Animethon 11 - Saturday: Cosplay Contest (Page 2)

Kirby vs. Jigglypuff!  Battle of the cute things!

It's Naga and her agent!

Agent: Uh... please make the laughing stop...
Naga: Oh ho ho ho ho!  How long does that contract last?
Agent: Ugh!  Lemme check this really heavy contract!

Agent: Five years?! *drops contract* I give up...
Naga: Oh ho ho ho ho ho!

Here's Princess Peach's kicking performance.  She was supposed to take the stage with the Mario and Luigi cosplayers from earlier, but unfortunately, they had to go home early.  Everyone went "awww..." in her defense.

Fortunately, her performance had some great choreography done to Mario game music!  As Mark commented after her performance, "Goes to show you that Peach doesn't really need two Italian guys."

"We're girls... who dress like men!  We're hardly feminine!"

Back by popular demand, it's Inflato-Gackt!

It's good to have two Full Metal Alchemist cosplayers... Ah... sandwiched between two Edward Elrics... bishie goodness.

Who is everybody?  Everybody's rearranged!