Chapter 7 - Only in Dreams [Part 3]
by Shinju Meg Uchuno

I have werid dreams sometimes. Of course Rivers Cuomo would show up in one. Why not? Seems only right.

When I had this dream I was still on my journalism kick. Who better to interview then Rivers? Of course, this had to be a dream. Rivers doesn't do interviews much. I'd have a snowballs chance in hell of interviewing him even if I was a real reporter. Now I know ther true meaning of 'only in dreams'.

It was just a small part of a bigger dream I was having about me being a reporter or something ( o.O ) but Rivers made a cameo!

I was running thru what I guess was a mall and I stopped and ran into this one store. Inside was a guy sitting down in a chair and I knew he was the guy I had been sent to interview! There already was a girl their talking to him, but getting no where real quick so I step in. The guy looks up and sweet mother of all things anime, it's Rivers Cuomo!

The girl I interuppted looked annoyed at me but I just shrug her off. Then, I notice something. Rivers hair looks kinda... different. I tell him so and he say's he tried a new style. Slience then, because I can't think of what to say, so I tell him I bought the Green Album and I really liked it. His face lights up and he says thats really cool. I grab a seat and we start talking.

I tell him I bought the Blue Album too and that it kicked total ass and he grins. He likes the fact that I like his music. I tell him I got Pinkerton ( which my sis calls the Black Album ) and I liked it as well and he smiles at me with a fake-kinda smile. I tell him whoever said it was bad was an idiot and he reminds me that he, himself, said it sucked. I quickly sutter out an apoligy and he laughs and says it's okay. We get into a long conversation ( which I can't remeber ) and then I have to leave.