Chapter 5 - Call them Blinker (=B=) or Weez 182
by Star Otaku

This was inspired by the fact that when both of us listened closely to the beginning of Surf Wax America, it sounded quite similar to Blink 182's style of guitar playing.

So think of this setting back to the early 90s, and this goes out to the Blink 182/Weezer fans!

[Lost Angeles recording studio.  In the studio, young Weezer is gearing up for their Blue Album recording session.]

Pat:  Where's Matt and Brian?

Rivers:  I think they had some bad food from the show last night, so they won't be coming in.

Pat:  Then who are we going to record "Surf Wax America" with today?  I mean, it's our last day in the studio and this is our last song.

Rivers:  Don't worry.  Coincidentally, I was able to find two guitarists.  Meet Mark and Tom.

Mark:  Hey!  We're finally in a studio!

Tom:  I'm so glad that the union is letting us back in.

Pat:  *whispers* Are you sure we should?

Rivers:  *whispers back* Hey, it's only one time. *aloud* Hey guys, we're gonna start recording now, so let's get ready.

[They start to play Surf Wax, with Mark and Tom dominating the sound with their guitar riff style.]

Pat:  Woah, woah, woah!  What is that?

Tom:  Just something new we wanted to try.

Mark:  We saw the original music.  It sucked.

Pat:  Rivers?

Rivers:  I like it.  How'd you guys like to join us?

Tom and Mark:  Alright!  Sweet!

Pat:  But what about Brian and Matt?

Rivers:  They've got their own back-up bands.  I'm sure they'll understand.

Mark:  Can we start with some material I wrote up myself?  Just take a look at it.

[Mark hands the two remaining Weez members some paper of songs he composed.  Rivers and Pat read through them, but they then look confused.]

Pat:  I'm sorry, but, this isn't our style.

Mark:  What do you mean?  I think it is this band's style!

Tom:  Getting people to laugh with you at your angst is a great gimmick!

Rivers:  Sorry, but our gimmick is to let out our angst to the tune of almost poppy rock.

Tom:  Okay, okay.  We can dump our songs since it isn't your style.

Mark:  But for the next concert, I think we should get up on stage, strip down to our boxers, and then just start jamming!

Rivers:  Uh... no.

Tom:  Naked music video shoot?

Pat:  Hell no!

Mark:  Then screw this!

Tom:  We will not be part of a band that is this creatively restricting!  Fuck you guys!

[Mark and Tom storm out of the studio.]

Pat:  Do we still have the recorded music?

Rivers:  *smiles* Oh yeah.  We'll just sample it into the track.

Pat: Ever the musical genius, aren't you?