Chapter 7

Team Rocket was (clumsily) trying to climb the wall that surrounded the garden.

"Ahhh!  Catch me!" cried James as he almost made it over the wall. Instead, he fell to the ground with a crash.  "Umph!  Why didn't any of you catch me?!"

"Huh?  Were you saying something?" asked Jesse.  "What did you see over the fence?"

"Well, I'm not telling you, not after an apology."

"Meowth!"  And with a blur of two paws, there were scratch marks on both of their faces.  "Apologize to me for wasting my time!  Meowth!"

"Aghh!" the two cried as the pain set in.

"Tell me, what did you see back there?" asked Meowth.

"Well, I saw lots of trees, some plants, and even a hot spring!  If we got rid of the owner, we could get that wonderful place!  Unfortunately, I also saw those annoying brats with our Pikachu!" described James.

"Let me see!" cried both Jesse and Meowth.  They jumped on James' head to see over the large wall.

"Oh, my."


"It's beautiful!"

Those comments were what James could hear between his two team-mates on his head.  They finally got down.

"Well James, you're right!  It would be wonderful to get that place to ourselves!" complimented Jesse.

"Pokemon and a paradise!  This will surely please the boss!" cried Meowth.

I thought I also saw a glimpse of the owner, but it can't be her, thought James.

"What are you staring off into space for?" asked Meowth.

James snapped out of his thinking.  "Oh, nothing."

"Good.  Now let's get to work."

Brock had changed and was frantically tried to look for Roxanne and finally found her tending to some plants in a corner.

"Listen, I didn't know what that was about-"

"I finally accept your challenge!  It was that earlier insult that finally convinced me that I should have that match with you!  Let's get into the gym!"

"I just heard that they're getting into a match!  Now's the time to put the plan in motion!" announced Meowth.

"Since when were you the leader of this operation?" snapped Jesse.

"I'm the boss' top cat, so I'm always the leader of you two idiots!  Let's get moving!"

The lights shone brightly onto the rocky fighting arena.  The competitors were on opposite sides of the area.  Ash and Misty both sat on the spectator's seats and watched silently.

"We shall both use four pokemon each!" declared Roxanne.  "Let the match begin!"

Brock reached from his belt, threw his pokeball and yelled, "Vulpix, go!"  The fiery fox appeared on top of a stone pillar.

"Growlithe, go!" yelled Roxanne as she threw a pokeball from her pocket.  The same Growlithe from earlier appeared.  It jumped onto another pillar.

"Vulpix, tail whip!" Vulpix wagged its six tails, and Growlithe watched it, hypnotized.

Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Togepi cheered on from the stands.

"Snap out of it Growlithe!  C'mon, give it your fire spin!"

The orange and black dog shook its head to recover from the tail whip.  It barked, and from its mouth, it released a tornado of fire.

"Vulpix, cancel it out with another fire spin!"

Vulpix opened its mouth and released a another fire tornado.

The two spinning fires collided and released a huge explosion that knocked out both pokemon.

Brock took out another pokeball.  "Onix, go!"  The towering rock snake appeared between the stone pillars.

"An Onix, this is interesting.  Rokbit, go!"  She threw another pokeball from her pocket.  From it appeared a small rabbit made out of rocks.  It was small compared to Onix.

"Wow!  I never saw pokemon like that!" cried Ash.  He whipped out Dexter from his pocket and pointed it at the pokemon.

"There is no information on this pokemon," said Dexter blatantly.

"Rokbit-" she was about to yell when suddenly the lights turned off and then on again.  Everyone paused to see that two dark figures appeared.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation . . ."

"To unite all peoples within our nation . . ."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love . . ."

"To extend our reach to the stars above . . ."



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight."

"Meowth!  That's right!"

"James," Roxanne whispered to herself.

"What wonderful pokemon we have here today!  We'll gladly take all of them, especially Pikachu," said Jesse.

"When will they ever learn?" muttered Ash and Misty.

Team Rocket suddenly saw Roxanne.

James saw Roxanne and her Rokbit, and said, "Maybe we should be leaving now!"

"What's wrong James, are you chicken now that one of our plans is going right?" taunted Jesse.

"That's the gym leader?  Do you know her, James?" Meowth surprisedly asked.

"S-s-sort of.  N-n-now let's g-get those p-p-pokemon!" he stammered in fear.  He almost couldn't move because of fear.

"James!  You finally married Jessebelle and took over Team Rocket!  That just burns me up, and seeing you again is steaming me off!" yelled Roxanne.  "Rokbit, rage tackle!"

Rokbit began to run quickly at Team Rocket.  Jesse and Meowth could only laugh.

"Arbok, go!"

"Weezing, go!"

And Team Rocket released their pokemon.

"Ch-ch-arrrbok!" hissed the purple cobra.

"Weezing!" cried the grey gas-ball.

"Meowth!  I think I'll take CHARGE of this!" called Meowth.  He held in his paw a bomb.  He then threw the bomb at the small stone bunny.  The bomb gave off an explosion, and when the dust cleared, there lay the unconscious pokemon.

"Arbok, wrap!" commanded Jesse.  Arbok wrapped itself around the Rokbit and dragged it over to Jesse.  She threw a pokeball at it, and it went inside.  "Hahahaha!  Where are you now without your 'powerful' pokemon?  C'mon!  Let's get out of here!"

"No!" cried Roxanne.

"W-w-weezing!  Smoke screen!" stammered James.  Weezing released some thick and noxious green gas.

Ash released Pidgeotto and it blew away all of the gas.

Team Rocket was gone!