'll then pack up the case and leave."

"Let's just hope that those two agents leave pretty soon," said Kari.

All the Digidestined simultaneously nodded their heads in agreement.

"What did you think about that little performance we got over there?" asked Mulder.

"I didn't buy it for a single minute," replied Scully.

"Well, I guess we're going to have to keep out eyes on those kids, right?"

To be continued...

Additional Author's Notes: I never really thought of an X-Files/Digimon crossover.  I know, it seems absurd, but I just had to give it a try.