Chapter 8 - Why Did the Fangirls Cross the Road?
by Shinju Meg Uchuno

Why DID the fangirls cross through lanes of highway traffic? To see Weezer, of course! Would there be any other reason? I mean, if you saw the Weezer bus wouldn't you run through lanes of traffic without thought of your own self preservation to see them?

We aren't insane, we're just obsessed fangirls. Nothing wrong with that, right?

[ the Weezer tour bus pulls over to get more gas and the bandmates get out to walks around a bit. Mikey goes into the lil' convinece (sp?) store to buy some snacks. Two girls run across the highway to get to the gas station. ]

Shinju: C'mon Star-san! It's Weezer! SQUEEEEEE!

Star: We found 'em! SQUEEEEEE!

[ they run and stop, out of breath near the back of the bus. Suddenly, a figure comes over to them ]

Rivers: Are you two girls alright?

Shinju: Rivers...?! Yeah, we're great!

Star: Feeling just fine!

Rivers: You sure? You're all out of breath. Here, why don;t you come inside the bus for a bit and rest? I bet you ran all the way thru that traffic just to see us. The bus is pretty hard not to miss. ::smile::

Shinju/Star::smile back and nod::

Star: What can we say? We really wanted to meet you guys.

Brian::walks over:: I just saw thoses two girls run over thru all that traffic? They okay.

Shinju: Fine... really...

[ Both girls are lead into the bus where they are greeted by Pat. ]

Pat: Hi ladies! Take a seat! Why don't you hang with us for the day? We have to award such adoring fans that would run thru traffic to meet us!

Star: Sure! We;d love to hang with you for the day!

Shinju::just nods::

Karl: But, guys... you have a concert tonight.

Rivers: Then they get front row tickets and backstage passes! They're out guests of honor!

Shinju: Wow!

Star: I can't believe it!

Mikey::eating chips:: Well, we always love our fans and you guys have gone above and beyond what most fans do!

Brian: Yeah! You two are awesome! Hey... Rivers? What are you doing?

Rivers::looks up from a laptop:: Uh... nothing!

Shinju::peers to look at the screen:: Oi! That's!

Star: Huh? Really?!

Rivers: You guys like fanfiction?

Shinju: Like it? We write it!

Rivers: Really? Wow, I'm such a nerd for reading it. My favorite is Anime Survivor!

Star::gasp:: I write that!


Pat: Why do I feel outta the loop?

Mikey: I dunno.

Brian: So that's what he does on the compy so much!

Rivers: Guys! These girls are awesome! I say we make them come on tour with us! Help maintain our webpage with Karl! We NEED to have these two authoresses turned Weezer fangirls with us!

Karl: Uh... sure, Rivers.

Brian::hugs both Star and Shinju:: Welcome to the Weez team!