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Welcome gentle readers, to my humble, and somewhat amatuer-ish web-site!

For those of you who may know who I am, I'm a regular of FanFiction.Net and am known under the pen name Star Otaku.


Dateline - June 24, 2007 - The archive has been updated with my new set of Read Or Die collection: Scribbles on Scraps of Paper.

Old News - March 4, 2006 - Another new fanfic in the archives: Out of Sight, Out of Mind, a Love Hina fic and a continuation of Second Hand Smoke.
February 9, 2006
- New fic in the archives: Blue Monarch.  Ai Yori Aoshi angst-fic.
May 4, 2005
- Holy crap, it's been too long without an update!  Well, a new story is up: Paradise Lost.  Summer is here, so I'm gearing up to write again.  I have a lot of things planned, such as another movie parody with the same crazy cast of authors, and a few anime crossovers.
July 24, 2004
- Animethon 11 photo journal is up!  Check it out!
March 21, 2004
- New addition to the blue girl harem!  New fanfic in the archives: Second Hand Smoke!  And... that's all I got.


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