Animethon 11 - Saturday: Cosplay Photo Booth Picks

Well, actually, sempai and I weren't together for long after the AMV contest.  As volunteer photographer, I had to hop on down to the photo booth and help take pictures of the cosplayers before they went out on stage.

Here are a few of my choice cosplayers:

Best.  Yuffie.  Cosplay.  Heh. ^_^

Here she is, Princess Peach!  Sempai and I actually got a chance to talk to her while waiting in line for the AMV contest.  She was very nice, and she told us about how she had hand-sewn the costume.  It really shows in the effort she put into the costume!

There were so many Yunas this year.  This one makes my top ten list since she told me that she actually bought the official Yuna guns for $400.  For the effort (and money) put into making this as much an accurate costume as possible, she gets my top pick!

Though there were so many Inu Yasha cosplayers strutting around, only one got her picture taken at the booth.  This Kikyo cosplayer is actually sporting a real bow and arrow.  Needless to say, where ever she pointed that thing, everyone in the room ducked.  Gah... occupational hazards!

Well, out of the photo booth and into the crowd:

Obviously, the cosplay contest was a very popular event.

Our illustrious MC addresses the crowd: "Everyone proceed into the event room in a calm and orderly fashion!  Do not bum rush into the cosplay contest!  I repeat, do not bum rush!"

Here's a shot of the volunteers hard at work at herding the fanboys and fangirls to their proper seats.  The room was filled to capacity in a timely manner, thanks to our horde wranglers!  I salute you beautiful bastards!

Now that the set up and whatnot shots are done and over with, click the link to go on to see the cosplay contest!