Animethon 11 - Saturday: Cosplay Contest

Now, within the bowels of the cosplay contest, there are many wonderous costumes and skits waiting to be paraded out.  Sempai and I were witnesses to the painful skits and costumes, and to the ones that truly stood out.

there are a few ground rules to follow, as Mark and Dan are willing to demonstrate what happens when there are numerous flashes going on during the cosplay:

Now Dan is dazed...

"Oh my god!  He's going into seizures!"  And now we know that Animethon staff can handle multiple camera flashbulbs.

Mark: Meet the head of our tech team.  So if anything goes wrong, blame the Smooth Operater; he's from Calgary.
Crowd: BOO!

Mark: And our cosplay coordinator, Manny.  She makes sure our cosplayers actually show up.
Manny: Huh?  Oh Mark, it's your conscience speaking.  Take off your pants.

The crowd is stoked to see the cosplayers.  WHOO!

After Mark and Dan's little presentation, there is a designated photo area off the side of the stage.  As well, included in the shot, we have the Judge's Table.  And at the foreground of the picture, the guy with the glasses kneeling by the Judge's Table is James, the head photographer who wrangled me into this horrid job. ^_^

The first skit is a sweet little musical number involving Chloe and Mirelle (Noir) and Gaara (Naruto).  That's some damn good choreography!

Everyone get up for Sumomo's excercises!  Sit down, stand up!  Sit down, stand up!  Now do it all on sugar!  Wheeeee!  If I could turn these photos into one moving .GIF, I would...  Shake that bum, back and forth, back and forth!

The most kawaii little cosplayer of all!  Everyone went "Awwwww!" for this Kiki's Delivery Service cosplayer.

Yuna sings while Chi provides... er... some colourful commentary.  "Yuna sucks!  Please, shut her up!"

There's just too much cosplay to contain in one page... so here's another page!