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Author's Notes: For those of you who have read Anime Survivor Side Story 6, thank you for coming in to find out about my plot bunnies!  I have a bunch of plot bunnies and that you are all free to take them!  Ideas will be divided so as to avoid any confusion.

Plot Bunny Adoptions

Star Otaku is seen with a bunch of bunnies all lined up in cages.  Each bunny has electrodes attached to their heads and bodies.  The electrodes lead to a large TV screen.

"Hello people!  Welcome to the plot bunny adoption service!  I have many strange ideas in my head.  I hope that all of you will be generous enough to take this little critters in and shelter them and nurture them, so that they may become wonderful stories that receive rave reviews!"

She steps up to the first cage, with a normal brown bunny.  Star Otaku extends her hand to pet the bunny, but as soon as her hand is within range, the bunny's eyes turn a demonic red and fangs protrude from its little mouth.  It snaps at Star's hand, but she pulls it away.

"Okay!  This feisty one has the makings of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files crossover.  Angel may be incorporated into this crossover if you like."

"Now, can any of you remember that episode of the X-Files where Mulder and Scully were investigating that deaths of these women who were married to a man who was actually a demon?  Well, his current wife was also a demon, and she wanted to spawn.  In the end, the male demon died and the female demon was last seen racing down the highway to start a new life with her unholy brood."

The TV screen is turned on, and a scene of a woman and a baby bassinet in a red convertible.  The car is racing down the highway.  The woman looks into the bassinet, and strangely misshapen hands stick out.  The woman smiles as her eyes turn red.

The scene changes to show Buffy in action while slaying some vampires.

"Where did that female demon and her baby go?  Let's say Sunnydale, since it is the Hell mouth.  The female demon already has one demon childe, let's say she wants another, so she needs another mate in Sunnydale.  Well, let's just say that Mulder and Scully continue the case after the strange occurrences in Sunnydale catch their attention.  Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang are drawn into the case since they have the knowledge to kill the she-devil and its spawn."

Star Otaku peers into the cage.

"Here's a turn of events!  My Buffy/X-Files crossover bunny has just given birth!  Two new little plot bunnies to add to the collection!  Let me just put the electrodes on, and we'll see what they're all about.  I need some protection first."

She takes a heavily padded glove out of her lunch bag and puts it on.  She reaches into the cage and the demon bunnies pounce on her gloved hand and start to maul it.  When she pulls out her hand, all that is left of the glove is some padding hanging off of some material.

"Good thing I pulled out before they got to the skin.  Anyhoo, let's see what the first one is about."

The TV screen shows a woman standing in front of a classroom.  But the classroom seems empty.  She announces something, and the books are then brought up and they all turn to a page marked "Chapter 11: Assassination and Infiltration".

"Ah, yes.  The invisible girl episode of Buffy.  We know what these invisible misfits are being taught at the 'FBI'.  Let's say that they're actually being educated by the Cigarette Smoking Man or some kind of shadow government.  The real plot comes into play when at some kind of political function, there are simultaneous assassinations, but were all committed by the unseen assailants.  That's when Mulder and Scully are on the case."

"Let's take a look at the next little bunny, shall we?"

The TV shows the final scene from a recent X-Files episode.

A boy is lying in a hospital bed and is looking intently at the clock up on the wall.

The minute hand of the clock begins to twitch, then the minute hand moves backwards, then forwards.

"That young man that you just saw, his name is Anthony, but his friends call him Tony.  Well, that's what his friends called him before they died in a murder suicide.  If any of you remember the episode of the teens with the super human speed, then you'll know that this is where Tony is from."

The scene then changes to an overhead look of Sunnydale.

"Back in that little town, Tony was accused of murder.  Let's say that he and his mother move to Sunnydale to start a new life.  Now, those powers of 'the rush' are now manifested in young Tony.  Let's say that he uses those powers, and Buffy and the gang are on the case!"

"These two bunnies were minor crossovers, but I hope that you can take care of them.  They require a lot of work."

The next cage that Star Otaku goes to has a pitcher of cold water and a kettle beside it.  Star Otaku takes the pitcher and holds it over the bunny inside.

"This bunny is another Anime Survivor 2 idea."

Star pours the water over the bunny and it transforms into female Ranma, who is wearing a Sailor Scout fuku.

"A faithful reader, Fetch, suggested this idea."

Star Otaku takes out a printout of the e-mail from her lunch bag.

"Once you finish Anime Survivor, I have a suggestion for Survivor 2: Manga Survivor!  Sailor Moon VS Ranma 1/2.  That should be quite fun.  Only one question: the Sailor Sentai can't use their powers, that's a given.  But, do the Ranma 1/2 curses apply?  Ranma would be stuck as a girl, and the others in their animal forms most of the time, due to a lack of hot water.

"Thank you for idea Fetch.  I hope many authors will get the chance to continue the legacy of Anime Survivor."

Star Otaku picks up the kettle and pours the boiling water over Sailor Ranma, who reverts back into the little bunny.

Star Otaku then moves down the line to stand beside a white bunny.  She picks it up and a patch of black fur on its back spells "ZERO".  She turns it over to reveal that on its underbelly is a patch of blue fur that spells "00".  She puts it back down in its cage.

"This plot bunny is another crossover.  If any of you would like to continue my legacy of Anime Survivor and make Anime Survivor 2, then I suggest you take this little fella."

The TV screen shows the characters of Gundam Wing on one side and the characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion on the other.

"Anime Survivor 2.  Gundam Wing versus Neon Genesis Evangelion for the title of 'Most Angst Filled Giant Robot Show'.  The setting may be the wasteland that surrounds the Geofront, or the desert that Quatre is so familiar with.  Let's give you a preview of a potential scene "

The TV screen shows this scene:

From opposite sides of a fighting ring are the Gundam Wing pilots and on the other side are the EVA pilots.  In the middle of the ring is Jeff Probst.

Jeff's arms are spread out, signaling the two teams to stay still.  "Okay, for today's reward challenge, you have to choose one member from your tribe for hand-to-hand combat."

Heero Yuy steps up valiantly.  "Omae o korosu," he announces.

Shinji is unceremoniously pushed from behind by Rei and Asuka.

"Now that we have our two contestants, get into your fighting stances."  Jeff steps back from the fighting circle, then he raises his arm.  "Survivors ready?  GO!"  He drops his arm, signaling the beginning of the fight.

Shinji, with all of his insecurities, circles Heero tentatively.  It's also obvious of how nervous he is, because he is visibly shaking.

Heero just calmly and coolly sizes Shinji up.

Rei stares on dispassionately.

"Yuy!  That boy is a weakling!  Just finish off that injustice!" rants Wufei in a corner.  "I demand justice!  Justice for Nataku!"

Heero nods and whips out a gun from his black spandex shorts.  "Omae o korosu," he utters, and then he pulls the trigger.

The screen goes black.

"I hope that this scene works its way into the series!  Let's move on!"

In the next cage is a little white bunny, except "ZERO" is spelled on its back in purple fur.

"This little bunny is supposed to be a Gundam Wing parody of NBC's gay comedy, Will and Grace.  The concept is that Heero, as Relena's body guard, has to live with her in an apartment.  Let's assume that Relena has already accepted Heero as just a friend and nothing more, since he's dabbling in the love that dare not speak its name.  This is for the yaoi lovers out there.  So you can't that I'm yaoi intolerant."

On the TV screen, Relena and Heero are sitting together, eating breakfast.  Dou then bursts into through the door.

"It's me!"

"Omae o korosu," mutters Heero.

"Oh Heero, will you quit saying that?  It's getting real old," says Relena.

"Damn gay!" yells Dou.

"Don't you mean, 'Damn straight'?" asks Relena.

"We're trying to change that little phrase to suit my people's needs."

Quatre and Trowa then barge in through the door together.

"Guys!  I need some help!" cries Quatre.  "Dorothy is going to be executed for war crimes against you, Relena!"

"Isn't this the very same girl that stabbed you with a fencing foil?  If she dies, the big loss is?" quips Dou.

Quatre then puts on the puppy dog eyes.  "Please, she can't die!  She's our friend!"


"You're right Trowa.  I am too nice."  Quatre then kisses Trowa on the cheek.

Relena gets up and sighs.  "We're all probably going to regret this.  How do we save her?" she asks exasperatedly.

"We need her to marry someone that was on our side of the war, and was a high ranking officer."

"Quatre, man, as much as I'd like to help, marrying Dorothy is just a bit too much to ask for," says Dou.  "Besides, I'm already taken."  Dou then proceeds to glomp the still seated Heero.

"Not me, or Trowa!"

"Well, there is one person we left out..." starts Relena.

"WUFEI!" they shout at once.

The scene then changes to Wufei wearing a tuxedo and he's in a church.  He's being restrained by all the pilots while Relena and Hilde are watching Dorothy come down the aisle in her wedding dress.


In the next scene, Relena and Heero are again eating breakfast, and are soon joined by Dou, Trowa, Quatre, and an unhappy Wufei and Dorothy.

"Um, guys, there's a bit of a problem," starts Quatre.

"Trouble in paradise huh?" says Dou.

"No," Wufei says bitterly.  "It seems that we were about to get a divorce since this whole thing blew over."

"Or so we thought," added Dorothy.  "The Preventers are sending an official to make sure that we're a real married couple.  And it's going to be Sally, so we better watch out."

"Apparently a war loving former assassin being married to a justice ranting Chinese widower was what waved the red flag?" Dou asks.

"Nope.  The fact that they moved into the home of a person that Dorothy tried to kill was what set off the alarms," explains Quatre.

The screen is then turned off.

"That would be one hell of a sitcom!  Don't you all think?"

Moving along, the next plot bunny has a little suit on and is resting in a nest of shredded legal documents.

"This was inspired when the opening skit for SNL had a little crossover of Ally McBeal and The Practice.  It can be another Survivor like crossover fic, with the two shows competing for 'Best Lawyer Show' title and for the million dollars.  You can make it as vicious as you want, but suggestions go towards having the firm of Cage and Fish as Pagong and The Practice as Tagi.  Strand them inside a courtroom or courthouse, whatever!"

The next bunny is quite colourful and has a tag on its ear.  The tag reads *N SYNC.

"This idea was hatched by my younger sis!  If any of you have seen the videos Bye, Bye, Bye and It's Gonna Be Me, you will notice that the girl featured in both videos is the same girl.  My theory is that It's Gonna Be Me is actually a prequel to Bye, Bye, Bye.  So the plot is to create a filler on what happened between those videos.  The boys were free from being puppets, but suddenly, they were strung up by her once again.  What caused the good girl to go bad?"

The TV screen shows *N SYNC standing with the girl in front of a miniature puppet stage.

The girl suddenly starts to laugh maniacally and strings pop out of nowhere and start to attach themselves to the boys' limbs.  They look on in horror as they are shrunk down to their former doll size.

The girl picks up her new marionettes and starts to play with them on the miniature stage.

The screen then blacks out.

"This fic can be a music video fic, but if it will be a vidfic, please use one of *N SYNC's songs, old or new."

The next plot bunny has a little helmet on its head, with little holes to let the ears out.  On the helmet is a picture of a dragon ball.

"This crazy idea came from my visit to Indianapolis race way.  This is a Dragon Ball Z humour fanfic, so I hope a lot of calls will come in for this one."

The TV screen shows a scene from when Goku takes his driver's test.

"If any of you remember how recklessly, and fast, Goku drives, then he would make the perfect Nascar driver.  If not Goku, then Vegeta!  He would be an even bigger speed demon!  As for the rest of the Z warriors, they could be the pit crew."

The last cage has a normal rabbit.  Light brown fur, long ears, white cotton tail, pink nose, and black eyes.

"And last, but not least, is the bunny for a 10th Kingdom humour fic."

The screen shows the last scene from the mini-series.  Virginia and Wolf are sitting on a bridge in Central Park and are looking up at the stars.

"How does Wolf adjust to his new life in the 10th kingdom?  Well, let's start off with him and Virginia living happily in the apartment, or they go out and find a new home!  That's not the point.  But let's say that Wolf discovers the wonders of the TV.  The title for this fanfic is 'Live!  From New York...'"

The scene on the screen changes to Wolf sitting on a couch.  He's entranced with watching SNL.

Virginia comes into the room.  "Wolf, why don't you come to bed?"

"Oh, huff puff!  Please let me finish this show, my creamy, dreamy girl.  Please?"  He starts to whimper.

"Well... I wanted to tell you something.  And I hope that you'll like it."

"Is it about the baby?"

"No.  Don't worry, the baby is doing fine.  I wanted to give you a surprise."

"A surprise?!  A delectable surprise for me?"

"Yes Wolf.  Since you love watching the TV, I thought that maybe next week, we could go down there and sit in the audience of that show.  Saturday Night Live."

Wolf props himself up on the couch and howls in joy.

The screen then goes dark.

"I hope that scene will make it somewhere in the fic.  So, you now know where the happy couple is going.  And to add to the humour and confusion, the host of the show that night is: Scott Cohen!  People confuse Wolf with the actor, and Wolf and Virginia even get to participate in a skit!  Musical guest can be of your choice, but I'd like to see Treble Charger perform with American Psycho.  But that's just my opinion.  An extra idea for this is if they do a skit of one of a fairy tales shown in the mini-series."

"Those are all the plot bunnies I have for now.  But if any more pop up and out of my head, I'll be sure to let you all know that there are more up for adoption!  If you'd like to adopt one, please e-mail me.  See ya!"

The End

Additional Author's Notes: If any of you are willing to take up one of those plot bunnies, please tell me in your review or e-mail me.  When you are finished the fic, please send me a copy, I'd love to find out what people have done with my hare-brained (pun intended) ideas!