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The Digi-Files: Egos and Icons

The agents and the children were a mass of bodies cluttered on Gennai's living room rug.

"Children, you didn't tell me that you were bringing along guests," said Gennai.

Izzy got up first and rubbed his sore bottom.  "We didn't bring them along.  They just happened to stumble in along with us."

The two agents quickly got on their two feet and scanned the room.  It looked normal, except for the windows.  Outside, they saw a small garden with fish swimming through it!

Mulder looked up and down at the old man before them.  He wore dark robes, had a bulbous nose, squinty eyes, and a topknot of greying hair was atop his head.

"I'm Agent Mulder and this is Agent Scully.  If you don't mind my asking, sir, where are we?" asked Mulder.

"You two are in the digital world, also known as, the Digiworld," answered Joe.

"This can't be happening," muttered Scully.

"Oh, but is, madam," said Gennai.  "Children, if the rest of you will just get up, open up that rice paper wall over there.  On the other side are your friends."

The Digidestined excitedly got up and altogether pulled back the sliding panel.  On the other side were these strange looking creatures.  They let out a cheer when they finally saw each other.  They each ran up to their counterparts and hugged.

"What are those things?" Scully inquired to no one in particular.

"Those are digital monsters.  Digimon for short.  The children that you see before you are the Digidestined," explained Gennai.

"I don't understand."

"If you two will come with me to the next room, I will explain everything to you."  Gennai led the agents to another small room, via another sliding rice paper wall.

"Now that we're alone, would you care to tell us what's going on?" asked Mulder.

"Of course.  There are two worlds, the digital world and the real world.  It started all the way back to when those children were just toddlers.  A rip between the fabrics of our realities caused a single digi-egg to drop through the other side.  Now, following that egg was another large digimon."

"Let me guess, the site of where these two landed was Highton View Terrace, right?" guessed Scully.

"Correct.  Now, if you'll let me continue, little Tai and Kari were out that night.  When the large digimon started its attack, the egg hatched, and from that egg, another digimon was able to digivolve in order to protect Kari and Tai."

Mulder waved his hands around.  "Whoa, whoa, whoa.  You lost me there.  Digi-what, and digi-who?"

Gennai let out a sigh.  "Digivolving is the process of when a digimon proceeds to the next level of its development.  The change doesn't last very long, depending on how much energy is exerted during its time in the next level.  Now, if you'll excuse me..."


"That night, Tai and Kari were not the only children to witness the battle.  I'm sure you can tell who they are.  Digivolving was quite a new process to us.  So, we took the information that we could from each of the children, and then, we were able to create the digivices, tags, and crests.  Unfortunately, our research was cut short by Piedmon, a Dark Master.  I took the products of our work and fled."

"Now, who is this 'we' that you're talking about?  Are there more humans here in this world?" asked Scully.

"I am neither human nor digimon.  I am both, yet neither.  And the 'we' I was talking about were the guardians.  We have watched over the Digiworld, unlike another set of watchers, we have bodies.  Unfortunately, I am the only one left who survived Piedmon's attack on our secret research lab.  But, that was a long time ago and we now have to focus on this new problem.  You can ask the children any other questions you might have."

The three of them stepped outside of the room and returned to see the children and their friends catching up on old times.

"Hello you two!" cried a strange seal like monster.  It bounded its way towards the two agents' feet.  "You must be new to this place.  Let me, Gomamon, be your tour guide!"

A giant lady bug spoke up.  "Gomamon, you couldn't lead yourself out of a paper bag!"

"Hey!  I pretty much know my way around, Tentomon!"

"Boys, boys, break it up!"  A pink bird fluttered between the two digimon.  "We shouldn't be fighting in front of the guests.  I'm Biyomon."

"I'm Agumon!  Nice to meet you!" said an orange dinosaur.

"Gabumon here," said a dog with a blue fur coat and a horn.

And so, the introductions went all around.

The two agents still couldn't believe that these creatures, or digimon, could talk.

"What?  No 'Pika, pika'?" quipped Mulder.  He received an elbow to the ribs from his partner.

The confused digimon looked at each other for answers while their friends sweatdropped.

The water parted before the ten travelers, revealing a long stairway leading back to land.

"Just like something out of the 'Ten Commandments'," commented Mulder.

"Quite an inappropriate time to think of old movies," said Scully.

"Don't you two dawdle," said the walking houseplant, Palmon.

All of them walked upwards and were standing on the shoreline.  They looked back just in time to see the lake fill up the gap that was there.

"Well kids," started Scully, "is there anything else we need to know about this crazy world?"

The children and the digimon looked back and forward at each other.  It was going to be a long walk, why not tell them a long story?

They had managed to reach the edge of the forest when the Digidestined finally finished their tale.

"Let me get this straight," started Scully, "the bombing was actually caused by the battle between two Champion level digimon.  The strange weather occurrences happened when Tai here opened another rip between the two worlds, causing digimon to just come into our world and let their powers loose.  The monster sightings were not mass hallucinations, but people actually seeing these digimon at work.  And finally, the missing children were abducted by a vampire who was looking for the Eight Child, which turned out to be Kari."

The children nodded their heads.

"Now you get it!" cried Sora.

"But I don't understand this part.  How can you be gone for months in here, and end up practically passing a few hours out there in the real world?"

"The concept of time here was accelerated," explained Izzy.  "One day here was equal to one minute in the real world.  But, since we defeated Apoclymon, we were of no more use here.  As the Digiworld reconfigured itself, time between our worlds was synchronized.  We traveled across the gate and the gate was closed.  Until now."

"Well, this is a bit hard to take in."

"It was even harder to take in when the entities told us about our reason for being here," said Joe.

"Entities?" the agents said cynically.

"They are leftover bits of data from the Digiworld.  They monitor the balance between light and darkness here.  They may have no bodies, but they are very powerful.  They had to possess, or shall I say 'borrow' Kari to project the shadows of the past to us," explained Tai.

"Well kids, now that you told us your story, time for us to tell ours," said Mulder.

"Oh cool!" cried Tai.  "Those stories were completely gross, yet totally cool!"

"Ew!  I can't believe someone would eat another person's liver!" commented Mimi.

"I think I lost my appetite, and pretty soon, maybe my lunch," said Joe.

"Those Lone Gunmen seem to be quite the characters.  I should meet them someday and discuss hacking procedures and techniques," said Izzy.

"It's going to be tough to find them.  They're pretty good at covering their tracks," replied Scully.

"Were those old starlight spirits anything like the entities?" asked Kari.

"They could be," answered Mulder.

"Good thing we don't have to worry about government conspiracies here," commented Matt.  "For one thing, there are no governments here in the first place!"

"Yeah, all we have are a bunch of evil digimon bent on world domination," quipped Sora.  "Anyways, how far are we, Biyomon?"

"Well, we're now on the outskirts of the desert," answered the bird.  "I think I can see Piximon's old home from here."

The children then hung their heads in memory of their old friend.

"Well, it's too hard to cross the desert on foot," said TK.

"Kari, if we cross the desert, you might get another heat stroke.  Why don't we get some help out here?" asked Tai.

"Good idea," said Kari.  "Guys, you know what to do."

Biyomon, Patamon, Gatomon, and Palmon digivolved.

Mulder and Scully watched the strange process happening before their eyes.

In just a few seconds, two angels, a fairy, and a large firebird hovered before them.

"Me, Angemon, and Angewomon can only carry two each," said Lillymon.  "Who'd like to hop on?"

Mimi and Izzy stepped forward to be taken up by Lillymon.  Angemon and Angewomon gathered Kari, TK, Tai, and Matt in their arms.  The agents and the rest of the group hopped on Birdramon while Sora clung to her friend's large talon.

Everyone held on for dear life as their only way of air travel took off.

As the motley little group flew over the desert, the heat was starting to get to them.

"I think the heat is getting to me," said Mimi.

"Why's that?" asked Scully.

"Because I think I'm hallucinating."  Mimi pointed to the sight below them.

They had an overhead view of a cruise ship schooning across the desert sand, leaving a dust trail in its wake.

"That's impossible!"

"Remember, this is the Digiworld," reminded Izzy.  "Monsters can talk, they can digivolve, and black gears fly about.  Etcetera, etcetera."

"My petals are starting to wilt.  Can't we climb aboard that cruise ship?" suggested Lillymon.

"She has a point," said Angewomon.  "My wings are getting tired."

"So are mine," added Angemon.

"Okay, fine.  We'll set down there.  We want you guys to get all rested up in time for the big battle," said Tai.

The four flying figures descended on the pleasure ship.  Their rapidly shrinking shadows seemed to have alerted the captain, since the cruise ship stopped and waited for their arrival.

As soon as they touched down and got off their flying digimon, they de-digivolved back into their former selves.

"So Gennai was right, the change doesn't last very long," commented Scully.

"What do we do here?  You kids know about this place more than I do," said Mulder.

"For one thing, I hope Cockatrimon doesn't show up around here!" squealed Mimi.

"Yeah, it was bad enough being chased by him around the ship the first time," added Sora.

"Okay.  I know we had some bad experiences here before, but I'm sure that everything is fine and that this ship is being run by a good crew," assured Tai.

"What if it's another trap?!  Huh?!  What do you think about that?" panicked Joe.

The door leading to the cabins started to open slowly.  It opened wider... and wider... and wider... revealing: the Gekomon and Otamamon! 

"Princess Mimi!" they all cried.  They started to swarm the now pink haired girl.  "The princess is back!  Prepare a feast!"

The joyful digimon carried the whole group and brought them inside the ship.

The humans and their digimon sat around the large banquet table being prepared for them.

The Gekomon zipped back and forth, bringing in trays of exotic fruits and clearing away empty dishes.

One of the Gekomon hovered over Mimi and was happily chatting away with her.  "Oh princess!  We're so happy that you've returned to us!  We missed you!"

"It really shows," Mimi replied.  "Have any of you noticed anything strange going on in the Digiworld?"

"Why no, Princess Mimi.  Everything has returned to normal ever since Apoclymon's defeat!"

The others could only watch and listen to the conversation with interest (or boredom, depending on who you were), seeing as how the amphibian digimon were too excited and would only listen to their liege.

"So, how come you aren't back at the castle?"

"We still live at the castle, princess.  Some of us just thought that we should go out and see the rest of the Digiworld!  Thank you for helping restore things back to the way they were."

"Oh, it's just my little gift to the world!  And how are the repairs to the castle coming along?"

"Our master, and king, Shogungekomon has finally calmed down since his awakening.  He is quite sorry for the trouble he caused.  You know how cranky royalty gets after being disturbed from their beauty sleep."

"Don't I know it!  As for the repairs?"

"Oh yes!  They're coming along nicely.  We already finished the south hall.  But we were wondering, if ever you should make a return trip, are there any suggestions you'd like to make?"

"Would I?!  Of course!  Can you fetch me a piece of paper and a pen?"

No sooner had the words left her mouth had an attentive little tadpole like digimon handed one to her.

"Okay!  Let's start with the bedrooms.  Each of them should have a walk-in closet.  And the decor!  Pink, with flowers all around..."

By the time Mimi had finished rambling off her plans for the castle, she looked up to find everyone almost nodding off in front of their half eaten meals or staring into space.

"Hey!" Mimi screeched.  "Wake up!"

Everyone perked up and looked around as they blinked.

"Are we under attack?  Because if we are, I told you so," said Joe groggily.

"No, it's not that.  The Gekomon want to know where we should go?  Since I'm the princess, they want to go where ever I want to, but I can't rush into things without asking my friends!"

The seven children smiled at what she said.

"And well, I'm a little indecisive."

Then they all facevaulted.

Matt got up first and suggested, "Why don't we check out their castle?  It'll be a good base of operations."

"To the castle!" Mimi cried, and the Gekomon and Otamamon were bustling around, trying to change course.

Everyone went to their cabins, seeing as how the trip to cross the desert again, and find a few detours around any small digimon villages and forests would take the night.

Each of them, as per Mimi's orders, had found their rooms to be quite luxurious, although, they were decorated to Mimi's tastes.  So each of them shuffled reluctantly into their pink and frilly rooms.

"Well, this girl sure likes to think pink, huh Mulder?" Scully said.

"My my.  Another derisive comment, hmm?"

"Of course.  I need to do something to pass the time."

"You never cease to amaze me."

"Same goes to you."

"Goodnight Mulder."

"Goodnight Scully." 

"Oh!" gushed Mimi.  "I love this room!  It's just so perfect!"

"We designed it exactly the way you wanted it, princess.  I hope your friends are enjoying their rooms too," said a random Otamamon.

Three loud knocks were heard on Mimi's door.  The princess of pink went to answer it.  On the other side, she found a fuming Tai, Matt, Joe, Izzy, and TK.

"Hi boys!  Aren't you staying up a little bit past your bed time?"

"WE'RE IN A PINK ROOM!!!" all five of them shouted at once.

"And the problem is?"

"BOYS DO NOT LIKE PINK!!!" they complained at once.

"If it bothers you that much, why don't all five of you sleep out on the deck?  I'm sure the Gekomon can provide some deck chairs, pillows, and blankets."

The boys thought for a minute about sleeping under the stars and encountering the cold night.  All of them shook their heads and dejectedly went back to their very effeminate rooms.

"Goodnight guys!" Mimi chirped to the boys' retreating backs.

Daybreak filtered into each of the cabin's in the ship.  The sunlight added a special sparkly quality to the rooms.

Then, the doors simultaneously burst open as the Gekomon and Otamamon gave their guests a wake up call.

"Wake up!  We're here!  We're at the palace!" they cried.

Mimi jumped up with a start and perkily got dressed and ready to see her old castle.  Everyone, except for Mimi, groggily got up from their beds or turned over to catch a few more winks.

The cruise ship had just docked, and all of them prepared to greet the welcoming committee.  They were sure that the rest of the Gekomon and Otamamon would be just as enthusiastic to welcome back their princess.

Mimi looked over the deck and saw a large crowd awaiting them.

"Well, I'll lead.  Followed by you guys and then the Gekomon and Otamamon.  I get to go first since they're expecting to see me!"

"Mimi, you don't want this success to get to your head, just like before, now do you?" asked Tai.

"Oh Tai!  Don't be silly!  I'm just here to greet my loyal subjects!  They must have waited ages for my return!  I'm just trying to be courteous."

"Okay, now that we have that settled..."

"And now, my public awaits."  Mimi smoothed out one last wrinkle on her skirt and tucked away one more strand of hair before stepping out to the crowd.

But as soon as she set foot on the land, the awaiting subjects cried out, "There's the impostor!  Arrest her!"

Before the Digidestined and the agents knew it, they were seized by the amphibious digimon and dragged to the dungeons.

To be continued...

Additional Author's Notes: The children and the agents are now in trouble.  What are they to do?  Will they ever meet the doubles?