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Author's Notes: Hello again everyone!  Here is the third film in a trilogy of fanfiction educational films!  Okay, enjoy this one because I have a special guest author to help me, a good friend of mine, Mercurius!

Road Block on the Creative Highway

*The words: "Star Otaku and Mercurius in..." flicker on the screen, followed by the title "Road Block on the Creative Highway", which is shown in black and white.*

*The scene changes to show Star Otaku standing in her usual clothes (rectangular glasses, blue button up shirt with elbow length sleeves, cargo khakis, and a pair of ratty old Reeboks) in black and white.  Cheezy fifties education film music is playing in the background.*

Star Otaku:  *waves with her lunch bag in hand* Hello again children!  You may remember me from "A Public Service Announcement" and "Red Font!  The Dangers of Flaming".  In both films, I was discussing how you can ruin your career as a fanfic author.  Well, here's another way you can mess up!  And this time, it's not your fault!

*Star Otaku walks along another friendly looking neighbourhood.  The sun is shining, and little birds are singing in a Disney like fashion.  She stops at another suburbanite home and there's an authoress sitting in a little convertible, in front of the wheel but doing nothing .  Star Otaku stands before the young authoress, her shadow falling over the girl.*

Young Authoress:  You're blocking my sun!

Star Otaku:  And why would you need to, as you young people put it, "Catch some rays"?

Young Authoress:  *perkily* It helps me think!

Star Otaku:  How many stories have you written so far?

Young Authoress:  Um... About ten fanfics so far.

Star Otaku:  How long ago was the last fanfic you wrote?

Young Authoress:  Oh, gee golly, that would be about six months ago.

Star Otaku:  Well, why haven't you written anything new yet?

Young Authoress:  Good gosh, it's because I can't think of anything new.  That's why I go out here and sit in my car which is in the sun.  I hope it inspires me!

Star Otaku:  Young lady, why don't you come along with me and see what's really the problem.

*Star Otaku hops into the passenger side of the car.*

*Scene change: Star Otaku and the young authoress walk out from behind a counter revealing an old school science lab type setting.  Beside the two is a chalkboard with a picture of another little demon drawn in chalk.  This time, it's dressed as a ninja and holds a watch in its hand.  On the other end of the chalk board is Mercurius, a boy with silver hair and a lab coat over some of his clothes.*

Star Otaku:  Thanks for the ride.  Albeit, a bit slow, but it got the job done.  I have a guest speaker with me.  Meet Mercurius.

Mercurius:  Has the lady here been suffering from thinking that she has other things to do other than writing fanfics?

Young Authoress:  Oh gee, I like to do my homework!

Mercurius:  A likely excuse.  What else?

Young Authoress:  I watch some of the TV every night.  And I also go cruising on the internet!

Mercurius:  All well and good.  Anything else?

Young Authoress:  Um... Nope!

Mercurius:  *yelling* Lies!  All lies!  Now tell the truth!

Young Authoress:  Eek! *sobbing* I confess!  I sometimes sit in front of the wheel just staring out the windshield, doing nothing!

Star Otaku:  Poor girl!  Mercurius, what happened here?

Mercurius:  She is suffering the probable cause and effect of... *enter sinister music here: Dun dun dunn~nn* writer's block!  And the Laziness Demon!

*The cheesy music continues.  Mercurius takes out one of those extendable pointer rods from his pocket.*

Star Otaku:  Mercurius, care to tell us more about this little demon?

Mercurius:  Of course, Star. *slams end of pointer against picture of demon* The Laziness Demon is a very bad thing!  It steals your time, thus preventing you from writing any fanfics!  Without fanfiction to stimulate the mind, creativity grows idle, thus preventing new material from being written.  This is what makes it the cause of writer's block.

Star Otaku:  How awful!  What makes it the effect of writer's block?

Mercurius:  Why, just the opposite!  If you have writer's block and you can't do anything, then you grow lazy and creativity just doesn't come as easily as it used to.  But that's the tricky thing about the Laziness Demon, it's much harder to catch like the Bad-Idea Demon.  All in all, your motor doesn't run as fast.

Young Authoress:  Oh no!  I'm going to burn in hell!

Mercurius:  Hehehe, yes you will young lady.

*Star Otaku and the young authoress look at Mercurius in shock.*

Mercurius:  Just kidding!

Young Authoress:  Is there any hope for me?

Mercurius:  Of course there's hope!  Follow me.

*Star Otaku and the young authoress follow Mercurius to another chalkboard.  On this board, it has a bunch of points written down.*

Star Otaku:  Care to tell us what these thing mean?

Mercurius:  Of course ladies!  These are some steps, or road signs, to take on how to beat writer's block! *slaps pointer against point "Number 1"* Let's read them all together now?

*Close up of the blackboard.*

Number 1:
Jot down ideas whenever you have them.  It doesn't matter if they'll be used or not.  Just try to keep your mind stimulated.

Number 2:
If you can't write, then read lots of fanfics or real books.  Maybe you'll be inspired from reading them.

Number 3:
If you can't write, then watch your favourite TV shows (even if they're reruns) or movies.  Maybe you'll be inspired from watching them.

Number 4:
Take up fanfic challenges whenever you feel like you're up to them.  Even if you don't win, they'll be good creativity exercises.

Number 5:
Don't be embarrassed if you've started a fic and you can't finish it.  Keep it stored in your hard drive, and if you can't think of anything new within a year for your fic, wait longer.  You'll find some use for it later, probably as a challenge or plot bunny.

Number 6:
At the end of any short fic you write, ask for any suggestions for future projects.  At the end of a chapter of an epic you write, ask for any comments that the fans wish to expect in future chapters.

Number 7:
Be open to those suggestions and keep them in storage just in case.

Number 8:
Never be afraid of having a co-author, they're there to help, and it's good to have someone to bouce ideas around with.

Young Authoress:  Gee golly willickers!  Those suggestions aren't just keen, they're the bee's knees!  Thank you Mercurius, and thank you Star Otaku for showing me how to beat writer's block!

Star Otaku:  You're quite welcome. *looks at watch above chalkboard* Whoops!  It's time to go!  Why don't we wave good-bye to the good viewers?

*The three of them start to wave at the camera until the music stops and "The End" pops up.  Then the credits roll until the film runs out.*

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