Chapter 3 - Only in Dreams [Part 1]
by Star Otaku

Star Otaku speaking.  This was one dream I had over the summer.  All dreams are recorded in chronological order as they happened.  Or as close to chronological order that Shinju and I can remember...

But on with my dream sequence!

*insert wavy effect here*

I'm in a school gym, and Weezer is having their concert there.  It's still early, so I sneak backstage to try and meet them.

Shinju Meg Uchuno is sitting with Brian Bell on some black storage boxes, and he's warming up on his guitar with her.

Shinju:  Hey Star!  I want you to meet Brian.

Brian: *small wave and smile*

Karl Koch and Mikey Welsh run in, looking frantic.

Mikey: *points between me and Shinju* *mutters* Eenie, meenie, miney, moe...

Karl:  We've run out of girls!  We need someone small enough to carry!

Brian and Shinju look at me, and Mikey notices too.  He holds his arm out and asks me to hang from it.  I do it, and he holds me up, no problem.

Mikey:  She's perfect for Rivers to carry!

Karl:  Rivers can sing his new song "Sandman" for her!

Pat Wilson comes along, and he sees what's happened.  He points me down a hall backstage and tells me where Rivers' dressing room is.

Shinju is so happy for me, and then she picks up a guitar and gets ready to play with the guys on stage.  Brian follows suit after her as do Mikey and Karl.

Pat escorts me to Rivers' dressing room, where there is a bed, and he tells me to lie down on it.  I do so and he leaves me alone in there.

I'm tired, and the concert is only about an hour or less away, so I decide to take a quick nap.

Soon, I feel someone shaking my shoulders, trying to wake me up.  I'm still a little groggy, but I look up and see Rivers looking down on me, like some prince ready to kiss me.  He smiles now that I am awake.

I can't get up, so he carries me in his arms onstage and sits me down on a stool.  Shinju and Brian are on one side, and on the other are Rivers (closest by my side) and Mikey.  Of course, Pat is seated behind us.

I look out and there's a large crowd in the gym and they start screaming.  Lights are blinding me, so all I see are black with some coloured shapes moving and waving their arms around and screaming.

Rivers motions for everyone to start playing, and just when they do, I wake up.

Don't you hate it when dreams end like that?