Animethon 11 - Saturday: Opening Ceremonies

The perfect Inu Yasha shot!  Kagome reaches into her bag to retrieve a special doggy treat for Inu Yasha... If you look closely, you'll see a Ranma cosplayer in the background!  It's a Rumik World!

Haruka Haruhara (FLCL) cosplayer.  Too bad I didn't get a more dynamic pose with her swinging her Rickenbacker guitar around.

Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew) cosplayers

Lan from Mega Man.  There were lots of Naruto and Lan cosplayers this year, so I got quite mixed up... Apparently there were lots of guys wearing orange jackets and headbands.

A close up of the Ranma cosplayer!  Hey, where's Akane? ^_^

Some dynamic crowd shots of people attending the opening ceremonies!  Lookit all the peoples!

To kick things off, we have Kita no Taiko (Drums of the North) to get things started.  Nothing more energizing than taiko drums in the morning!

"Keitaro no hentai!  Double Naru Punch!"  Ouch, punched so hard, the clothes on your great grandchildren will hurt.

Animethon's chairperson, Monty.  His badge reads "Irresponsible Chairman"... So basically, if there's a problem, he'll point ya to another person who can take care of it.

The most talented master of ceremonies ever, it's Mark (aka Mo-chan)!  His quick tongue and rapier sharp wit will leave you breathless!  Keep going to see his performance for Anime Improv.

Mark, Lara, and Monty.  Some of the bigwigs behind this madhouse.

Our PR guy, Brendan (aka Beege).  Good God, no wonder this event wasn't getting any press coverage!  Another one of the one shot wonders of Anime Improv.

And that's all for the musical stylings of Kita no Taiko, aka, Drums of the North.  With the rumbling beat of the taiko drums in my heart and my sempai by my side, we were ready for what more Animethon had to offer!  Among them, more cosplayers!  Click on Cowboy Bebeop's Ed to continue on to more Animethon action!