Chapter 12 - Only in (Day) Dreams
by Shinju Meg Uchuno

Star Otaku's Notes: This is another CrapBoardia based segment.  FYI, Girijo and Rigijo are two characters that are our "custom made boyfriends."  Their back story is that the two were a result of an experiment involving how to combine the three objects of our geek fetish: Rivers Cuomo, Gideon Yago, and Jyou Kido.  Shinju has proclaimed this triumvirate the "Royalty of Geekdom."

Shinju Meg Uchuno's Notes: Hey, it's a good name. They are the best of the glasses-wearing dudes I've ever seen. ^_^ Next to our custom made boyfriends, of course. A side effect of the experiment we did to create them was that they can sing and play like Rivers. God, don't you just it when experiments do great things you never expected? ~_^

A lone figure walks thru a dark street. He has his hands thrust into his pockets and his head down, looking at his feet as he walks. He whistles an unknown as goes along. The figure doesn't notice a lamp post in his way until it's too late. He slams into it and lands on his ass with a yelp of shock. He gets up with a scowl and rubbs his aching forehead. He stares at the offending pole and notices a lime green flyer posted to it. With interest, he reads it and gives out another yelp. Quickly, he rips the flyer down and runs back to his hotel room.

The next night, a black BMW stops in front of a club. Four figures all step out and look at a banner hanging over the door. It's lime green and proclaims in loud black letters " =w=eezer night! Dress up in your best geek garb and dance to the sounds of Weezer played by the cities best Weez musicans, Rigijo and Girijo! =w= night starts at 10 o'clock on Tuesday. "

" This is the right place, alright. " One figure says. Another pulls out a flyer from his coat pocket.

" Of course it is! Can you believe they have a whole night dedicated to our music? " he asks. The other three shake their heads.

" It's pretty cool. " one says.

" Are we going in or what? " another asks and steps toward the door and into the light. It's Brian Bell of Weezer! The other three follow him and are reveiled to be Rivers Cuomo, Mikey Welsh and Pat Wilson! Rivers sighs and sticks the flyer back in his pocket.

" I just wanna see how good these guys are. " he says. Mikey gives him a grin.

" Hey, you might have fun. Maybe you'll even meet a nice lady to fall in love with, get dumped by and then write a hit song for! " Pat, Brian and Mikey all laugh and Rivers rolls his eyes behind his thick glasses.

" Real funny Mikey. Let's just go in. It's about to start. " he says. They all nod and go in. They enter a huge room with a stage near one wall. The dance floor is filled with tons of dancing teenagers dressed in geek styles.

The DJ is still spinning music, telling the four Weez guys that the performance hasn't started yet. They make their way to a table in the back and make sure they have a good view of the stage just as the DJ finishes his current mix. The teens clap and cheer.

" This outta be good. " Pat says looking at the empty stage. A man who looks like the owner of the club, runs onstage with a mic.

" Hello guys! Nice to see so many people here! " he shouts. The crowd cheers. " Well, I won't keep you waiting then! Here are Girijo and Rigijo! " Two teenage guys step onto the stage, on holding a bass and the other holding an eletric guitar. They step up to the mics set up for them as the crowd of teens goes wild. Rivers and his crew look at them with a mixture of surprise and disbelife.

" They're so young! " Brian says.

" See the one with the bass? Looks like a mix of a goth and a geek. You can see his black nailpolish. " Pat points out.

" The other is pure geek, though. " Mikey says. " Check out his sweatervest! It's got a flying w on it! " Rivers looks at his fellow bandmates.

" They sure have my style down. Thick glasses and sweater vests. " Pat opened his mouth to say something but was cut of by one of the guys onstage. The one with the spiky hair and eletric guitar is speaking.

" Hi guys. Thanks for coming out to see us. For those of you who don't know, I'm Rigijo and this is my brother Girijo. " He points to his more gothic bro, who grins at the audence.

" Hello out there! Are you ready to hear some Weez tunes?! " he asks and the crowd answers in a loud 'yes'. Rigijo laughs.

" Okay then. We won't keep you waiting. This is a song called ' My Name Is Jonas '! We hope you enjoy! " He says and looks behind him at their drummer who had snuck onstage a little after the two bothers had gone on. He counted out to five and the two borothers launched into the song. Rigijo started to play the begining cords and his brother jumped in right as the lyrics started. Rigijo moved closer to his mic and started to sing.

" My name is Jonas
I'm carrying the wheel... "

Rivers mouth dropped open in total shock. It was his voice! Rigijo sang with his voice! His friends couldn't believe it either. They looked in surprise at him.

" How...? That's my voice! " Rivers said. Brian nodded.

" Uh... maybe they lip sync? "

" Yeah... maybe... " Pat said, looking up as Girijo started to sing the second verse.

" My name is Wepeel
Got a box full of your toys... "

Again, total shock registered on Rivers face. Just like his brother, Girijo sang with Rivers voice. Mikey sighed.

" Well, that's that then. They can't both have your voice, Riv. They must lip sync. "

" Can they? I mean... the music is different. You can hear it. Since they only have one electric guitarist the sound is a bit different. Not much, but you can tell. " Brian said. Pat nodded.

" Yeah. Hm... I wonder if there's someone in here we could ask for more info about these guys...? " he wondered aloud. Rivers pointed to the bar.

" May the 'tender can help us out. " he suggested.

" Sure! Besides, I could use a drink! " Mikey said as they made their way to the bar. The bartender looked up at them thru thick glasses.

" Hello? Who are you? You have to excuse me, but I don't see very well. " he said. Rivers sighed with relife. He didn't feel like explaining why the Weez gang was at a club that was playing their own songs.

" We're just some club-goers. " Rivers said.

" Can I get a drink? " Mikey asked.

" What do you want? No alcohol, mind you. Tonights just for teens. No liquer. " Mikey's face dropped.

" Never mind. " He muttered. Pat decided to ask the bartender about the band.

" What do you know about these guys? The performers? " he asked.

" Girijo and Rigijo? Ah, they're nice guys and damn good musicians. Every club from here to the next city is trying to book them. They're great. Sound just like that Rivers Cuomo fellow. " the bartender said. Rivers sighed.

" Do they lip sync? " he asked. The bartender laughed.

" Dear God no! Of course not! The boss thought they were to good to be true too and tested 'em. They sang ' Hash Pipe ' right then and there in the office. No guitars or anything. They don't lip sync. "

" How is that possible?! " Rivers asked.

" I dunno. Blessed, they must be to have such fine voices and guitar skills. " he said. Brian took his chance to ask a question.

" Can we talk to them? "

" Not now. They gotta finish the Blue Ablum set before they take a break and start on the Pinkerton set. " Rivers scowled at the mention of the bands second CD.

" Damn. " he said.

" Wait. If you're really desprite to talk with them, you could ask for info from their girlfriends. They're always here when their boys play. " the bartender said. Pat grinned.

" Where can we find them? " the drummer asked.

" Near the front of the stage. Sometimes the boys pull them up to help them on a few songs. You might wanna wait awhile to talk to them. Atleast until ' Undone-The Sweater Song ' is over. They always do the talking inbetween verses. " Rivers nodded. They were only on ' The World Has Turned And Left Me Here '.

" Okay. We'll wait. Thanks for your help sir. " he said.

" You sure no alcohol? " Mikey asked. Brian snickered as the bartender nodded. With that last question out of the way, the four guys made their way back to their table. They listened to the two guys sing their songs. They were actually very good and the crowd seemed to love them. When they finished with ' Buddy Holly ' ( which had earned them a loud chours of cheers ) they paused for a moment.

" For our next song, we'd like to ask our lovely girlfriends, Shinju and Star, to come onstage and help us with this next tune. Please come on, ladies. " Giirjo said. Two girls climbed onstage and grabbed mics. One had long brown hair tied into a messy ponytail and wore thick black glasses. She wore a pair of baggy jeans and a combat-style shirt with a pair of sliver hoop earrings. Her friend was shorter and had short blue hair. She wore her own glasses and a pair of kahki's and a sweatervest over a button-down shirt. They each took a spot next to their respective guys as the drummer started to play. Rigijo soon joined in. Giirjo grinned at his lady.

" Hi. " he said over the music.

" Hey. " she replyed.

" Glad you like it. I'm happy you made it. "

" So am I. It's kickass so far, dude! " she said.

" Thanks koibito. I knew you'd enjoy it. "

" Yeah. "

" What do you wanna do when the set is over? "

" I dunno, Girijo. Hang? "

" Sounds good, Shinju-koi. "

" Well... I gotta go. The mosh pit awaits. " she said and put her mic down just as Rigijo started to sing and Girijo started to play.

" I'm me
Me be
I am... "

Rivers couldn't help notice the Japanese used by Giirjo... or the fact that his name ( and his brothers ) sounded Japanese. He pointed this out to his bandmates.

" Yeah, well... maybe they're from Japan? " Brian asked.

" I dunno. They don't look Japanese. " Pat said but was quieted by Mikey.

" Second verse. " he said and they all looked at the stage. Rigijo was still playing and his girlfriend was talking to him.

" This is great you guys. " she said.

" Thank you dearest. "

" I heard we're gonna hang after you're done. "

" Of course, Star. It'll be fun."

" Okay. I'll see you then, Rigi-kun." she said as Girijo started his own verse.

" Oh no
It go
It gone
Bye bye ( bye )... "

Both girls jumped down from the stage as their guys finished the song. Weezer made it's move. All four guys got up and made their way thru the tons of moshing teens trying to get to the front. Thankfully, no one reconized them. Maybe they thought they were people dressed as Weezer or maybe they just didn't see them. Whatever the case, they made it to the front without much trouble. There they saw both girls moshing and singing along with the words.

" Who should talk to them? " Pat asked.

" Uh... I nominate Brian. " Rivers said. Brian shot him a dirty look.

" Thanks Rivers. " He said with a roll of his eyes. Rivers just smiled the shrugged. Brian sighed and went over to the teens. He tapped the long haired girl on the shoulder and she spun around.

" Wha- holy shit! " she gasped, her eyes wide. Brian smiled. The girl reached out her hand and grabbed her friends arm.

" Shinju? What? " she asked, turning around. She saw Brian and gasped. " Brian Bell?! " she exclamied, but the words were lost in the music of ' Surf Wax America '.

" Hi. Can me and my friends talk to you two? " he asked and pointed to his Weez buddies behind him. If possible, both girls eyes got wider.

" Rivers Cuomo! "

" And Pat Wilson and Mikey Welsh! Oh my! "

" Excuse us interuppting you from the performance, but we'd like to speak with you ladies, if that's okay. " Rivers said.

" Uh... sure! "

" Of course you can! " With that said, Weezer lead the girls back to their table where the girls introduced themselves as Star Otaku and Shinju Meg Uchuno. Shinju leaned over to Star and whispered something that the guys missed. Star heard it loud and clear, though. It was " double or nothing, we meet Weezer! " She grinned and turned her attention to the guys.

" So... what do you guys want to know? " Star asked, trying not to 'squeee' outloud at the chance to talk to Weezer.

" We just wanna know a bit about your boyfriends. " Pat said. Shinju blinked and then realization dawned on her.

" Oh. You probably want to know why they sound like you, right Rivers? " Rivers nodded. Shinju sighed and took of her glasses. Obviously, she didn't need them to see. " Well, ya see... me an' Star-san kinda... created 'em like that. "

" Created? Uh... care to explain that? " Mikey asked.

" Sure. " Star said. " They're bishounen. We made them to sound like you... " Shinju sighed.

" Uh... maybe they can explain better? " she said and pointed. Both boys were walking toward them. More time had gone by then they thought and the Blue Album set was over.

" Shinju-koi. You left the performance so quickly. " Girijo said.

" I know but, look who took us away. " she said and gestured to Weezer. Both bishounen's eyes went wide.

" Weezer?! " Rigijo spoke in shock.

" The one and only. Nice to meet you two. " Mikey said.

" Nice to meet you too. " Girijo said. Rivers smiled at them.

" You guys are sure something. You both sound just like me. "

" Yeah, well, we hope you're not mad about that. " Rigijo said.

" Of course not. Mad? No. Shocked, hell yeah. Your lovely girlfriends told us about how you came to be. "

" Did they now? " Girijo asked.

" Yeah. "

" Well... isn't this nice? " Star asked, looking at each kawaii guy.

" I'd say so... " Shinju added.

" Weezer and the bishounen in the same place at the same time. " Star said with a grin.

" Nothing better then that! " Shinju agreed. Suddenly, a loud jolt startled Shinju and everything around her faded. She now sat in the back of her family's van with her headphones on. The last few cords of ' Only In Dreams ' played on her Sony Walkman. She looked out the window and only saw miles of highway. She sighed and shook her head. It had been a daydream. Oh, but a nice daydream. She was now back in RL, on her way to the mall. She scowled.

" Dammit. " Shinju cursed under her breath and switched the Blue Album for Pinkerton.