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Author's Notes: It just came to mind one day, during school.  I think it was when I forgot that I had a Language Arts assignment due, or was it math?  See!  This story has something to do with memory, and now, I'm losing my memory! *sighs* Just read and enjoy!

Don't I Know You?

Goten was rushing to finish eating breakfast.  He wanted to get out of the house early so that he could meet Trunks at his house.

Just as he was shoveling another spoonful of eggs into his gaping mouth, his hand bumped into the glass of water.  It fell of the table with *thunk* and a splash.

"Good thing the cup's made of plastic," Goten mumbled.  He looked down at the spreading clear puddle on the floor.  He picked up the glass and placed it back on the table.

He then looked at his watch.  "I'm sure that I'll be out of the house by the time mom gets up.  I'm sure that she can clean this up for me."

He picked up his jacket and books and left out the door.

Chi-Chi yawned as she wandered down the hallway towards the kitchen.  She could have sworn she heard Goten leave.

Her face fell in disappointment when she saw the pile of dishes on the table.

"A full grown boy and he can't even pick up after himself."  Chi-Chi sighed and began to pick up the dishes and began to move towards the sink.

Chi-Chi didn't notice her foot was in the puddle.  As she took another step, she slipped, the plates flying in the air.  Her head banged against the table's edge, and the plates fell in a clatter around her body.

Goten ran back to his house, he couldn't believe that he forgot his keys!  He knew that his mother would be up, and she would probably scold him for not cleaning up.  He grabbed the doorknob and pushed himself into the house as the door opened.

"Listen, mom, I'm sorry I-"  He stopped short as he saw the scene before him.

Chi-Chi was lying on the kitchen floor, unconscious, and it seemed that blood was flowing from her head and mingling with the puddle of water beneath her.

Goten, with horror, realized what had happened.  His mother was like this because of a stupid, silly accident that he caused!

If I wasn't so lazy and just had the common sense to clean up my own messes! Goten berated himself.

Trying to keep calm, he picked up the phone and called an ambulance.

Chi-Chi woke up, a bit disoriented, and looked around her.

She was in what appeared to be a hospital room, and she was the hospital bed.  She rubbed her head, it was throbbing.  Was that why she had to come here?

Someone cleared their throat.  She turned to see the source of the noise.

A teenage boy, with black and messy hair, looked at her with an apologetic look.  "Mom, I'm glad that you're okay!  I'm really sorry that this happened, it's all my fault!  Will you forgive me?"

Chi-Chi blinked and let his words settle in.  "Don't worry, you're forgiven."  The boy sighed with relief.  "But can you tell me who you are?  Or who I am?"

The Goten's face fell.  His mother didn't remember him?!  "I'm Goten, your son," he replied to the question.

"My-my son?"  Chi-Chi squinted at him and looked him over.  She then turned to look at a mirror on a bedside table.  She studied her reflection.  "You do look a little like me," she murmured.  "But who am I?"

"You're Chi-Chi.  My mom.  Is there anything else you can remember?"

Chi-Chi shook her head sadly.  "I'm sorry, I can't remember.  But can you help me, Goten?"

"Yeah, I'll help you.  As soon as we get out of here."

It took a few hours to get out of the hospital after getting the doctor's permission.  He said that Chi-Chi's amnesia could be temporary, but it was too early to tell.  Goten prayed that it would be temporary.

"Okay mom, we're home!"  Goten pushed the door open for his mom.

Their first stop, the kitchen.  It was exactly as they had left it.

"Let me clean up," Goten said while picking up a few dishes.  He then took a rag and started to wipe up the little puddle of blood and water.  "Do you remember this place?"

"I think so.  This is where I had my accident, right?"

Goten nodded.  "I'm done here.  Why don't I show you the rest of the house?"

Chi-Chi smiled unsurely at him and then wandered around the house.  Goten followed her to act like the tour guide and answer any questions she had.

"This is your room, and dad's too."

"Dad?  I'm married?"

"Of course you are!  How do you think you got me and my brother?"

"Brother?!  Are there any more people I should know about?"

Goten chuckled.  "Yeah.  There's Grandpa (the Ox King), Bulma and Vegeta and their family, Krillin and his family, and dad's friends.  I can't say all of them right now, or else I'd need CPR.  Why don't I show them to you."

They found their way back to the living room.  Chi-Chi and Goten both sat on the couch and grabbed for a photo album.

To be continued...