Chapter 11 - Only in Dreams [Part 4]
by Star Otaku

Some notes on me: aside from loving anime, I also love science fiction.

While Gene Roddenberry's "Andromeda Ascendant" and George Lucas' "Star Wars" take first and foremost precedence in my heart, I'm part Trekkie.  And since the only two series that I really know are Deep Space Nine and Voyager, this involves a small cross between those two.

Please enjoy this extremely strange dream about Star Trek and Rivers being kidnapped by aliens.

Rivers Cuomo is abducted by aliens and taken to some space station, a la Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

He's in a space suit, and is being escorted by humanoid aliens with strange proboscises (flattened against their face with strange brown patches and kinda bulbous).  They are also in similar space suits.  Like an astronaut's, white with red lines running across the sides and limbs.

Suddenly, the Hirogen from Star Trek: Voyager come along, and it seems that they're after Rivers for their latest hunt!

A firefight ensues, the humanoids versus the Hirogen.  Phasers and plasma rifles exchanging fire.

The humanoids have formed some kind of block around Rivers as he's backed against a blast door, with a small phaser in his hand while the others have big ass laser firearms.

Unfortunately, the humanoids are taken down, and Rivers is left, backed up against the blast door, and cornered.  The Hirogen stalk towards him...

Rivers palms the little phaser and holds it towards his throat.

The Hirogen stop.

It seems that they want him alive because of his voice.

They then continue to stalk towards him, and Rivers has his finger on the trigger.

He gulps when they're right in front of his face and then-

Can anyone guess what happened to cause AATE (Another Abrupt Trek Ending)?

That's right.

I woke up.