Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or its characters.  They belong to Sunrise.

Come and Get Me!

Announcer:  And now a lost scene from Cartoon Network's hit anime show: Gundam Wing...

[Relena is standing on a cliff.]

Relena:  *shrilly* HE~ERO!  Come out and kill me!

[Heero jumps out in front of her, with his fake gun in hand.]

Heero:  I will destroy you.

[He points the gun in her face.]

Relena:  *coyly* Is that a gun in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

[Heero looks down at the large bump between his legs.]

Heero:  Yes.

[Pulls out a gun out from the shorts and drops it on the ground.]

Heero:  I was gonna use it to kill you.

Relena:  Oh.  It's still there.

[He pulls out another gun.]

Heero:  I forgot about the machine gun!  Thanks for reminding me. *drops that one on the ground*

Relena:  You're welcome.  The bump is still there. *points*

[Heero pulls out a pipe bomb.]

Heero:  I was gonna use this on one of your press conferences.  No offense.

[He tosses it aside, and an explosion came from where it landed.]

Relena:  None taken.  Still there.

[Heero pulls our a sniper rifle and throws it at his feet.]

Heero:  I was gonna use it for your next speech.

Relena:  I'll be looking forward to it! *sing-song like* I can still see it!

[Heero pulls out a chain of bullets and drops it on top of the guns.]

Heero:  Can never be too careful.  Just in case I miss, or I need to take out the witnesses, or something like that.

Relena:  Thanks for telling me.  I can still see it.

[Heero reaches into the shorts and feels around.  He then pulls out a rocket launcher.]

Heero:  This is for desperate measures. *drops it onto the pile*

Relena:  Alright...

Two hours later...

Relena:  *shrieks* Why won't it go away?!

[Heero pulls out one more tiny firearm.  He tosses it on top of the large pile of weapons and firearms.]

Heero:  That's the last of it.

Relena:  All that's left is a little bump.  And that's the last of everything.  So...

[Heero quickly sticks his hands between his legs in embarrassment.]

Heero:  I will destroy you!

[He, awkwardly, walks away, with his hands still covering his crotch.]

The End!