Animethon 11 - Saturday: The Dealer's Room

Here are some GetBacker's cosplayers!  After seeing the coffee mugs and tray, I got it into my head to ask these ladies to put together a nice tableau for me.  I am thankful they weren't too bothered by me... but then again, wearing a volunteer badge and shirt gives me clout!

So sempai and I, with our Premium Passes in hand, got in line for the dealer's room opening.It was quite a large line, but fortunately, there were tons of cosplayers, and a surprise sighting of Inflato-Gackt!  Fortunately, with so many people concentrated in one area, I was able to spy some captivating cosplayers and get some pictures of them.

Naruto's Sakura and Sasuke and Chobit's Sumomo.  Pocky!  All hail the Pocky!

Angelic Layer cosplayer.

This is where volunteer clout has its advantages.  I had pulled two Chobits cosplayers from their friends and asked them to pose together, just to get a sense of series unity.

More video game cosplayers!  This time, it's Mario and Luigi!  They had a Princess Peach cosplayer with them.  Unfortunately, she wasn't with them at this time, but I got tons of pictures of her later on.

Here are a few dynamic overhead dealer's room shots.  Fortunately, I didn't have to stand on sempai's shoulders for this!  Only Premium Pass card holders were allowed to enter the dealer's room upon opening.  And look at the giant feeding frenzy!

Funny story: in the dealer's room, sempai and I were wandering around and we found an actual heart-shaped eyepatch from Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl.  We stood there for a bit, pointing at it and screaming, "The lovely eyepatch!  It's a lovely eyepatch!"

After all the excitement in the dealer's room, sempai and I checked out the AMV contest.  I now have a few songs added to my playlist thanks to the AMV contest.  As it was last year with "Do You Realize" (The Flaming Lips) and "The World Is Not Enough" (Garbage), this year I was compelled to get "Protege Moi" (Placebo) and the English version of the song, as well as "He Needs Me" (Shelley Duvall) and "United States of Whatever" (Liam Lynch) after hearing them through the AMV contest.

After the AMV contest, sempai and I then stuck around for the cosplay contest.

If you want to skip past the pretty pretty costumes and into Sunday, just click on the link!