Leaving already?  Well, here are some great sites to visit!

Fanfic Sites
FanFiction.Net - The place that started it all... ^_^
Media Miner - Something like FF.N, but a lot more interactive.  Includes fanart and web searches.
Anime Survivor Inc. - Where Anime Survivor ended, AS Inc. began.  Put together by my former partner in crime, Survivor Globie, check out the amassed legacy of Anime Survivor, in all seasons.
First Agent Productions - Run by a good friend and great fanfic writer, Adam Pulver!  Check out the Animation Alliance portion of his site for what can be considered among the best of anime-reality show fanfics.
D Marco's Quad R and Second Generation Parodies - A site still under construction, it houses the works of former anime-reality show oddsmaker, D Marco and his retired special commentary segment.

Anime Sites
MAC Anime Club - A link to my school's anime club, which I help run along with the site's owner: Anime Master ZERO.
Ground ZERO - AMZ's personal webpage and all his anime acquisitions.